I'm going to show you Business casual outfits for women to inspire you at work on Monday to Friday I've got five different looks in this fall and winter office lookbook We're starting the week off with a cozy and comfortable but very elegant and stylish business casual outfit I love the cream and brown together I think it's a very classy look I've got these High-waisted crop wool pants from a ritzy ah I love the shape of these because they really accentuate your curves but they're not too tight or too form-fitting where it would be inappropriate or just uncomfortable to wear When you're sitting down especially all day they tie in at the waist and they are thicker Material so they are gonna keep you warm during the winter which I love I paired it with this cream top I love the ruffles on this and the fluted sleeves it definitely gives it more of a feminine touch and it's a nice balance With the more structured wool pants I got this top from aliexpress and it was really affordable less than $20 I believe I Did do a whole video and I will link that up above if you guys want more details on the top I'm really loving cropped pants especially paired with a high boot it is such a trendy but sleek look, I think it looks really chic and so well put together you can do so much with these boots and I just love how it looks with these pants for an extra layer of warmth I've added this Cream-colored cardigan I've just got it open here and I love how it shows the ruffles of the top But if you have it zippered up you've definitely got more of a casual look very appropriate still for the office but definitely giving off that Business casual vibe here it's such at the top up it's very similar but this has some purl detailing on the sleeve and in the collar it's a nice feminine touch now I'm adding this cream blazer from Club Monaco This is definitely more of a professional look very classy very elegant and just super appropriate for the office if You're enjoying this video I'm going to be making a lot more styling videos like these I love to have you back so consider subscribing I Really love wearing skirts to the office and I'm trying to incorporate them more in my Monday to Friday office outfit I adore midi skirts especially during the wintertime and this one from a ritzy eye is perfect it's got an Elasticized waist so it's really comfortable to wear and you? can really be sitting in it all day and just you know barely feel the skirt on you Usually in the wintertime I would wear this over a pair of leggings that it honestly feels Like you are wearing just leggings to the office because the skirt is so lightweight I've paired it with another top from a ritzy ax it's made of merino Wool so even though it's a really lightweight fabric it will keep you warm.

I adore the color combinations of these two together For an extra layer of warmth and to elevate this look a little bit more I've added on this Furry vest or juillet from Club Monaco and I absolutely love it I'm trying to wear more of these furry vests because I really do think they can take your look up a few notches and just add an Interesting element to your outfit this is such a feminine look for the office if you are meeting people after work you can feel comfortable Wearing this out and not feel like you have work clothes on, or like you still are wearing the office with you? For our next outfit I'm starting off with the basics so these are some black jeggings and I've got a white Turtleneck from Zara now, we're gonna have fun with this I'm putting on a leopard print Blazer, I love how the Blazer brings a bold look and a lot of personality it's really fun at the office I think to show a bit of attitude and to show some personality while still keeping things professional and having this kind of wild Blazer paired with some basics underneath and simple colors underneath is a perfect way to add that statement the Blazer is long so it's covering your bum and it's a nice balance to the form-fitting Turtleneck and jeggings underneath I find Blazers can be quite boring, sometimes especially if they're dark in color so I Tend to either wear light-colored Blazers, or have something like this that's just really fun and wild It's a really fun look I like it.

I feel a little bit gangster in the best possible way for The boots I've got these studded black boots that are giving me some Siobhan XI vibes they're edgy and that's fitting in perfectly well with this kind of rock-and-roll look I've got going on now I know that the animal print or the Boldness of that look might not be for everybody so if you want Something that's a bit more classic then I would suggest a light color blazer so this Cream-colored one is perfect.

It's still a really classy and elegant look it looks very put together very, business casual but definitely a more subdued look than the the boldness of the animal print This is a really simple black and white checkered print it's an asymmetrical Skirt from Eritrea I love the detail of the buttons going down A regular black turtleneck would look good as well but I love the fluted sleeves on this one it's a more FEM in luck and it does really look good with the asymmetry of the skirt again this is a business casual look that is perfect for the office and If you're meeting people for work afterwards you don't feel like you're in work clothes and that's really the best case scenario Now to elevate this look even further I'm adding this leather vest it is a genuine leather vest I got her from the gap Ages ago I have no idea Where somebody would find something like this now but I'm glad that I've kept it because it's just such a cool thing to add to an outfit and to give it that edgy rock and roll vibe to finish off this fall and winter business casual office lookbook I've got these wide flowy like pants I adore this kind of brown rust color and I've paired it with a wool camel sweater I'm definitely feeling the boho vibes of this whole look the buttons going down the front of These pants are really unique and the whole style of this pads I just feel so high-fashion I love the side slits that go up to almost your knee it makes the patent flow even more and it just really Accentuates your waist and makes you seem like you have super long legs to keep this like casual I've just paired it with this wool camel sweater and tucked it into the pet These boots are these beige gold studded ones from Zara that I absolutely love and they pair really well with this camel sweater if you guys are enjoying this video then let me know in the Comments and give me a thumbs up that way I know to make more videos like these if you like the clothing that I featured here then check out my hauls next I Feature a lot of the same clothing that I've shown in this video and I've got Purchase links to them as well I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will in the next video.


Hi guys, welcome back, thank you so much for joining me Today's video is all about winter transitional outfits with the temperatures starting to drop it's definitely starting to feel a little bit chillier outside I know a lot of us are starting to think about our winter wardrobes and how we can transition our much-loved favorite fall items in it to the winter season to be a little bit more appropriate to match those cooler temperatures if you're new to My channel I make two to three fashion videos every single week.

So I really hope that you'll consider subscribing to my channel It means so much to have you here with me and without further adieu.

Let's just get straight into the video So for this first look I really wanted to keep things light and fresh and neutral.

I love winter neutrals So I started off with this top.

This is a beige a long-sleeve top It has a peplum hem, and it's a really kind of pretty Material I just love the way it sits.

This one's from Zara and I believe it comes in a few different colors It has a similar hem on the sleeve as well Which I think is also really really cute and I paired it with a pair of high-waisted White denim jeans.

These ones are from a Nordstrom I love white jeans in the winter season and I have my white patent food.

Yes their patent They're very shiny.

These ones are from Steve Madden.

I love the contrasted block heel.

These are actually the most comfortable pair of boots I own and white boots can be a little bit tricky to style but because I've gone with a lighter Pant so a white denim jean, it really kind of helps to make my legs look longer and elongate my body on the top I have a Faux fur kind of shearling style jacket.

This one's from Zara.

I finished off the look with my small Love crossbody bag.

This one's from Rebecca Minkoff.

I love the metallic color of it I just think this bag looks so high-end.

It really helps to elevate any outfit.

It's definitely gonna be kind of like my go-to Party bag over the holidays and then I really like the gunmetal Hardware on it as well And I just think it really helps to complete the overall look and this is a really kind of easy look that you can transition From the fall into the winter season.

This next look is really all about the accessories So the right base layer I started with this white fine knit mock neck style top I've actually featured this top in so many different videos.

That's from ASOS But as you can see, it just goes with so many different outfits I tucked it in to the same jeans a hat on in the previous Look, these are a pair of white high-waisted denim jeans from Nordstrom's on the bottom.

I have a pair of Patent military style boots these are from Aldo I love these boots They're really high But they're just really edgy and they're surprisingly comfortable and I just love the way that patent looks in the fall and winter months I threw over top my aviator jacket.

This one is from Topshop This is such a cozy and warm jacket, which is why I don't have my arms through it I was really hot when I put it on the entire jacket is actually lined in the faux fur So it is a very very warm jacket perfect for transitioning from fall into winter on top I have my Baker boy hat.

It's in a velvet material I love the Baker boy trend but this outfit really is all about the statement scarf So this is a really fun way to incorporate some festive colors in to your winter wardrobe.

This scarf is huge It's so warm and what I love so much about it is it's in this beautiful pink and red kind of Burberry vibes But you could very much wear this all the way in to February be really cute for Valentine's Day as well So for this next look I wanted to show you guys something a little bit different So I'm wearing a sweater dress but this one is a MIDI length sweater dress and this one is from Uniqlo It's in this beautiful kind of tobacco a chocolate brown color.

I really love it It's quite oversized so I cinched it in with this belt.

This one is from ASOS And I love how the black leather works really well with the black suede boot So these are a black knee-high suede kind of gathered boot.

These ones are from the brand soul Society I'll link them down below for you guys But what's really interesting about this outfit and definitely makes it a little bit more winter Appropriate is I've layered the MIDI dress over top of a pair of leggings.

So these are from a Uniqlo They're actually quite a thin material.

They almost look like a tight.

It's their heat tech Legging but what I love so much about this is you can wear a pair of leggings and actually a full-length long sleeve top underneath this sweater and nobody knows so you're gonna be nice and toasty and warm and you're pretty much wearing two outfits in one and I just think that's really Great for transitioning into the winter months, especially when we don't want to be freezing to death We want to stay nice and snuggly and warm on top.

I have this leopard print beret.

This one's from H&M I've had it from years and to finish it off.

I've now thrown over my black wool coat This one is from the brand dynamite.

I love the length It's really nice and lined and a really warm coat and it's just a classic and a staple That I think that you need to have in your fall and winter wardrobe this next outfit.

I actually featured over on my Instagram I'll link my handle somewhere on the screen.

I'd love it for you to go.

Follow me over there So I started off the look with this ribbed effect.

It's kind of like a light gray marled neck sweater And then it has a little bit of mock neck at the top and it has balloons loose but it still tucks in really nicely Underneath my aviator jacket This one's from Target and I featured it in my target haul and Tryon so It will be linked down below On the bottom.

I have my kind of like a darker camel colored pair of coated jeans I think coated jeans are an absolute wardrobe essential They're just a really nice alternative to wearing a jeans and you can really take them from date tonight, which is what I love So much about them I have my ASOS chain belt on and then I have my black faux suede over the knee boots These ones are from Steve Madden They have a pointed toe which really helps to elongate your body a nice little block heel which gives you a little bit of height They come in two different colors, and they're currently on sale and they actually stay up Which is what we all want in our over-the-knee boots on top.

I have my Topshop aviator style jacket This is such a warm coat and then I paired it with my Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody bag It's the same size as the metallic one, but it has a beautiful leopard print.

I don't think this one is available However, there are some really some more styles so link them down below for you this next outfit is really casual and cozy It's really good for kind of running out doing any errands.

So I started off with this wait It's kind of a ribbed effect mock neck style long sleeve top this one You can really dress up or down because it has a little thrill hem on the neck here, which think it's really really cute I tucked it into a pair of high-waisted dark denim jeans These ones are from Zara and I love how high they come up and they're just so form-fitted they really just kind of hug you and shape your body and all of the right places and really kind of Accentuate all your curves the way you want them to be accentuated on the bottom of these really cute little booties These ones are from Target.

I love the faux fur on them and these are under $40 on top I have my metallic puffer.

This one is from H&M It is my last season jacket But really kind of any type of puffer will do if you like this outfit and kind of want to recreate this look And then I have this cute little white beanie.

It's kind of an off-white cream color It pairs really nicely with the little faux fur booties and I love the pom pom at the top and then I finish it off with my Metallic love crossbody bag from Rebecca makeup as you can see this one's kind of more of a muted metallic Whereas this one's a lot more shiny and it just kind of like elevates your outfit it makes you look a little bit more kind of like fashionable and stylish even though you're just wearing basically a Turtleneck and half pair of jeans for this next look I've kept on the same top and the same a pair of jeans But I wanted to show you guys how just changing a few different pieces can give you a Completely different look and this is how you can really utilize a lot of your fall pieces in your wardrobe And transition them into the winter as well So I have the same white turtleneck style kind of mock neck ruffled hemp top on as you can See, this is a way you could go and dress it up a little bit more I have the same high-waisted jeans on from Zara and a change it up.

I added my belt I pair this boat with everything It just goes with so many different outfits and I added my black suede kind of slouchy gathered boots on top I have a faux fur coat and it's in this beautiful kind of like really rusty dark caramel color is obviously beautiful I think this jacket looks so luxurious and it's from forever 21 I finished off the look with my Bucket style bag.

This one's from Zara I've had it for a few years now But the bucket bag trend it's really big for this year and it's a really kind of silver color tone it to the jacket with the gold hardware which kind of matches with the belts and I think it just kind of ties the whole look together One of my favorite things with winter fashions all of the fun textures.

So this sweater is from a Zara.

I love it It's so soft.

You feel like you're wearing a little teddy bear.

It's so cozy and warm It's in this beautiful kind of like off-white cream color, and I love kind of like the striped thick paneling I paired it with this black.

Faux leather skirt.

This one's from Zara I really like the button detail on it And I love that leather is just a really nice kinda trend for the fall and that you can carry into the winter Season now to make this outfit a little bit more winter appropriate.

I added a pair of black tights these are from a brand called Calzedonia and Calzedonia hands down has the best tights.

I no joke fell down an escalator I fell down an escalator in Tights very similar to these.

They're the exact same that I wear to work and they didn't rip So they're hundred percent worth the money.

I think they're an Italian brand and you can find them over in Europe I paired it with my black faux suede over the knee boots from Steve Madden with the pointed toe and I just love the suede With the tights and the leather and then the faux fur kind of like creamy top It just really kind of ties the whole look together.

It almost looks kind of festive and it's really perfect for the holiday season Alright, so for this next look I love that.

It's like really warm and chic at the same time It's great for kind of like going out running errands or meeting girl friends or going for lunch So I started off with this white fluffy sweater It's really stretchy and it's really soft and it just has really nice kind of fluffy wintery vibes.

This one's from Target I threw it over top of my faux leather very high waisted leggings and literally come up to here These ones are from the brand Stradivarius I have an entire video about how to style full other leggings in case you guys wanted to check that out It'll be linked down below and then I have my white patent Steve Madden boots I just like the way that the white with the fluffy sweater and the white and the boots go together now on top I throw over my aviator style jacket and typically wouldn't pair leather with leather but I think all of the textures and the neutrals really kind of break it up and just makes the outfit look really cool and very Winter appropriate now on top.

I have my jumbo love crossbody handbag again.

It's a black leather bag Just kind of like ties all the leather that we're going for in this look and then have this really cool scarf This one's last season from H&M and it's actually a reversible scarf.

So on one side It's black and white stars and on the other side.

It's a grey with black stars And I just like it it just kind of bring us a whole look together It's a very kind of neutral look but it's very very cozy and warm It looks like you put a lot of effort into your outfit really you're wearing a sweater and leggings on a jacket So for this next look I've essentially thrown a sweater over top of a sweater So I'm wearing the fine it white mock neck style top They've already seen in the video and then I've thrown over this chenille cardigan.

It's kind of in an oatmeal color This is the last season from Target I love how kind of like flowy and open it is and it's just a really nice kind of versatile color They have some really similar ones in Target right now So the link goes down below for you guys and then I have belted the Cardigan over top of the find it top and I just think it really kind of makes the outfit look a little bit more Chic and a little bit more a dressed up.

So on the bottom I have my faux leather legging Susan's are from the brand a Stradivarius.

I have my suede gathered boots from soul society I chose these ones because I like that they meet me just at the knee I'm five three, but then I can still kind of show off the faux leather legging and then I have my jumbo love cross body from Rebecca Minkoff it just kind of brings all the leather together from the belt and with the leggings and On top.

I have my a velvet Baker boy hat This one is from forever 21 and just to make the outfits that much warmer I now thrown over top my white fluffy coat from forever21 It is a last season piece, but there are some very similar ones out there at the moment So those will be linked down below So this look is for those of you that might be already experiencing those believe chilly temperatures because I'm wearing a down jacket This is a red down coat.

It's actually from Old Navy.

It's a few seasons ago Old Navy usually comes out with jackets like this so I will link one that's very similar it down below for you guys Underneath I have the teddy bear effect top.

It's a long sleeved top It's really snuggly and warm, which is what I love so much about it I have a pair of dark denim high-waisted jeans I already shared with these with you guys in the video as you can see they just work well with a lot of different outfits And I love that they're high at way So they kind of help to elongate your body, especially if you're more on the petite side and on the bottom I have the cute little boots from Target.

I still can't get over the fact that these are only a $40 and I love the faux fur on them Works really well with the top from Zara and then I have this little kind of beige cream toque with the little pom-pom the pom-pom actually matches the faux fur at the back and I just like that this color goes with a lot of different things I have in my wardrobe And yeah, this is a really fun time of year to bring out your festive kind of holiday pieces.

So that's everything from me I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and you got some outfit ideas and some Inspiration on how you can transition your fall wardrobe into the winter season If you like the video, make sure you give it a thumbs up That means so much to me And that's why I know you guys want to see more videos like this.

If you didn't already hit the red subscribe button below I really hope I've inspired you to consider subscribing to my channel it would mean so much to me And I'd absolutely love to have you here as I have so much more fashion content plan for the next couple of weeks Especially as we move towards the holiday season.

Thank you so much for watching you guys I'd love to know what your favorite outfit was from the video.

Make sure you leave me a comment down below I really love chatting with you guys, and I'll see you all again here in my next video.



hi everyone and welcome to my channelthank you so much for tuning in today I have for you a whole video I feel like Ihaven't done one of these in ages I've kind of shown you bits and pieces andblogs but I haven't done a proper sit-down whore video for a while I woulddo one with a few pieces which are very affordable from the high street gratefulwinter I'm going to show you how to style them up as well so without furtherado let's get straight into this video but before that don't forget to hit thatsubscribe button I've read a new video every week and I would love to have youagain on my channel and also don't forget to follow me on Instagram becauseI post loads of fashion content in stories and in pictures so do follow meon there I will leave the username on the screen now for you guys to go andcheck me out but it's at Jasmina party okay guys so the pieces I have for youtoday are from a brand called Tolliver I have had stuff from them before I willlink my last haul that I did from this brand they are a very very affordablebrand but I find that in that affordable section which would be like your H&M ifyou want like a physical store or things like Shane and a sauce I find that Talibequality is actually quite nice for the price point they have and to me that'squite important because even when I'm buying something that is budget and thatI know obviously when you when you buy a kind of this fast fashion it's not gonnalast you as long as when you invest in like a real amazing piece but this one Istill wanted to look good I still wanted to fit well and I still want the qualityto feel good just because it feels more comfortable when you're wearing it youwant your fabrics to be soft and luxurious but also because you want itto look nice when you put it together maybe with higher-end pieces for anoutfit to come together so um like I've said before I find these kind of brandsamazing for when you want to buy sort of trend pieces or things that you don'tknow if you want to invest a lot of money in because you don't know you'regonna love them in a few years time so I find it really nice and it also find itreally nice for just like accessories and like you know just like a jump or at-shirt or something that you need to finish off an outfit and I find that ifyou combine these pieces with higher end stuff maybe like higher end accessorieslike handbags or shoes or a nice pair of tailor trousers they can end up lookingreally high-end and if not completely high-end at least something like apremium high street like a Reese or a j.

crew or something like that but I'mgonna stop rambling and I'm gonna start showing you all the pieces that I gotfrom them so after you gonna start off with a piece I am wearing right nowwhich is this chunky knit I absolutely love this one and I think it's probablymy most favourite piece from this haul it is so soft it's a very thick chunkyknit it has sort like a ribbed sort of effect to the fabric it's not a hundredpercent wore I know it has synthetic in there as well but it justfeels so soft I find with a lot of these jumpers sometimes they can feel reallyitchy if there are a hundred percent wall it's actually quite nice that ithas a a little bit more of like a softerfabric mix in there because my skin is super sensitive and I find that you knowif they are itchy visas kind of break me out into a rash and they're just not themost comfortable to wear but this one is super super soft super luxurious butalso it is really nice because it's really warm even though it's not ahundred percent ball and you might think oh it just looks chunky but it's notwarm I've worn it outside here in New York already and it is so warm and it ispretty cold here guys so I'm absolutely in love with this one I've been lookingfor a chunky knit for a while during the winter months I just find that prettymuch all the time I'm wearing knit wear that's probably what I'm most we're justbecause it's so comfortable it's so easy to just throw on and it just keeps youwarm and during winter you just want to be warm but at the same time I wantedsomething that was on trend and quite stylish and I find that chunky knitshave been the thing this year I love to pair it with skirts with trousers withso many different things I really like this kind of forest green colorI never used to wear color actually I was kind of always beige black of youknow gray but recently I ever started experimenting with green and I actuallythink it really suits me I really like how it looks with my olive skin tone Ithink when I've got like a full face of makeup it just makes kind of my bronzersort of pop and I just really like how it looks on me it doesn't kind of washme out and because it's quite a dark color I feel like it's something thatyou can still pair with lots of different things and it's sort of like aneutral because it's not like a really bright green this one I think I'm gonnaget so much more I love it on its own like I've paired it here with some blackdenim and some boots I think it looks quite stylish because the bottom is allblack so you can definitely make this look more dressy I also think would lookamazing with my black culottes and my aquas or boots I think that would giveit a much more sort of formal ish fire because those trousers are more kind ofa suit trouser material and they would just look really good and you coulddefinitely use this to go to work or to go to the office but obviously againit's really nice just to work on the weekend with the outfit I've worn itwould like the black jeans and the boots I think it would also look really niceif you layer a shirt underneath I think with a white oversized shirt just kindof it's showing from the some of the jumper and maybe the cuffsthrough here it would look really really nice I love this sort of huge neck youcan fold it over like this but I just think it looks a lot more stylish to beleave it unfolded and then it just kind of bunches up here I think it looksreally nice and because it stays up it's really nice because it's not one ofthose that it's constantly gonna be falling down and you have to keeppulling up and it's also really nice because it just keeps you really reallywarm and it keeps your throat warm so you don't have to worry about wearingthe scarf and stuff I also wanted to show you another way to style this upand it is with this green a pencil skirt this is the one I have from McCartanpano and I'm wearing it with my aquas or abooth I think again this one is something you can definitely wear ifyou've gone to something a little bit more formal or you can wear it to workand you've immediately kind of made that skirt a little bit more casual a littlebit more trendy a little bit more young because obviously chunky knits andpencil skirts are so on trend this year and I just think it looks really niceand stylish but at the same time it keeps you warm and it's functional forthe winter but the culottes that would kind of look similar but obviously theyhave a little bit more of a flare so I would definitely tuck in a little bit ofthe jumper into the trials is just so that it defines your waist a little bitand you don't get sort of lost in so much fabric the jump is quite oversizedand I love the fact that the sleeves fall quite low here and I think thatjust makes it really nice and kind of slouchy and it gives it a really youngmodern vibe so yeah really loving this one and I think I'm gonna get loads ofwear out of it next up I have another chunky knit and it is this cardigan Iknow you can't really see it very well like this but I am going to be showingyou the cutaway it's in a beautiful sort of rusty orange color it's very warmtoned it's something between orange and brown and I have another blouse in thiscolor and I just find it's such a flattering color again I'm venturinginto these kind of warmer autumn winter colors which I haven't tried before butI think they actually look quite nice with olive skin tones this one I thinkwould also look really nice on someone blonde with blue eyes would really maketheir eyes pop and I just love this one again it's a very similar fabric to thegreen jumper this one is even softer not edgy at all and super super sue/ warm the other day it was freezing and I just popped this one on top and then areally light coat and I was feeling really warm I loved the fact that it hasthese like big cuffs on the sleeves and then it has these sort of bat sleeveswhich I find are very flattering on lots of different body types here I've styledit up with a black Impala jumper with a high neck and then my black tylium andblack ankle boots and I think it's so cool very casual you can definitely wearthis for work and be working a more relaxed kind of office environment butit's also great to just like go to brunch or run errands or do stuff on theweekend really nice I find it's a very flattering shape on the back it sort ofhas like this curved shape because of the bat sleeves and that's really nice Ilike the fact that you have these really thick shawl collar on the front I findit very flattering you can't actually close the jacket but I quite like itjust like open more like a cape style just like a drape over anything I thinkthis would look really good with like a t-shirt underneath as well if it's notthat cold and you don't want to wear a jumper underneath and I also think it'sreally nice to wear this with a belt like I've shown you here these jacketslend themselves to actually sinking them in at the waist and it gives you alittle bit more of a silhouette they look very flattering like thisI've cinched it in with my Ferragamo oversized belt and I think it looksreally cute I think it would look really nice with a camisole underneath as wellif you were gonna cinch it in and you can almost see nothing maybe just like alittle bit off the edge of the camisole H&M do some really good ones I featuredthem in a video of a Christmas haul that I did I will link this on the screen nowI think they probably still happen and I think that would look really nice againwith like trousers you could also do this if you were going to cinch it in atthe waist you want to wear this jacket a little bit more formulation give you abit more shape I think with a pencil skirt and boots like I showed you thejumper it would look really cute as well or even would like a mini dress and likemy app quizar boots the jacket over the top and cinched in at the waist with theFerragamo belt I think it would look really cute as well and again somethingthat I think is very versatile you can even wear it in springtime because youcan just wear it on its own without like a coat over the top and an otterwith the t-shirt Smith very comfy very functional I like the fact that it's alittle bit long a little bit oversized very good for layering stuff underneathand yeah just super soft and really impressed with the quality actually nextup another piece of knitwear as you guys can see I was in desperate need of someknitwear I hadn't actually purchased any jumpers I think this year and like Isaid I think it's what I'm most worried during the winter this one is a littlebit more casual it has this really cute it has this really cute heart print onthe front it's a very light gray color and originally when I place my order Ithought this was my favorite piece but actually it's turned out to be the one Ileast like I don't dislike it I really like the fact that it's super soft andsuper snuggly this one isn't as thick as the other one so it's warm but not askind of suffocatingly warm so if you do you live in a super cold climate thisone might be about it but I really like the print at the front I think thismakes it a little bit more casual for me I would definitely wear this with jeansand trainers like I've styled it up here for you guys I think it looks reallycute with the shot underneath like I was telling you before I think it looksreally nice when you are showing the shots and ethos one is my causeoversized shirt but I think any shirt underneath would look nice I just thinkit gives it like a nice touch but it also looks nice on its own my only onegripe is that it has this crew neck but it's a very open crew neck it'ssomething in-between a crew neck and a boat neck and it's fine it looks alittle bit kind of off when I wear it without a shirt or anything it justlooks kind of to open around here and it looks like it's a little bit big it iskind of an oversized fit so that might be the reason why it is quite slouchyand you know quite good for like when you're just going really casual so Idefinitely like it I just wish the neckline was a little bit tighter aroundthe neck very fun very cute for the weekend or to run errands the otherthing is they also think there's kind of really light gray color I always lovedthis kind of pearly gray but then when I try it on it always washes me out somaybe if I would have taken another color I would have liked it even morebut let me know what you guys think in the comments down below next up at-shirt a real basic but you know you guys know howI love basics and I also got t-shirts from talib ah the last time I placed anorder and I really really liked their t-shirts this one is a little bit lesssoft it actually has more cotton than the one I got last time but I think theone that I got last time had bisko's which is why it felt so smooth and softbut this one still has a really nice ballit has a v-neck line which I find really flattering the one I got last time theneckline was really really low so I like the fact that this one isn't so plungingi won for a size s I would say definitely size up with most thingsbecause I'm an S and all these pieces are normally I am an extra small Ireally like the sleeves it's in between a cap sleeve and a short sleeve and Ialso really like the low detail of the pocket it has an unfinished edge which ithink is that a really nice detail the t-shirt feels quite good quality it'snot see-through at all which I always find is kind of a good giveaway whensomething feels really like cheap so this one actually is quite nice I reallylike the color it's like a blue it's not too bright but it's also not dark whichI find really flatters me this color and I think it's gonna look amazing when itgets warmer and I'm a bit more tanned I just soiled it up with my Levi's jeansand a pair of trainers here I realized this looks more like a summery outfitbut you can definitely throw a jacket or a blazer over this and it's great forlike a casual weekend look I also think these t-shirts are great to kind of pairwith Blazers and if you're wearing more formal trousers and a blazer you canjust give it a really nice kind of casual vibe by putting a t-shirt likethis it has a nice length I would like it like kind of half tucked in and ahalf tucked out as well it's got like a nice length to do that and yeah just areally really good basic for that price point and finally the piece I was mostexcited about when I placed my order and I was skeptical about it but I was alsoreally excited and I really really wanted to love this piece butunfortunately it's not turned out that great it is this jumpsuit and Iabsolutely love the color it's in like an electric blue but a bit darker I findit so flattering I really like the kind of fact that it has no sleeves and thenI love the mesh detail here on the front in the decollete er I think it gives ita very sexy but still stylish and elegant vibethe mesh feels pretty good quality but but there are lots of butts the problemis the neckline is a little bit too open for me and unfortunately there's notenough fabric for me to be able to stitch it and close it up and you cansee a little bit of my bra probably better if you work without a bra butunfortunately I don't like to work without a bra so I feel like it feels abit too boobie around this area it's just a bit too open and again it may beit was a size up I could do like I could just close it here but unfortunatelyit's not the other thing is it feels like the actual fabric of the jumpsuitjust feels like it has too much elastic in it um I was hoping was gonna be likea crap material but unfortunately this one has quite a lot of lycra and itfeels quite synthetic II which I personally don't be like if you'd likecarnival figure hugging clothes this might be something that you like for meI just preferred it to be a little bit less kind of tight and figure huggingbut nevertheless the fabric does feel good quality it is pretty thick notsee-through at all which is quite nice with these things because I find with alot of these kind of jumpsuits you can totally see like your underwear line butthis one is pretty thick so you can't it is in line though however which I don'tlove but for the price point I was sort of expecting that it does have a empirewaist sign but I feel like it falls under my bust as opposed to on my actualwaist so it just looks a bit strange maybe if you have a shorter torso but Idon't actually have a very long torso so I feel like it might be a little bitdifficult to make this one fit and then it has like a belt that you can tie onbut I don't really like it so I was really hoping to style it up with like asilver belt of my own but unfortunately because the waistline just falls in suchan awkward place it just looked really weird also it's not a full lengthtrouser for me it just falls around my ankles and I'm not that tall I'm 5 5 soI feel like if you're taller than me would just look very very short I wasreally hoping was gonna be full length because I was really hoping to style itup with some stilettos like I've done here like some sparkly ones I've got myJimmy Choos on I was hoping to style it like that but I was really hoping thetrouser would kind of fall and you can only see the tip of my shoes butunfortunately it's a little bit too short to do that so overall I just Ilike the piece I really wanted to love it I like the idea but I just think itdoesn't fit that well on my body if however it does fit well on you Ithink this one would look really lovely with a blazer thrown over the topsomething like my theory white blazer would look really nice and the contrastof the colors would look really gorgeous you could also obviously just leave iton its own and put it with some sandals if you wanted to dress it up in some bigearrings that it would look really cute for a night out so very comfortablepretty good quality for the price point but unfortunately the silhouette justdidn't work that well for me okay guys well that was everything for me do letme know what was your favourite piece down below I would definitely recommendthe chunky knits from Talyn burg they were my favourite in this war so manydifferent ways to style it up do you let me know also in the comments down belowif you liked me giving you styling ideas I find it really helpful when I watchother people's styling videos or when I watch their hauls so do let me know ifyou guys enjoy it because I do really think about it so let me know if it'shelpful I also want to say you guys know that every item I have spoken about isgonna be linked down below and there's also a twelve percent discount code I'mgonna leave it on the screen right now but also you'll find all the informationin the info box down below so don't forget to check that out if you want toget a bit of a bargain on these pieces but yeah thank you so so much forwatching and thank you so much for subscribing to my channel if you haven'talready please don't forget to subscribe don't forget to follow me on Instagramand I will see you in my next one bye guys.

Winter Men's Fashion | الأناقة الشتوية للرجال – 10 أزياء أساسية ستجعلك تبدو أنيقاً ووسيماً

God bless you.

Today, I have 10 essential pieces that needs to be found in every man's wardrobe that he can wear them in winter to look cooler and more elegant.

I promise you that we'll start the new year, 2020 with a great plan, different topics, weekly videos, and other things, believe me, you won't want to miss.

And not to make this introduction longer, I just want to mention two important points.

The first one is we need to know that there isn't only one style of fashion that looks good on all the people, and any person that wears it will lookcool and more elegant.

Because if this thing was real, I would go out tomorrow, and see all people in the world wearing the same clothes because they are sure that, “Oh, I'll wear that, and I'll look good.

” But obviously, this is wrong because of our different shapes and tastes.

In the same time, it doesn't mean that we can never talk about fashion and clothes.

Because, for example, the 10 pieces that I'll give to you, today, were agreed upon.

And they found that more than 90% of men, if they added them to their collection, they we look more elegant.

And you'll see that most fashion companies, like ZARA, H&M, Springfield, Topman, and many others, every year, with every winter, they produce more of these pieces, but with slight modifications.

The second point that I want to address, Please, guys.

Don't buy and waste money on an expensive brand or a trade mark just for its name, and show people that, “I know everything.

I wear brands.

I'm elegant.

” Believe me, if you're thinking like that, you're dumb.

And please, don't get me wrong.

If you're financially capable and have money, and you like to treat yourself and buy, it's not wrong.

On the contrary, I have t-shirts that costed me $100, I have others that costed me $5 or even less.

The most important thing is that I must know what suits me and looks good on me with the right size, and shows me in a good simple look.

So, please, “Don't make your clothes the most expensive thing in you.

” The first piece that needs to be in every man's wardrobe for winter is the scarf.

It's a light piece of cloth.

You can get it in different colors, and add a simple elegant touch for those who see you wearing it.

And get that final touch for your look.

In this video, I'll teach you three ways how you can wear a scarf so it looks good on you.

The first way, simply, the standard way, that I'm wearing right now either on top of the jacket or inside it, so it just adds a slight color.

You just need to put it around your neck with the jacket unzipped, just like that.

And the second way that I like is, hold one side and make it shorter than the other, one piece is longer than the other, just like that.

And move the short piece, so that it looks like this, where a part of it can be seen from behind, while the frontal part is extended, just like that.

Simple good-looking style.

The third way is more complicated and different.

Take the scarf, make it like this in 2 halves, after that, you wear it around your neck.

The side that has this opening, bring the other side through it, just like this.

I don't know if the mic is covered or not, but you can see how simple it is.

This is called, 'The French look' or 'The Parisian Look'.

You can pull this side more tightly so it can warm you more.

I've decided that I'll leave the link, in the description box below, to all the pieces that I'll show.

You can open this link and buy the exact same scarf, or any model that you like.

This is from stores that I usually do my shopping from, like ZARA, H&M, Topman, or others.

Believe me, it's not a paid ad, it's just for help if you don't have close shops near your home, or if you can't find like these products and you want to buy it online, you can go on and buy what suits you.

The second piece that every man should have for winter is these elegant-looking leather gloves.

Believe me, I only wait for winter just to wear these gloves.

How many times you've watched a movie, where the main actor wears gloves? Especially action movies.

Thieves and criminals, when they go to steal things, they wear gloves, so they don't leave fingerprints.

And these gloves aren't just normal ones, beside its great leathery look and its ability to be adjusted to fit your size, it has an awesome feature.

It can be used on touchscreen phones.

Most gloves, unfortunately, don't support this feature.

You'd need to take off your gloves to use your phone.

Especially, if you're in cold places, you don't want to take your gloves off, you want to be always wearing the gloves while using your phone freely.

The most luxurious thing that a man can wear, and the manliest style you can achieve with various models and high-quality colors.

The same as the first style that I was wearingat the beginning of the video.

Whatever the style you will get and buy, I can assure you that dozens of people, when they see you, they will comment and compliment your look.

And the reason behind that is that the black leather jacket has been associated throughout the ages with masculinity, roughness, and ambiguity, all at the same time.

Because briefly, black is the color of darkness, the color of mysterious and unknown things, and it has been associated with masculinity.

And they've scientifically proved that it's one of the fabrics can bear rough environment.

It can endure coldness, wind, and reduce traumatic effects.

And you'll always notice, if you see ads of bikers, they always film them wearing black leather jackets, and this, practically, protects them during accidents.

If the biker was riding a bike and he fell off on the ground, the leather jacket would protect him.

Legendary men's style number 2 is jeans jacket.

Whatever the year you're in, if you're living in any time period, jeans jacket will always look good on you.

When people see you wearing it, they will tell you that you have a cool banging style.

These jackets are cool, different, and have a kind of diversity as well.

Some have a wool high collar, some have a normal collar matched with the rest of the jacket.

You can get it in different shades of colors.

There is light colored like this one, it's available also in more darker colors.

The darker the color, the more formal it would be.

The legend of French luxury, ‘The Rain Coat'.

It's impossible to describe the beauty of this coat.

Whenever you wear it, you won't wait for people to tell you, “You look good, and you've cool style.

” You'll feel like the most elegant man yourself.

Believe me, the self-confidence that you'll acquire when you wear that coat is unusual.

It's impossible to watch a French movie that doesn't feature this coat.

It's called 'Rain Jacket' or 'The Rain Coat'.

Let me take a few steps backward to let you see all the details.

A belt is always present at the bottom.

This look has become very famous after one of Alain Delon movie called, 'Le Samouraï'.

Great movie.

It has no relation with the samurai we all know, it's just a name.

I recommend that you watch it, and I'll take this opportunity and recommend one of Alain Delon best movies that made the French cinema popular worldwide.

I can wear the jacket in this way.

Also, I can add this classical hat.

I feel that the look is completed, now.

Just like the mafia boss.

And to break the list's routine and reduce its formality, the best choice for every winter, I wear it all time, even at my home sometimes when I feel cold, it's the hoodie.

It's like jackets with hoods.

It's one of the best things men can wear.

At the same time, to feel warm during winter and feel always relaxed.

Some of them come with a zipper in the front, and some of them with nothing, just wear it like that.

I, personally, prefer the two models, and can wear them in college, when I go out, and while doing sport.

I don't know why.

Whenever I see hoodies, I always remember the movie, 'Rocky' when he was training and going to the gym, I believe he had a light grey hoodie, he would get up at dawn to ride and train while he was wearing it.

I'll show you another model that I have.

This is the other model, as we've said, without a zipper in the front, but it has a cool sports image, design on the side, and also number 49 on the back.

In general, all of them are cool, and you can choose whatever suits you more, either the formal or the sports one.

Turtleneck shirts, or high collar shirts.

The collar comes straightened as double, and you fold it, just like this.

It's so cool.

It's the only one that I can't get bored wearing it.

Whenever I see it in a shop, I'll always buy it and wear it.

Even if I have two colors of the same shirt, I'll always buy it.

It's legendary.

What upsets me is that a minority of people wear this.

Honestly, I wait for winter and temperature to lower a bit, so that I can wear turtleneck shirts every day.

There is a great actor, or a movie, I always mention it, and I think I have said that before, It's called 'Love in The Afternoon'.

The director made the actor not to wear anything other than turtleneck shirts.

Sometimes, he wears a blue colored one, sometimes, brown.

Even there is a scene in which he was looking for a dark blue one, but he couldn't find it and returned home sad.

A legendary thing.

And one of the most famous actors that gained popularity for their elegant style is Mahmoud Yassin.

He's one of the most elegant actors in the old Egyptian cinema.

In many movies, he was wearing turtleneck shirts.

And some other actors, like Adel Emam, I've mentioned that before, in one of his scenes, he was wearing a red turtleneck and a black leather jacket above it, so, he got two birds with one stone.

The eighth piece I would recommend to you is the long sleeve shirts.

It's cool when it has a high collar with a zipper at the top, or even if it was a normal collar one, like this, the same as the black one I was wearing at the beginning of the video.

It's simple, cool, and reflects your elegance to people.

And the ninth piece I recommend you to buy is sweaters.

It's long-sleeved shirts but made of wool.

You can wear it solely, or you can just wear it above one of the formal shirts.

Usually, it has two models.

One with a rounded neck, and the other with a V neck.

Both are cool.

Personally, I prefer to wear it over something, not solely.

Both ways, it's cool, and every man should have one for winter.

The last piece that I can't dispense every winter is leather boots that are long above the heels.

The longer it can be, the more elegant it can be.

And believe me, whenever you were these boots, you will listen to great compliments from others.

I like this model, it has some cool stuff.

I've bought it from a shop close to my home.

I searched online, but I couldn't find it.

But there are other styles that look the same, with zippers, this one you're seeing here, brown leather, and as you can see, the heel is somewhat high.

Usually, normal heels are 2.

5-3 cm high, this one has a classical style, you can notice the heel is higher, this is a classical style from the '70s, but it's so cool.

We've reached the end of today's video.

I hope that you've liked the various styles.

Write down in comments what's the most piece you've liked, and what piece you already have and can't live without it and wear it every winter.

As always, I welcome your suggestions for the upcoming topics that you'd like me to talk about.

And if you liked the video, please click that like button, write comments, and share the video with your friends to reach more people as possible.

Don't forget to follow me on all social media platforms, my user name is “NasserTone”.

Greetings to you all, and have a good day.


Fierce Winter Fashion

– [Christopher] Lookingfierce as always, Bailey.

Why don't you tell us what you're wearing? (intense classical music) Good morning, everyone.

The baby is asleep upstairs, Jessica and the kids areat their school thing, and so I'm gonna try andget all my editing work done before they get home.

Hopefully get to spend a bunchof time with my kids today.

That's my goal.

It's a good goal.

But first, I need tostop off at Starbucks.

(upbeat music) I feel like a lot ofpeople have a misconception about our family, and thatwe're always at Starbucks.

The only times that Igo to Starbucks, really, is when I go visit my parents, because they don't have acoffee maker at their house.

Think I know what I'm gettingMom for Christmas now.

It's a gift for me.

My Mom and my Dad both don't drink coffee, so there's no coffee maker orcoffee at their house, ever.

So we always end up goingout to a coffee shop, usually Starbucks, especiallywhen Joshua's in town.

But when I'm at home, I'malways brewing my own coffee.

I'm in the backyard right now with Jacob.

There he is, right there.

And this is my old magic case.

I've been using thiscase for years.


And look what happened to the bottom, wheel just popped right through.

I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

So, what I did, is I bought this new case.

– And this is the new wheel! I'm screwing it on.

– So we're gonna put new wheels on this, but I want it to last longer, so I'm gonna reinforce it.

So, I'm gonna show Jacobhow to take some wood, and reinforce something else, and put some new wheels on it.

And it's gonna be fun.

You ready to do it, Jake? – Yeah.

(grunts) Too big.

– [Christopher] What do youthink I can cut it with? – Knife.

– [Christopher] No, aknife's not gonna work.

– Tool.

– [Christopher] A saw.

– Saw.

– [Christopher] We just cut our wood.

Let's see the pieces, Jake, how do they fit? So, this is one piece, and this is the other piece.

So it's helpful for me, since there's wheels down at the bottom.

We put these wheels on.

It's helpful for me tohave a handle up top here so Jacob is installing a handle.

So he's screwing it in.

– Is this the way, Dad? – [Christopher] Yeah, that's the right way.

You're doing it right.

Bailey is drinking something new.

What is this, Bailey? – Egg nog.

– [Christopher] And whatdo you think of egg nog? – It's really good.

– [Christopher] It's really good? Can you describe the flavorsthat you're having here? – Ice cream.

– [Christopher] It tastes like ice cream? – Mm-hmm.

– [Christopher] Tonight, we're having fennel with some carrots and a roast.

Uh-oh – Can I please have some- – [Christopher] Uh-oh – sauerkraut? – [Christopher] I've fogged up my lens.

I was looking at my foodand I've fogged up the lens.

– What's the lens? – [Christopher] This part of the camera where it sees everything.

I have never cooked fennel before.

I don't think I've eveneaten fennel before.

Which is one of the cool things about these vegetable boxesthat we get every week, is that we get to try new foods.

So I'm gonna try this for the first time.

Pretty good.

It has a little sweetness to it.

We're also having someof this pink sauerkraut, cooked by.



– Jacob! – Chef Jacob! – [Christopher] Chef Jacob, that's right.

Good job on the sauerkraut, buddy.

– You can click here to watch his video.

– [Christopher] Youthink that's enough time for them to click it? – Yeah.

– [Christopher] Okay, perfect.

Part of our night-time routine lately has been going on a walk and seeing the Christmaslights that are out.

So Bailey's all dressed, ready to go.

Looking fierce as always, Bailey.

Why don't you tell us what you're wearing? – I'm wearing my new shoes, my Miranda pants, my skirt, and my shirt and also my special vest.

– [Christopher] And doa little twirl for us.


Parker's in his stroller, with his blanket.

You wanna go on a walk? – [Bailey] Hi! – [Christopher] What are youwearing to be nice and warm? – There.



– [Bailey] Your robe.

– Robe.

– [Christopher] You're wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bath robe.

– Yeah.

(festive music) ♫ It's time to read ♫ Read the comments from the vlog Yesterday, we asked youguys what you like to do to wind down at the end of the day.

Let's see what you said.

Heather D says, “I liketo watch all the vlogs.

Yours, Colleen's and Rachel's, because they are all so great.

” Ballinger wind-down win! CaraMarinara says, “To unwind, I draw.

I'm an artist, so aftera long, stressful day drawing or painting sendme into that little place of peace for a little while.

PS I think your kids had amuch better Santa laugh.

” I like to draw too, I neverget a chance to do it anymore 'cause I'm so busy chasing children and editing videos.

But I love drawing also, so I can definitely relate to that.

Janni Patel says, “I liketo put on my cozy PJs and make hot chocolate with marshmallows and listen to Christmas songs like Walking in a Winter Wonderland and All I Want for Christmas is You.

” Inspired by that comment, I amgoing to put on pajama pants and drink hot cocoa as Ifinish editing this vlog.

Today was good.

I finally gotcaught up with my editing, which is good, and I'm getting ready for a couple of magic showsthat are coming up.

Got the wheels on my case.

In my messy office.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

And I ate fennel.

So that's, you know.


Right? I wanna know a new foodthat you've tried recently.

Write it in the commentsection down below, and I might feature it in tomorrow's vlog.

Thanks for watching.

(children's laughter) (fart noise) (children's laughter) – So Daddy just made the thing to- (clatter) toot.

And it's so funny.


Urban Winter Fashion 2018/19 | Outfit Ideas | Fashion Trends For Fall / Winter

good afternoon gentlemen I'm Ollie welcometo my channel today we're gonna be looking at men's urban fashion ideas forthis coming winter before I get going be sure to subscribe like and leave us acomment all the support is always appreciatedso gentlemen the winter is coming a little classic here which

works everyyear it's the old beige and black so let's have a look what I'm wearing let's start with these bad boys shoesokay so we've got a pair of shoes here these are cheap as they are by Topmansuede chelsea boots a favorite we often wear Chelsea boots nice beige

suedethere these sent me back about 60 quid right my top man always cheap andcheerful then we've got the skinny jeans the rips in these notes rip in needstill cool ripped in these still cool rips all over jeans not cool okay nicelow-key little ripping the knees they're black skinny

jeans then we're gonna moveup into a plain black hoodie alright and then it's the overcoat which is Rudysort of the major piece of the look this is an old one I have I'm gonna getsomething like this anywhere on the high street fairly cheap you should get onefor about

100 pounds from somewhere like River Island top models or these areEnglish brands guys at your for foreign nationals which are not from England youmight not be a foreign national youtubers in English well the hell am Ion about if you're not English and you don't have these brands just

copy theideas all this stuff you can get cheap from high street shops you know youraverage small shop if you're in America alright so this is the main part of itit's a smart overcoat faded by the businessman we're making it kind ofurban and swagging it up a little bit

and then we're going to whack on thisplain black hoodie this is by H&M just cost fifteen quid on top we've got anEnglish old-school hat no it's not a flat rim you wear a hat it's been thisis by finesse a UK urban streetwear brand other cool ones and stuff

liketraps table you could easily get one by night whatever or is the plain black hatcalled the branding and we've got this kind of overall rather called urbanstreet wear look for the winter and the thing is that the shoes and the jacketmake it a bit smarter than wearing your

average trainer look so you're lookingat the urban a bit cool you don't have to wear the hat if you don't want toit's still gonna work the beige and the black goes very well together as does acasual hoodie with the small overcoat all right let's give you the last

fewbits bang we've got these little rings this is my one you're not going to getthat that was my father's alright but this one and this one about top man theyretail – 15 quid each loving the beige and black stones to set off my beigeblack look call this hand

action going on herealright so that was our first beige and black winter urban combination all rightso now they're gonna whack it one more Jack here right I'm gonna shoot overthere like Speedy Gonzales alright cool so here's our second combination we'vegot the little suede bought my kind of thing

on top this one was 150 quid itwas by I believe Urban Outfitters don't grab one of them again don't worry somuch about the brands guys copy it these are all super available all over thehigh street these are looks which work they're classic they're time missingdirt cheap we're not

high brand high-end brand channel we're just trying to showyou good ideas which you can copy so this is a real suede one don't get afake suede one it looks terrible right this is really nice and it's actuallygonna keep you fairly warm get one of the thick lining like

this put thehoodie underneath and that is our second brown and beige combo and again theshoes smarten up a little bit I'm wearing a hoodie and you have trainerson you kind of lose this kind of sort of making it a bit smarter although it's astreet wear look remember you

don't have to wear the hat as well if you don'tfeel comfortable with it this is gonna work perfectly well with your hair outanyway I'm only wearing it today because my hair looks absolutely horrific so Iwon't be taking it off but the whole look would work really well and

add thesame kind of vibe without in fact they might tone it down a littlebit make it a little less urban and remember you don't need the branding onmy hat as well you go for a plain black cap I like round caps and in the winterespecially it's nice it's

a bit warm you can even put the hoodie up and look abit more badass the last element is the leather man bag all right you walk alongthe street like this like a legend hiking through the streets like afashion Viking don't know where that came fromall right anyway go

really nicely and again the leather bag that's a kind ofhigh in edge to it rather than wearing kind of a backpack or something whichyou might expect with this kind of style the beige nice Jackie at the overcoatthe chelsea boots the bag the jewelry it shows that even though

it's sort of likea casual look and definitely a street wear look you're also a high-end guy andvery rare of fashion the bag also has worth a mention because it's the era ofthe big man bag and you walk around like this looking legendary like that allright so try and

work on that look as well guys okay guys so that's it thatwas our black and brown urban street where fashion combos the winter iscoming gentlemen try these looks look cool stay safe stay away from theLannisters peace

Best Fall/Winter Thrift Haul | Upcycle Inspiration from Fashion Week Runway Shows

okay so we're going to start this with asound check if you guys can hear me definitely let me know in the comments Iam looking thank you guys so much for your patience this is the firstprofessional type thing thank you okay so now you guys can hear me hi I amAngelina welcome to BlueprintDIY where we remake our clothes to be asunique as us today we are going to talk about the last six months of things thatI have purchased based on the runway shows that I saw in the spring so it isFashion Week and we're gonna be seeing what's going to be in the stores in thespring but six months ago they told us what will be in the stores in the fallso for the last six months I watched those shows when they came outand I've been I held them in my head to fake my favorite things and I've beenpicking up things over the last six months every time I go to the thriftstore of things that I want to upcycle so we have a little thrift haul of thethings that I am planning on upcycling for this fall winter season as well as Iwanted to share with you guys and those who were on the first live you guysalready saw this I'm so sorry that you have to see it again but I actually havethe chat on the side so thank you guys so much I'm gonna try to I'm trying notto split my attention too much until the end but thank you guys so much for beingpatient and hanging out with me so we're gonna start that runway show again itwas probably a little bit fast anyway so you can get another look at it but likeI was saying before although you couldn't hear me but I just reallyreally like this Jacquemus dress because it exemplifies for me everything thatfashion is about just like she's not what this girl is not worried aboutwhether she has a food baby whether her figure is on point she's walking like Idon't care you know I know I look good with her one earring which is atrend and I just love it I'm here for it the cream color the flow I love it andthen again this flowy one-piece I saw a lot of one pieces on the runway in thepast season and so I'm like all here for you guys know I like a go on one pieceand then this bag right here with the ginghaminset is amazing and her dress just spoke to me for some reason I justreally really liked it and then the leopard print bag and this color you'llsee it again it's one of my favorites and her bag with the green and mustardand then here with the green flowy dress with the jacket which I found a similarjacket if you watch that thrift challenge you saw that jacket and I'llshow you again today but also this flowy pant setI love the flow just the way things moved in the runway shows that I saw forthe Fall and then for this one I didn't know whatspoke to me about it until I got closed up and I saw the sweater and this isactually Chloe I'm gonna set up a little bit but I love that white peak thatyou'll see in the inset on the hips and again right here you see that white peakon the inset on the hips I really really like that I like the details just payingattention to the details and how things flow and how they fit and how they lookyou know on you so I am all here for it and I just put this one in for grantscuz she walking like yeah I'm a pony and I don't care but again that mustardcolor with this dress which I think you could totally find in a thrift store butlook at her shirt like her long but not amazing and then this leather with thesleeves the way the sleeves are and then the Blazer coming out I really like Ireally like layering that which is why I follows my favorite and again here withthe blazer underneath I really really like that and then they did it againhere as a dress and then again with the leopard and the leather coming down themiddle I really really like that and all the cool girls you know I really reallylike her glasses I think those are probably sunglasses maybe but I wantthem as glasses I really really like that and then this with the vest andlike the menswear inspired but the two-tone vestreally really like that how many times can I say reallyand then the grommets which I just did a tutorial with grommets and you'll see itagain you know throughout the fall winter season and this coat from allcomes from nothing is one of my favorites it's like so simple I likewhen people do simple things that just make a big difference and putting thegangam with the I mean the houndstooth with that color is amazing and then thisone with the kind of gold flaking coming off of the coat which like somebody tooka paintbrush of gold and took it across the coat I just thought that that wouldbe really simple to recreate and I really really like itagain really and this coat with the sleeves once it gets closer you'll beable to see how the sleeves are kind of pleated and they have like gold buttoninsects in them I really thought that that was inventive and again this coatagain and you'll see on one sleeve just one sleeve it has the other print whichI love and then it's an all white with the flowy pants which they look likethey're a sweater weight so I really really like that really and I this lightthing is harder than you guys think and this one has the two-tone denim it lookslike they just took the denim and flipped it to the other side they evenhave an exposed scene coming down the leg on the flip side and I actuallyreally like that and then this in the lavender which was the color of theseason and those silhouette of that skirt the top that's kind of like theone I have on now love it with the band the purse strap coming across and ofcourse all the cool girls from Dior with the sweaters and the plaid bottoms Ireally thought that that was a good inspiration for the Fall and themetallic you'll see that again metallic was big and look at the denim underneathshe has that metallic on top of dinner was just like styled in us totally 70scool vibe but look at the embroidery I can't embroider but I just think thatthat is really spot on us all of you who can embroiderimprove embroider some denim and it's gonna look amazing then Michael Kors hadthe ultimate cool college girl vibe going on with the colored plaid and redand yellow the sportswear underneath the Cape it was really cool Ithought it was really fresh I liked his his runway show this year it was reallynice and the colors I mean it was really good yellow with the yellow firm andthen Sport max of course I would like sport max because I like sport clothesand how you juxtaposition them with more elevated style the color blocking I loveit and then for this Phillip Lim look at the bag look at the insect once again inthe back I love that and then the sweater kind of off the shoulder withthe flowy you know it's just the mixing of things that I really really likereally and then tie on the sleeves amazing the way she styled amazing it'sjust like yeah I woke up I got dressed I don't care you know and I tried this onewith a trench coat to make a one-piece set and I failed I probably will nevershow you guys I know you probably want to see my fail but I probably will nevershow you but I did try them but I love it I like this bomber jacket but it'sjust so intricate the colors the patterns I absolutely love it thissweater the color the double zipper the weight style the city on again thechartreuse faux fur love it the tie and the waist of the flowy dress and againthe metallic of her skirt with the sweater the loose sweater is just nofood baby I don't care you know I can eat what I want and this looks like theyjust took paint and make hold on the trench coat something totally that we asDIY fashion makers could do and then the quilted on the bottom of this blazeramazing this mesh dress with the leather pockets amazing just love it and thiswas my favorite show this is a last one this is my favorite showbecause of the color blocking I love the colors together you guys know that Greenis my favorite color if you didn't know it Green is myfavorite color and just any colorway of green and this show oh my gosh it's justI don't know it just took my breath away I love the mix of pattern and texturethat quilted jacket with the leather and then you see the stripes on the insideand outside of her pants as she walks past this coat with the quilted loved itand then they just in this show so well with this dress oh my gosh so amazing Ireally really it's just I not put the thing together and I and I'm happy towatch it again it's just so much inspiration because on runway shows yousee you know it's not necessarily something that people will walk down thestreets wearing but you get to see like the highest of what is in people's mindsand so I just think that it's absolutely amazing to watch so I am going to showyou guys what I got in the last six months that kind of corresponds thethings that I got that correspond with this and the things that I'm lookingforward to it upcycling so if we're all in a great agreement that you guys canhear me I'm gonna show you guys first up this sweater and it's like more of ayellow but it has a little bit of that citrine on color I really really likelet me sit down I like how you know just the texture of this sweater thecrisscross and so I don't know whether I'm gonna cut it up and up cycling orwhether I'm just gonna wear it like this but I wanted to show you guys because itis a pop of color and most of my stuff is not like super powerful but but thatis and then I have these pants and I just like these pants they are longenough so if they're long enough for me they'relong enough for me to do something with them they are pleated pant and it isthese are from Clifford and Willis I don't know that brand but everythingthat I got was two dollars or less you guys know I'd like to throw the outletand especially for things that I'm going to cut apart and remake basically goingto a third store as a fabric store I definitely go to the outlet not that Icouldn't go to the regular store but I like to use the outlet for that sothat's those fans I love the color of them it's just like a really nice fallcolor and then in green my favorite and this is corduroy and these are just apair of pants and they have just a elastic waistband and yeah I justthought the elastic waistband is not optimal for a pant as you know they feelgood but it doesn't necessarily make your waist look the best so I definitelyi'll definitely probably be cutting these up and using this corduroy forsomething else and then i know you know you guys aregonna be like what are you going to do with that bright pink that bright pinkbut i am going to use this somebody challenged me and i get a lot ofrequests but someone challenged me to turn some pants like this these likerunning pants or track pants into a top so that is what i am going to attempt todo i will be showing you guys this whether i feel or whether i don't i'llbe showing you guys this so you can look forward to that in the future and i'mgonna remake it in a way that is for fall okay so next up we have more platterhoundstooth and this is Evan pecan I get a lot of their stuff from the thriftstore and of course you know you can tell I really like this but I just thinkif you can find it and pick it up well you saw the coats with it everything youknow has it so it's always nice to have some of this in my collection so Ireally really like to have that okay so now this I have a small confession tomake I actually got these at the outlet for my $2.

00 thrift haul or you know my20 dollar challenge I didn't show them to you guys because I felt a little bitembarrassed of buying something this big not because it's this big but I knowthat some people have a hard time finding things at the thrift store and Iin no way I'm trying to limit like other people from finding what they need atthe third store everybody deserves to find what they need but I did get itbecause I thought that it's a pair of man's pants and it's just a lot offabric you know and so I don't know what I'm gonna do with it but I love thecolor the stripes everything about this fabric so yeah so that's my confession Itold you guys in the video where weren't you guys wearing my thoughts if I gotsomething that wasn't in the $20 this actually did fit within the $20 but Ididn't show it to you guys but it is gonna be part of my upcycle okay so nextup I'll show you guys these two together this is I can't even read thatmirror mirror image probably something cheap something or other I don't knowbut of course it's the mesh and I really like the flaking you can see like it'slike little black flecks in it I don't particularly care for this button but Ithought that this fabric hats to be used with something and then thisis my velvet t-shirt and I am ready to cut it up I used it I wore it actuallyjust as a t-shirt for a long time it's always been kind of big on me but Ithink I'm ready to cut it up and use it as something else it's not this it'lldefinitely be something like more velvet like this because I have this in greenas well so it'll either be this or the green okay so next up is the Christopherthis is from Christopher banks and it is a jumper it's a really cute jumper andit actually could have been part of you know any of those collections but againthis kind of this wool material the buttons are really nice like a reallyclassic vintage button so I am really excited to just I'm either gonna do Idon't know something simple or completely taking it apart and making itinto something else I'm not sure yet but it is definitely going to be part of myfall winter up cycles okay so I never showed you guys this I gotthis last year at the outlet and the only reason it doesn't fit me just as acoat is this sleeves are too short which I see a lot of models on that runwaytheir sleeves are too short but it doesn't make me feel comfortable so I'mnot sure how I'm going to use this but I love this jacket I love this coat andI'm going to use it in some way shape or form them not exactly sure how but Ilove the color has the d-ring belt on it and the brand is corylus so I amdefinitely gonna use this in some way shape or form we saw from Sport Max onthe video that they use a lot of puffer coats and stuff with their sportyelevated vibes I'm gonna do something with it okayand if you guys have been following me for a long time then you've seen thisbefore I got this I think I want to say and like the $1 haul and it is basicallythe inside it's the lining of a coat some type of coat trench coat some typeof coat and I love that it has like the zipper edge I think that that's a reallycool detail kind of like the quilted vibe down here I don't know if I'm gonnakeep these sleeves or not but I think that this season is the season to dosomething with this I plan to do something with it a while ago but Inever be I have no idea even what the brand of the coke is it has absolutelyno tags but I you know I think it was definitelyoh here's the tag thermal light so I don't know but I'm looking forward tousing I think it's a good a good piece for upcycling okay so these next twodresses this one I bought purely for the plant I think it doesn't even have anytags I think it was made by someone but I saw that there was a lot of plaid onthe runway and so I started grad grabbing not as much plate as I couldfind but just the plants that I kind of you know we're feeling so this was oneof the items and it is a long dress so that's plenty of plant to use as anupcycled and then this was giving me a lot of Chloe like more of a Chloe vibeand I can fit this dress but I don't like the way it looks so it definitelyneeds a lot of something but I'll figure it out because I do like this classicprint here but you know it's still a vintage dress so you know the waythey style benches now is not like straight out of the 70s it's done adifferent way which I really like so I want to add some of those elements to it okayso next up is this just oh navy dress that is more of that deep mustard colorthat I saw so much and like I said it has you know plenty of fabric it hasthese little tassels trim that I could figure I could reuse and it's pleated atthe front so I thought that that was you know good material to use and then Ihave this super long super super long sweater dress and it's purple whichpurple is not my favorite color but this is more of a plum it's like a very deeppurple and I don't know what I'm going to do with this dress it may be likesomething really simple or maybe like cut it up and use it for something elsebut I just really like this dress it's Dana Buchman and I think this issomething like this brand I've seen it like Macy's or something like thatbut it's too big for me but I really I really like this dressso but that's not it I'm gonna show you I have some a couple of trench coatsthat are too heavy to hang on this on this rack ok so we have 2 men's Blazers and this iswhat I was thinking of using for you know that double that half and half lookso you can cut one off and cut the sleeve cut you know and combine them insome way shape or form that'll give you that vibe so that'swhat I have for that and then I found this really I mean it's heavy but it'sreally nice weight trench coat and this one is that's in so that's a really goodbrand but again the sleeves are too short soyou know I figure it out but again we could I could cut the sleeves off ofsomething else and put them on here and just do different things to make it looknice and I could also do that whole I wouldn't put code but I could do thegold flaking or writing something on it to you know really elevated that willlook nice and then again like I said I was pickingup a bit of plaid and this was one of the things I picked up I put this downlike five times because the plant is so strong on this but it's one of thosepieces where I knew that if I needed it I would never find it again and so I gotit it may end up getting rido nated you guys let me know what you think but yeahit's one of those pieces that a lot of times I regret so I went to hear it andand then last up is my bomber jacket which I'm not gonna cut up I'm justshowing you because you know this looks so similar to some of the things that wesaw on the runway so and I wasn't even thinking about it when I was doing thatvideo I think I was really annoyed because it was hot in there but yeah soI'm excited to have that because after going back and watching some of thoseshows I realized how you know how much it's gonna be really in style thiscoming up falling winter so I see you guys comments and I want to say thankyou guys so so so so much for hanging out with me what do you guys think ofthe runway shows our do you guys watch runway shows is that something that youdo in order to get inspiration either for you know buying clothes or forupcycling things or do you is it something that you guys just don't payattention to let me see in the comments okay somebody said yes please create thegold jacket but go paint effect on the coat somebody said they love the bomberjacket and I'm gonna actually put the chat up here so you guys can see on thevideo all the chat but yeah so if you guys want to you know like oh wow yeahif you guys want to make more comments and have me address them okay somebodysaid they mostly search on the web like Pinterest I definitely use Pinterestdefinitely use Pinterest I have a Pinterest board which actually if youwant to see some of the things that are my thought process or things that'scoming down the line you can follow Pinterest and I'll follow you guysPinterest too cuz I love Pinterest not a lot of people use it but for fashion Idefinitely use it so I'm looking forward to what Pinterest is going I mean andPinterest will show the runway shows like the different blogs that areposting about the runway shows and thank you guys so much and comments are sonice especially after I've messed up the whole sound you guys are amazing so andsomebody said that they use my my shows as inspiration thank you guys so muchbut I didn't want to make this video too too long I just wanted to kind of hangout with you guys this Saturday and hopefully we can do this again as amatter of fact I want you guys input just like I can do videos on here we areall drifters or I'm assuming so that most of us thrift and I want to know youguys most crazy thrift encounters like the craziest thing that has happened toyou in a thrift store and that's gonna be our next live video so be looking outfor me I'm gonna put it on either Instagram Facebook or the feed here onyou because I want you guys videos I wantyou to record yourself telling me the story it's gonna be a story time so Ihope you guys are excited about that because I'm excited to hear you some ofyou guys stories I have two in particular that I'm gonna tell to youguys so we can all share our stories together so I hope you guys have enjoyedthis video I hope you've enjoyed hanging out with me and I look forward to seeingyou guys soon and the next one definitely wants some more videos if youare live or are you watching this and replay if you want to see how to remakeclothes if you're just learning I have a playlist for you and if you want to seemy top 10 things or some through photos I definitely have a playlist for you soI will see you guys in the next one bye.

Plus Size Winter Outfits 2018

Jeans have been in fashion ever since theywere discovered.

Jeans are pants made from denim or dungareecloth.

They were invented by Jacob Davis and LeviStrauss in 1873.

From comfort to style, denim gives it all.

They are perfect for every season.

You can wear ripped shorts in summer, or adda layer of denim jacket in the chilling cold weather.

This article covers how my plus-sized womencan rock jeans outfits this winter.

Let the jeans caress every curve as you rockthe street, sis.

Here are 10 outfit ideas on how to look chicin jeans.

Before We begin.


Don’t forget to Subscribe and hit the Notificationbutton.

So you won’t miss the next great videosfrom us! #1.

All Denim OutfitDressing from head to toe in denim to prove how versatile jeans are.

Match your pair of jeans with an oversizeddenim jacket to give an all-denim look.

Unbutton the jacket to give a more rebel look, or shut it all the way up to fight the weather.

All denim outfit can be accessorized witha black leather shoulder bag or some light jewelry.


Classic Blue JeansThe most basic, yet chic outfit.

Blue jeans can go with almost every any topin your closet, which is why even if you keep changing your shirts, you can still trickpeople into believing that it’s a brand new outfit.

Everyone should own at least one pair of bluejeans, that fits perfectly.

Forever21, FashionNova, H&M, and Torrid area few of the brands that have a good collection of plus-sized jeans for you.

There are many different shapes and stylesthat jeans are made in now.

Such as bell bottoms, skinny jeans, boot cut, boyfriend pants etc.

I’m not weighing in on which one is thebest because it is different for everyone.

You need to find what type of jeans do youlike the most.


Black JeansGrinding from Monday to Friday, from that nine to five, you deserve to be comfortable.

You can not wear jeans to your office unlessthey are black.

Black jeans give a formal look.

Just pair them with a smart button up shirt, and there you are – a perfect office chic.


Denim DressYou do not have to limit denim to your legs, only.

Denim dresses are totally a thing and a chicone at that.

Pair it with thigh-high boots to fight thechilly weather.

Do not expect these dresses to be flowy likethe chiffon ones though.

Also, these are not a replacement for a silkdress at a formal event.

They are super cool for sure.


Bell BottomsBell-bottoms are to satisfy your inner hippies’ wishes.

Bell-bottoms are back in fashion like theynever left.

The bell-like shape at the bottom of the trousersis exactly how extra those ‘6os kids were.

Bell bottom jeans work best with off shouldercrop tops in popping colors.

Do not wear long shirts with these.


Boyfriend JeansThese give you a great fit near your waist and hip area and broaden a little bit as theymove down.

People started calling them ‘boyfriend jeans’because they look like they are borrowed from him.

These are super-comfortable so if you havea long day of shopping planned or a long flight, your boyfriend jeans will always be therefor you.

Can’t be so sure about the boyfriend, though.


Long Coats and JeansLong coats are your perfect partner to fight winters.

Wear them with either skinny jeans or jeansthat are fitted from the bottom.

Avoid flared jeans or bell bottoms as coatsthemselves are kind of loose at the end.

You can either close button up your coat orshow off your shirt underneath.

If the coat itself is printed then choosea neutral colored, plain shirt and tuck it inside your jeans.


Denim SkirtsDenim skirts are hard to carry, but they even make jeans look more formal and classy thancasual.

Wear them with a t-shirt if you are goingto a casual outdoor event.

Wearing a button-down shirt is perfect forsemi-casual places like meeting someone over at their place or to school.

These are a fun replacement for the typicalboring skirts, keyword being ‘fun’.

Means they are not appropriate for a meetingor when giving a presentation #9.

Denim Around your WaistHere is how to make your dull, boring outfit into an interesting one by one simple step:wrap your denim jacket around your waist.

You can even wear it on if it get’s colder.

This look is fun and gives out the impressionof a fashion-forward, young girl.

You can wear your jacket around your waiston other outfits like a simple shirt and pants, or a skirt.


Denim JumpsuitJumpsuits are this generation’s weird trends that somehow look good.

Even though it’s a little inconvenient (Imean, imagine going to the bathroom) they look good, nevertheless.

Usually, they are made of cotton, but denim’sversatility does not limit it from shaping it into a jumpsuit.

These look super casual when worn and areperfect for an afternoon, outdoor activity, for example, a picnic.

You can wear a t-shirt underneath to givecolor to your outfit and to stay warm in winters.


Winter Fashion Trends 2018: Coats + Jackets!

Welcome back to another episode of my#stylesession series!so this is a series where I go back to the basics and talkthrough how I put together outfits so in today's episode we're talking all aboutwinter coats and as you guys now winter fashion is notoriously expensive butwith the help of RetailMeNot

it's been super easy to save special thank you toRetailMeNot for sponsoring today's episode RetailMeNot is the ultimatedestination to save money online or in store for the winter time what I've beeneyeing our winter coats I love the tiny coat and so cute so I will go to theRetailMeNot app

and just pull it up and then I like to search up differentstores so let's look up Macy's and see ifthey're having any deals ooh 20% off Black Friday okay let's do thatthat one's a good one oh and it's a coat too so as you can see it's super

simple tosave what we tell me not so be sure to check out the app or website I'll haveit linked down below today we are talking about jackets and coats andguess what these are all under $100 so I will link for you guys my favorites downbelow in Iceland I

experienced my very first winter it was zero degrees Celsiusand below 30 degrees Fahrenheit so I was freezing now I'm looking back to myolder videos and I'm thinking what that was not winter outfits I don'tunderstand the very first jacket I want to talk about is the fleece zip up

Ihave this one from Uniqlo and I scored it for 30 bucks so I have this in abrown color and white color and it has become a wardrobe essential for mebecause of the fact that so lightweight it's really easy to layer up and it's socozy and warm sometimes I

like to hi snacks in theinside pocket just because I can why not the second coat I wanted to talk aboutthe wool blended pea coat so this one I have from Peru and this is a wardrobeessential for me I pretty much wear it at least once or twice a

week because ofhow well fitted it is I have this in a size small this coat is a great way toadd a sophisticated classic look to any outfit quite a challenge to find a quality coatunder $100 but I really love this look it's so cozy makes me feel like

a jammyteddy bear whenever I wear it honestly this coat has no hanger appeal it justlooks like a big blanket I like most about it that caught my eye was that itwas fully lined which I find is very rare for this type of jacket my next essential is a

lot their jacketyou can find a ton of faux leather authentic leather jackets but I thinkthe key to finding the perfect leather jacket is to pay attention to thedetails be sure to look out for the zipper and then check the pockets andthen the lining this is a more affordable

option which I will link foryou down below it is still a very well-made jacket but it definitely doesnot have as much structure or shape to it this coat is giving me retro some ofthese vibes I love just the vintage look but to make it look a lot more

modernParrott with a flowy chiffon dress with some over the knee boots in a true winter climate the pufferjacket is perfect because it's comfortable it's warm and it's just soluscious makes me feel like a giant marshmallow whatever I'm wearing them Iwant you guys to guess which jacket is the

cheaper one and which one is themore high-end coat okay so this jacket was only 15 dollars from H&M such asteal and this one was about 150 from Arc'teryx I got it from REI on saleboth jackets are great because they're water-resistant this one is verylightweight easy to layer I

love the pop of Brad you're into more pastels Ihighly recommend this coat you can probably find a lot of alternatives fromlike Urban Outfitters H&M I asked you guys on Instagram if youguys liked corduroy jackets and about 60% of you said yes always wanted tohave a burgundy moment where

I'm able to match my jacket with my bottoms and myshoes and I think I definitely achieve that with this look I still wanted tointroduce this to you guys because it's a very different style jacket differentfabric for me this jacket also has a very masculine look because of thezipper

detailing as well as a belt buckle around the waist so those were myfall winter coats all under $100 be sure to comment down below and let me knowwhat are some of your winter fashion essentials and let me know what othervideos you want me to make along with this

series be sure to click over hereto vote follow me on instagram at fashion bye Ali for more daily up toinspiration I love you guys all so so much and I will see you in my next onebye

WINTER FASHION STYLE ❄️ Holiday Trends 2018 ||EBC||

hey there welcome to elevate Beautycompany my name is summer and I'm gonna show you how to style the top ends forwinter I'm also going to show you how you can win a $50 gift card to Target togo shop for them yourself the thing that I love most about

thesetrends is that they are super accessible and extremely wearable I found examplesfor all seven trends both in clothes for adults and clothes for kids so I'mreally excited to talk to you guys about how you and your mini-me can be rockingthese trends all winter long and be able to

do it on a really inexpensive budgetI will go ahead and link everything that I found in a blog post which is linkeddown below in the notes so if you want to find any of these pieces for yourselfyou can go ahead and click on that link and be able

to find everything that I amshowing you today so the first trend that I am loving and my little girl isabsolutely obsessed about is faux fur and texture here's an example that Ifound at Target that is so comfortable my son actually stole this sweater andwore it to bed the

other day because he loves comfy clothes and blankets and allof that and what is better and than to be able to actually wear basically asuper fuzzy comfy blanket all day long this is a blush color that actuallymatches the top that I'm wearing right now it's one of my

favorite colors thatmommy blush tone that is so on trend right now it will transition you intowinter just fine and I'm going to show you how to style this one and for mymini me I found this darling sweater from Target as well this has a couple ofdifferent textures mixing

textures is also a really big trend right now so Iwould style this with something like leggings or jeans you can even do like alonger tulle skirt with my daughter feels like everything is itchy so sheloves something like this another way that you can do this phonetrend is to

do a jacket so I found this jacket in the kids section and don'tfeel like you have to stay confined if you can squeeze into an extra-large kidsdo it because this same exact jacket was in the adult section for almost a thirdmore but if you can fit into a

kid's extra-large go ahead and shop in thatsection as well the fun thing about that is that you can't match with your miniso I got an extra small for my daughter this is her Christmas dress and then Igot the extra large for myself and we will both be rocking

these this winter Idecided to partner this sweater with a comfy pair of jeans and tennis shoesthis is a great way to kind of dress down something that's a little bit morebold and a bigger statement dress it down with a pair of jeans and matchingtennis shoes that kind of

coordinate and then you can run errands in this youcould drop off your kids at school you could even go out with girlfriends justthrow on like a necklace or something like that or a bold earring and youcould rock this I mean duh from day until evening we're gonna move

on to thenext trend and this sweater that I just showed you I'm gonna actually partnerwith one of the other trends that I'll talk about later the great thing aboutthese trends is they really partner well together so we're gonna move on to ournext trend next thing on our list

is animal print and more specificallycheetah is a really really on trend for wintertime and there's lots and lots ofdifferent ways that you can wear it you can go super bold with something likethis fur jacket so cute it's got a really darling gold detail on theelastic trim and this

again was from the kids section at Target you can findsimilar pieces in the adult section I love that I can find a less expensiveprice point and be able to match with my little ones so here's the smallerversion of this my daughter loves this jacket she's been begging me

for weeksto be able to wear it and I told her no not until we finishour video but she loves how soft and comfy this is it keeps her nice and warmand cozy and so I love the Balmer style which is a little bit low-key if you'regoing to do

a faux fur jacket the next thing that you can do is wear it in ashoe I got these are these Sam Edelman boots I got these from Nordstrom Rackthese actually are a faux fur as well so again you can partner these trends intogether so fur and cheetah together

work really nicely I'm going to show youguys how to style these ones my tip for this trend is to keep it neutral Ipartnered these cheetah booties with a black moto legging and a plain creamsweater the cream really ties in the lighter Browns in the boot and the blackkeeps

it very neutral and simple so if you're gonna be rocking a super boldprint try to keep everything else pretty neutral you can rock like these boots Iwore these boots with this red skirt over here to church the other day and itwas great but if you're just starting out

you're not sure where to go withleopard you can never go wrong with lastik black and a neutral top the nexttrend on the list is rust-colored earth tones so I got this dress from NordstromRack again I feel like you can get really good deals there and find thingsthat are

still in the season so this is a lush shift dress you could also dosomething like this rust-colored free people booty that I got last year duringChristmas I got this on sale they were like 50% off so you can find things at adiscount that will still work for current

trends and this little jumperthat's from Target I would do for winter with black tights and a darling blackbootie and you can do like a cream sweater with it or a black sweaterit would really transition well into the winter time for your little ones whenit's not too cold we

live here in Arizona so it's almost summer timeyear-round we like it gets wet weather but not really cold weather sofor us this paired with tights and booties would be perfect for winter timethose of you on the East Coast maybe not so much but this is a trend that

I'mreally loving I feel like it's a beautiful color on most people it's agreat kind of neutral color for everyone so I'm going to show you really quickI'm gonna style this shift dress I went ahead and styled of this shift dresswith a pair of over-the-knee black boots now black

over the knee boots in aclassic style will take you through many many seasons and years of wear I gotthese two years ago at the North's tremendo bursary sale they're from SteveMadden and they are still going strong they're really good quality so I will beable to wear these for

many many years and they're not going to go out of stylepartnering to shift dress with over the knee boots it's a way to be classy butstill show a little bit of sexiness I love this rust color with black but Ithink it's so beautiful together it's very low-key but

very pull together if Iwere going somewhere that's cold I could take this darling bomber jacket that hasthe black detail in it which kind of complements the shoes and tieseverything all in together and throw this on for being outside so I'm not toocold cuz I've got those short sleeves

on this is the way that you can sport thisarrest color with either that fur or that cheetah print as wellI am a baseball hat kind of girl so I love to wear a hat and finding one thatI can wear with like a pull together outfit and not necessarily

a sweatshirtand jeans for the winter is really important to me so this next trendreally speaks to me in that way because it is the western wear trend it'ssomething that is you'll see in a lot of different pieces and my favorite way towear that is with hats so this

is a hat from Target it's a felt brimmed hat andit has this really cool studded detail on the front and I love to wear them ondays when my hair is a little bit dirty and I don't necessarily want to pull itup in a ponytail I can still rock

it down as long as I hide those rootsa little bit dirty so these hats are fantastic for fall and winter and if youfind them in lighter colors they'll be great for spring as well so I couldpartner this with this rest dress and these black boots and this would

be agreat outfit totally complete I have this other one that is from let's see Ihave this one from treasure and bond this one's from Nordstrom and it hasthis really beautiful feather detail so these little touches like the feathersthe studded belt on this one are what you're looking for

for western wear it'snot so literal it's more kind of low-key small details in your western wearanother way that you can wear this trend is in boots so we're not talking aboutfull-on cowboy boots although I'm gonna be like how my boots are never gonna goout of style they're so

cute for lots and lots ofscenarios but not necessarily everyday wear all over the place so I found thesereally cute boots from Target these also fit in with the next trendwhich is the mid-calf boots so this isn't necessarily a low bootie and it'snot a knee-high bootie it's right in

between so this is one of those trendsthat everybody can wear as well and this is a fun way to tie in that Westerndetail with the mid calf of booty style I have another bootie that you couldwear as well the sock bootie trend from last year is still going

strong thisyear so I have these ones these are the peep toe bootie this is a knit bootiefrom Target as well like I said target is super on point with their trends theyknow exactly what's happening so if you kind of go through and see what you'rekind of finding throughout

the whole store chances are that's probably one ofthe hot trends for this year so I'm going to show you really quick how tostyle these darling half-caf western but here's how I wouldstyle this cute little western boot I have on another shift dress this isactually target from I think

two years ago I love how it has this black withthe rust detail which again it's something that we're lookingfor in our pieces this year and it just ties in that cream stripe that I have inthe bottom this is not really a western-style dress but when I throwthese little

Western boots on it kind of all works together with this pattern thecolors and these cute little boots I love that they're like just fun and easyto wear they're not super hot I know like when we wear boots all the way upto our knees sometimes they can get really

warm and these are supercomfortable they're very flexible and I love it they're cream which is kind ofdifferent from what you're gonna find in most boots during the winter time soit's like that will winter white in it find a little bootie in a western styleso the next trend that

I want to show you I can actually throw right on top ofhere and that is the mini bag so micro mini bags are very very on trend thisyear this is a really small black darling handled bag and it also has astrap so you could wear it as a

crossbody bag like this you can tuckthis little strap into your purse and just carry it as a handbag I like that Ican just throw in a lipgloss my keys and my phone and be ready to go and have myhands completely free last year was a very big year

for the clutch and thisyear it's all about the mini bag it's very usable practical and it's supercute – everything is cuter when it's small right so the mini bag is somethingyou're gonna want to look at this one again from Target really inexpensive agreat gift for the holidays and

something that you can just throw onbehind you pick up the kids and run out the door this next trend is one of thoseclassic trends that really never goes out of style but it's really moving tothe forefront this winter and that is please so I found this really cute

skirtfrom Target again you guys I got almost everything at Target super easy and thisis a beautiful deep red it's a really fun playful material that moves with youanother really casual way to style those pleats is to do a shirt like this thisis a sweatshirt from Nordstrom it's great

because it has this really cutepleated design attached to the bottom I love to wear this withpair of leggings and boots I also will throw it on with a pair of jeans andtennis shoes so you can dress this one up or down I styled this with a brownsweater and

those leopard boots at church the other day and it looked socute all together so I'm gonna throw thisskirt on and show you another way that you can style this piece now this outfitmay be a little over the top for some people but I love to have fun withfashion

so I've partnered the mid-calf Western bootie pleated skirt I have onjust a plain silk blouse and this little tie it's a little bit of a nod to likethe bolo tie so it ties in those boots on top and then you know what it's coldin the winter so you

need a fabulous coat and layering that winter white ontop of winter white is really beautiful together this is fun this is something Iwould wear with like a really darling pair of earrings and maybe some rings toa fun holiday party with a bold red lip I just think having

fun with fashion andmixing all these trends together if you're doing it in a playful really funway is something that is really great I just think it's fun to mix these in areally playful way and come up with your own style which is what I did with thisoutfit here

our last trend kind of transports me to my childhood in the 80swhere we would gemstone and rhinestone and glitter glue anything we can get ourhands on and that is this gorgeous gem jeweled trend that you'll see both inearrings so this past year your tassels have been super big

and this year it'sall about the gemstone so I have these really cute earrings these are five and10 dollars from Target these are a great way to sport that look and then I alsohave these jeans that I got again from Nordstrom Rack these are true religionand they're super comfortable

I love the detail in them they have that distressedlook that everybody loves to rock right now and then it adds in those jewels andthose fun studs I'll wait for your little one to get in on this is againtarget does a great job at doing this but this one

is from a shop from she inand my daughter loves this it is a really darlingstretchy blush top it has this great scalloped detail and then it has thesefun little pearls all over it she has another sweater from Target that hasthese pearls and it's in a really beautiful grey

color so you'll be ableto find this kind of all over and it's a great way for your little one to get inon this trend but these are my favorite jeans right now I love to roll up thebottom and wear a really fun top or sweatshirt with them and

kind of downplay with my accessories and really play up these jeans so I'm gonna show you howI'm gonna style thee I went for more of a low-key I could pick up my kids fromschool but I still feel like I'm the cool calm and cool pickup with thisoutfit I

got this sweater at Nordstrom Rack from wild fox these jeans againfrom Nordstrom Rack and then I have these cute little slides from SteveMadden they're from Nordstrom I love how the black slide ties in with the blacklips and then the gold studs tie in with the jeans so everything

plays welltogether here you have that classic pull together look with a little bit of edgethank you so much for hanging out with me today I hope that this video gave yousome ideas on how you can incorporate these oils into your wardrobe thiswinter and I would love to help

you do that so if you just subscribe to mychannel and comment below tell me which of these trends you are most excited toshop for I will pick one winner to win a $50 gift card to Target so you can goand find these trends for yourself thanks so much

for watching and I willtalk to you guys next time you