CASUAL WINTER OUTFITS ❄️| winter fashion lookbook

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and the time stuck with me I’m always trying to find another reason to leave I’m trying to feel on top fishing everything will just come to a stop [Music]

WALMART AND TARGET HAUL! Winter Fashion and Home Decor!

hey everybody and welcome back to my channel if you’re new what’s up my name is Alyssa I’m a nurse I work in the operating room and I’ve got two daughters a husband a dog two cats I’m gonna picking about that part but you know now I make all kinds of videos like vlogs Nursing related videos family content clean with me hauls a little bit of everything so if any of that interests you I would absolutely love if you guys step around it would mean the world to me but today’s video is going to be a haul video I kind of cleaned out Walmart and Target I feel like I am pretty excited to announce that today’s video is going to be sponsored by Poshmark one of the things that I really like to do when I do a big haul like this is I like to get rid of things that I don’t need in this case I’m going to be posting several of my items on Poshmark for you guys which is actually pretty great benefit for you guys because I have quite a few things with tags on them don’t be me don’t be that guy don’t let things sit in your closet for a really long time and not take them back you guys can check my description for a link to download the Poshmark app you can shop my closet as well as other people’s closets and I just wanted to show you guys a few of the items that I will be posting like I said don’t be me okay so I have some these are American Eagle high rise jeggings these are size 4 I ordered them online they were too small I’ve obviously never worn them because they’ve got tags so here one of the things that I’m going to be decluttering finally because I’m not a size 4 I’m like a size 8 you know so Alyssa let it go if you get there by yourself new stuff these are also too small these are some Nike leggings these are the Nike sculpt hyper tight fit these are really really comfy they’re capris but they’re they don’t fit me they just don’t which is kind of bummer there’s a little bit too small they are size medium so I’ll be listing these I also have a Nike bra that is too small also with tags I know it’s ridiculous I’m also going to be listing this bad boy that I got while I was in nursing school so somewhat one of you can kind of benefit from that as well I have I have quite a few things so these this is just a couple things that I have and I really obviously this I barely even wore most of this stuff I haven’t worn that much I thought I’d like it it just doesn’t fit my body right or whatever but it’s really cool too because not only can you shop on Poshmark you guys can also set up your own Poshmark and make a little bit of dough on the side they just launched something called home so you can even list like bedding and home decor and things like that on there which i think is pretty cool so it’s really kind of a one-stop shop for a bunch of different things which we’re all busy here you know if we can have it all in one place the more the merrier some of my items I’m going to list like super dirt cheap for you guys because they’re just chilling in my closet if you guys end up buying one of my things please send me a picture I would love to know that my subscribers are buying myself because I just think that that’s really cool so further ado let’s just hop into this haul video so you guys can see all the money that I spent on all of the things I’m actually going to start with the things that I got from Walmart first part of the things is these floral I got these floral pillows they are Better Homes and Gardens I don’t remember how much they were but they are super duper soft obviously they’re only for decoration for filming in my bedroom and I’m trying to be an adult so let’s all let’s all just congratulate Alyssa on being an adult shall we speaking of being an adult I’ve got my pajamas on I’ve kind of been keeping an eye out just for like some decorative stuff and my coach is super old and it has nail polish and holes on it so I like to have some sort of throw on top of it just kind of like to cover that stuff up a little bit so this is a cute little throw that I got I believe this was around $15 it’s super soft and I love the plaid so this I got kind of for Christmassy type of situation to make my couch look cute next up I got this Buffalo check tablecloth I have like a vinyl one from last year which I do like but I think there’s some holes in it I liked this better because this will last me a long time it’s a cloth one I don’t remember how much it was I wish I would have filmed this a little bit closer to when I actually got this stuff but I got this from Walmart I was pretty happy about it the next couple things that I got are some Walmart candles I absolutely love these candles because these are only three dollars or three wick handle your girl loves bath & Bodyworks don’t get me wrong but these are just a lot more reasonably priced and I do really like that betta Body Works has those like super snazzy like I forget what there’s like one that’s like roasted marshmallow like the scents like that are really cool but it’s a lot easier just to grab them while you’re at Walmart I’m not a huge huge shopper so I really like being able to get this but this one is apple cider doughnut which is a really nice fall scent fall slash Christmas I guess and then this one is alpine forest and basically it just smells like a Christmas tree and then the last one I got was warm apple pie you really can’t go wrong I really like the pine one I actually am super pumped I was just getting my Christmas decor out to kind of see what I would like to get this year cuz if you don’t know I just graduated nursing school last December so really have been in school for the past at least five years with very very little money so we really haven’t decorated a whole lot so I’m still kind of watching my spending however your girls trying to get a little bit of more decor and in the hizzy you know I’m saying some of this stuff I’ve already taken out because my kids have warned them and someone’s gonna kind of be a little bit of a hot mess but I’ll kind of give you guys an idea it’s been kind of difficult to find gloves for the kids but I did end up getting some of these packs of gloves like I said we’ve had to dip into these as you can tell the girls have had to wear some I really like buying these cheap gloves because if you lose them it’s not at the end of the world these are two packs that I got for myself these were three dollars and then I got two of these I don’t know if you can tell they’re kind of a cute little bow situation just a quick little headband to be able to throw on and this was $4 I got two of these but it’s just something that you can quick toss on if you need something to cover your ears so I just got two of those and then I got another set of a 2-pack for me look Oh No that’s who say I’m already missing one but so I think the kids one came in a 3-pack so I bought two three packs for the kids and then to two packs for me girls three pet gloves was 174 next up is some leggings I got my girls my girls tall and thin which makes it really difficult to buy pants for them just trying to find a jegging that is gonna hold up for a little bit and will also fit them well is really kind of a struggle we used to get those pants they have the little elastics on the inside with the buttons so you can tighten them but my girls are so thin that we have to cinch them so tight for the length to fit them that it’s really bunchy and really uncomfortable for them so I really like Walmart’s jeggings actually more than targets jeggings see like targets jeggings are getting so cheap and they’re super thin so I like Walmart’s jeggings a because they look like pants so they look like jeans these are the wonder nation elastic waist they’re a little bit more expensive I would say for a jegging they’re $10 but they’re a thicker material which I really really like and they actually look like pants like they have the cute little butt pockets where the target ones I think are eight dollars and they don’t even have they don’t look like jeans they are just like leggings that are in Jean materials so these are a little bit thicker they hold up a little bit better my kids they just go through them so so quickly especially since the whole Jean situation doesn’t work out so here’s just the 7/8 for Delilah I think pretty sure I bought all of them and then my four year old is actually in size six she is very tall also so I got the girls actually wear a lot of the same clothes they’re several inches apart but so I got the size 6 for Winnie and then the 70s for Delilah that’s all you got from Walmart next up is going to be Target I have been trained to buy a few more things I’m trying to like make a capsule wardrobe if you don’t know what that is look on Pinterest and there’s like a whole bunch of all so I got quite a bit of clothing and boots for myself and then a couple other things so these I just got fur Winnie the girls also know through shoes really quickly these are just some cute little they’re kind of just glittery velcro shoes that she’ll be able to put on by herself and these were just a $9.

99 from Target they’re not the best quality but honestly it’s really hard to find shoes that are good quality these days but these actually seem pretty decent the bottoms are actually rubber and not all foam which is something that drives me crazy with kids shoes because kids already are hurt on shoes but why do you need to make them less less long next up I want to show you guys the boots that I got for myself I did buy myself two pairs of boots I’m kind of really into the suede thing just like you can’t her all over him already cat life so these are just some cute suede black boots like I said I’m really into the suede right now these are so comfy too so I bought these black boots for myself and then I also got these tan suede high-heeled boots for myself these are also super duper cute I like that they’re slouchy they look really good with jeans and kind of anything neutral next up I just wanted kind of a simple gray cardigan I kind of have one that’s long that I got from Goodwill awhile ago but it’s like SuperDuper long wear this one’s not as long so it’s just a simple gray cardigan with some pockets got to see how much this bad boy was this is the a new day and this was $28 a lot of this stuff from Target was 30% off they were just kind of having a pretty sweet deal and a lot of this stuff so I was able to save quite a bit of money that way next up we have a shirt similar to this that Delilah used to wear which is now Winnie size so I bought this for Delilah this is $14.

99 and I also want myself a matching one so we can all match however I really need to find one for Charlie because homeboys feeling a little left out and then here is just the one for me I mean you just you just can’t go wrong with a flannel you know what I’m saying so this one’s for me this is universal thread and this was twenty dollars they were having a deal on these t-shirts I think they were also 30 percent off so I got three of them I just these are just like some simple shirts that you can just kind of wear under a cardigan or even something as simple as this these were eight dollars like I said I’m pretty sure they were thirty percent off so I just got this white one and then I got this kind of like faded Jean type of shirt I just thought it was kind of cute so they’re all just v-necks universal thread and then I’m really loving camo so I got I got a camo one next I haven’t tried any of this stuff on so I’m definitely gonna have to I got this really cute sweater I don’t know if you guys can see it but it’s pretty thick it’s kind of like a turtleneck and this was 29 9 this was $30 so I’m pretty excited about this I think I’m gonna wear this to at least one Christmas we have so many Christmases between me and Charlie’s family we both have pretty big families so there’s the lactose business involved yeah we have like 4 days of Christmas which is not a bad thing so I love seeing family all right I think that’s all the clothes that I got I’m kind of on to my last bag here so I ended up getting just a couple face masks I used one of them it was like a coconut one I don’t know these aren’t like the best for you I’m not gonna lie but I kind of wanted to feel like I was special so this one says that it’s vegan friendly and the other two didn’t so I might have accidentally bought something not vegan sometimes that happens like you don’t realize that some of this stuff is derived from animal products it’s really hard to tell these days but I don’t think I’ll buy these again just because I should have looked in the store there’s a lot of parabens and stuff and I try to be healthy you know I do my best last up I have a bunch of these I’m not gonna oh I guess I will open them all I got a bunch last year these are gifts acts that come in the dollar spot I think these are $3 apiece let me see if it says 3 bucks I really like these because we really try to reduce our packaging basically because wrapping paper is honestly so obnoxious so here’s one that I got and then this buff check one and then this style plaid another style plaid I actually got two of these this one this one says specialty memory so this one’s really cute this one says no peeking which is super cute so I really like getting these they’re only three dollars honestly a lot of gift bags that you buy are three dollars so why not get one that you can use as a gift and gift it for somebody that they can reuse and I personally reuse these for my family we put as many of the girls things in these as I can and I also use recycled paper for a lot of my wrapping as well that’s just what I like to do personally because hey I don’t like buying wrapping paper and I just whatever but that is pretty much everything I got I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to use the link in my description so you guys can download the Poshmark app and see what I have listed in my closet like I said some of the things are gonna be like ridiculously cheap just so I can get them out of my house so that would be awesome I’d love it if you guys download that app and I will I will catch you guys next time shall we let’s let’s yeah I’ll see you guys next time bye guys.

London Women Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020/2021 – Cinémoi

I am no Mira pass you’re watching cinema [Music] fashion month is in full swing and after kicking off the big four of fashion in New York I find myself in London where the latest autumn winter collections are being revealed through exclusive interviews with designers bottles and beauty teams

cinema will give you a full look on what’s happening behind the scenes and on the catwalk and of course we make sure to keep a close eye on the most glamorous guest sitting here front row at the London Fashion Week [Music] technically the collections on display here are

for the fall and winter of 2020 and 21 but fashion is all about breaking the rules an iconic designer Tommy Hilfiger chose to reveal his spring/summer ensembles this is so enthusiasts can buy the clothes right away and don’t have to wait another six months now Tommy does this

every year and always picks a different city in which to unveil his ready-to-wear outfits this time it was London Stern I came to London when I was a teenager I fell in love with the city it’s like another home to me the fashion in the arts the music

is epic and I love the old-world charm with the modern figures collection is a collaboration with singer/songwriter H ER and Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton ultimately fashion is giving me a means to be able to express myself and that’s what fashion is all about hopefully people will see

that you can have great-looking clothes with a minimal impact so this was very very special and important for me to have a London show we need to kind of highlight the great culture that we have here in London is what fashion does it brings people together it’s open

to everyone that’s what you’ll see in the selection of models [Music] [Applause] another mesmerizing show was that of Victoria Beckham the British superstar made the transition from Spice Girl to designer years ago and her experience shows in her latest collection which she describes as gently rebellious of course

Victoria’s ever fashionable family was sitting front row [Music] a key style in the collection is a knee-length skirt worn with a blouse and sweater which may not sound like a revolutionary look but with beckham’s influence having been key in making longer skirts into a bit of a mainstream

fad her volt of fuss may signal the beginning of a wider trend [Music] [Applause] Burberry has got to be the most British brand there is so of course they too were present at London Fashion Week the impressive runway saw some of the biggest supermodels strutting their stuff with

the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi and Bella Hadid dressed in the labels elegant designs [Music] a grand piano was the centerpiece during the parade of models showing fashion which can best be described as modern equestrian chic with this look the brand went for a more global style

than previous collections [Music] [Applause] designer couple Christian and Gila active ik truly know how to make a woman feel empowered and sexy their brand is quite popular lately amongst celebs and their creations are worn on red carpets all over the world’s I spoke to them just a few

minutes before their show here at the Royal Horse Guards and asked them if they still feel nervous for such a big night nervous just waiting for it there’s nature so we can relax it’s just a lot of pieces to put together before the shows like a passel you

know many elements so we are we are ready to have the show and enjoy it after because facets we start enjoying it when we can see the pictures it’s a key when you cook something you enjoy it after [Music] aDNA vixx show was truly spectacular it boasts a

perfect blend of elegance and sexiness celebrating empowerment and femininity at the same time so what was the designers main source of inspiration the muse for this collection is Reina she was a goddess a Greek goddess she was one of the muses and she was a daughter of seers

so she was sort of the the muse of astrology so it was about looking up to the stars and find inspiration there and so tell the future and she was also sort of the goddess of like good fortune and you know like the good things in life and

of love so we try to put all those things into the concept of the collection and then you can see we have a lot of sparkle sequins and hand embroidered crystals and this collection is very shiny looking up to the sky and all the sparkle there and put

it into sort of woman behind the scenes it was very busy with whole teams of artists prepping the models for their moment in the spotlight among them we found makeup master marcelo costa who seems to be everywhere these days hello everybody smart fella cost I guess well this

time around I’m in London for a little Fashion Week I like to output muta from cinema and all our amazing audience to take a look at the backstage at London winter and fall 20 21 so I’m very excited that you guys were able to come here the inspiration

we continued to develop an amazing passion for the 90s we’re pushing over the edge towards like the beginning of the 90s as you guys saw in New York back in New York with us but now we take him a way back to Lady 80s to the beginning of

the 90s we’re using a lot of static polls you’re using over-the-top shadow collars like this amazing blue hi ponytails that makes a statement I love the makeup the guy that created the makeup Marcelo he’s a good friend of mine we worked together in other shows before Indies I

told him this looks like a Brazilian look which we are from Brazil I just love it it’s beautiful it’s shining it’s gold it’s nice [Music] during Fashion Week the shows are held at the most beautiful venues here in London and from the Royal Horse Guards we hopped over

to the Royal Institute of British Architects for the show of Peter Petrov he is telling us all about his inspiration for his very first women’s wear collection we always say every collection is like a journey and this is the next step on the journey and this collection I

was thinking more about generosity I wanted to give it a little bit like it’s always about the freedom of movement so it’s it’s like a step of a woman’s journey and this is the next step what she will desire what she wants to wear it’s always we’re doing

fashion I’m not inventing the world so it’s just if you want to wear something you need to get emotional about it you need to feel confident they want to wear it so every time we work on that it’s about that and it’s like a puzzle we start with

the fabrics they dictate the design and I build it in a very intuitive way so it’s different but there is no particular team or it’s about life women that inspire us [Music] petyr’s story is quite remarkable the ukrainian native moved to Austria in the late 90s rolled into

the fashion industry accidentally and now designs for the biggest stars in the world [Music] I grew up with my mother being Taylor so actually I never thought I would be a fashion designer I was surrounded by her love fashion but I just when I moved to Vienna I

was thinking okay what should I do and there was the University of Applied Arts and they had a fashion Institute and I said okay let’s just try it let’s see what it is but and it just happened during the studies I started doing already menswear and then it

was not like okay I decided let’s do it it’s my passion I really want for that to do that I was saying okay let’s see what it is and I end up doing it for like quite a while [Music] plenty of famous faces have been spotted in Petrov’s

creations you’d think he’d be happy celebs wear his stuff but it’s actually the other way around we are very selective we would not dress everyone we just needs to be someone who is aligned and understand what we are doing and then we excited to do support and they

support us so it’s a it’s both sides [Music] [Applause] [Music] whether it’s at the shows the presentations or just on the streets fabulous loops are everywhere during London Fashion Week it’s really all about CMB seen but just how do these celebrity guests as no Mira pass and Billy

Porter fight their perfect outfits [Music] my stylist come over here my stylist amber tell you know he pulls the stop and he makes it all happen we have these ideas you know he knows what I like I’m very easy I do things last minute I really have time

to do to plan things so it’s very you know you just go on a gut feeling and you know I’m not so I don’t panic I just like you know something goes wrong it’s just like okay whatever you know well we were very collaborative you know we love

looking at designers and you know generally it’s based on the intent of the event everything situational one day it might be you know a leather harness then the next day it might be a ballgown and so who knows we’re open to all picking something and just going for

it or having a stylist selected for you are two ways the Stars choose outfits for London Fashion Week if they’re still not sure though pulling an ensemble created by one of the designers of the event works – I’m wearing the designer that we’re gonna see I’ve been a

big fan for a long time so I thought I’m feeling blue today so why not Fashion Week is the perfect time for the Stars to go all out with extravagant clothes and make sure they’re noticed looking great is hard work though so some comfy nough Saul so goes

a long way firstly you have to be comfortable in everything I wear so I always go for that first and also I like to just you know stand out you know I’m saying if I’m in a space I don’t want to just dress like everyone else I like

to put something that just makes me stand out a little bit but I don’t like to be like so out there I just like to be delicious that’s it but why stick to one look take influencer Lexie Fargo for instance she really takes it to the next level

when it comes to presenting herself to the world it’s busy it’s busy you have to counsel some things out to run horror and relate to change really fast but I live really close so it’s really convenient so I’ve got like 20 looks prepared for this four days twenty

legs we can do this now that’s a passion for fashion [Music] one of the most extravagant runways was that of rising star Medi boven who really put the big in big hair we couldn’t get ahold of the busy guy himself but we did meet the next best thing

his mom plum I’m so excited although I see not see quite often and I see what he’s doing it’s only when I come to the show and see it all put together that you know he realized what the dream is it’s no surprise Maddie’s mom is his biggest

fan as that’s what mothers do but he has other admirers too in fact a whole bunch of stars and fashionistas lined up to see his show I’m very excited I’m very happy I’m here to support Mattie I think Matthew Pavan is amazing and he’s a true artist oh

he’s amazing well I’ve been a fan of his way back so I’m so thrilled to see what we’re gonna see tonight always exciting innovative and original and and a beautiful human as well which is which is a rarity isn’t it this is the only show that I need

to come to and like to come to because Matthew is amazing and he comes from this way of thinking that I really relate to being exciting and generous and exuberant and handmade and beautiful it’s like a dream is like strong characters it’s like a trippy acid futuristic dream

it’s mind-blowing I still can’t believe it yeah he’s still just my son until I realize that he’s well-known and you know he’s all over the Internet hi I’m ed Elaine Lee and you’re watching see no more Canadian born but British based designer edelyn Lee brought a very powerful

feminist statement to her presentation inspired by the past yet looking to the future I’ve been looking at kind of almost a classic film noir woman because it was such a defined period it was such a defined period in terms of the way people looked at woman and the

way the way they described woman and then we kind of went back and historically looked at how women have been described in different literature and in different texts and and found it kind of an interesting project another way adilyn’s label is looking to the future is through sustainability

we produce everything in the UK in fact we control a lot of the production ourselves we produce using only kind of small mil European fabrics we’ve actually the coding that you see in our collection it has is all sustainable it’s fully eco our we’ve transitioned all our packaging

or our lining so I’m working on it step by step to do what I can then to transition parts of my collection li was particularly pleased to be presenting her designs in London I mean we show every London Fashion Week so it’s is you know this is my

home so this is this is the nicest place to show for me my whole team is here and you know it’s a great end point or a starting point of a season [Music] hi I’m Stephen Jones in London for cinema from Sherlock Holmes’s iconic deerstalker to the pieces

worn by members of the royal family when I think of typical British fashion had immediately come to mind established designer Stephen Jones is celebrating 40 years as a half master this year and he invited me to come to his shop to have a look at his most beautiful

creations [Music] well now I’m 2,000 years old you see it it’s very different I mean the fashion world is completely different to how it was it used to be much smaller for a start there wasn’t the big media around it you know because before we started the designer

decade and this is in 1980 that I started so certain things Communications very different but obviously the sudden the really that what people want from a hat is exactly the same you know people want some fantasy they want some beauty they want something that they didn’t imagine they

want it to be you know a passport to another world [Music] Jones’s creations are also well loved by many big-name celebrities crafting a chapeau for someone famous is a responsibility Stephen takes very seriously working with famous people well so many famous people I’ve worked with whether they’re members

of the royal family or celebrities or institutions what you have to be aware of that the place and the location the reason they’re wearing the Hat you know they’re launching a ship or is its military parade of their royal or are they performing on the stage at the

Super Bowl you know all these different things so it’s a real sort of brief but it’s the very basic simple things that women normally wanted to look pretty they want to feel confident and maybe they don’t feel so up when they put the Hat on that will be

their sort of confidence for them this year the theme in London was positivity in fashion one place where that really showed is that the event sponsored by on off a program that supports emerging designers as they make their catwalk debut we spoke to found early lap thorn about

the show well you know last season we had extension rebellion come and protest out about outside of the show and you know I’m all positive for their course obviously and i felt quite proud actually that they selected Arnoff to protest outside it kind of felt that we’ve made

it and we again we’re really positive about their plight but also it’s about our show today is dedicated to all power the imagination and I do believe that you know designers have the right to be creative they have the right to showcase their collection and it’s and it’s

people with imagination and creativity that are going to save this planet an emerging designer that had a presentation all to herself was Isabel mance who made her whole show about positivity for me it’s about being happy in your clothes and in your own body I chose to have

five friends to model rather than having professional models because I wanted to show you that anyone any height shape I know can wear my clothes and that’s that was me with Cynthia was represent bulton sitting front row we found BBC correspondent Brandon Courtney and asked if he had

any tips for an eco-conscious fresh fashion face to watch so right now we’re just about to see Richard Malone who is an Irish exports as you can hear from my accent I’m also Irish since a lot of Irish people here very excited to see him he’s kind of

like the hottest new property in London at the moment he’s very keen to work with sustainable factories and he works a lot out of India so people are very excited see what he does and he’s he makes women feel beautiful he’s a clever young guy even backstage at

the shows the hair teams were doing their part to save the environment I started doing hair when I was 16 so I have actually always wanted to do here I always sit on my friends and I just knew that that’s what I wanted and the Bata brand is

what I knew I wanted to work with because of what it stands for and the organic miss and the company that I work for they’re awesome I mean with Aveda they use everything natural we recycle our bottles are actually recycled they actually don’t source anything unless it is

a source of all well fulfilled thing they don’t have any product that would damage the environment and are organic and it’s great it’s quite working under Fashion Week I especially like working at fashion scale because we get to collaborate with young refreshing new designers and I love the

way that the majority of them are working with sustainable clothing it’s a fantastic direction that they’re going in [Music] born in Ireland katie-ann headed to London to study fashion and founded her own brand almost immediately after graduation like so many young designers McGuigan believes strongly in sustainability we

obviously start with research and then we do all our patterns we make all our prints we make everything here in London so we have our leather that we bring back every season we have our prints we print on 100% so every season we just try to get better

and better at what we do so just keep your making our ships better and you take the next step [Music] so we do hand it knitwear we use well in the gang yarn and it’s some of our yarn is also sustainable which is quite good and we in

our purpose we have recycled water bottles so the word about was a recycle to make our our filling and then we use it within our jackets finally we asked if Katie Ann had any tips for shoppers trying to build an eco-friendly wardrobe finally one of the last shows

of the week came from Irish designer Paul Costello with a gorgeous new collection presented in the ballroom of the Waldorf Hotel the event was a real family affair one of my son’s is a very good painter artists and he generally does the backstage images and this was New

York on a busy day on a Friday afternoon so there you are you bought New York back here in London for a very brief spell [Music] naturally given that the decor is inspired by New York we wondered if the pieces were as well in a way the mood

is a sense of the old American girl your New York girl who’s always fade busy so it’s really a very much based on how she’s going to appear and in a very casual way she comes out of a shower she washes her hair it’s all slicked back puts

in a ponytail throws on a big coat of Porcello of course [Music] and as time flies when you’re having fun the London Fashion Week is already over looking back at all the wonderful shows it becomes very clear to me that sustainability is also an important topic here at

the British capital of fashion and that a new generation of young and upcoming designers like Richard Malone and Matti Baldwin are the epitome of positive fashion thank you for watching cinema and see you next time

NEW WINTER FASHION! What I’ve Bought & Loved Recently Haul

I feel like I picked up some up gorgeous like chic winter classic pieces that I know you guys are gonna love so most of what I’m showing you guys that’s made it to the hall and as a stuff that I haven’t returned the stuff that I’ve worn that I’m very happy with there is a couple of new bits off the back of the Black Friday sale that I’m pretty confident are gonna be staying I did make one purchase that was more of an investment piece for this winter so I’ll start with that first then we’ll get into the more affordable bits also first video with my back hair back I got rid of my highlights for the winter let me know what you guys think they’ll probably creep back in as I wash my hair more and without having guests yet my natural hair color is black but in the spirit of color we have this piece this is my investment piece this is part one of my two-part winter wish list in terms of coats let’s face it New York winters they ain’t cute okay they’re practical and I wanted to get something that hit all of the practical max but also made me feel like some wahoo just like a spin on a classic Diane jacket I suppose so this is my black duvet and she’s pleased to meet you she’s from ninotchka and like I said I had this since last year it was around $600 just because it’s the classic black faux leather it’s they do have some other styles of other colors on sale for about 400 so bloody war my cozy and in real life the faux leather looks what like it looks so delicate exactly like lamb leather this is the best faux leather I’ve ever touched in my life like it’s feels so delicate it feels a lot like a higher-end piece and the stuffing in it is like polyester it’s not dead there’s no animal products involved and it is so worn like I really was like okay if it’s stylish cool but is it actually gonna be warm enough for winter and I’m glad to say it is you were like me and also looking for the perfect puff ah with a bit of a twist this is the one I would definitely say size down if not two sizes I got the medium and too big so I went back to my Teresa the second time and I got the small I could still beware the extra small but I’m pretty happy with how small six will say though the first time I bought the jacket in the medium I got it from revolve and honestly it was not impressed by how they packaged it like it was a $600 jacket I don’t know I feel like my mind go packages are packaged better than high revolve cent I’ve this jacket it was even not protected inside the box where’s my Teresa even though I picked the Eco packaging still came beautifully packaged so big ups for my Teresa flight through the manual pieces so instead of just showing you them on the higher I’m gonna get them right on me I talk about them as their option on my body you can puffier than usual in this video it’s because you’re girly one too many pads with this thanksgiving and go right into the faux spirit so you know that is why we have Blazers like this because they hide all of the sins and this is my very much loved Mangal legs I’ve worn it a lot it’s kind of half mass half shiny satin stripes and it’s just the one I love the little buttons it’s very like vintage inspired the motive a bellow on sleeves I know Karen from Karen Britt chick would approve I love pairing it up with my necklaces this is actually a new one which I’ll show you up close so obsessed with this little necklace it has some stones in it as well and we’ve a couple of Tarot inspired emblems and the moon is supposed to be like creative individual and they all have a meaning so I think they’d also make a really sweet gift for Christmas a lot of you guys asked about my rings there are also all Missouri’s well this is my Libra constellation so you can see a theme never been a blazer girl but very into my Blazers at the moment and maybe it’s Barbara having an effect on me I don’t know but I just love the mango ones you know I didn’t wear a lot of Blazers before because none of them quite have a silhouette that I like I like a little bit more of a masculine fit and I just love the mango ones I invested in a couple of them one or two last winter and I wore them to death and I’m still I figured that what’s the harm and getting a couple of more I needed a classic black one so I picked up the slightly more long lane doubler breasted you can have it does arrested as well and I think oh it’s just divine little bit of shoulder padding really loves the premium feeling fabric on this as well it doesn’t like wrinkle or kind of just look a bit flippy floppy doesn’t have a shine to it actually started already on my Instagram with this which is like my new favorite color oh my god I don’t know what’s gotten into me get my vibe get what I’m saying this turn neck is also from mango lovely it’s a bit of a cashmere blend in there and it’s just gorgeous and soft really happy with the quality but I mean it’s a black blazer I don’t need to tell you why you should have one in her wardrobe we don’t already picking out the old blues that I can’t get away from this was another sort of like kind of took a risk with this one when I threw in the catch but it’s a blue blazer because I was feeling fun you know I was feeling the blue there’s just something that drew me to it I think the cut more than anything and and the corduroy sort of had like a cool velvety lookin mango so their pockets so damn tight but if any of you are wondering they’re not fake pockets generally they’re just stitched stitch clothes when they’re manufacturing them not the most quality that I’ve experienced from mango unfortunately it is a thinner jacket like it’s very much just a thin layer I also envision this as a green ice date night look with like a turn like a black turn like black jeans boots and you’re good to go so I like that it sort of versatile it’s one of those pieces I have it in my wardrobe just in case I feel boring also if anyone is wondering in these Blazers and to be honest most of the tops of sweaters I usually get at us a size extra small UK your up size small there is difference in the sizing when you buy off the u.


site so just be mindful of that very generous sizing with mangled jackets I feel I mean I’m not an extra small also gonna quickly show you this dress I’m not gonna try it on but just in case it appeals to any of you guys has only $30 and it’s a really nicely made lion to dress and I don’t know I liked it because it your average polkadot it pretty much sits like that you kind of get a little bit of the slip a little bit of this collar on top I think it’s a really pretty dress it’s a teacher dress you know what I mean it’s one of those like safe dresses you can wear it in the summertime when you need to look respectful but it has a nice look V on it and you can also layer it off with turtlenecks in the wintertime which is what I intend to do because of shoes I got I’m first of all these pair which I feel like go with my outfit a lot but you know we all need comfy flat shoes and leather they use is so subtle I rarely break in shoes on the first day I wore these all day yesterday and I they were like they just mold it to my foot I got the size 5 I usually wear a size 5 and a half and they’re absolutely fine let me show you guys how supple these are can you kind of see they’re just like really really soft leather obsessed also got myself a pair of slide she boots finally oh my god the journey to find the perfect slide she knew you guys was painful so I’ve done that I work for you you can thank me later I gots our boots that were very similar to this and they did not fit me at all they were so tight at the top so thankfully and other stories came to the rescue perfect slide she natural ton tight boot with a way more practical here I don’t like to run around in five and sheõs see how they’re absolutely beautiful perfectly slide she I’m gonna try them on for you the only thing I want you guys to know is these are not gonna be good for snow or wet conditions purely because it’s sort of them and untreated tan there’s no coding on here so when you get it wet or you splash it with something it cools kind of like there’s a dark patch and you have to wait for it to dry I also got these killer new genes from ASOS another piece which I feel like if you like my style you need to have them if you’ve been looking for the perfect black jeans a sauce design rigid denim jeans are the one I just feel like straight legs are so flattering on like almost every body type especially if you kind of have strong calves like me it’s like I like it to be fitted on my thighs and then just from a bread above my knee just go straight down and makes my overall took a lot slimmer it generally were 29 in jeans I’m a 28 inch actual waist measurement so 100% because these are such a rigid denim go up a size so I got the 30 in the end and I’ve been loving this outfit it’s just a turtleneck from Zara which is recent it’s my favorite turn next I haven’t been able to find them online but they’re in most of the stores and this is another X that I keep wearing as well it’s just a solid outfit I feel like I got this mango coach again maybe two months ago in the actual a mango store I didn’t see it online but they have a similar color that comes with a belt so I will leave that down below but if you see it in store I definitely pick it up cause it’s just a lovely in between coats carried again type vibe so I wear and this a lot when I’m working from coffee shops just because a couple more pieces to show you guys in the cream range which i think is just an eternally chic color no matter if it’s summer or winter but yeah I kind of envisioned this as the outfit that trousers that are too long but there are these lovely sort of coughed hem trousers I just need to get a couple of inches taken off then he expected I feel like mango traces traces big mango trousers do run longer you know they run a little bit more towards model length but you know something we can always get fixed ID rather than be a little bit too long they’re too short yeah got this big select she sweater it’s got these huge balloon sleeves big old roll turtleneck love this sweater I feel like I’ve seen so many people wearing it already on bloggers on celebs everything is just such a good expensive looking piece you know it looks like something from Victoria Beckham drapes really well I feel like the slightly shorter hip length is always a small bit more flattering on me then the longer knits do not spend a lot of money to get nice chic expensive looking knitwear you just have to be careful with the pieces you buy and where you shop I feel like mango and H&M are the best for coming out with these stunning silhouettes so you also got these rather confusing jeans which I don’t know what to make of yet they’re a little bit long and they’re not as highways such as I would like but I just fell in love with the dizzying kind of an asymmetric button I waiting for to comment for so long oh I just these might have to go back just cuz I feel like they’re not crazy flattering on my shape if this was like just a bit of more high-waisted they would have been perfect I don’t know when it comes to things like this I feel like I really won’t know till I wear them for the day I’m sweater but this time I paired it with a mango Sutton silky skirt it’s a bit more of like a matte Sheen to it it’s not super shiny which I think overall makes that look again it’s detailer I think makes things look a bit more expensive and they’re not too shiny white angle lens and this is gonna make my feet look on proportionally small but and yeah I just feel like Seiichi boots are such a nice way to keep wearing your sutton midi skirts from the summertime and just get extra wearing of everything so I like them a lot comfy casual chic you can let me know whether act where I’m hitting the mark or not so what’s the verdict how did I do let me know in the comments track you guys there I don’t tell the next video guys don’t forget to subscribe I hope you’ve all had a lovely day [Music].

Some of My Fall/ Winter Fashion Essentials/ Bite Beauty Giveaway@the end

pertaining like winter my fall/winter collection closing a few things I would share with you guys as far as closing people always ask me like you know I don’t do too many videos as far as far as fashion because I’m not big with editing too much work and not that I don’t have the time which I’d really don’t because if I had the time I would I love that but I already have nobody to record me then just a lot of work I would love to do that though let me fix you okay so I decided to do I think I hope you guys don’t get bored but yeah I’m gonna make this really quick I’m going to talk real fast cuz I want to show you guys some of the things that I like to wear as I feel is essential for the fall winter and maybe because I Drive but I still do wear like certain things and you will see in this video stay tuned now first thing foremost first and foremost I would like to share with you is my jeans I love wearing jeans before winter I’m a jeans girl so from my favorite jeans I’m only bought two but I’m mostly rock Topshop jeans I’m gonna be honest with you I think I can twerk Topshop Topshop jeans anymore since I have my butt done and and thank God I didn’t go to big Robert because yeah lately I can’t really do the style I think I’m more of a fashion over girl so but I thought this is one of my favorite it’s Heidi a lot of stretch and it’s Jamie what about by Topshop jeans Jamie brand is one of my favorites by 20 Topshop this Jean deep jeans it’s amazing they hike I wasted and they just fits your butt so good so yeah jeans is essential to me another another brand that I love and I still can wearing and this is AG I just recently got this my store and I like it because you know of course I have to put a little distrust because I don’t care so winter I’m gonna be wearing my distress jeans I think it’s so yeah guys I’m wearing I love worth what I’m did one of mine just showing you like colors as far as I can I wear most of time I went dark denim and then I’ll put on these lights just trust jeans these stretch these are size 26 because after my surgery I had lost some weight mainly because you know it’s like gives you like that rule so I think I’m more like more hips and butt so yeah these jeans it’s so good if you have never bought anything AG I recommend you go get you a pair AGG so yeah guys AG down up favorite in my collection that is a must-have is a cashmere dress or just a nice wool long dress I would get changed I mean sorry I wear this dress with these booties let me show you these booties these police are being on booty 9 any any any booties it’s only just like Victor calf sexy with each distrust mistrust I got it Neiman Marcus Saks mall is 100% cashmere but like I said you could buy any wool sexy dress for wool wool dress from hmm any any dress but this just happens to be Ponemah market size small and it’s cashmere when I wear this dress it is so boom I love it I said where we either with stilettos but the last of my work I work with you okay okay another baby beam up your own shoes I’m going to show you some of my favorite well booties boom well just just to be sure so this is the latest and I bought and this is from Rebecca Minkoff and my store socks and they’re so comfortable I wear these with jeans I wonder what him once already doll but you can weather with jeans try tight and it just so I wanted the tan but the Tamara’s sold out so I got black cause you can’t go wrong with black but yet they’re suede and they are so comfortable I wore them once and I was like another favorite of mine is the bootie okay let me tell you guys how I love these hug slippers I wouldn’t work with them everywhere especially the ones like 15-under yes I will use these are my favorites like these come in black come inside six because normally I’m a size seven but you have to go down with the feet of slippers they’re $100 but they’re so they’re so worth it that they’re so comfortable and with them people look at me like I’m crazy but I’m looking at them when I come okay yeah all of these guys must have in your collection a mother but if you work a job that you you have to run around a lot yeah you have to let them I want to get the great ball like um okay computer I want to get grey I’m gonna get the pink I’m gonna get a Pamela I love them okay another central that I rock and do you think I’m crazy because when it’s cold yes I put on my ear muffs from Burberry because I don’t like to get first part but I don’t want that frostbite I want my ear to be covered and I want to be nice and warm so yeah do with my Burberry here month and I don’t wear them often it has to be real real cold yeah but these are one of my essentials that I rock in the fall winter especially winter yeah let’s talk about I mentioned this jacket to you before guys I love this my from Topshop I wear this if it’s 50 degrees 40 degrees I put it on a nice card I’m gonna go to my car and I’m good I love this jacket because it’s so well made it’s biker-looking jacket is not real leather but I think I feel like 149 for it in Topshop Topshop is one of my favorite brand a loans are a regular style I’ll go with Topshop and sorrow and guys I love it look at the style to detail it is just so cute chic yeah okay this is no guys I’m going to show you I love love I’m going to try to show you I got this little I got this it is so cute it’s from JC Penney’s right now I just got it like a week ho from JC Penney’s and I got in this color like a cream ivory color because I have a black one already that I haven’t Brett was recommend epistatic my mommy recommended but it was too big so when I wear it it’s just like so big on me so I ended up getting this and I like it I just bought it like I said about two weeks ago I worked once and everybody was comforting me like oh my god it’s so cute it’s so cute it’s just a simple you know nice but it’s a little like I said it’s a color party with makeup because dirty quick so I’ll really wear too much but I like it it’s warm and it is must-have for me and gray inside and it’s a small the brand is called Anna Anna and it sold in JCPenney skies actually went to JC Penney’s to get something from Sephora and I saw it in the front and I was like oh my god and it was $59.

99 and so I got it for 30 bucks yeah 30 bucks and I think it’s so cute and just different it is very warm so once again that’s what it looked like so cute it’s better than one but yeah guys because I don’t have anything like this in my collection as far as like color I’m mostly a black girl mostly black wearing you know mostly thing I wears black maybe sometimes you catch me with grey but colors I love is black black black and Bobby like a charcoal gray I’m not a color girl I don’t really like colors now as far as you know another essential that I love is from Zara this is our cute little sweat sweat charm sweater sweatshirt but with up with the like the thick neck oh I love you a nice turtleneck this is very warm I just washed it clean so that’s why I said you know outside but yeah guys I love this hoodie it’s me I’m sorry no hoodie this sweatshirt but the big cow turtleneck it’s very warm it’s cute sexy you wear jeans were spandex and it just almost haven’t one of my things that I love boobs are on is so wool okay another thing guys is you have to have spandex okay I love a good spandex okay I love a good spandex a good spandex yeah this one is I’ve so many scars in Spanish but this one is from tag I got this in my store and it’s so thick thick you know and it just fits your butt your body and you know I’m saying this one has a little design to it I have a lot of spandex I just brought out this one because I just want to show you guys that it’s essential to have spandex in you in your collection for the winter because you put it onto some boots with a nice thick sweater I wear my spandex a lot with this polo grandpa looking sweater but it’s very warm this is polo hundred percent cashmere sometimes when I wear this sweater sometime I wear this when I with this I don’t wear anything else I just I’m wearing some once again the body you know thick jacket or just one oak you know I would like a nice sexy sheer top you know nice you know whatever and then I put this out with this this sweater okay and it’s so warm and it is just sexy like I said it’s warm and I’ll put that carrying a heavy coat I’ll wear this and I just like it because it’s a color that you can wear but everything is a neutral tan I had this sweater for like about three years ago because my girlfriend just be a manager at Ralph Lauren and they had a big sample sale kind of thing and this said it was like five hundred dollars I got like 200 so that’s all good you know you know when you find a good deal in last forever like I said this sweater is a hundred percent cashmere from Florence and I got a medium because I knew that I would want to wear it with something you know over so I went to me too snug so yeah I got a medium and it’s because that is her person cashmere polo very cute but like I said you know I like to buy stuff because good quality because and last four years and then you can always you know mix and match it with like your little sorrow closing target whatever you wear me I like Target and I like I’m sorry I like target some stuff on target I like Zara especially I’m inexpensive and I love Topshop so I’m not going to hire and I’m going to Zara or Topshop because I feel like you could get cute stuff that looks so good the chic stylish and you’d still look good with your designer bag and you design shoes and nobody knows what are you wearing that’s like that dress makes a match now let’s talk about scars I only bought out to do because I want to pretty much show you guys just a new scar but I wanted to tell you guys how is it’s essential to have Branca scarf this is a big scar from Alexander McQueen this scarf is huge big scarf Alexander McQueen it’s Brandon as you can see I just caught it it was like 400 on sale for 44 but normally I think it’s like 650 so I got it for 444 and my discount so I came up and I do something but I don’t mind investing in a good scarf because my burberry scarf was stolen many years ago and I always never replace it so this car if you could wear it many ways so warm Alexander McQueen I like to become like the stew skull because they like us so know it’s design okay Alexander McQueen design it’s cute I will always buy his stuff I think it’s tough it’s dope and you could wear to either decide on the dark side and it’s so warm guys and I said I just got it like maybe two three weeks ago and maybe I’m not know about of Christmas and it’s just so warm that it’s big blanket scarf it must have so yeah guys I brought it out because I want to show you guys that it’s it’s essential to have a breakfast card no matter what brand it is just as long as it’s a big blankets card it could be ten dollars it could be $20 for one doesn’t matter it’s just essential to have in your closet okay I love scar that I wear a lot if my coochie and you know I love the scarf because even though it looks thin it is so warm this Gucci scarf is I love it and it’s black so I wear it so often because it’s black because it’s thought on let’s go so I wear it called and here guys it doesn’t matter what brand I’m not telling you to go buy a Gucci scarf I’m not telling you know that go get your Zara scarf that’s warm it doesn’t matter as long as you put yourself nice don’t matter what bet it is I don’t be going telling people who go get you this because I wear it no please don’t do that okay go with your budget but yeah guys so um one more thing because if we’re talking about all I’m gonna give away this bite I have it one picture show you guys anyway guys this is um midnight rye from bite and it’s a pretty color I’m not gonna do a swatch but I’m gonna take it out and show you and it’s so pretty guys so pretty and it’s a nice pretty dark brown full color rich on the lips do I give away so comment below comment below and tell me what’s your favorite what’s your sensual I mean what is your favorite thing so favorite thing to wear in the fall like as far as clothes an item that’s the question and I’ll just pick somebody random at the end of the month okay like in a month I’ll just pick somebody random okay so yeah guy just bite is a creamy matte lip crayon and once again the colors cool midnight ride and I’m giving it away as a giveaway because we was talking about fall fall essentials so you tell me guys what are your favorite essentials or a favorite things to wear in the fall winter that’s what I need and I pick a random you know person at the end of the month okay bye guys thank you for watching oh yeah bye guys.

5 winter FASHION trends you ACTUALLY NEED | 2019

[Music] welcome back I hope you’re all extremely well so in today’s video I wanted to talk about fashion trends once again you know I’m all about the trends and in today’s video specifically I want to talk about five fashion trends that you should be wearing this fall in

winter especially if you want to look on trend and fashionable and stylish and all of that good stuff now they’re all really easy to put together they’re all really easy to incorporate into your wardrobe no matter what your style is I think that you can at least pull

one if not more of these trends off I really love them all which is why I you know purchase them and yeah let’s go ahead and jump right into this let’s start off with the first trend which is the puffy sleeve trend now you can do this extremely

wrong like I did in a previous video where I bought a puffy sleeve shirts from Zara that was absolutely insane like it looked so crazy on me um I did end up returning that by the way so thanks for all the comments that said I should return it

but you could also do it the right way and just purchase something that suits you a little better so I picked up this sweater right here and I first of all really love the colors I usually don’t wear like pastel II colors but I thought that this was

really cute it was done in a very like subtle way um but then I really liked the sleeves they just add a nice little touch of something and just dress up the sweater that I think otherwise would look a little bit boring let’s move on to a fedora

hat let me just tell you guys the struggle of trying to find the right hat that I liked now I would totally put this on for you guys but I got this little button situation going on and I don’t think it’s gonna work yeah no not totally not

gonna work but yeah fedoras are like really huge right now and I actually really love the look okay I don’t really look that good in hats but I really love the look of this trend I think it is so incredibly easy to throw on with an outfit even

like an outfit that you wouldn’t think that you could wear this with if that makes sense um I don’t know just really make yourself look like you know what the hell you’re doing with fashion now this hat picked up is from a brand called lack of color now

this was a little expensive I think this was I don’t know doesn’t have a price I think it was like 120 or 130 dollars for this hat which I know is kind of crazy but I think that I will keep this for the rest of my life I

kind of have a feeling that this guy is gonna stick around and even if it goes out of style I feel like I could still wear this and it let’s just be honest and we’ll probably be back in style sometime in the future but Urban Outfitters makes really

a nice one that looks really similar to this that I believe is like 40 dollars or something like that so I’ll leave some cheaper options link down below but yeah really love this trend definitely have to jump on it and I cannot wait to style this up so

last year a few years ago everyone wore really tight over the knee boots right now what we’re seeing is a slouchy more relaxed under the knee boot and thank God nobody bought these off of paws Mart but I bought these boots I probably probably like three years ago

and I had two never worn them before because they are very slouchy they don’t fit around my calf and they do hit like right underneath my knee they’re a beautiful boot but I just I don’t know I never wore them because I really don’t know why I guess

I didn’t like him that much after I purchased them um but now I’ve been wearing them so much these last couple of weeks and like I said they were brand new still in the box I actually had them listed on posh Mart to sell and they look so

freakin good they are exactly the style that is in trend right now and I didn’t even have to go out and buy anything so these will probably not be available anywhere but I’ll try to find something similar I also just ordered a pair of white cowboy ish looking

boots which is another pair of shoes that I wanted to talk about so I’m sure you’ve seen them around but yeah like a cowboy style boot is really trendy right now and it’s really kind of hard for me because I have probably six pairs of cowboy boots that

I use to ride my horse in and they’re extremely expensive but in like the cowboy world I don’t know why I’m telling you guys this but like pointy-toe cowboy boots are not really trendy they’re kind of like style but now here in our world everyone is wearing like

a cowboy beauty that has a pointed toe so and a heel so I found this really cute pair which again was a little bit pricey for a trendy item but I thought they were really cute and they’re a white pair of cowboy boots that I got from revolve

today I want to say go I haven’t tried them on yet but they go like under your knee I want to say and I don’t know they just look really cute and they’re super on-trend so those are two types of shoes that are really popular right now and

that I think are really easy to pull off okay moving on to accessories now I’m sure you guys have all seen like the Louis Vuitton earrings that have the little logo like their hoop and they have the little logo so kind of similar to this and they look

just like a logo hoop earring very very trendy at the moment but I was not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of earrings like that so I picked up these one these ones by Miranda Frye I think is how you pronounce it actually the first

earrings or anything I’ve ever purchased from her website and I’m really happy with these they look like really good I’ve been getting so many compliments on them and yeah I just absolutely love them and I think they were like 40 bucks or something like that so yeah really

cute earrings I’m gonna leave out my last video link right here I really hope that you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did let me know what some of your favorite fashion trends are at the moment and I will see you guys in my

next [Music]

DIY Tumblr Inspired Sweaters! | Fall & Winter Fashion

are we gonna live hey everyone so did you see some change in my like a purist or something I’m not really sure if you can tell but I dyed my hair and they are that kinda red skinned lighter in the ends and in the hole here area let

me know if you like it and if you see it and if you do please give this video a thumbs up I will know that you like my hair right now even though they are like crazy messy and I’m sorry about that because they are like all over

the place right now and as you can tell it’s like this weird thing going on with them so just get them please and yeah so basically in this video I am so excited for this video actually because this is like this first episode of my new series going

on my channel and so proud of my solid life finally got a chance our organic inspiration to today’s because I wanted to do some DIY videos in a really long time but I don’t know why I didn’t the lab kid so basically this aren’t gonna be like Hunger

inspired do work so you’re basically DIYs not the whole part will be tumblr inspired by the most artful businesses like DIY renovate your old sweaters and I’m gonna show you like three sweater renovation ideas and I hope you will like them I tried to do something that nobody

has done before like this I don’t know it there have been a lot of videos like this on YouTube and I was searching through them and I wanted to give you an idea that nobody else did already so yeah thumbs up for new ideas and okay so ill

never know what to think about this video and if you will like it please give it a thumbs up because getting your sound is really cool and it will be actually a really cool if you could click the thumbs up button with your pump so if you will

a respect for you yeah so yeah let’s just let’s Rumble anyone just go into the video okay so this first DIY will be this beautiful bow back sweater next from the lots of amazing inspirations with open back sweaters not only to go back to make them tell and

I put my own twist in it and dip this bow back sweater so what you will need is a needle and a thread and some scissors and of course a sweater first what you want to do is just cut this pretty narrow stripe off down of your sweater

and then cut it to have a one piece then you want to scrunch the be back center part kind of on your sweater and wrap it piece of fabric with Heidi before around these scrunched part and then you want to cut the excess and just you want you

can glue it or you can sew it and so in this part like two parts together to end off our head fabric and then securing it with some and then you just want to turn around this piece of fabric on the right side just to make this a

our sewing invisible and tap the finished sweater so it’s really fun and feminine in showing a little bit of skin but hide still hiding your bra so it’s really cute so another idea is this zip sweater which is so everywhere and I came in mind and in my

mind to do like two zippers in one sweater so what you will need some measuring tape some pins some scissors these are fabric scissors some zippers and needle and thread or a sewing machine or blogan whatever you will and some sweater parts then measuring the center part of

my sweater on the height where I want to put my zippers and then I’m refering some points where I want exactly to place my zippers and then and drawing a kind of cut that I’m going to do later and of course I’m cutting these pieces up with my

fabric scissors then you want to unzip your zippers and place them on along the holes we made before and pin them with some pins if you’re going to be selling them or just glue them up to these places if you are using a glue gun or a fabric

glue then you want to cut your zipper a little bit below they end up your sweater and turn it like on the back side of the sweater and pin it as well or glue it in there we want to do exactly the same thing with the other side

of the zipper and with the second zipper or just one if you’re just doing a one slip sweater I’m going to be using a sewing machine so you want to sew on the places where I’m showing you of course the place that would fit before and I’m just

going to sew it end at the finished look I think the sweater turned out super like sophisticated and it’s like my favorite out of the bunch so let me know which one is your favorite remember okay so the last idea is this kind of lace flounce sweater which

is so all around the tumbler and I was just in love of these sweaters so today I’m going to show you how to move need for this project is some needle and thread of course some a lace kind of pay to think in some fabric scissors and something

which I didn’t show you in some sweater I decided I want to use a cropped sweater you basically want to solve this a lace around the top bottom part of your sweater by scrunching it to make it really like flouncy so basically this is what you’re gonna do

I started by doing this date this way but I thought it’s gonna be easier by pinning my like scrunchies I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right and if it’s the right word but you can see what I’m doing and then I’m pinning this and thanks and then

I’m going to just throw it on my sewing machine to save some time but you can do it by your free hand or you can also below it with some fabric glue go into the end of your sweater you wanna pin is some more lace over the beginning

of your lace kind of flowers just to hide the beginning of it and not make any cups then you want to cut the excess and of course so it then of course I missing my sewing machine because I love sewing but if you don’t like it or you

can’t do it or don’t have a sewing machine you can use a needle and thread as I said or some glue gun or some fabric glue will do the job and this is the final result and I love the sweaters once again let me know which one of

them is your favorite and let me know what you want to see my next DIY videos and I’ll see you in my next video guys bye J’s on my feet J’s on my feet

GIVENCHY | Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020 Recap | MIKARA REID

hey girls so we are back with another episode welcome to my channel if this is your first time stopping by my name is macabre read image basalt stylist in kind st.

viateur this is your first time stopping bog welcome to an episode of fashion show recaps you can check out my recaps on New York Paris London and a lot from Paris Paris is like I’m about to say definitely one of it is the traps passionate fashion capital then comes from New York that’s just in my opinion so a lot of like the prominent friends are definitely showing at Paris Fashion Week so for this episode we will be talking about the berean g1 sheet yes you don’t know about this brand is definitely a very prominent braid probably seen yes favorite celebrity wearing or no so for this for winter 2020 season I mean ladies is you haven’t got if you haven’t gotten the notice from the brands to a couple of the brands that I picked from then follow the trends that keep up with the trends you know the whole shoulder activity thing is definitely you know sticking or strong against another season you’re not really feeling your arms I mean yes this is definitely a season to be hopping on the trend because you know the whole traumatic shoulders and sleeves is definitely still sticking on Angie but she definitely does that but they added a nice old Hollywood with to it I immediately noticed cuz I love I used to watch you know those black-and-white movies that go to that show up an AMC channel with my little old ladies when I was like a certified nurse assistant go to school to be a nurse I sit down watch and just watch like all the old Hollywood so Oh Hollywood definitely I can definitely indicate Oh Hollywood glam when I see it when I’ve read the inspiration behind she’s on she you know inspiration for this collection I definitely she doesn’t stated old Hollywood was kind of the theme and I figured but the big heads the fur just how everything is wraps and the gloves gloves yeah I can see the glove the leather gloves going all the way up past your elbows definitely a look gloves is definitely the thing I can definitely see myself wearing looking number six I love me some blush pink and red that is a beautiful combination it’s not that the pink is very soft and the red is not so vibrant with the with the gloves and the coats is the bomb I definitely see look number four number four I can’t forget about number four yeah number four is just a nice easy breezy look that she could just throw any type of bag and I’m gonna definitely definitely have to say look number 27 that right there is like a beautiful day in New York City so before it should be spring but when that wind hits you know it’s it’s just easy breezy song another gorgeous look and I love the model they they picked for this particular look is look 39 this is a beautiful evening a night at the town birthday type of look it’s a pantsuit sheer top with the feathers and a cape in the bag which is a nice touch no gloves but it’s just a very soft delicate you know all Hollywood meets 2020 oh and it is also one more book I thought was very very serious of course look 27 I’m sorry look 17 a suit I love women in suits that’s nicely tailored and the gloves that they went with it didn’t go over her elbow they kind of they scrunched it up give it a the dramatic crunch crunch up look I thought it was very I thought it was very cool the color is gorgeous too sunglasses the bag like I see myself wearing that I would add like a nice brooch so it’s like a nice subtle roach I need some type of accessory but or all this this look is killer definitely let me know which looked yah are filling a bush going yeah but where let me know down below in the comments until next songs I say check out this collection all right I’ll talk to you later [Music] [Music] you you.

Winter Fashion Haul & Try-on

how about some Bank this is gonna be a fashion hole and I’m gonna be trying to item some like always this is gonna be mostly winter items I don’t think I have anything that’s like summer or spring appropriate everything is gonna be like fall and winter items so

let’s jump in all these items are from online boutiques and web sites so I will put all the links down below for you dog so let’s jump in with what I’m wearing in my lips and all that stuff so on my lips I’m actually wearing Mac’s pink Nouveau

lipstick I didn’t put it on heavily just a little bit to get my lips some color and then the gloss is Marc Jacobs flamingo so I don’t forget that’s what I’m wearing and then also I do want to tell you dogs wear my necklaces are firm because I’ve

been getting lots of questions on these my necklaces are from Oh Nikolas calm I do have a 10% off Capri dolls the code is gift 10 so it comes in a box like this I do have the silver set and one says couch then one says dog and

then I also have the same thing in gold so I wear the gold ones this weekend yeah I love these necklaces they’re great quality so I’ll definitely check them out I’ll put their link down below for you dogs the first door they were gonna start off with is

a little bookstore and everything came in a package like this the items that I got is a two-piece set it comes with a skirt and a top so this is the skirt it looks like this I’ve been loving this color this heather gray is like black and white

with the gray really like this material or this type of prints so this is how the skirt looks and it is stretchy and it does have an elastic band in the waist which is going to help the waist to fit nicely and this is all the skirt lifts

and then here is the top and it’s a crop top and it is a long sleeves so this is great you can pair with boots or sandals or whatever you want to pair with I would probably pair it with some boots I’m not sure exactly how long the

skirt falls I don’t remember but of course you will see me trying it on so that’s one set Jennsen this looks like one of those turtleneck dresses with no sleeves this one actually does speak really nice it’s like a 10 peachy color and this is how it looks

it doesn’t feel super tight at the bottom so I think maybe if I wash it in hot water it’ll fit better because it seems like once you wear it it’s gonna loosen up like you know how you wear some stuff in by the time you leave it’s really

loose and it’s not fitting the way it did before I feel like this will do that so maybe I’ll wash it before I actually wear it but this matches some heels that I got from vegetables but perfectly so this would be a really nice all new type of

outfit so I got that one I got this pair of pants these are like coated type of jeans it’s not really jeans it’s almost like leather but if you don’t know what I’m saying it’s not like leather it’s like jeans and they’re coated I don’t know how to

explain it but it’s like a different type of material and they just look like this and they’re just this any leg pant they do look wrinkled is because they’ve been folded but once you put them on they stretch out nicely or you can just throw them the dryer

but yeah it’s kind of like jeans but it’s coated so it feels like leather and it has that glossy not super glossy but they have a little bit of a shine to them they do have pockets on the back the front they also do have pockets and the

pockets are real and it also has belt loops on it so you can wear a belt with it they’re not like the top-of-the-line best quality but they will work for what I want to do with them so these are super cute and besides that I have in these

are actually aus six and they are a little bit short on me like if you’re a taller girl they’re probably gonna be high waters on you because on me they come like right down just long enough so then it’s those pants I also got this cardigan I absolutely

love this I think it’s so so cute and I want to pair this with some jeans and like a little white tank and this is how it looks it’s a really long tan cardigan it has long sleeves and then on the sides it has split so it’s but

it’s gonna be like a piece that hangs in the front on each side or the slits are actually like the little piece of material is really thin so if you wanted to you can actually tie this up in the front and just have the back to be really

long so it’s like a super long cardigan this would be really cute pair it with some in a white top so I got that one the material on that is great you’re super super see she dress and it’s like a raspberry colored dress it does have a turtleneck

and it is like a silky material and it comes pretty long and then the back of the dress is completely out and then it has those little details like above the butt area I wasn’t completely sold on this dress but it’s okay so this is how the dress

looks I’m not really a fan of this type of material so that’s probably why I don’t care for it so much but it is a cute dress and then I also got this dress this one is too big um I’m not sure what size I got in it

but the dress is really really big and loose on me it does come down in the front so it’s gonna help your cleavage out and everything and it is a long dress but I’m not sure if you dogs can see here how it looks but it is really

big on me it doesn’t fit tight to the body or anything and this is like a body con type of dress so I think it looks funny not fitting so that’s that one also I got fish drink some of the items that I was picking were like almost

sold out so they wanted me to pick items that you dogs will be able to get I ended up getting this dress and I’m not really a fan of it it’s one of those rap type of dresses I do like these types of dresses and it’s long but

it’s super super long on me way too long and then it has a split that goes all the way up my mom told me to wear this at home is a robe like no way am i doing that you’re just dress on the floor and Versace goes crazy

after stuff like this and tries to get it so that’s that one and it does come with a belt also to tie around the waist but the material on this is really nice some of the items that I got from them are kind of like a feel for

me but I did get a lot of good items as well actually from local store I got this jacket it’s like a little throw one trench just third type jacket it’s really a thin material and it has buttons on it and they’re kind of like a brown color

I wasn’t totally impressed with this but it’s okay for what it is I guess so yeah it’s just like a throw on little jacket these make items are from fab kitsch they came in this envelope I didn’t have to put them in another bag because this envelope was

super super stuffed with everything so it was impossible I wasn’t even gonna try to put everything back in but these are the items that I got I got this dress and this dress is really cute and I don’t know if you guys can see that detailing but it

does have some cutouts so your skin is going to be exposed a little bit so really cute and then this is the back of the dress it’s just regular but then at the top it is mesh so yeah that’s the dress really really nice thick great quality material

and everything on this one got this dress in a medium I also did get this bodysuit I wish I would have gotten this in black as well but it’s just like a regular v-neck body food and it is long sleeves and then the bottom part does have a

snap crotch and it is a thumb which is great so yes I got this one and I got it in a small so really really cute great quality of body suit its poncho I would probably wait and wear this in the summer because I think this would be

great with a swimsuit and I can’t remember how they had it paired on the site but I think it would probably be really cute as well like with some shorts and some high boots or even with pants or whatever but it is just like an overlay type of

thing like it doesn’t have any sleeves to it or anything it’s just all opened up and you just kind of put it over your neck and then you just go with this so that’s that one and it has like fringe on the bottom also do you get two

pairs of pants or jeans I got these parmi green colored ones love this color this one is more of like an ashy tone does have some cutout in it and the bottom is folded up of course you can unfold it these stretch really really nicely I love these

pants these are seven they look kind of smaller in the waist area because it is high-waisted but they stretch really really good I really love these jeans and this brand I really love as well these are by vibrant and I have a lot with their jeans and they

fit really good so that is the green ones and then I also did get a regular pair of jeans these are also by vibrant and I got to fit in so here is how the pants look these are a little bit different from others that I have because

they do have to cut off on the knee I think these would look better if it was frayed but they just came regular I guess after you wear them a bit and wash them they probably will phrase them but these are the pants and they’re just like regular

jeans I’m gonna do some items that I got from choice they came in the back like this the first thing that I got was this little tapas buckle sweater and it’s ribbed it does have the shoulder out you don’t know I love this type of detail and I

believe it is long sleeves and this is how it looks it’s just really cute it’s crumped but it’s not super short so I do like that and the material on this is really nice and I think I got this in a small yeah I got this one in

a size small so this one is a really nice material really really great and yeah I love this website they always have really good quality items and I think everything that I got I absolutely love sometimes even whenever I am doing reviews for these companies I will add

some extra things to my cart and pay for it myself if it’s something that I really want so yeah I also got this jacket I don’t know if you don’t know but first really big this winter I mean first always the thing but it’s like it’s really on

trend this winter so I wanted to get one they didn’t have just like a all-black one that’s what I really wanted but I ended up picking up this one I’m the black part the fur is a shorter type of hair and then at the top the white part

is like longer for hair pieces so iron Iguodala can pick that up but that’s how it looks it has some dimension and everything to it and it is to say it’s fur it is really thin like the inside it’s not really you know made where it’s gonna keep

you very warm but it is fur so I’m sure it will but it doesn’t get super cold here so this will probably be great for me to throw on whenever it’s cold and I just want to you know wear some firm but this is how it looks and

I think this one is super cute and I got this in a medium usually in jackets mediums usually work out great for me so this little cardigan and it looks like this they had a few colors of these but I picked the peach one because I thought it

would be cute and I compared this with like a black or maybe like a cream undershirt with some jeans or whatever and then it has this sparkly detail on this patch like it’s a patchwork cardigan so I thought this would be cute I could throw it on with

my eggs that are sparkly like this because I haven’t actually got to wear those yet but it has some more patches it has like the Mickey Mouse head patch and there’s a music note if you’d also know I was in choir like throughout all my years of school

so I just thought this was super cute and then it has a it’s kind of like a letterman type style there’s a Paris one and then a little lipstick and it does have pockets so I just thought this was a super cute cardigan so yeah I picked that

one up lastly I got this cardigan and I love these style type of cardigans I thought it fit whenever I worked this I picked the red and black one but I’m not finding it all that I got a black and white one because you don’t know I love

black and white their arms go in there and then it’s going to have this detail in the front where it kind of drapes down and it’s like asymmetrical and it’s just really cute to throw on you can throw it on with like a little sweater or whatever and

some jeans or one of those sets would like be black pants and top it would be a really cute pair with it as well put some boots or whatever so I thought this was cute and I picked that one up next package is from sheet in so the

first thing I got with this camel color type of coats this color is really popular is well the material on it is kind of thin like it’s not a really thick coat and I did mess up and I got a small on this because it looks kind of

big on the website so I figured a small will probably work but if it’s really tight like I could get away with wearing it but as far as by really trying to close it up and everything it’s not gonna look so good and alarm part was pretty tight

so if I remember correctly but it does have a belt loops on it so it comes with a belt as well and it has pockets on it but it’s just not like a really thick material it’s kind of just like a throw on type of coat or a

jacket you can layer it up with something else on top of you you know like it’s just fashionable to wear more like a cardigan type of material but it is a little bit thicker and I feel like it will keep you warm but if it’s really cold in

your area you’re gonna want to layer it up so that’s that and definitely go up on the size because the small was way too tight it get another one of these little throw on duster type items I think these are really cute with dresses and stuff and I

think I got this one in a smile because these are really loose I don’t know why I picked grey because I always feel like grey doesn’t look good on my skin tone but lately I’ve been trying to wear some great items but yeah this is how it looks

it’s kind of like a trenchcoat style but it’s just really flowy and loose and it’s not gonna be you know really tight or anything and it’s not gonna really keep you warm it’s a very thin material kind of like a shirt material and it also does come with

the bill so that is that one and yeah I thought that was cute also did get this sent and this one comes with a skirt in a top so this is the skirt and it looks like this it’s just like a regular black skirt but then in the

back it does have some bunching so it’s gonna make your butt look really nice I’m not sure if the bunching goes in the front or in the back but I want to say that it did go in the back so yeah that’s the skirt here’s the top and

it does go down quite a bit so it’s gonna have a lot of cleavage off it also has some shoulder pads and then it’s long sleeves I mean of course the shoulders are gonna probably sit up higher but you can definitely cut those off if you don’t want

them to be in there but I don’t think I’ll try this on to see how it fits yet but that is thats it actually I got another one of those type of coats like a trench coat style and I got it in black this one is a thicker

material it is more like a coat and it’s heavy it’s lined and everything it’s not really like a sharp material it’s a lot thicker and this one is kind of like their trench coat detective style jacket as well but it’s like a little throw on and it does

have a belt on it also so that is that one next package is from OSA or Oh 8 if 18 to start off with this sweater this is an olive sweater I wore this out over the weekend really really cute it’s breezy it’s not like a big sweater

material and it does have the splits on the sides I did post a picture on my Instagram wearing this but I think this is really cute I love the color and everything just really nice look the sweater a great quality everything from them is great quality as well

I also got this sweater and this one is a cream color this is similar to the one I showed you earlier because I also got it in black from another company but this is just the cream-colored one and it has these shoulders out long sleeves and it’s like

a rib material love these sweaters great to throw on with jeans and stuff sorry the camera just washed me out for a second I also got this body suits this one is a small and this one it’s more of like a dress a bodysuit like it’s a silky

material so I would say this one is more for going out or pairing with something that is you know like a little bit more dressy and this one does have these strings where you can tie it up yourself so you can make it where it’s not showing as

much cleavage if you would like and then this is the bottom part of it it is regular and it doesn’t have a snap crotch or anything so that is that one also got this dress it is like a flowy dress it’s not really like a turtleneck it kind

of has like a mock turtleneck and the arms are out and it’s just a flowy dress and a really pretty dusty rosy type of color but I think these are really cute pair with high boots but since I am so short the dress comes pretty long on me

so I don’t know how I want to pair this but yeah I got this dress and then I also got this dress which I think is really really really cute and it looks like this it is see-through at the top and I like the detailing on it and

then the bottom part it does have a song in Patti or like an undergarment so you don’t have to worry about finding something that you need to put under it but it does come quite long and then it also has a split in the back so I think

this is really really cute this is going to be really nice so I love that I also got this top and this one is a bodysuit as well and it’s a white bodysuit with the gold details on the front and it does have the black as well I

thought this one was gonna be cotton but it is a silky material and it does also come with the string so that you can lace it up in the front and tie it up as much as you want to so I think that’s a great option about it

but I do wish that it was a kind of material and I think I got this one in a small is will I also got this bodysuit and this is another one that it’s gonna be more of a dressy type of bodysuit it does just go down in

the front like a v-neck and it also Phoenix in the back Conda but then it also has a cutout on the arm so all the arms are out and then it gets tighter at the bottom so I think this one is really cute as well and this one

does have a snap crunch to it so that is that one and then it’s gonna have this string across the back so the back will be out quite a bit is will so that is that body soup Leslie I got a dress this is how the dress looks

the front has been crisscross detail a lot of the items are being made like this right now with this type of detail on body suits dresses all types of stuff so this is this dress and it’s that same Heather type of look that I showed you dogs earlier

and then the bottom kind of has a scoop detail and it goes up a little bit on the sides this does fit a little loose and it is kind of shorter so have to be careful with that but yeah that is that dress so next items are from

wholesale buying I did already wear some of these and first I got this bomber jacket this one is a really thin material is kind of like a windbreaker if you also remember those back in the day they came with like the pants and stuff it kind of reminds

me of it because it’s really thin and it makes that noise I used to actually hate windbreakers when I was little because I would hate the noise that you made when you walk but I think these are cute they’re coming back in style with the windbreaker type stuff

but it doesn’t come with pants of course but I got the green color I think this is actually a really pretty green and then it has black beetling on it so it looks really nice pair it with black I actually wore this with black pants and then I’ll

show you the body suit I be able to get this body suit as well and it just looks like this these body suits or in I actually picked up quite a bit of body suits because I wanted to get a lot of them because I think they look

a really nice pair of blue jeans and stuff and you can just do a lot with them so I got this black one it is real and then it also has this crisscross detail in the front and a lot of your boobies are gonna be out stand what

I actually did was I used these top two strings and I put them around my neck so it made the shirt pull up more so that it wasn’t so much cleavage out and everything so that’s what I actually did and I had a get over the top but

even if I didn’t it still wouldn’t have looked bad and the only thing I don’t like about these is that it doesn’t have a snap in the crotch so if you have to go to the restroom you will have to take your whole shirt down or you’ll have

to move it over to the side and you know you’ll have on pants or skirt or whatever so it’s going to be really difficult to go to the restroom quickly so that’s that one but it is super inexpensive so I guess that’s the price you pay also they

get the same bodysuit in gray I don’t know why because you doesn’t know grace and my thing but I’m trying to get into it but I thought this won’t be cute pair with like a black jacket or whatever and I got the body suits in a medium so

that is how it looks and then that’s the back it’s not a thong bodysuit which I would actually prefer that because if you wear something that’s really tight you can see the panty line but yeah that’s the gray one also they get this little jacket from them as

well and this one is kind of like a little throw on cardigan the material actually reminds me of like a poodle or something the inside is like the same material is that other one where it’s not lined it’s not going to keep you really warm but yeah this

is cute to throw on I guess for like dressing up and stuff like that and it’s more like a cardigan style type of little jacket yes I’m gonna do items from new dress and I actually got some of the jumpsuits are body suits like for sleeping or lounging

but I’m actually wearing right now is one of these sleep suits our body suits fit is from new dress a lot of these fights actually have these on there so you can find it pretty much anywhere now but it is long sleeves and I think they’re just really

comfy to wear around the house and stuff and I put it on for this video so I could be comfortable while filming since I have quite a bit of stuff to show you but I did pick them up in a lot of colors and I did pick these

up in a large because I figured since it is you know like a different type of sizing they paid I knew that it would be tighter so I will usually pick a medium but I said I was going to get a large because it’s sleepwear and comfortable wear

so I don’t want to be restricted in it or I had it super tight plus when you wash it it was probably going to shrink phone got the green one I think this is actually a really pretty green teal type of color and this is how it looks

and if you can see it is short like it is shorts and it’s going to be short but it is kind of loose on me and it’s big but I’m sure once I wash it that it is going to shrink I definitely could have got a medium but

yeah I went with the large just to be on the safe side I got the green one and then of course I have the pink one that I’m wearing now I also did get it in black so this is the black one and the buttons on them are

all silver and it doesn’t have a snap in the crotch or anything you know of course you’re just gonna have to pull it all the way down then I also did get it in the gray color lastly I got it in the red I want to say I

got all the colors actually I’m not sure there might have been one other color but I think I got all the colors I also got the red one which is a really pretty deep red color and I put the pink one on because it matches my nose almost

perfectly so yeah next package is from Nugent it will first off I did get this built this is great to pair with lots of things because it’s just black but then it has this gold detail so it’s gonna be like a chain in the front so just like

that and I think this one you can wear it on your waist or whatever so I got that built and I also got some body suits and I think these were the first ones that I ordered so I got a small and some of them were a little

bit too tight but I got this one it is like a turtleneck and it’s long sleeves and it doesn’t have a snap crotch or anything but that’s this one I remember if this will fit OK or not some of them were too tight like because you know it

has to go down there so you don’t want it to be super tight where it’s gonna be restricting so that is that one I also got this top and this one is a bodysuit as will and I think the zipper on this one goes in the back and

it’s like a side boob type of top and I think this one was too small or like too tight so that’s that one top I don’t remember if this one fit or not I’m gonna say that it was a little bit too tight or something but this is

it it’s kind of like drops down in the front but then the bag goes up really high and it has a zipper and it’s long sleeves the material on this is good but I think I should have got a medium in this top absolute dresses from them these

are really cute but I feel like they are quite shorts I’m not sure what size I got there I get I got a medium in these dresses it does have a turtleneck top and then it has the shoulders out which you does not I love and it’s long

sleeves and then here is the bottom portion of the dress it doesn’t look really short here I don’t remember but I think they were a little bit short on me so I got a black one I also did pick up the gray one as well and these are

the same thing the material is actually quite nice on these I don’t remember how short they were or not but yeah I think they were short I mean I also got this top which is super cute this is a medium I think this one is better for like

summertime though because it’s kind of like that peasant bill here’s how the top looks this part it’s gonna go on the shoulders and then it’s gonna have the shoulder out and it’s like I remember Chris long sleeper car length but then this is the bottom and it’s late

fee and it has these tassels where you can tie it up in the front and I think this is really cute I mean you could probably wear this while it’s wintertime or whatever with some jeans or something but I think will be really cute in the summer is

will so I got that top if items are from the indirect I did pick up two of these PVC skirts and it’s basically really really shiny almost like a plasticy Barbie type of skirt I did pick up the pink one and the black one but I got a

medium in these and they don’t really stretch it all because of the material that it is so yeah I feel like I was Buster zipper open I didn’t even really try it because it was already tight but this is how it looks and yeah I don’t know there

look plasticky and they can with cheap but sometimes I think you’ve you parent the right way you can leave a really really cute also they get a black one this is the same thing it’s just wrapped up in plastic okay I get these leather a type of skirts

they’re not really there of course but it looks like this and this one is like a camel khaki type of color almost like brown and this is how it looks it smells horrible but yeah and they’re bears and pockets on it it’s just so like that right there

and this is some medium I definitely could have gotten a small in this and they do stretch so you can probably get your normal size in this but the medium actually works nice for me and it’s a nice mint to it is will also pick up the wine

color is will of course they’re not real low there it’s like faux leather but the material on these is really nice and the quality is good so shake these out this I think this is like asleep sin or something that was like super inexpensive on the side so

I just added it in but yeah I think this part goes around your neck or something and then this is the top like slightly lingerie and then this is the panties and there’s like really crisscross them so if I can get this figured out they don’t have a

tag on the middle of it yeah these are the pennies and they’re just like super crisscross and that’s the top I also be a pic of this bra from them and this is one of those bras that you can wear and it’s a stick-on bra I’ve never tried

the ones they like the material in the front I do have the ones that are like a jelly type of material so I wanted to try this one to see how it works but it’s really flimsy so I don’t know if it’ll do very much for me but

that is that how did you get the nude color because the black one was out next items are from CN direct first off I got these bitch I did get the grey one as well and I’m so disappointed in these because these sizing is so off on these

I did get a medium in them thinking that they would fit like the others but this is kind of like a smaller inch too small type of fit in the pants but I thought this was cute so thorough on to lounge around in and stuff and this is

the bottom the material on this is pretty good especially on this part but the pants part is quite thin and it’s not very stretchy so that is the pants this is the top and I thought the top was really cute as well this v-neck goes down really really

low though which I think that’s kind of a little bit too low and then the top is just way too small so I got this in a medium and the medium is really small probably like a extra small or small also they get it in gray and the

gray has the black and white detail is will actually I they get this set also this one does fit but I don’t like the material of it it feels really cheap to me and kind of like a fluffy Pettitte type of material so this one is like sweatpants

with the gray going around and then this is the top I thought this one would just be like more of a dressy sweat suit type of thing but I don’t know I just don’t really like it and then here is the back of it it does have a

zipper of the big so yeah the next items are from Tom’s top first I got this dress also they get this and another color is will but this is how the dress looks it is like a turtleneck type of dress and it’s long sleeves it is kind of

like a silky material but I do like the feel of this and then the back has this cage detail and it’s kind of scrunch on the butt so it’s gonna make your foot look nice and the dress is a nice length is well I don’t think I’ll try

this on so I’m not exactly sure how it fits and everything but the dress looks really nice so that is that one also a baby get the dress in the green color because this green color is just so poppin right now and that’s that one yeah this won’t

be a really cute pair with like some gold or nude heels couple things earlier fur is the really popular this winter season so I did pick up some of these fur collars that you can add to you know like any jacket that you have and you can just

have some fur on your color so this is the black one or you can always just you know like wear it like this if you want it to can just pin it on to your jacket and then your jacket will look like it came with the first so

you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of jackets so I think your fees and quite a few colors I don’t like how it lays flat though um I want it to be more wild so I don’t know if it’s just like that because it’s been

smashed down in the bag but yeah it’s a really pretty firm fit up in more colors I got this one as well this one is kind of like a grayish Brown tone so that’s that one it’s probably like the color that I wanted the most like a brown

with some black highlights going through it or something this color I don’t know got that one I got this one and this one is kind of like brown and black as well but this one is more of a blonde brown maybe this is the color I don’t know

but yeah these are the first that I got lastly from the site I did get a two piece set and this one is actually a really nice material I have fur flying everywhere but this one is really a nice material and it looks like this I’m sure you’d

also have probably seen this on Instagram but it has like this zipper type of be sewing to it and this um it’s not really thick but it’s a nice material I don’t like this part though it is like a shoelace here to tighten up with but of course

your shirt is gonna cover that up so yeah but it is great they didn’t have the black one on the side but I have seen the black on a few other spikes so maybe I will get the black one I just feel like gray just makes me look

so blah I don’t know why but this is the top I think the top is really cute because I like these zipper detailing I wouldn’t unzip it all the way because your bras gonna be out but if you unzip it a little bit it’ll just show a little

bit of bully but not too much so this is the top yeah I think this will be really cute I’ve seen people pair it with heels online and it looks cute but you can also pair it with some sneakers or something and make it a little bit more

sporty these next items are from dresslink my all body suits from them and I went back and got a medium in the body suits the ones that I got a small in before and I think I had it some others as well so I got this one it’s

like a v-neck actually I don’t even know if I tried this on but this one actually looks really big so I probably needed a small in this but this is this one it’s just like a v-neck body suit figure that I probably needed a medium because the other

body suits I needed a medium so that is this one I also got it in this maroon color I forgot an invite actually from them I also picked up this body suit again same one from earlier with the turtleneck and long sleeve but I just got it in

black so yeah this one is a nice material is kind of a little silky but it feels a little bit cotton also so that is that one fastly I got a pair of shoes and these are from yo-yo melody I’m glad that they put a you know like

a day with name on it which is always great when companies include the name or something so here are the shoes now let me just tell you these shoes smell god-awful and I want to leave them out somewhere so that I can let them air out like I

really would love to leave on my side but I don’t want anybody to spill my shoes but yeah I’m gonna just take them out of the box in the bags and everything so that they can air or really cute and girly but they’re also kind of edgy at

the same time so I picked these up the grips on the bottom or the sole is really nice as well it’s a great quality I don’t think that these are leather but they are really nice and the heel isn’t too chunky but it’s a little bit of a

chunky heel I like the buckle detailing on the side with the zipper it’s like a faux zipper it just gives it a little bit of edge to it and then you can actually zip it on the side to put the boots on so it makes it really easy

and also another key thing is that it is insulated like it’s kind of like a furry type of material on the inside it’s not really thick or anything but it’s definitely gonna keep your foot warm so I like that about it and I think that’s great for a

pair of shoes that aren’t really that expensive so I got these and they do lace up in the front also and I believe this buckle yeah this buckle can come a loose so that you can fix your strap and everything but it’s kind of just imitation it’s just

gonna hang there you can’t make it tighter or anything which you wouldn’t need to but I think these are so cute so I picked these up and yeah I think these are great Buy and they do come with a bag and everything but you know I already tore

up one bag trying to put it back in there but this is the other shoe but one thing I will say about these is I tried this one on and I walked around the house in it a little bit and I did know this but it was starting

to crease in the toe area already but it’s not really bad like you can’t even tell here so I don’t know I guess you get what you pay for but I think the shoes are really really cute and I did try to put an air freshener in the

box to peel the smell but the shoes just know really bad like you can so that they came straight from the factory the materials that they use them like the glues and stuff to put the sole on or whatever you can smell all of this so yeah that’s

the only thing but I think the shoes are great quality so yeah that is everything that I got in this haul video so check out everything I will put the links down below and thank you guys for watching bye toss [Music] you

10 Winter Fashion Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

THOI TRANG MUA DONG fashion takes a backseat when it’s cold outside and for very good reason but with winter fast approaching I thought it was a great time to debunk some of those cold climate session crimes and just share a few of my tips and tricks to avoid them so if you’d

like to see what they are then you know what to do just keep watching before we get started I’d just like to say a big thank you to the team at vintage arrow for sponsoring this video they’ve just launched some gorgeous new watches so I’ll show you one

of them here it is a beautiful aver style watch in a I think the band is called mist but it’s a beautiful soft gray band and I love this watch it’s just a delicate easy watch to to wear and again it’s a classic so for me that’s important

I love investing in classic pieces that I know will last the test of time but I’m also wearing my man style Vince era watch today which is a real favorite of mine and I wear at most days but anyway thank you so much to the team at Vince

Aero I have a discount code for you guys that I’ll put up on the screen somewhere here and I’ll also leave a link to them in the description box below so you can click on it and take advantage of a discount [Music] one of the first mistakes we

make in winter is forgetting the importance of proportions when we’re dressing wearing winter clothes that are all baggy and oversized tends to be the most unflattering thing that we can do regardless of our size we still all need to add a little bit of shape to our silhouette

which just creates a nice balance and puts an outfit in proportion so I’m not saying we’re a body con dress I’m not saying wear tight clothing all I’m saying is that it’s important to remember those basic proportions when dressing in winter another mistake that we often all fall

into is being a slave to trends now I’m sure you can relate you’ll look in the magazine or see a billboard and there’ll be a really cool outfit and it’s a winter outfit and it looks stylish and then we decide to go out and buy that outfit but

sometimes we forget to focus on whether that outfit will actually suit our body type and our lifestyle so it’s really important not to be a slave to those trends [Music] often in winter we tend to want to wrap up and that means we also want to layer up

but what generally tends to happen is that we layer up in lots of different colors and that makes it hard to create a seamless stylish outfit layering in monochrome colors so basically colors from the same color family from the same color palette tend to look the most stylish

and they’re also the easiest way to actually layer up without having to think too hard about creating a seamless outfit so opt for colors like beige or camel or brown which is trending this season because if you dress top-to-toe in one color it does tend to look a

little more chic and a little bit more fashion [Music] one item of clothing that we often overlook the importance of is a great coat now many of you will have these great coats in your closet and that is fab but often we tend to try and avoid the

investment that’s needed in in buying a great coat and we’ll go for something that’s perhaps a wool blend but that sort of coat is not going to last the distance it won’t stand the test of time and most importantly it’s not going to keep you warm so unfortunately

when it comes to really good winter dressing you do need to spend as much money as you can afford to invest in a really good quality 100% woolen coat a great coat will also just add that final touch to any outfit so take a look in your closet

if you don’t own that great coat think about investing in one this season [Music] another trick that we often fall into is wearing top to toe black now I get it don’t get me wrong I love wearing black myself and it makes styling easy it’s a very chic

way to dress but I do think it can drag us down and so if you are going to choose all black outfits maybe try to mix and match some of your textures so some leather or some woolen textures and that’s a really simple way to to make black

look a little bit more interesting Oh in case you guys missed it today I’m wearing one of my own tees I recently created some merch I did do a little video which I will link up here or here I can’t even remember what side it’s on I think

it’s here anyway I’ll link that video so you can go and check it out but this is one of my teas and I’ve created three different designs I think they’re really cool if you guys like them I will leave a link to where you can purchase them in

the description box below but I can’t get enough of them I’m wearing them all the time and I’m super excited to finally have my own merch oh and if you like this print I’d love you to leave the word merch in the comments below because I am looking

at creating some new designs and I’d love to know if you guys are interested so yeah if you do like this one please leave the word merch and I will definitely look at creating some cool new designs [Music] flashing your ankles in winter is also a no-no in

my opinion now you may love cropped jeans and trousers and yes they are in fashion at the moment but flashing an ankle is just not going to make you feel warm and snug and cozy I don’t know about you guys but as soon as I have my ankles

exposed I am instantly cold and can’t seem to warm up slashing your ankles out-of-season is just super impractical and you may be doing it to look cool but you’ll actually just be cold [Music] the other mistake in winter is wearing cotton now I know it’s a natural fiber

but what cotton does is that attracts moisture and it traps that moisture in which can actually make you feel really cold instead try and opt for a fabric like a merino because cotton really does just absorb moisture so if it’s snowing or raining or there is just a

lot of moisture in the air cotton fabrics attract that and they also retain it so it’s actually just going to make you feel cold and miserable so avoid cotton in winter [Music] naked knits are also a real no-no in my opinion because they just don’t have to look

that way most of us own a selection of lovely knits that we pull out each winter but they tend to as we know pill and get those little bobbles on them you’ve probably tried before using a razor to remove those that’s a no-no I’ve got this one here

which makes Dee fuzzing my knitwear really easy so I think it’s really important just to make sure that you maintain your knitwear and it’s not hard just make sure that you spend a little bit of time do fuzzing deep bobbling some of your knits it doesn’t mean that

the knitwear isn’t good quality generally the better quality the knitwear the more it tends to bobble and fuzz up so just make sure that you are keeping on top of it and you’re not wearing nakedness [Music] forgetting your head in winter is also a fashion crime well maybe

it’s not a fashion crime but the reality is we lose about 60 percent of our body’s heat through our head so there is no point not putting on a hat or a beanie or some sort of head wear headgear even if it’s just a baseball cap it will

actually make you feel a whole lot warmer in winter fortunately hats and beanies and head wear is trending at the moment so there will be lot a lot of options to choose from so don’t forget your head when it comes to creating a winter outfit [Music] the last

winter fashion mistake is buying a budget Brawley now umbrellas are a must in winter time pretty much regardless of wherever you live in the world but skimping on your Brawley and buying one that one doesn’t look good and two blows inside-out at the smallest breath of wind is

just not going to cut it so budget brollies are out and try and invest as much as you can in buying a decent Brawley that will definitely last the distance anyway that’s it from me today thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you

did I would love you to give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more and I’ll catch you in the next one bye [Music]