BOOHOO TRY-ON HAUL! Men’s Winter Fashion + Tips | How-to Style Your Outfits!

it’s got me straps on it oh I don’t know [Music] how you guys and welcome back to my channel so before we get into this video make sure that you guys like comment and subscribe we’re getting closer and closer to 150 K and yeah so let’s just go

ahead and just get straight into this try on haul so this is gonna be a little bit different in this video is in partnership with the boohoo once again shout out to boohoo for running me some coinage umm so when I was doing my shopping and picking up

my outfits and stuff like that they had a lot of really nice individual pieces so for this particular trying haul I was able to put together some outfits but some of the stuff is stuff that I’ve already had and I just kind of put it together with the

new boo hoo stuff so you’ll see you’ll see you’ll see I made it work for the video okay just know that I made it work also they’re like any other like clothing brands you would like me to work with I can try to make it happen we’ll see

about all that I think my next clothing haul I will do like a for all black lookbook I know I mentioned that on my other um try on haul and you guys really really seem to want that so I think my next Ron haul it would be it

will be all black so that’s still something you guys want to see then just let me know in the comments below I’m not gonna make this intro too long don’t forget to Like and subscribe and let’s just go ahead and just get show you into these clothes because

there’s a lot of them okay so this first look it’s a four outfit is all black obviously I got this half I think it’s a half sleeve whoa a half sleeve it’s to have zip I’m like Jackie I guess you can call it an official you know the

typical man official branding on the front and then I paired it with like this limited edition tank but really you don’t have to wear a shirt up under this I really got this piece because it’s literally like so versatile and yes this is a jacket but I feel

like you could really pull this off in the summer and I will explain why it flares out the bottom obviously I did have another pair of pants that I wanted to wear with this however they were a little baggy so when it comes to my baggy clothing I

can either wear a baggy top pants not baggy both one of the other or no baggy at all so like I said the versatility is like the main reason why I got this you can wear this with all the way zipped up like so which I still think

is really fire I think it looks a little weird because it flares out at the bottom SEC selected zip it open a little bit just enough so you can see like the design from the other shirt that’s if you’re wearing a shirt up underneath this I wish these

had like a little zip ties on the side so you could like you know tighten it like that but it doesn’t instead it has these zippers which I was like oh bitch this is where you can really like whole five minutes outfit in my opinion I mean by

that is in the summer I feel like you don’t have to wear a shirt up under this you can just wear this as is have this unzip on the sides and if you have like a little tattoo I want to get like a tattoo right here y’all so

I just think that would be it’s a very bold fashion statement but I like bold okay so I forgot to mention that this right here it is like a big ass pocket so this isn’t just for show this is uh you know it’s a front out just a

little popular front so I’ll give you all a 360 and what it looks like okay before I show you like the top for these pants I just want to give you like a better look of the tank top is just regular tank top it just has this edition

limited but it basically means like limited edition yeah this is definitely something that I wear out probably just get like you know a chain or something like that I think I have one huh yeah probably just like in a chain or wipes and accessory and stuff like that

and this could be like a chill summer fit to be honest with us go also be something you could light you know chill around in the house but I do have a hoodie for this to hold on this is what the full like track suit looks like you

know with a hoodie and the bottom so this is probably one of my favorites I really wanted to get more of these like little jumpsuit tracks to kind of fit because half the time I really don’t be going anywhere y’all know I basically work from home so when

I need to run like little errands I’d be like dressing up but it’s like so unnecessary so I picked up quite a few of these track suits as you will see later on in the video and I just think this is probably my favorite one this the most

comfortable um however this is like more of a skinny fit and I think I did get this in an extra small so being a little wary of that I don’t know if you guys see from here let me try to like scoot up for you it’s basically color

black so it’s different designs on each side of the hoodie it’s got functional pockets on the side once again with a different design on each side of the leg on the sock now there’s really not much to say about this it’s just it’s a fire ash truck suit

I I love it so I’ll give you all 316 let me know what y’all think this is probably one of my favorite pieces y’all probably have already seen this if you watched my recent videos but yeah I’ve been wearing this so much it probably needs to be washed

but don’t tell anybody okay so this is the next outfit um a lot of you guys really really really seem to like this when I post it on Instagram it’s one of my personal favorites too just because the color is like I don’t really have a lot of

colors like this in my closet but let’s just get into the Alpha because there’s a lot going on so it’s just a regular beige like turtleneck it’s really thin and stretchy Lascaux which is what I feel it just sets everything off I don’t really know what color this

is but it’s fur lining on the inside it’s all fur so that’s what I really like about this like when you walk out the house with this people are not gonna be able to tell that you got this coat from boot cuz it does not look like boohoo

and I’ve been trying to tell y’all boo who is way up in the quality of their clothing it’s got functional zippers on the side though they’re not very spacious you have zippers found it’s also got zippers like here on the sleeve just for a light style or whatever

I just leave these zipped up I ordered a chain like this where you can clamp on to your jeans I order the chain from booboo but it never was delivered so I already had this one but this one is a little too thick I wanted a thinner one

but I mean it’s really not not noticeable to anyone else is just my personal preference these jeans are like skinny you’re super skinny cargo kind of jeans they look really really tight and uncomfortable but they’re like do y’all see that stretch do y’all see that where do they

do that at huh where did I do that at these are probably my new favorite pair of jeans not necessarily because the design because I won’t be wearing these James that often because of the design it’s just because comfortability like they’re super comfortable y’all top it off with

some chelsea boots so this is one of the very few outfits where I was able to like piece together strictly from the boohoo website a lot of the stuff it’s mixed with clothes that I already had I’m giving I like a 360 let me know what y’all think

of this look we have another tracksuit this one isn’t as like tight-fitting is the other one this is that like a regular fitted tracksuit now unlike the last one this one like the top it does sit I don’t know I would consider this to be a little bit

more on the baggy side and I did get this an extra small so like I said this is just something that I’d wear if I need to like you head down the street to the Walmart you know it’s very chill but it’s still pretty stylish I’ve personally like

I give you all the 360 ok so this next outfit once again it’s another all-black outfit because that’s all I wear so this is like your typical faux leather jacket it does have like a fur line collar on it however when I got mine the little is supposed

to this isn’t supposed to be up like this it’s supposed to be connected to the button here so I’m not sure what happened because on this side you know it’s still secure so I don’t know somewhere in the packaging or packing process just it broke but it’s not

really that big of a deal to me overall it’s still a very high-quality jacket once again this does have zippers on the sleeve as well it’s got a notice super here which I thought was the pocket but it’s it’s not it’s just there for show which I’ll personally

mine so moving on to the shirt it’s Milano I think so Milan the street wear apparel let me just take this jacket off so you can see like the back the back of the shirt because it’s not just like your general graphic tee like it has something on

the back so that’s one of the reasons why I really like this shirt so you know we have to wear this shirt with a jacket this could be another piece for use whereas itself with like some pants some shoes and accessories and it’s fit you feel me but

I like it with this jacket so we got to the pants I really really like these pants as got the most straps you know their cargo pants basically that’s what I’m getting it’s like cargo box cargo pants which straps you’ve got pocket Tom this is an extra small

and it is still on the baggy side so I would probably like have these taken in just a little bit just a little something I thought that they would fit something like this like I thought it would like stop like this but it’s it’s there so it’s a

little loose fitting but it’s not really that deep to me it also has like a little zipper right here on the side if once again this is just for show right here but personally I really love these pants like I’ll be wearing these pants like for so many

outfits I’ve always wanted like cargo pants like this if only they were just a little bit skinnier but aside from that this is still once again this is one of my favorite outfits okay so this is the next look just pay attention to like torso up the main

focal point right now is the flannel okay I paired it with this hoodie but let me spill you the tea on this hoodie so this is what the actual hoodie looks like this isn’t from boohoo I just like the design right here and the little straps on the

side I think there’s straps it just goes perfectly with the flannel so but like when you’re out in public and you’re just wearing this as is people aren’t obviously gonna see that so when it comes to flannels I really like flannels but a lot of them the sleeves

are a little too baggy for me so I like to roll my up I’m not gonna roll my nothing then buttoned it up just for this video but you kind of get the gist of what I’m going for for my flannels I like for it to be like

maybe quarter of the way down the length of my arm and then you could really accessorize like your wrist get you like a nice watch some bracelets and stuff like that because I just don’t like this this just looks very everyone does this you know I personally roll

the sleeves up something like this if you like a watch honestly gold would look pretty good with this outfit so look so this is also the plan it looks like from the back which I’ve personally this is one of the main reasons why I bought this final because

it’s just this unique and then lastly if you get this flannel if you have jeans that are like in this shade of grey I think that looks so much better than black jeans obviously black Jesus still looks good but I think gray would just bring the look together

trying to keep my sleeves like rolled up but they literally keep out coming back down but I gave out like a 360 I feel like this is much more like fall appropriate than it is winter but I always pay attention to Nunda if I see something I like

it I wear it regardless to season okay I don’t really follow trends which I should have made a disclaimer in the very beginning of the video but whatever bro alright so me and this jacket we almost got into a fight okay um I want the one thing I

love ordered but I don’t think it was this let me stop being dramatic um I didn’t know this was gonna be like so puffy but at the same time it’s very very small typically my jackets and my hoodies come down to like right here you know they’ll at

least cover the crotch area you feel me this it barely come down has my belt line okay second the color I know the lights are probably gonna make this look much more vibrant than what it is because that’s just what the lights do but yes it’s still pink

but it looks like I took this and I wash this with like a whole bunch of black and gray clothing you feel me like the color just looks a little faded just desaturated it’s still not ugly but it just wasn’t I was expecting too pink to be a

little bit more vibrant so for that reason is such a dusty a shade of pink I had a really hard time finding pieces that went with this so I just want but like this is a cream colored hoodie this isn’t white this is cream because I thought it

looked nice with this shade of pink and I was like you can’t really just make this outfit really cash you know so I just got like some regular white converse just to try to bring the pink out a little bit more because I was gonna say this could

be something you can really get for your girl but listen on the back it’s got like the man official tag branding or whatever so I don’t know this is this piece wasn’t really my favorite I’m not gonna say I’m never gonna wear this it’s just I was a

little disappointed when I take it out of the package yeah also when it comes to cokes like this or like puff jackets and stuff like this I never like to zip my like all the way up so I always like to zip it up maybe like two to

three inches like maybe that’s all is it and that’s it I don’t know where I got that from it’s just I personally like the way that looks I’ve done it and a lot of my other like you know puffy kind of coats like this I’ve done it with

this coat right here it’s just I just like the way that looks you guys know I’m into really not Orthodox would be just very bold fashion choices I don’t I don’t know but that’s just how I’d wear something like this okay so this next fit which is one

of my personal favorites I know it’s so simplistic but I just think this jacket just ties everything together I don’t know what color this is but it’s just if you were to see this in person it just looks so luxurious once again his fur line you know all

over its fur line on the inside period okay I don’t like how the fur is like this off-white cream color I would have just prefer them to do white I think that would have looked even better but nevertheless this is still like a really fire ass jacket honestly

so I just paired it with like a regular white tee the key to outfit like this accessorizing so you really have to accessorize with this so I just have on this basic gas chain here um you could like layer some chains honestly and for a jacket like this

will be better to do something like silver because this already has silver accents the zippers are silver I think silver just looks cleaner and crisp with the outfit like this but the jacket is a 1 ok I would pair it with black jeans um I feel like distressed

jeans will add a little bit more character but it really just depends on personal preference I think this just needs to look really really good with an outfit like this but it also depends on the shoes that you wear okay so my next outfit you guys have seen

this one Instagram as well I’ve wore like some regular white shoes with this outfit just to give it like a really icy chill cool kind of vibe because that’s the vibe I really wanted to go for with this outfit something chill but something really stylish and very coordinated

a stylish and different Estes hoody is giving me like assasin creed vibe honestly but I hate putting this on it and I hate taking it off this this little extra light sorry my bluetooth is on but yeah this little extra like sleeve or hoodie right here yes it

looks really really different honestly looks good this edgy is different but this will ride to your neck okay and I got mine in a small I did not get an extra small so don’t blame it on the sizing it’s just this kind of gets a little bit uncomfortable

after a while taking you on and off as a headache I swear to god it feels like it’s about to yank my head off my neck every single time I put it on we’re–aw is still a really stylish hoodie as far as the jeans these are supposed to

be skinny but they have a more like a straight leg kind of look to it I personally get these tailored and just so that you know it’s kind of like tapered from like the cab down something like that I don’t know if that’s a good example that’s like

my only complaint with the jeans aside from that these jeans are actually very comfortable they’re very stretchy as well as you can see here overall I really really like this fish a couple issues that I had the this day on the hoodie and jeans look more like a

straight leg rather than a super skinny which I prefer to wear okay we’re almost done y’all so this is the second-to-last outfit now once again I do have a little bit of a complaint with this one it’s kind of my fault though this is the oversized shirt in

my head I thought this is a regular size I thought it fit more like this and I just thought it will go perfect with these pants because these pants are already little on the baggy side but this whatever I love this shade of orange it is just so

it’s just I bring orange and yellow I think those are the two colors and it just meant for like black people honestly cuz it just makes you look so vibrant and just just vivid getting onto these panties are very similar to the other pants that I showed you

guys the all-black outfit these are also like cargo style in a way it’s got these straps on it oh I don’t know I don’t know yeah these pants are super super comfortable once again these are also pair of pants that I’ll be wearing a lot with the different

outfits and then the white that you’re seeing on the straps it’s basically man it’s just in cursive so you can’t really tell then it says man it just looks like a white design but I personally prefer I don’t like boohoo just slaps light and official just on every

clothing which I mean I understand us their branding but it’s just like at the same time I feel like it kind of takes away from the actual design from the clothing but in this case I think it makes design you know so yeah this is the fit I

would love it even more if this was just like a regular size shirt because just look at how far that is with some white shoes it’s a look okay you guys so this is the last outfit this is basically another track suit I think I have like what

this is the third one this one is super super comfortable like the material it’s really really soft this is also another track suit that I’ve probably worn a good five times and I’ve only had these clothes for like a week we can have but yeah there’s really not

much to this has got like a simple like design on the side of the pants or whatever but I mean of course the hoodie it’s like color-block Genaro which I personally like the hoodie is really what brings to the whole track zip together I’ll give out like a

360 it’s comfortable it keeps you warm I love this yeah that’s gonna be it for today’s video guys let me know what you guys think of the clothes humble Oh tell me which outfit of mine was your personal favorite also shout out to boohoo for any recent coinage

to share this video with you guys and yeah it’s what I baked you guys so much I just want to thank you guys so much for watching this video do not forget to Like comment and subscribe we’re getting close to 150 K maybe this will be the year

out ahead 200 K we’ll see we’ll see we’ll see about all that yeah I just want to thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video


how rude how actually rude Wow sorry about that um we’re all friends here or family here first thing it’s like oh I just got out of bed but I’m wearing jeans fine I love myself she is the other day I’m saying Spencer ho to me worst YouTube in

the world companies welcome back to meet you Carol if you’re just joining me now that hi my name’s Imogen welcome to my channel then you hear back fighting me I don’t know how you found me that please definitely stay if you are returning then thanks so much returning

I have no idea why you returned because I’m just one big North today I’m so excited because we have a Black Friday the first Black Friday haul I’ve ever done I think it’s the first I’ve ever done I’m filming it something to look at night I’ve just eaten

fajitas and I’m just about to get in some real tight outfits makes me feel physically sick but it’s fine so I have got other fashion content coming your way guys because your heart needs to bring you the discount so I’ve actually teamed up a nasty car to bring

you a whole load of shebangs they have so much discount throughout the whole website to the point where this stuff that I bought now is gonna be discounted even further Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday sassy something like what so tomorrow these discounts gets even bigger I can’t believe

it I feel like I’ve been wronged because I’ve got these and now they’re gonna get discounted but anyway you’re not gonna be wrong so let’s get with it I’ve got some coats I’ve got some Blazers I’ve got some jeans I just want to show you my top little

pics now see ya so yeah just keep watching oh my god this is so beautiful actually should I sit over here so then you can see more so this is the first piece I want to start casual because it’s a Sunday night and I need to be relaxed

this is a lovely two-piece your honey’s you know I love a two-piece I love a two-piece I’m all about it this color this creamy beautiful color I also have the fattest v-neck so we have this really soft knit cord and it’s got these wonderful tracky bottoms in four

have this absolutely lovely and thick waistband but the two items here they’re to 40% off already already it’s like that Friday yet so I don’t even know what’s happening but this is just so exciting to me because I just love the fact that I could wear this with

jeans right then I can wear this with this jacket that’s why I love a two-piece because I’ve got two pieces but I’ve got so many outfits together not together with jeans with black faux leather trousers with a nice denim jacket with a leather jacket with a white crop

top with a big slouchy jumper I’m essentially winning I will actually link ever English description by the way so you can go and shop all of these outdoor no pressure – you don’t need to but I’m telling you you’re gonna want to because even if you’ve gone the

Narsee our website see these things like you’re going to love it love this – peace I would team up with some trainers Oh teaming with a nice gold necklace you can wear it with an oversized blazer you could wear this with an oversized denim jacket you could wear

this with a big thick puffer jacket I’m obsessed with this I just love it I got this in a size small small I love the wide leg as well because I’m here for the wide leg because then I don’t have to feel like I’ve got to be anything

I’m not I can just be wide leg shit out of me I’m gonna stop talking then by teemed this outfit with oh my goodness me talk to me about it actually I wish you could talk back but just let me know in the comments section which one is

your favorite outfit because I’m genuinely obsessed this jacket is so so nice are you obsessed as I am was it just met because I feel like I’m talking to myself there so this is a brushed check jacket it says it’s black but it’s definitely not black so don’t

know what’s happening there but this is like that bald jacket but it’s check I love the way it mixes with this because it’s got that color in it you can wear this with a turtleneck and some phone other leggings you can wear this with some jeans you can

wear this however you want I routine is with some nice biker boots with some phone other leggings and a black wrong neck I would team this with this outfit with some trainers or some nice boot honestly I’m obsessed with that oversized thick vibe this winter because I’m obsessive

every winter because you Han doesn’t want to wear tight stuff when I could wear nice comfy baggy stuff and be happy Tice up I’m like oh my god if I eat I’m gonna get potbelly and I can’t be dealing with that I’ve got feel restricted I don’t feel

restricted like I just think this is so nice this is giving me like really expensive vibes and it’s discounted so it’s not expensive well sighs I get this in I got this in a size small model wear size small defi nominal definitely never gonna be a model but

it’s fine I love myself oh yeah let me know if you like this jacket but I just think you can type so many different ways you can wear it done up can wear it open you can work with denim you can wear with whatever you want and I

really like those thick and comfy and warm and cozy next outfit is actually me pairing these jeans with two Blazers so but of them should she turn anyway I’m stop talking I love these jeans I love the rip but you know I like the most I just had

a little bit of indigestion from the fetus that’s not very nice is that my house sorry about that hums but we’re all friends here or family here so the reason I love these jeans is because this is like my denim I either like really light or this send

him anything in-between like acid wash I don’t sit I wish I suited acid wash but I just don’t these jeans are so nice I really like Nasty Gal right now I just lost my train of thought oh my god I actually just I can’t even believe I just

kept buying anyway I love Nasty Gal jeans because they’ve got so many different varieties they’ve got so much on the website and I just think that nasty cat like honestly people underestimate them because they’re actually sick have you read the book about Nasty Gal and how she started

it and stuff she’s not actually a nasty gal I’ve never met her she could be no drinking she’s definitely not but I just love they’ve got these slit leg jeans I really wanted as well these just look so so so nice so I got these in a size

8 and they are Debbie distressed Oh Deb steps distressed Debbie destroy my wasted mum game never have two new pairs of mom jeans right who doesn’t love a blazer dress long life laser on before it the shoulder pads however are dooming bit the shoulder pads are doing so

much stuff that you have no idea I bet you are all getting all this stuff for summer sheep than I got it because it’s even more discounted and it’s gonna get even cheaper throughout the week stop so this is power Oh predator on powers-that-be oversized blazer dress black

8 I’m vibing it it’s a vibe to complete vibe I love the fact it’s long line wear this as a dress wear with knee-high boots flat boot wear it with tights um cute little dime on too tight and some boots wear with jeans wear with faux leather leggins

wear however you want wear a belted wear open I love Blazers because I just think that’s why I love coats I’m getting very excited I’m stopping right now I need to calm down the reason I love the conduit I can’t do it’s just not me the reason I

love blaze so much is because I just think they make an outfit so chic that’s why I love jackets and coats because you can wear like an outfit like this and then all of a sudden you put on a jacket and you look completely different it changed up

the outfit completely it is a completely a different vibe and I just think I really do you think it’s the one if I’m honest that’s like my thing what’s your thing a lot of people love jeans a lot of people love jumpers I am a blazer CO and

jacket girl let me know down in the comments section below actually what you are like what’s your go-to thing people love blazer dresses dresses people love boots people love shoes trainers I wish was more training out I love this so much also we’d like a Diamont a sparkly

belt nice choker black knee-high boots would be sexy just quickly worse you trip in the world just popping back into say completely forgot these boots look how divine they are how could I forget them I need to show you them right this second because oh my God look

at them I’m obsessed I like the Western cowgirl boo with a block heel I love block heels because I’m always going to be comfy and they’re black and they’re just they’ve got this lovely detailing on and I’m I’m here for it where these were some tights a nice

little faux leather skirt and a blazer wear it with a little dress wear it with jeans flare jeans look so nice bootleg jeans of size mom jeans are so nice okay I’m the worst youtube in the world I don’t subscribe I want to show you a coat that

I wore with this outfit gonna go to the next outfit in a second but I need to change this coat because I’ve never seen a coat like it so the other day she is the other day I was saying Spencer my husband hello to new subscribers I love

you so much there’s probably no one you watching me but if there is I love you so much please let me know but basically I’ll say miles in the other day I need a puffer jacket with a hood that’s long line because I have a puffer jacket this

short no hood I have a puffer jacket this long no hood this is the one for me this looks like how rude how actually rude this is so day and night I bet it’s a delivery it’s not for this floor huh it’s not for this floor let husband

do the chatting look at this coat this coat was discounted by 40% this is unbelievable so why you’ve got this inside a belted padded coat who does what it says in the Tim look at it this is gonna keep me warm in the winter this is gonna keep

me looking chic this looks so expensive this is like Montclair Moncler Moncler you can tell I don’t have one Moncler Montclair anyway I don’t want one cuz I’ve got this it is so nice you could also cinch it in with these little situations over here also got a

belt like we love the belt because these padded jacket can just feel like a potato sack and then when I’ve got the belt I feel like it cinches me in a bit so I’m cute this is just such a nice coat honestly I can’t wait to work with

boots like how much weight of trainers I just got me to look cute I’ve got a hood it’s really soft I really really really like this coat I’m hoping I’m doing justice I’m probably not have I told you I really like this coat because I need to tell

you again okay so then with these jeans i’ve also teamed another little outfit over here I’ve gone with this don’t hate because you ain’t me I’ve got a satin corset I’m obsessed with corsets I just think that’s so sexy and with jeans I just think that instantly cold

with an oversized shirt over the top of you I wore that the other day I think I looked so sexy I probably didn’t but I just think it’s like oh I just got out there but I’m wearing jeans but I’m wearing my boyfriend shirt but I’m also wearing

a corset come to bed I can’t wait but anyway I love this so much it’s so soft what sizing it listen because the boob cups are quite nice a bit padded as well but we love straight from the board wha Oh like I said Nancy now me were

like that wish we were there I’m joking straight from the boudoir satin bra top blush 8o seth i also have the fact it’s got that detailing around the edge that keeps it up so they don’t fall down can you see it’s that I don’t know what it is

but it just keeps it up so it doesn’t fall down I don’t know what that is I’ve got no technical terms in my category can’t agree what is it called vocabulary there you go then I’ve teamed it with this I want this for so long this is the

oversized laser of dreams I got it in a size 8 and it’s oversized beige love that open with this with some lovely trainers told to me I love this outfit I just think it’s a vibe I love this so much so it is literally blaze of glory oversized

blazer absolutely love it they do it in gray as well and love this detail everything from Nasty Gal does really feel a lot people get this misconception with online clothing brands but it’s thin it’s cheap it’s tacky it’s not it’s not if you choose right your baby princess

if you choose right you get good things like this is thick this is not this is good-quality like it’s not gonna fall apart you know I’m into at the moment dressing like a CEO I’m a boss princess I’m not CEO if I wish I was CEO but I

just feel like I’m dressing like a boss because I the boss and I’m about to be even more of a boss because I don’t even know why I’m gonna stop talking but I will leave everything in the description below I really hope you enjoyed this video I really

love doing halls like this I know I’ve done like a week of videos that include fashion so I’m really apologizing next week it’s gonna be make up on Tuesday I’ve got a really exciting making makeup video coming to you I can’t wait for that I’ve got loads of

get ready with me so I’ve got testing makeup videos coming back I’ve got storytimes coming back obvious I’ve got loads of video so make sure you say subscribe to hit the like button I would be so grateful if you did you have no idea thank you so much

for joining me I am so grateful to have you guys in my life you have no idea honestly I could just enter and cry for days about how much I love you like I went and met with this brand the other day for a meeting and I was

like my subscribe and I just start crying and I was like I love them so much like Bailey literally and that’s not being fake I’m just over the top I literally love you guys so much I’m gonna stop talking enjoy Black Friday enjoy everything just enjoy it go

and shop your life thing I really believe I’m gonna try and save money up every year for just Black Friday and just go absolutely ham absolutely ham never know if you want me to do any more videos like this in the comment section below and until next time

I’m gonna love you and I’m gonna leave you but I love you so much bye bye that was awful who are you don’t even

Ba&sh Come Shopping With Me + Try On | Winter Fashion Haul

we’re today in the bash saw in Covent Garden to take a look at some of our favorite pieces from venue collections and also to celebrate the launch of their long anticipated new teddy bag which is really excited to show you so we’re going to take a walk around

the store have a look at everything from great knitwear it’s a great coat and then of course we’re going to do a try on it for you so that’s hot let’s go – obviously it’s so known for so many different things and this rail is proof of that

isn’t it this is some of their amazing new in pieces and there’s everything from party wear knitwear they’ve got they’ve got a lot they really really do and I think they are probably more well known for their day wear but their party where is like second to none

in it this is one of my absolute favorites this is very like Celeron vibes and I think also what bash do so well is they get a really good print and they do it in a couple of different shapes when that’s the top a short dress a long

dress that it’s kind of a little bit for everyone isn’t that so true exactly right the other thing in terms of party wear that they’re doing so well this season is also party knitwear yes so I mean let’s have a look at these examples there’s this one which

I know you love love love I went with a studded detail and then also the low back and then this one with again a low back and you have the embellishment down the arm which is this is our way of doing a festive job exactly and if you

know just sometimes you don’t wanna be wearing a party top you know Christmas Day I feel the cold I want to be wearing a cozy knit but then still feel festive so this takes all the boxes it also comes in cream and I think this one cuz it’s

not so low you could definitely turn that around as well and wherever the 100/0 where they’re coming arms me yes so nice really huge I love a double-breasted coat and I love that sort of winter white so if it’s super chic and super festive bash are also so

good at doing those pieces that aren’t too trend led by the so they’re going to last in your wardrobe and this is really classic shape I need to talk about this boilesen do it for a minute they’ve done some seriously good pointer suits over the last few seasons

and I think this might just be my favorite out there it’s so good isn’t it it is so good it’s it’s the ruffle detail that makes this obviously it’s a great denim overall look for sort of duty but it’s just that ruffle that gives it an extra something

they have a very classic blouse in this shape as well which can it whale I’m sure we’ll find a lot of around the store today but it’s just it’s so iconic to bash isn’t it totally and they’ve also got it in white which is seriously good amazing that

is so cool again Verisign the wrong yeah and again that is the type of thing I think you’re just gonna have in your wardrobe on those days where you’re going out and you’re like oh my god what am I gonna wear it’s a high-neck I think which I

really really love about it it’s just an easy piece isn’t it I agree and again a really great party top yeah the other thing that I love on this rail is this coat and when you walk around a basket all you do chop and change a little bit

from party wear today where this is obviously a pretty daytime coat but that’s because they do everything so well and this style with the knitted sleeves and the G lace style body is just it’s cozy it’s elegant it’s cool and I love when you have a statement coat

that means you don’t have to wear a particularly fly thing as the coat does the talking I’m going to give a shout out to another daytime coat which is this stripy number this is so Parisian it’s so French girl cool and I love the look with a big

chunky row neck some jeans it’s just such an easy layering piece that looks so cool and I love the silhouette of this and it’s a bit more relaxed it’s the double breasted but it’s almost got a little bit of an a-line shape to it as well and these

cocoon shapes are the only thing that will get over a chunky jump and we got asked that so many times you know what do I wear over a big chunky knit and it’s true you need a bigger coat on don’t you need to fill that shape exactly right

so a cocoon is the one for that oh this is another one of both of our favors isn’t it I love this jumper feel like the grandad starlet has also been around a lot this season and it’s just it’s loose it’s easy to wear but it she isn’t

it what is about it that makes this you don’t know it’s the buttons it’s the collar there’s something that looks like you’ve just kind of grabbed it from your dad’s wardrobe and thrown it on with a pair of jeans that makes it look so cool yeah it’s so

the softest world and if you’re looking for an it with just a small point of difference yes perfect and you’ll say right that is what Bosch do so like the one I’m wearing now again it’s got a little frill color and I think they obviously do the classics

there’s some cardies there’s some crew necks but you know look out for details like a low back yeah or an interesting detail around the collar that those are the things I think that make make bash stand out to any other brand more new collection here and the magpie

meat is drawn to this print this is absolutely gorgeous let’s talk about the one with the big sleeve for a second I mean that is just the perfect party dress isn’t a statement sleeve the mini–length at the plunging neckline it’s just amazing and the wraparound as well and

I love this you’re like exaggerated bow as well around the front it’s just party statement fun riverís I love it got to give a shout out to that leather pieces this leather skirt with this gorgeous kind of paper bag ruffle detail around the waist it’s interesting but it’s

subtle and it’s so easy to wear as it [Music] all this jacket I feel like you’ve got your eye on there I love a bit of shearling that’s a real investment piece you are gonna get so much yeah and these look vintage don’t they is so amazing back

to coat something a little bit more classic is this one amazing you’re so I’m gonna honor feels so so soft there’s also a beige one that I’ve seen online Bob that looks so good it’s just the perfect classic coat is it all the troops you’ve always got pockets

it’s got tie ways it’s got a bell yeah it’s kind of the perfect balance of androgynous and cool a lot of another thing rash does so well is an everyday cotton blouse yeah case in point this one with this sort of broader e finish just so easy to

wear isn’t it so easy so pretty it’s just such a versatile piece wear it now with an itch have the broader e poking out or save it for spring however you wear it it’s going to be such a useful thing so another jazzy festive red skirt yeah I

love this one so much I love them italic detail running through it and how would you sell this this for me is the perfect recipes we’re that chunky black roll neck and some black boots I think that’s a really good Christmas Day outfit look and also it’s so

nice if you’re going to maybe dress it down a little bit you could do a leather jacket yeah maybe a sort of a vintage team’s really cool as well also really like weights who add a black body in the summer yes you’ll get a lot of use out

of it one of the things that I think people really know bash for is their great midi dresses and that slightly bohemian style that they do so well this is a new print that they have out this season and again they’ve done it in four different format yes

and also then in this color as well yes exactly which we know people are loving at the moment it whatever color palette you think suits you better there’s a really versatile easy to wear piece in the mix [Music] oh so many nice new pieces down here probably a

little bit more casual downstairs yes absolutely they’ve got a really good selection of maybe pieces down here which we speak by Thomas Street Navy and cream first up this blazer it’s not too clean that it doesn’t work for this time of year and it’s thick so actually really

really yeah it’s almost a coat texture which means that you can probably get away with a silhouette underneath as well I love how boxy that is it’s such a cool shape isn’t it yeah agreed it’s long it’s androgynous it’s oversized I think it takes a lot of boxes

we must give a shout out to this jumper we were talking about knits the point of difference and this with its Navy shoulders just doesn’t let me that oh it does and it’s a interesting texture actually that’s not wise expression I saw it on the rail but that

is so soft and cozy so it this is just the epitome of a cozy knit it’s gonna go so many things and yeah [Music] here is my favorite ever at Bosch blouse the denim one I think was the first one that they launched there’s now a softer gray

I think they’ve had a green version there’s a black version it’s just again so versatile and easy the top tip always size up on these yes everybody needs a denim shirt in their wardrobes and I love the double denim looks they tuck it into jeans add some boots

and it’s a really easy way to just look old another thing that Bosch do so well is Blazers and I love this classic Navy one but with the tie around the waist it gives it that little point of interest I love a tie waist pleaser I think it’s

so flattering and a lot of people don’t necessarily want that boxy style or don’t feel that it suits them so this is a completely different way of doing tailoring if you feel like you need a bit of a cinch waist yeah and it’s a really nice soft fabric

different to the one we looked at before this is a really good piece for the office we’re going out yeah really useful or another one of my favorite I get for Blazers down here seriously give her Blazers down here I’ve actually I got one of these this time

last year with sort of gray and beige undertones but I love the Navy version of this one I think that is one of the best pieces in your wardrobe so you definitely can’t go wrong with this blue version it goes with everything it’s so useful smart ins everything

up you can literally wear jeans or leathers and a white tee and throw it on and it just makes everything this matter final hero piece from their ready-to-wear collection has to be this juillet the sleeveless jackets it is perfect it’s so amazing a sleeveless jacket like this just

makes everything like that bit cooler so you can add this to a long sleeve t-shirt shirt some casual trousers or you know dress it up for the evening and everything will just look that bit more fashion which is why I love it [Music] the thing that we are

most excited about about this season is the launch of the Teddy bag finally after doing amazing accessories for years matters watch their very own signature handbag and it’s good and it’s been very long in the making even though the way that they made this is Barbara and Sharon

the founders of fash but every single bag that they have ever owned all together look to the designs and broke it down and this is what their final bag came to and it is so good this is the smaller size that there’s also a larger version and it

comes in a whole load of different colorways with more still to come and it’s roomy it’s got a crossbody strap it really does tick every box the other thing that is so great about this bag is the price point the small one is 300 and the certainly large

or is 355 even which is such a good price for a bag of this quality at this design the craftsmanship is gone into it’s amazing completely agree so many designer bags these days cost thousands so it’s so nice to be looking at something of this quality for this

price point yeah also fun fact the design on the middle here is from a ring that I’m with Barbara and Sharon gave each other as a gift sweet I love that finally we cannot leave that without talking about their amazing boots they really nailed boots that work from

day to night so all of them have a great heel they come in really versatile colors and they’re all really on trend as well what I love I love this Slattery pair super cool with a midi skirt with a maxi dress but also over jeans have that relaxed

look around the top is so cool yeah I agree that they are such a useful piece and then also another shout out to the ones that we’re wearing and they’re just not gonna day are they never we hope you enjoyed that just as much as we did I

think we can safely say that Bash is delivering on everything that you need for winter right now and of course everything that we’ve looked at today will be available to buy in the notes below so happy shopping [Music] you [Music]

Cozy JCPENNEY Holiday Try On Haul | Plus Size Winter Fashion

[Music] [Music] hi friends welcome back to my channel and if you’re brand new here and you have never seen me before my name is Shay Lee and I’m so glad you guys are here today I’m teaming up with JC Penney to bring you some comfy and cozy holiday

looks these are literally outfits that you can wear while you’re laying on your couch and you’re watching hallmark movie drinking apple cider or hot chocolate or coffee whatever floats your boat yes I love all the basic things that life has to offer but winter for me is just

it’s it’s it’s a wonderful time because we get to wear comfy sweaters and we get a hibernate and not come out of our house and it’s totally acceptable unless you work a job where you have to be outside of your house then don’t listen to my advice so

if you’re all about comfy and cozy go ahead and give this video a thumbs up subscribe before you leave and let’s begin there is nothing that I enjoy more that a night at home just relaxing and not doing much of anything a lot of my nights lately have

looked like that and I’m not complaining about it this first outfit is as casual and comfortable as it gets this black long-sleeve shirt is one of my staples in my closet I have this shirt in several different colors I love stopping up on these because they are so

inexpensive and they go with everything not to mention look at all of that stretch that’s inside these shirts I love them so I carried it with these gray leggings once again another staple and also very inexpensive if you’re looking for two must-have staples in your closet definitely get

a long-sleeve shirt like this and a pair of leggings if you don’t already own those things I’m pretty sure you already do but JC Penney’s color selection is awesome if you want a little extra layers I threw on this cardigan and I did get this last year they

brought it back for a second year but mine has been worn and loved very much I love long cardigans that they are a perfect winter layering piece and you can use them year after year after year after year and the best part of this entire outfit these socks

how cute are these I have very very wide feet and I was able to actually fit these on they feel like they might a little snog that’s what they feel like and I was nervous I was gonna be able to fit my foot in here but all you

have to do is kind of like pull it up as you go and they fit perfectly I love these little pom-poms right here I love the colors I love the pattern these are just so so soft like if you have cold feet these will instantly warm them I’m

not even playing look at all that goodness no night on the couch is complete without these just the truth oh no Tryon from JCPenney is complete without a cape or shawl or some kind of thing you can just put right over your clothes I saw this one and

I gasped cuz it’s so cute I love this pink color and actually this is a mommy-and-me set so they also have little ones if you choose to dress up your kids to match you it’s very very soft so I basically just put it right over this black shirt

I think it would look much better with like a nude colored shirt or maybe even like a cami it does have fringe on the bottom here which is another really cute touch and then I had to complete it with this hat I love the cream and pink combination

so I knew I needed to try it on for the video what do you guys think how cute is this right like I feel like I’m 16 right now it’s awesome this hat is the softest hat I’ve ever worn or ever owned in my whole life I love

it so much I wanted to show you guys that style that’s a little bit more dressy but still very casual and you could always dress up or dress down I love this white sweater it has a little bit of sparkle in it and it’s such a pretty white

color instantly makes me think of winter and all the snow and then I paired it with this gray moto jacket I love this light gray color I don’t see this kind of gray very often but the white and gray combination you cannot go wrong it just looks so

crisp and clean and pretty and I knew I needed to create some contrast for my bottom so I found this black pencil skirt and it is pretty stretchy there’s also a belt on the top to make sure that everything stays up and I tucked in a side of

the sweater right into that skirt and then we added this really cute black beanie JCPenney has the best accessories because they’re all very cute and all very inexpensive and so if you’re looking for some cute beanies or scarves or socks whatever you’re looking forward to kind of warm

things up a little bit do you see funny as you covered they have so many accessories and I also paired it with these tights that I found they have a huge variety of types to choose from and a lot of them are plus-size friendly tights are one of

my staples for the wintertime because it literally can take any outfit that I’m wearing with a skirt and make it a little bit warmer and it also could turn any outfit from just really casual to dressy and classy I would love to wear this outfit out and about

outside but if you want to wear it inside just take the jacket off leave the sweater I’m tucked put on the leggings instead of the skirt and the tights there you go [Music] this next outfit is another one that you can definitely dress up or dress down depending

on what you have going on it is basically just the black shirt I showed you earlier the black skirt I showed you and the tights with this little number draped on top this is an open faux fur vest it is so soft like I could literally just wrap

up in this and use it as a blanket it’s fine nobody has to know that’s a vest this colors neutral so there’s so much that you can do with this have a nice relaxing night at home this is perfect just drape this over your jammies I’m not kidding

it’s so soft it feels amazing and if you’re going out it just adds a little bit of a flare to your outfit still while keeping you you know nice and comfy and casual I hope that you enjoyed this video and you instantly filled a comfy and cozy and

maybe it inspires you to go out there and to just keep it simple I will be walking anywhere I got a blue mine I just tried to kick it up up whoa I did it let me know what your absolute favorite item was and everything is linked down

below in the description box I know for a fact that whatever you’re looking for for this holiday season as far as fashion goes JCPenney has some options for you so definitely go and check them out I’m literally gonna turn this camera off and watch a homework movie now

so see you guys later thanks for watching bye


[Music] [Applause] fine self clutch bag boss niggas bloody my weave real long to my squad I love my attitude so he call me low braat braat he love me long time cuz it’s cash I match that never took al lesson learned and I bounced back trippin off for nigga me for what I just fought that hey guys I wanna hear welcome back to my mother freakin channel today is going to be a wet earth ice break the fashion of a trial hold of course because you know trial hoes are just way better than halls and I haven’t gave one of these in a long time so I was like why not go to my subscribers but don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe to my channel of course and let’s hop right into the video the first I’ve got some fashion over is the necklace that I have on right now and it just says Libra because there’s my zodiac side the best sign don’t hear nothing is not for debate it’s the best sign okay so let’s hop into the clothing the first piece of clothing I got was this shirt has like Chinese symbols right here and I don’t know it’s like Chinatown China whatever it is I would have to picture the colors that’s why I got it so I just wanna let you guys know that right now all of my tops are a small and all my teens are any size one this is the next Idol and this is just a red leather jacket but it’s different because it has a little cross part right here and like both of like that that’s why I got this one got those really cute and different I’ve never seen a red one with that before so yeah it’s like they’re pretty separate lizard Jackie but this is actually in a size extra small when it comes to like dr.

Jackie’s I’ll just get it extra small when they look big so yeah but it still kind of fits a little bit but I always layer it up with another jacket so it doesn’t matter so yeah I really like this and the material oh the material by before you purchase this I don’t like it starting to like rip right here like this ripping like really easy that’s there like this side at the rate starting to peel which I really upset about because there’s a Jackie is like absolutely fitted professional a bit so I don’t really like that so I try not to wear it as much but other than that I like it it’s cool the next I don’t use a shirt and it says good girls go to heaven and then the bottom says bad girls go where they once just period yeah okay but I don’t not really like Chris was like this like the Mona Lisa and it is like or her mouth is cut out and decide something picture something else so I really like that I thought was really like different so I got it’s it’s really cute if it’s good he knows the Claudia material pair you guys know a thing with this shirt so next or so a winter I’d me because it is a so white shirt and it has biggie honey and I really I wasn’t liked it because the colors like I thought something cute because it just all go like so what’s gonna pick it gives you like a pop of color so I think it was cool to crave just cute I couldn’t got I could have got an extra small if I wanted a tighter fit if you’re doing inside of it I say go side down but I actually like to smuggle me because it’s just for sure I kind of like a big so I just like this is cute I wonder before I like put like a video whatever I mean wearing me okay so next shirt says Metallica on it and I really like the neon green with the weren’t and then like I like how the Blues like a lighter color but it’s like this did like faints kind of like was kinda like split and I was like that it’s cute and I think the blue tan is color the base color kind of like makes the Metallica pop more so I like this t-shirt cute I gotta call my fans cuz yeah I’ve got it to go these fans you know period I should really start taking more pictures and I post them on Instagram but you know what sister – what it’s the ground you got to go pop me right here it right here some on the screen but yeah you got to go follow Instagram and like myself and maybe I’ll start be more active so these are the first pair of jeans and I they’re like what and they’re just ripped they’re cute they’re a little like I’m 5 4 they’re kind of like really loose at the bottom so yeah and y’all can hear like Berkeley likes the new part but I I don’t mind that I kind of whenever it before like I like how you like fold over and be like that I got I should like that loop so if you don’t like that and you know your type of person live in Germany a lot you might not want to get teeth because it is a person column rip but yeah I like these they’re cute so yeah hey these are just like basic and just medium wash jeans there’s nothing pretty lies about these they do have like this little design exact other nice other boys vegetable like in the middle the pants is kind of like it’s like a fighter but that’s it for these jeans is it they’re nice they fit good they’re like stretchy to bike but they have stretch to the finish so I like that about them why they fit their fit all the way down like they’re not elusive already like that so yeah these aren’t the next jeans I have and to be honest I’m absolutely really disappointed in these jeans like I’ve got them because I like to style I like this motorcycle back there look I really like that but I don’t know they get really tight like you really tightens up with that part and why they’re kind of like I thought their ankle jeans like that’s blue but I feel like I wish they were just longer it’s like the same like for design it was like just on the front for the back right here and I’m my favorite jeans but like I get stuff can’t believe like fit much in that pocket I don’t even know what you’ll put him in yeah same thing over here but yeah I was kind of disappointed by these things like I wish they were just longer and I tighter at the bottom but like but they’re okay but I don’t really see myself wearing these a lot because yeah I just don’t think they’re really giving with us begin these are the next pair of jeans and I really like these like this might be one of my favorite pair jeans like ever like they’re a little loose at the bottom but maybe I just have really I like skinny bike there’s nothing that tight but other than that I would like you either high-waisted cute like the ribs are even I don’t know I didn’t like the jeans really pretty like I didn’t want this like how they’re washed like having dinner the force or what but like I just really like these they’re so cute little Ridge here at the bottom I don’t know I really like these did take good yeah I definitely give these these definitely good a you’re gonna pass I’m lovin eat know if it’s just me but I would say like their jeans like instead of like being stitched at the bottom it’s like this like I would’ve liked in like that yeah these are my really cute they’re how we said it once again they’re just like this regular dark denim jeans they’re really cute they fit good yeah I like these you’re nice nothing so extra just couple of rapes and yeah we like these we really like these so these might be one of my favorite jeans like every I really feel like they’re so different my guys look at the little belt buckles right this is so cute I fight I don’t know and it’s like I like out of my comfort zone cute they y’all they face so good like if you’re tall it’s like a little bit extra I’m by four just so you can like get kind of like a little bit of idea yeah these are like so cute and they’re like they’re like grayish black like I don’t know it’s like they’re black you’re like washed like acid but I don’t know but I don’t know sure I do but you don’t ever they like these my god these money we’re not baby teeth like ever like ain’t God like the little I don’t know this cult though whatever you the button like it’s different like I don’t know I started just like no it goes over it which I really think is really cute and different so yeah we like that we like that okay due to these things love you love that was the less I don’t for this video I hope you guys enjoy today’s video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe to my channel of course I love you guys bye Allah say my life one is some bands if she keeps on mugging I must alert me he watching my behavior cuz he know I’m bad put a spell on me in a trance I.

6 CLASSY Ways to Style Your Midi Skirts This Winter | Fashion Over 40

hi everyone welcome to my channel today’s video is all about the midi skirt now it’s a style skirt that has been around for a little while now and for many people it’s considered a wardrobe staple in today’s video I’m going to show you loads of ways that you

can stall a midi skirt in the colder weather and hopefully give you some inspiration how you can style yours if you’re new here my name is Gemma and if you’re into classy elegant fashion then I’d love to have you as a new subscriber all you need to do

is hit the button down below and don’t forget to turn on the bail notification so you don’t miss any future videos so let’s get going now a midi skirt with knee-high boots is a really classic pairing and in the colder months it’s a really stylish outfit option a

wool midi skirt is an on-trend option and looks really classy and elegant I think these over-the-knee boots look really gorgeous with this asymmetrical midi skirt this is another asymmetrical skirt in satin another on-trend style that looks really chic and elegant sticking with the satin style skirt and the

knee-high boots here’s another really beautiful outfit that looks gorgeous with the colors coordinating with the bag I love red burgundy knee-high boots here’s Victoria Beckham in a really full midi skirt and this matches with the boots which looks really lovely this MIDI is a straight pencil skirt in

wool it’s a really lovely winter outfit that looks very classy and sophisticated I also really like this skirt in a floral print which is a really nice option for this time of year pleated midi skirts are still around and they still look good this now if it looks

really a tum Nam and I think would look really great with a leather jacket a pattern midi skirt looks beautiful with knee-high boot you could pair them with a lower yield boot like these or a boot with a slightly higher heel with an elegant neutral knit really does

look lovely a printed midi skirt with black boots is the winning combination be it in animal print or something else more subtle they both look fantastic a miniskirt with a blazer is a really stylish combination and works really well with a variety of different styles of skirt this

pencil skirt looks fabulous with the pink blazer thrown over the shoulders and pink is a color that looks really great in the winter as well as in the spring or summer months this blazer a midi skirt all worked so well together and with the knee-high boots makes a

really sophisticated outfit another blazer and midi skirt combination that looks lovely but this time with some ankle boots a floral print on a midi skirt looks lovely in the winter I think this is more of an evening look and looks so gorgeous with the blazer over the shoulders

such a classy look you could opt for a fuller midi skirt and pair it with a crossbody bag and the Blazer for a stylish look or you could try an asymmetrical skirt with the Blazer which also looks very elegant if you’re slim on the hips then adding a

belt to a midi skirt can really look very elegant but it’s not gonna suit everybody shake and it will depend on this type of midi skirt as well this is an a-line midi skirt with a belt and it looks very sleek one with a pair of easy to

walk in knee-high boots very simple but very elegant this outfit looks lovely with the belle accentuating the waist but I would avoid this look if you’re wide on the hips as it will just make them look even wider I think this is a belt bag but it’s very

on trend but it still looks classically chic it’s a really nice way to add some interest around the waist and this looks so feminine and elegant the belt over the top of the midi skirt really adds a touch of class an oversized net worn with the midi skirt

with some knee-high boots some ankle boots or some heels for an evening look just looks great styled together I love this look and the deep burgundy color together looks so striking with the black boots and bag I think it’s a really sophisticated pairing the oversized turtleneck with the

MIDI looks gorgeous together they say blue and greed should never be seen but this outfit I think contradicts that saying it looks great together a cream turtleneck looks chic with a pleated midi skirt and looks lovely with the knee-high boots as well or you could try a gray

turtleneck with a pleated skirt or a darker gray with a straight skirt looks really lovely – there’s lots of sweaters available now with a balloon sleeve if you don’t like turtlenecks this may be a style that really suits you I really like this look together and this one

too looks really fabulous this is oversized without being too baggy and bulky and still looks really feminine or wearing an oversized knit with an on-trend satin skirt looks really stylish together I love navy blue and this look is perfect for the Fall going into the winter with some

ankle boots this is also very lovely and this is how I wear mine a miniskirt one with the leather or a faux leather jacket looks really great together and it’s a perfect pairing for a winter outfit a classic style jacket with a printed midi skirt looks OnPoint warm

with ankle boots but if ankle boots aren’t your thing this look would look just as good warm with knee-high boots this is a really similar look but with a fuller midi skirt and some trendy white boots polka dots also look fab with a leather biker jacket as well

or you could pair a faux fur faux leather jacket together with a midi skirt which will give you some extra warmth and still look really stylish now a midi skirt with ankle boots is a really on trend look and I’ve got to be honest it wasn’t a look

that I particularly was very keen on at first I’m starting to like it a little bit more but it’s just a star really that doesn’t suit me but I do appreciate it on other people so here’s a few looks I’m going to show you I think this is

the most flattering way to do the ankle boot and midi skirt pairing by wearing nude boots the nude boots elongate the legs compared to the black ankle boots and I thought this look was really lovely this is a really similar look the boots are slightly higher and I

love the jewelry over the net in this look animal print midi skirts warm with a black knit and ankle boots do look very stylish together you could opt for a fuller skirt or a straighter midi skirt maybe with a split try a wrap skirt or a bolder print

like a zebra with a really cute pair of boots a more subtle printed skirt is a checked midi which really looks understated and very sleek if prints aren’t your thing that a satin skirt looks beautiful with ankle boots especially in a really rich color like this green which

is a very nice look and the boots do keep it on trend but if you love this look you could swap the ankle boots for a knee-high pair of boots or this look I think would look lovely with some heels you could also try a red ankle boot

with the floral midi skirt if you wanted to add some color during the dull winter months now because of the time of year and no matter where you look this sparkly shiny things everywhere I couldn’t not include a sequin midi skirt in the video so this midi skirt

I thought was beautiful it’s a really simple look but so sophisticated and just lovely for an evening look and this is a pretty amazing skirt absolutely perfect for a special party or a night out this look could easily be pulled off as a daytime look with the boots

if you love your sequins and just want to wear them all the time or this style midi with a biker jacket and boots looks relaxed but still looks really glamorous you

WINTER FASHION… like, for proper winter

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla hey guys and welcome back to my channel if you are new here welcome my name is rien for today’s video this is something about you’ve been working on and trying to pick things for for about a year and a half now hmm and that is my winter basics my winter 101 winter fashion essentials so this is kind of part capsule closet but also just the basics you will need and the things that I have really found have served me well in our winters because they are the wintery obviously if you have very different winters to me maybe you’re much colder you’re just gonna want to adapt these key pieces to suit you I am gonna go ahead and link some other options down in the description box along with everything I’m mentioning anything I might forget will be there too you know what let’s just get into the video so I figured we would do this in three parts which will be layering outerwear and then like shoes and accessories so we’ll start with layering which is I think very important so when it comes to layering and basics they’re basically two routes that I take one is to thrift for them and then the other one is basically me ACOTA which have sponsored this video in part so huge thank you to them I’m also gonna have a 15% off discount which I believe is free and 15 all of that information will be in the description box if you’re not familiar they are an eco friendly ethical vegan brand they have a lot of kind of like leisure wear athleisure wear basics and their stuff just last me forever so actually the cardigan I have on right now is from them and I wanted to first I guess move into body suits which these two are from them I’m also wearing a bodysuit from old brand is this I’ll put it in the description the reason I love to wear body suits especially in the winter is because I get flashbacks to my youth where my mom would say that you have to tuck your shirts into your jeans or whatever it might be or your trousers so that your kidneys stay warm so I like to think when I wear a body suit my kidneys remain warmer important apparently I also think it’s just a cute way to dress up an outfit a little bit for winter and also stay relatively warm obviously putting like a nice warm layer on top is gonna help but just having that option to still feel cute I think is important so these are two other options that I really like this like I said it’s from Mia Kota just a simple bodysuit and then this one has sleeves obviously and it does have a low back on it now that’s probably gonna negate what I just said about warm kidneys but it’s cute you can just wear a cardigan on top and I think it is adorable so body suits I think are awesome essential for your winter wardrobe because they’re gonna keep you warmer they’re gonna add a layer you can also just put your like thermal long sleeves on top of this it’s gonna add another lair of nice installation and warmth moving on into t-shirts these two again are from Yokota slightly different styles but if you are putting together a capsule wardrobe for winter I would say it’s just nice to have two different options so I have the black round neck tee which obviously I would wear to layer up I would also wear it with jeans maybe with the sleeves rolled up a bit and a nice pair of boots or under a hoodie with snow pants on and then there’s also the white v-neck quantity which again kind of like tucked into skinny jeans with a nice warm coat on top and a nice pair of boots so they are a little bit heavier of a fabric they also drape really nicely and these are just kind of like two must-haves for me and just making sure they’re slightly heavier weight as well I think you’re gonna retain a little warmth and definitely look at men’s styles because men’s clothing is often made better getting that nice so speaking of thermals something like this which is like a woofle fabric is gonna keep you nice and warm this one was super over priced from Free People I cannot really tell you that it was worth it but it does have some holes nice long sleeves but just something in this kind of waffle fabric I think it’s gonna be really nice to keep you warm you can find things like this in thrift stores everywhere this was a stupid buy and then if you know me you’ll know that long sleeve t-shirts are another staple for me not only in the winter but in summer to kind of like tied in a knot with shorts but this is another thing that I will layer up I will tuck into nice jeans put some nice jewelry on still works or obviously just to layer up who these super warm so this is just like a hands one that’s that was from Goodwill and again I do typically buy Mensch ones because they’re cut a little bit nicer nice and oversize and men’s stuff lasts longer and then this one is from Planet race clothing which is just like a little slim knee sleeve eat plants won this one is in an extra-large and again I would wear it just the same maybe with skinny jeans my snow boots and a big warm coat I don’t know I still feel queue in it and I know that’s something that a lot of people struggle and in the winter is feeling like they’re really bulky and layered up and I just don’t often think that that’s something you can really avoid but I do have some out to wear options that I do think kind of can play with your proportions a little bit hold on for that next up is the common turtleneck this is just gonna be a really nice one that’s gonna keep you won I will tuck this into jeans nice long sleeves and obviously a little bit more more around the neck pair it with some nice earrings skinny jeans boots and it’s awesome I also do layer this as well a copper hood on top just to really keep me nice and warmed so turtleneck for obvious reasons it’s gonna keep you a bit warmer this one is just a plaid shirt or a flannel shirt whatever you want to call it again I’ve gone for a men’s one because it is thicker it’s gonna be warmer and it’s nice and oversized can’t remember if I got this from Target or if it was thrifty too but this is another one where I would wear this on top of maybe like nice jeans and a black bodysuit but if you want to wear it like a little cuter and maybe if you’re on the date you can just slide your shoulder out you know but again another easy layer that’s gonna keep you a bit warmer especially if you can get a thicker one like this and it’s gonna just add a little bit interest with the pattern as well so okay and then some people love it some people hate them this is just a great cardigan and I would wear this in a bunch of different ways so again over a bodysuit I’ve also slipped this over my shoulders and borne it as like an also shoulder top as well this one is from American Eagle it’s just another nice way to add a bit of warmth and still feel like you’re wearing a cute little outfit so especially one like this where I can wear off the shoulder like I mentioned and kind of tuck it in and wear it in all different ways sweatshirts I feel like are very obvious one but a well-cut sweatshirt I think you change your life so these two are from Mia Kota this was their sweatshirt number one this is the sweatshirt 2.

0 so what I love about these is the sleeves are quite slim line and then they are cut in a nice box ear shape so with a nice pair of jeans and this even tucked into high-waisted jeans you’re gonna be nice and warm again put a bodysuit underneath and it also is just gonna still look quite put together just because of the cut of it these both are in heavy rotation for me every winter and I know that I can wear them for warmth but also to be cute so I would say this is still in the layering room but just of a hoodie that you like this one is a black from you matter and I got the size medium again I like to buy men’s like styles typically because they’re gonna be better made nice and oversized and typically a thicker fabric as well whether you’re gonna layer it under like one of the kind of fleece options maybe or under a nice big winter coat just to wear indoors to keep warm the hoodies gonna be something that you’re gonna get so much use out of so if you are able to spend a little bit more money on a hoodie I do think that it’s something that kind of pays itself off with how long it lasts so a nice okay and then I mentioned kind of like a fleece option so this one is from Patagonia it’s a zip front one so I often travel and will layer this on top of that black hoodie it’s gonna provide a lot of warmth but I do like the cut of this one because it’s still fairly streamlined I do think that you can find I think Patagonia have pretty good sales for things that have been returned and then this one is cut a little bit differently this is just a pull every one and it’s cut similarly to those Mia coda sweatshirt so this was from ever Lane I think this might be the only thing that I had from them maybe I have a hoodie as well but it’s kind of like that sort of eighties style cut off like a pullover fleece what I do like about this one is you can cinch at the waist too so if you are someone like me who maybe has like a bigger ass you don’t typically want things to cut off right there because that’s the biggest point I like this with high waisted jeans because I’m able to retain some of my shape a little bit and kind of hike this up so it stops at the maybe smallest point on my waist but wearing high-waisted jeans and a bodysuit underneath is also going to keep me nice and warm so that was just a little tip for you guys if proportions or something you like to play with them find that really hard to do in the winter it just makes me feel a bit more comfortable in it at least okay and then now we are kind of moving into base layer things and when I say base there I mean things that you’re gonna be able to wear under like snow pants or under more active wear this is also going to be something that you might just want to put under your other clothes when you’re like taking your dogs out for example I mean things like the onesie or sweatpants you also may be able to just wear indoors to keep warm so I do think that it’s nice to have a good selection especially in the winter because you just to be comfortable and warm one thing I think that everyone should have partly because it’s fun and partly because it’s very warm is a onesie of some kind this one is just from I think it’s remarried you can get them in many different places and this is something I would wear as pajamas I will put it under like sweatpants and hoodie and a coat and wear out if I need to do stuff outside and it’s just another way to keep you nice and warm and this one is kind of like almost like a thermal style knit and I mean just just having a onesie is nice okay and then these two options are things I will watch separately but I also will layer again as kind of like a base layer and then a warmer layer so these both are from Yokota I wear their stuff almost every time I get dressed honestly so I have a pair of their high-waisted workout leggings these are great because they are super warm and comfortable so you’re gonna be able to layer them under lots of different things under snow pads under sweat pants for an extra layer if like me you like to buy kind of like mom style jeans you’re gonna be able to probably layer them over a nice pair of leggings as well getting a nice warm pair like this that is also still quite breathable and comfortable comfort contour is king right and then these these might be my most favorite thing Mia Kota has ever made which is their like Terry uh sweatpants these are incredibly comfortable if you’re only gonna pick up one thing from them for the winter I would maybe suggest doing the sweat pant I do think they have different colors obviously these are gonna be nice and warm around the house layered up to maybe like go out for a walk in the winter you could probably still get these under snow pants if you have a bag gear style and just layering them up even with like a bodysuit still and your winter boots and a coat I would wear that out to go get groceries I just want to be comfortable and warm you know highly recommend these so they are such a nice weight and they just look so good on okay and then these two last things in the I guess this is probably in the layering category are like actual base layers so this is a set I have from Taney I mean you can get something like this anywhere where it’s just a nice warm long sleeve top and then leggings to match I wear it around housed as pajamas I will wear under my snow pants hoodie coat it’s just nice to have really good first or baselayer things and I guess ideally that’s like for people who do active snow things but it’s also just if you want to be born and then again spending a little bit more money these ones are from Patagonia they are the mid weight which I think really only once it didn’t have wool in them but again these are gonna be a little bit more active a little bit more like an athletic fabric than the other ones I showed you and it’s basically just legging this and a long sleeve top so you could probably put that together from the things you already own or just picking up a couple of new things and making sure that you have those nice warm base layers because it’s gonna be something you probably get a lot of yourself okay let’s move into outerwear and then we have shoes and accessories so winter coats are something I’ve many of over the years I did try and buy like way more affordable ones for the longest time but they just don’t last they’re typically not gonna be as warm I find that always the pockets will get holes in are like loose stuff in the pockets I understand obviously for a lot of people they’re gonna have to buy them more affordable options which I completely understand but I would recommend checking places like thredUP or even deep pop in places like that to try and get something a little bit higher quality at a lower price like I mentioned I do think sometimes places like Patagonia will have sales checking out your local like skate snow store is also going to be a good option because they’ll also have sales quite often and you’re going to be able to get something that’s really gonna keep you warm and be all good quality so I do have three options that I want to show you and I will link you to some other ones in their description box as well but these are like my current three go-to starting with the lightest weight one this is when I’ve shown you guys before but it’s the North Face I think it’s called like rain on me so it is a rain jacket again this is similar to that Everland fleece that I mentioned because you can cinch it and almost wear it like a little bit more crops I did get mine in a size medium because I wanted to be able to layer up underneath it as well because it is more of like a raincoat or just like a shell this is one I would wear in England in the winter because it’s going to be waterproof and I will probably also wear this slightly warmer days throughout our winter as well but again layered up and I’m just been really impressed with equality I love the style and if you need something that isn’t like for extreme cold this might be a great one because you’re never what to layer under it so easily all right next up this is a really long line one I think it’s actually from meant to be like a tall section of a story think it’s from misguided originally but I found out unlike Deepak one of those secondhand sites this is one that I would really recommend if you want something that is gonna make you look a little bit taller and less bulky this is not gonna be good for wet winter weather this is more something where the snow is dry or it’s not snowing but you just want to be warm and this is what I will reach for if we’re going out and I want to dress nicely but still be nice and warm and protected so for me at least this is not an all the time thing this is for when I want to dress a bit nicer and I want to look a little bit more streamlined versus kind of bulky okay and then lastly this is one I wear the most again it is a men’s style from Patagonia I can’t remember exactly what it’s called but I’ve got the men’s one because it’s not like cinched at the waist or cut strangely and it’s also doesn’t call for a weird place so this does sit a little bit longer on my body it’s so incredibly warm while still being very light so you can like scrunch this up into a tiny little ball a packet really easily in the suitcase as well but this is one where Adam bought one and then I was like borrowing it all the time and I thought why don’t I just get myself one because I wear it so much anyway I did get a medium in this so it is a little bit oversized on me but it means I can layer under it and honestly just this in itself is so worn – I feel like before I got this one I was always getting like parkas but they weren’t super warm even though they were longer or they just weren’t not very well made whereas this for me is kind of looking nice in between where our this out like day-to-day but also if I know I need to be like active like moving snow or anything really well made as well and then the bonus I guess this kind of count as outerwear because you didn’t bring outdoors is um snow pants these ones I did just get from Patagonia as well on I think on sale because my other ones didn’t fit my big ass anymore so highly recommend getting a pair of snow pants maybe even ones that have like the what do you call it the things to hold them up something that comes up a little bit higher on your body as well so that you’re gonna be nice and warm when you bend over or you’re active you’re not gonna like expose any parts of your body that are gonna get cold so yeah snow pants whether you’re going to be working outdoors or you’re going to do in winter activities super important thing to have and make sure that they are comfortable big enough and you’re going to be able to layer under them too because I would wear either my Mia coated leggings on my Mia coda sweat pants under these and be able to do so very comfortably to add that extra like layer of insulation and warmth ok guys so it’s time to move on to accessories shoes so let’s change location and take a look at those all right so I’ve put my little basket with goodies let’s start the first thing in here is a scarf in my opinion if you’re not gonna go for the Lenny Kravitz style oversized scarf you may as well not bother I feel like a lot of these smaller ones or the prettier ones are just not really gonna do anything especially if you’re gonna go for maybe like that really long line coat or something that’s not super warm or as kind of puffy I would really recommend getting a really big scarf and she adds that extra once around the neck and I want to see this one kind of comes down your whole torso so I can’t remember worry about this one from I think it was a gift but I will try and link some similar ones down below alright next up is gloves so it in my opinion mittens are superior especially if you’re wearing a first layer of like a thin it’s fitted glove and then you have a mitten on top ultimate warmth the only thing is you’re not gonna be able to like do as many like fiddly things with your hands and sincerity so that’s nice to have like the skinny layer of gloves underneath these came all together so try and find a similar one for you and Link it pass hats are obvious they keep your head warm they can look really cute as well so I would pick up like maybe two colors and just go from there warm socks are gonna be your ultimate best friend honestly especially if they’re ones that you don’t mind showing so like all of them wear skinny jeans nice warm socks and then my boots with the socks showing that way I can make sure that they’re brought up over my jeans no cold air can infiltrate so these ones I have are from the over for silk male on t 4 and then these super warm ones were just from Target so you can get nice warm socks most anywhere I would always go for something that’s a bit thicker a bit more knitted feeling that’s nice and high as well because you can either wear them really high up underneath boots or you can kind of like scrunch them up for extra warmth or under ankle too so you need a pair of um slipper socks the ones with the sticky stuff on the bottom that are really nice and cozy and are the one thing you have to look forward to in the winter is your nice slipper socks great gift idea by the way everyone appreciates warm socks all right and then these two are kind of random before we move on to shoes but one I did mention this in my um but these are my gift card I think these are reusable hand warmers so they just have rice inside them I found them on Etsy too so it’s a small business warm them up in the microwave put them in your mittens if you want to or you can just keep them in your pockets they’re gonna keep your hands nice and warm they’re a great gift idea if someone you know has maybe just moved to the tundra this is gonna look weird to people that don’t know what it is this is a boot dryer or warmer so you can get these in all different styles these are kind of like a travel one or I don’t know a lot of the times they’re on a stand and you just put your boot upside down on the stand so I will try and link you to some and then they like heat them up or blow hot air into your boot some of them some of them you can put your gloves on too but not these kind so yeah for your winter boots I highly recommend investing in a boot warmer or boot dryer so that when you come in from the snow you can just pop them on there to dry and they’re good to go the next time you want to wear them and it’s also gonna make those boots last a bit longer because they’re not going to get all damaged from being wet over a long period of time and they’re also not gonna smell as bad so a bit warmer at boot dryer okay I recommend speaking of boots let’s move on to those so winter boots similar to coats are ones I’ve gone through a lot over the years and I have six options here which should hopefully account for all different occasions and all different needs as far as winter shoes goes or less dive in with warmest most wintry ones first so this pair are from native shoes these are my go-to everyday winter boots they are waterproof I never had any issues with them getting wet inside the grip on the bottom is really good they also clean really well and if you’re only gonna get one pair of winter boots and you live somewhere like I do that gets a lot of snow I would really recommend picking up these if you need something warm that is not necessarily what to prove these are not waterproof these are kind of like an oak style boot but these are from vegetarian shoes they have all different colors different heights and these are just like another easy one to put on so if you live somewhere cold that’s not necessarily wet and you want something to be able to like go run errands for dogs or whatever I would recommend these the grip isn’t going to be the greatest but they are gonna free nice and warm and comfortable Doc Martens are another easy obvious one that I think you can wear in a multitude of ways so I will wear this out with a nice outfit big thick socks skinny jeans and I feel like it looks really nice and I feel comfortable in them if they are warm they have a little bit of grip on the bottom it’s not like fantastic but it’s also not terrible and I love them so these are kind of like a writing boot these are from I never know how to say is it muhabba the hey ba ba ba they do have a decent grip on the bottom they’re nice kind of like knee-high boots these are ones that I would wear I would like a slightly nicer outfit skinny jeans or maybe one of those Mia coda sweatshirts and with that long line coat so these are not gonna be the warmest but they are gonna be water-resistant at least and then this pair of hiking boots and I have worn these in the snow and they are fine but some of you may not live somewhere that has snow but you want something it’s warm and hiking hiking ready so these are from wills weekend shoes they have Vibram soles and I’ve talked about these a lot before but they’re just great quality vegan or waterproof hiking boots okay and then lastly I love these I’ve had these for a few years now these are from vegetarian shoes again and this is my go-to in the winter if I want to wear a heel or a nice boot or dress up a little bit they do have a decent grip front here not so much on the back but they’ve served me really well I love them in the fall and winter I basically only reach for these when I want to wear something a little bit nicer so that is it for this video guys I hope that this helped you pick up some ideas as far as the winter basics winter essentials and also my favorites when it comes to actual warm outerwear I did try and include things for people who maybe don’t have the most extreme winters as well so hopefully this had a little something for everybody a huge thank you to me a coda response during this video if you do want to pick up any great eco-friendly ethically made essentials please do check out their website and like I said you have a 15% off code which is Rhian 15 and I think that should work for the next couple weeks great gift ideas as well offer on their website please do give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already I would love to have you if you would like me to make part two of this maybe with some more specific things that you guys have issues with or are styling tips do just let me know I just wanted this one to be very basic I’m gonna love my absolute favorites and I wanted to be able to get out for you for this winter too because I want you to be warm although my social media will be on the N screen to come and I will see you on the next one bye.

CHIC SOUL Holiday Try On Haul | Plus Size Winter Fashion

[Music] hi friends welcome back to my channel if you are brand new here and you don’t know who I am my name is Shelley and I make fashion content on my channel every week I also make other content but mostly fashion and right now we’re doing like a

holiday series try on today I’m sharing with you guys a brand that I have fallen in love with in the last 6 months or so and some of you may not have even heard of them they’re an online Plus Size boutique that has grown exponentially in the last

year I have loved following them and seeing like how much they have grown they reached out to me in the summer time and asked if I wanted to do an Instagram collaboration I said yes right away I tried on the products left every single thing showed you guys

you guys fell in love with their clothes too and now they’ve asked me to be part of like this Black Friday promotion what they’re doing which I obviously said yes most of the items that I’m showing you guys today are part of their Black Friday doorbusters sale everything

will be linked down below so that you can go check it out for yourself let’s do it okay so the first thing I’m trying on is this black and white plaid dress as you guys can see and this thing is so comfy and so perfect it is very

roomy very comfortable I really like this dress this would be perfect to wear with leggings like I’m doing in the video or you can take the leggings off and just wear it as a plain dress add some fun like red accessories or maybe even like a black floppy

hat it’d be really cute that way as well you could pair this so many different ways I really gravitated toward this item because there was a similar item at Walmart last year that everybody was like freaking out about I loved it too and so this is like a

new style of that same pattern and I had to try it out the next item I got are these really awesome jeans they are distressed in the knees and they’re like a medium wash they’re not super dark and they’re not super light they’re like that perfect color that

pretty much goes with everything and they fit so so comfy these are in a three XL I made sure to size up and I do feel like they fit perfectly in the stomach and there’s just even some more stretch and then of course there is this beautiful plant

pencil skirt I am all about the pencil skirt this season and I’m all about plaid you guys can hear my kids in the background they are laughing and having a blast sorry but this is my real life the skirt did fit me pretty small and I was able

to kind of move the the shirt so that you couldn’t see where the opening was where it kind of zip it all the way up but I wish I would have definitely sized up in the skirt because there isn’t like a ton of stretch in the skirt and

I paired it with this black top as you can see here this top is really really light it’s not heavy at all so it’s perfect for layering whether you want to put it underneath a pullover where you want to add a cardigan with it it could be worn

so many different ways and you can’t go wrong with a plain black top I really love the sleeves and how they’re kind of like flowy is so cute so these Poncho’s I’m about to show you guys are part of the doorbuster sale and I wish I remembered what

the price was but I know super cheap maybe twenty dollars Phoebe maybe I chose this brown colored poncho the brown one definitely reminds me of like burlap it’s kind of got that burlap feel to it it’s really cute and it would be so cute paired with either jeans

as you can see that I’m wearing here or even like black leggings pair it with some writer boots I mean there’s a bunch of different ways to prepare this one and then the next poncho that I chose is this black one which has little bits of red intertwined

any pops of red then get my hands on I absolutely love I did notice f as poncho was a little bit softer than the brown one as well and all of these ponchos are one size so they do fit oh never have to like worry about whether or

not you think it’ll fit you or not then there is this red and black plaid poncho I love this because it’s a soft as a blanket and also it doesn’t close anywhere so you can drape it over yourself and you could use it as a blanket seriously like

I would honestly love everything about it I would wear it with a black dress it would look super cute with like a black midi dress black black anything black but that’s definitely an item that I’m going to wear over and over and over this Christmas season the next

item is this grey pullover sweater I was not anticipating myself to like this as much as I do it runs a tad bit tight but it’s not so tight like I’m suffocating or I feel like it’s just too much you know what I mean like it’s just too

much fabric around my body it’s nothing like that so that’s really really nice I mean it’s definitely fitted but it looks really flattering and it’s super soft and just comfortable and I really love this gray color it’s a color that’s so in it looks great with everything and

it’s just it’s really really trendy so I’m really glad that I got this pullover I was anticipating I would like it as much as I do I’m not really like a casual outfit type of person but this is definitely gonna be like one of my go to pieces

when it’s cold outside thanks so much for watching this video like I said before this is your first time here please subscribe hit that subscribe button and also introduce yourself in the comments let me know where you’re from let me know a little interesting fact about you and

then also let me know where you would like me to try on clothing next don’t forget to check out chic soul especially if you have never heard of them before I really think you guys are going to love them check out these Black Friday deals get them while

they’re still hot while they’re still there because I know they’re gonna sell out super quickly and we will see all of you in our next one bye

How To Look Trendy During WINTER | Fashion Trends 2018

I look like I have no neck in the sweater but like we’re just going to ignore that oh hello my beautiful Nicholas welcome back to my channel or hello if you’re new I’ve just been loving fashion lately and then really getting into it so I decided I would

do another trends video I’ve done two before so link those in the description box for you guys it is winter time and it’s hard to look trendy during the winter time we wear a ton of boots as well so I thought I would show you guys a trendy

outfit with boots because I know sometimes it can be hard to style outfits with wearing winter boots and making them also still look trendy and fashionable so I got your back because I did a whole lookbook for you guys I’m super excited about this video as well because

I was able to partner up with soft moss and I do share with you guys on how to sell winter boots so all the boots I’m going to be showing you guys are from and they’re from soft moss so there is over a hundred and ten stores and

they also have the website so I’m going to link that down below as well as linking all the shoes I’m showing in this video in the description box just in case you guys are interested and if you like anything and I really love how all the outfits turned

out leave a comment down below telling me what outfit was your favorite and which one you would wear because I love to know thumbs up if you guys do want more class related videos because they’re some of my favorite videos to film no I was freezing when I

was filming this I’m literally they’re shaking like okay okay I’m going to freeze but it is all worth it because I love you guys and there’s the thing I do every single video and that is if you go over to my in term right now you follow me

you have my army latest at photos tell me you’re coming from this video I will expand your town as long as your account is not private guys because I won’t be able to spam you so if I’m not seeing you that’s probably why so just just look out

for that that being said I hope you enjoy it and let’s get into the video well additions the first outfit is really simple and casual but a really nice everyday outfit for the winter time so I’m just pairing some dark blue denim jeans with a white knit sweater

and then an army green a jacket which I really love those colors and I chose these ugh boots to pull the look together I just really like the brown in the army green and these boots are super warm because it has sheepskin lining so you know it’s going

to keep your feet warm but it’s also really trendy at the same time and it’s water resistant which is super good if you live in an area with a ton of snow like I do [Music] this next outfit probably my favorite and I was inspired by these ugh

ankle booties I absolutely love them they are super born they have natural wool lining and as well as their water resistance you can still wear your ankle booties throughout the winter time which I really enjoy because they’re my favorite and I just wore an all-black outfit and I

put on this a faux fur jacket so fur is really in recently a faux fur vest faux fur jackets so you knew I had to incorporate that into this video [Music] for this outfit I wanted to show you guys how I would style more detailed classics which the

classics are now water-resistant which is super amazing I am just wearing some high-waisted gray jeans a turtleneck sweater and then my army green jacket again in my last outfit I decided to add a little bit of color but I was inspired by these black boots I really enjoy

I love how you can also tie them up and they add the laces and I am just wearing this a royal blue top with this duster coat on top that’s beige and then of course I paired it with some high-waisted black jeggings and of course you cannot go

in Canada and just wear this so I just threw on a jacket as well to pull the look fully together that is all for the video I hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave a comment down below tell me your favorite outfit you like and which one

you would wear or or hopefully you like one and that means that I hope you guys enjoy it thumbs up if you liked it click that subscribe button to do a minute let’s phantoms your girl clothes every other day here on my channel of having said I hope

you guys have a fabulous day evening or night whenever you’re watching this and I’ll catch you guys in my next video bye


hey everyone welcome back to my channel so I have been back to my favorite store yes I have another haul for you guys today so today’s a bit of a mixture it’s gonna be predominantly a clothing Tryon hole and also a bit of a first impressions as well because I haven’t been able to try everything on yet so it has crossed the sizes that I’ve picked up are going to fit me I’ve also picked up some de coeur and some accessories footwear you name it I’ve got it so this will more than likely be my last winter clothing haul for the season however you just never know in Victoria because we’ve had a cold front coming through it is so cold you can probably hear the wind the wind is whistling today outside it’s raining we’re hibernating and that’s just Victoria weather for you so I’ll go ahead and link everything I can down below and whatever’s not there it’ll be an install purchase today’s video is also in collaboration with the lovely Sam Sherman Sam has multiple YouTube channels she used to have a vlogging family channel and she’s actually the first family blogger that I came across when I started watching YouTube and she was the inspiration behind me starting my own channel I absolutely adore her family she has an awesome makeup channel she does tons of hauls and she actually has her own lip gloss in collaboration with igx own cosmetics it’s amazing I wear it all the time I love it so be sure to go and follow her on her channel I will link all her channels down below I really hope you guys enjoy today’s haul please remember to Like and subscribe and let’s jump on into it okay so I’m gonna do all the accessories and dope off first now I think I told you guys that I’m trying to update the girls bedrooms a little bit in Kylie’s – and make a little bit more grown-up and I found the terrazzo base land so I bought two of these ones and they’re actually really cute they’re quite heavy because they are a concrete kind of material it’s like a pale pink concrete with these little white and grey flex through it really gorgeous it’s got the extra long cord and then just beat on it okay so I picked up two of those they were $10 each and then it has the recommended globe to buy with it which you can see on the box here is just this clear one similar to what I’ve got back here if you can see my little land over the back however while I was there I found these gorgeous little sparkly globes they’re the Marbella very light globe LED 1.

2 Watts clear so it looks like this but how to shoot to make it a little bit more of like a fairyland so I picked up two of these ones to go in the lamp bases and let me tell you they look incredible and the girls are wrecked with them okay grab it out and show you guys what it’s like so it’s quite a decent-sized bulb and then you can see all the little wiring inside with the little LED next I picked up a new phone case this is the iPhone x-axis rose gold floral haste by the anko brand and this was the cutest one I could find there really wasn’t too many in the range which was a little bit disappointing but that’s okay for five dollars really can you so here it is here just a basic clear case click a basic clear case with the little pale pink and white flowers on it when your hibiscus it’s kind of cute it looks better now that it’s out of the package you actually don’t mind it kind of cute and yeah so that’s that one so hands up if you always forget to put an umbrella in your car and then it starts pouring rain and you’re like that’s right I’m gonna pack an umbrella in my car when I get home and then you never do it that’s me so brings me to my next purchase I found this little black-and-white polkadot umbrella and it’s got this really gorgeous rose gold shiny handle on the end I thought it was rather delightful so I grabbed this one they had a really cute leopard print ones to you but I thought go for something a little more basic but you know what I’ll probably go back and pick up a little bit one too because this mama loves some lemon it’s actually really cute you guys I’m quite impressed and it was only ten dollars do I tell you that ten dollars so I could see myself walking down the street with this one [Music] like this straight down Bob’s your uncle all done and I love how compact it is it folds down so teeny tiny really cute I grabbed a new little clutch how cute is this little turn bag and it’s got the gorgeous gold trim on it it’s called the locked chin crossbody tanned nook seriously what on earth it was nine dollars so you can use it as a clutch it’s got these little clips right yeah so you can remove this portion of the bag otherwise you can wear it as a crossbody you just need onto there does it huh okay so oh this one’s got a little bit of I mean it’s not the worst thing in the world but that doesn’t look very pretty does it I might have to go return this one and swap it for a new one unless I just turn it out that way that’s right so you can wear it as a crossbody it actually comes down quite low on me and it doesn’t have an adjustable strap so you can’t actually change the positioning of it I mean it’s not terrible I would probably just prefer it to sit up a little bit higher I just thought it’d be a really cute piece things we’re coming into a bit more of the warmer weather to bring out the tan bags and it’s a great size it’s little but it’s got a compartment front so you can top things in here inside it’s got a nice tan lining and it has a pocket here and also another zipper ball pocket here so you can pop your keys or your cards or your money into this step and it’s secure and then you’ve got this part here to put put your little bits and bobs in and I just love zipper ball bags because there’s so much safer than having just like a class for a button so yeah very cute I picked up some new earrings these are super gorgeous they come in gold rose gold and silver and I’m so into the coin jewelry right now I absolutely love it so they remind me of coins but they’ve got like a little pressed imprinted pattern to the front of them they’re super cute and they were four dollars they have a name they just by that encode brand but I love them and then I also picked up these earrings here that are also just by the anko brand they’re just little beaded hoops and they’re super cute so I got this muted moss green kind of color it’s very similar to my top and then I got this baby pink color as well and they were four dollars each and I just feel like I really need to update my earrings of beautiful ones in today but I don’t wait too much costume jewelry so I wanted to get some some more pieces that just stand out a little bit more okay and the last item I picked up before we move on to our Tryon portion and these gorgeous little leopard print shoes how cute are they they’ve got just a tiny heel on the bottom they’re called the women’s ballet flats in animal print they’re a size 7 and they were $10 they’ve kind of got like a really soft material here say they’re really been in a ball which is great they’re not those like hard shoes that are really uncomfortable so these ones look like they’re going to be super comfy and they’ve got a shiny metallic gold insole here so I thought they would be perfect to wear with just some black skinny jeans or white skinny jean ooh they are on there really comfy I feel like I’m usually a size 7 in how much shoes but these ones are a little on the smaller size but I remember I tried the eights on and they won with miles too big so I figure I get the sevens and wear them a bit and they should stretch out a little bit when you wear them in they kind of get more comfortable when you wear them and I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of these days and moving on to the women’s wear as you can see have a little bit of a thing with green at the moment but I found this cute top I haven’t tried it on yet one of my daughter’s love this stuff and wanted me to get it and the other one didn’t but I think it’s cute it’s just a really beautiful sheer material with the floral print on it and obviously this one is not going to have anyone to it whatsoever because it’s see-through but I thought it would be cute for layering or coming into spring when it’s starting to get a little bit warmer it’s got a cute little ruffling kind of neckline to it and it has three little gold buttons right here and then it’s got a drawstring at the front which doesn’t draw anything him it’s just funny books these little gold friends on the end there and it’s called the Ellis peplum blouse green floral size six and it was $17 not actually is see-through as I thought I just have a briar on underneath and I mean you can kind of see it a little bit but I thought I was definitely gonna have to wear a singlet underneath this top I’ve got the size six and it does come in nice and fitted here it’s got this little waistband here that comes in is really cute I’m so glad that I did get this and then you’ve got these little tires here so you could tie it [Music] like this if you wanted to I feel so official having it tied up like this I don’t really like anything too tight around my neck that looks quite cute as well not bad if I don’t say so myself and I think it would look cute to wear for work if you wore it with like some like skinny pants or just casually like this with some white skinny jeans these are actually they came out white jeggings super soft and stretchy and comfortable and it does calm down a little bit so it covers a little bit of the bottom not all the way down but you could pull it down longer and have it covering like that there I also picked up a new jumper and no surprises it’s green this is the Year Prince wet Pacific size six and it was $10 I just thought I needed some more just leisure wear somewhere leisure wear or loungewear I thought this top who is really gorgeous it’s more of a thin jumper material so it’s got that kind of it’s not fleecy what would you call that that more woefully kind of material but I thought this was super cute and then it’s just got the basic print to the front thing Pacific Coast California and I thought this would be nice to lounge around in or you could dress it up a bit more and go out it was quite nice with the white jeggings also love it I love this jumper it’s so comfy and soft it’s a really soft jumper material not like that Hardy kind of material I love the basic print on the front it’s in a really good position here so it looks like it is a bit more of a relaxed fit I’m usually a six to an eight so this one’s a size six so you could possibly size down and if you’re looking for that a little bit more fitted kind of jumper if you’re wanting the more relaxed look then get your regular size ah I think this is my new favorite jumper the season the color is stunning it’s kind of like that olive green color and oh I love this buy another one I’m so bad like that it creates this honey I love I like buy five of the same thing on my five that’s a little extravagant then I’ll usually go and buy another one just to have a backup like I did with these jeggings these are my new ones it’s actually the first time I’m wearing the second pair because I spelt something on the other pair so it’s a good thing that I actually do buy a backup pair of clothes because somehow basic tops are just a staple all year round I feel so I picked up three plain long-sleeve shirts and they were four dollars each I got them in size this one’s a size six and size six to eight for these two so I got a black a gray and black and white striped they’re just great to have to layer up in the cooler weather and the cooler nights in summertime they’re a good option too and if you just chuck them on with a pair of shorts you are good to go so this black and white stripe your one is slightly different to the other two this is a size 6 so as you can see it is quite fitted but very stretchy I just love these pops I think they’re such a staple paced home in your wardrobe I wear them for work all the time they see me through it’s a good length too so it comes quite long actually a little bit higher up it’s quite warm it’s not see-through so I love this one and then this one is a looser fit so this is the size six to eight and it’s just really comfy I really love this shade of grey I never used to wear a lot of braids but I’m starting to get into it a bit more now and you can easily dress them up with some statement jewelry or a scarf or a snored or just whatever they just find a tuck under your coat or your jacket or your cardi and just so who knew that came out stopped what it suits I had no idea and I saw this one just hanging around so I grabbed it this is the it’s our bodysuit grey Mao and it was $7 I picked up a size 10 because I’ve got bigger boobies so I need that little bit more extra material to sort of cover over them so that doesn’t belly out like this can’t stand that when top sort of go out like that I like them to kind of sit in snuggly and I don’t have a long torso so I’m hoping the size 10 will give me enough space between here and here to not do that little belly art with the material but we’ll see anyhow for $7 that’s amazing and this will be such a good piece coming up to the warmer weather that’s gonna hit soon fingers crossed still waiting for it we might be waiting a while because I just love body suits I think they’re fabulous to wear with your shorts Oh your jeans are just amazing love them okay it’s not too bad I feel like it doesn’t belly add as much as what it could I mean I think after I wear it a few times and it stretches a little bit I think it’ll probably sit well the only problem with going up a size to allow for more room is it can kind of make things a little bit looser everywhere else but I feel like this one’s pretty good it does come down to quite low at the back so you can see you see a little bit of my bra yeah and I definitely have to wear a bra I mean I’d have to wear a bra but I definitely prefer to wear a bra under bodysuits yeah I like it it does the trick it’s inexpensive it’s a nice color I don’t know about it with these hands I think if I were to wear jeans it would probably look a little bit more flattering or with some little denim shorts it’s super cute and I can’t wait to get some good wear out of it when this sweater heads up moving on to pants I picked up these gorgeous jeans they’re coming up really really bright on the camera but they’re a little bit more muted than the color that they’re showing up for you guys this is the Enco skinny high rise comfort and stretch women’s and they were $20 in size eight so they’re a mid wash skinny jean and they’re meant to be an ankle length Jean as well which yes I can see they will be because they’re not super long so that’s great for me because I’m not a tall girl so I’m excited about these lines I just hope the eight aren’t gonna be too tight because they’ve got a tiny little waist on them so I have to see that I am liking them okay so first things first they are quite a tight fitting Jean they definitely are a skinny jean that’s for sure so just bear that in mind when you come to purchasing your own if you decide to get some of these jeans fast super gorgeous though I really love them they’re very soft and stretchy so there is a little bit of give still here but they’re definitely very fitted around the legs they have real pockets which is a plus love me some pockets as you can see they are an ankle-length Jean that is very much true they sit at a really good spot for me which is wonderful so I don’t know customs now where’s the public like bad it’s a little time like yeah this definitely not a lot of love a woman going on because they are quite a tight fitting Jean but it doesn’t pancake them too much I don’t think so that’s for it well then they look like after I do the littler squad list you could do this by test just to like get everything fitting into place how it should after you’ve worn them for a little while they’re probably gonna stretch out a little bit too but I am really quite impressed with these jeans they’re really comfy beautiful color so highly recommend them to guys and lucky last I picked up a couple pairs of tracksuit pants so we’ll do these ones first these are the N co-active burnout tracksuit pan in blue $15 size 8 they’re kind of like a vintage blue color they’re really really pretty again they’re coming up quite a vibrant huh yeah they’re more this kind of color that it’s showing you now so really pretty supersoft and they have the fleece inside which is awesome so they’re going to be nice and warm yet they look a little bit more on the baggy aside but we’ll see when we try them on they’ve got these two little navy blue bands around the lower leg just around the left leg and then the right leg is plane so it’s a nice little touch just to break it up a little bit these are amazing I wish I could live in these pants the only downfall to them is that they don’t have pockets but that’s okay because they’re super soft they also have the drawstring at the front so you can tighten them which is good I love these pads you guys they’re so nice and they’re a good length because I’m not a tall girl I’m a three and they don’t swarm me which is amazing yeah I love these they are gorgeous and then lucky last these ever last tracksuit pants so they’ve got a really nice like wasteland waistband that says Everlast all the way around it they’ve got the black drawstring at the front and down the left hands leg they’ve got the white Everlast writing to break up that color a little bit too which is good again no pockets what is with these people not putting pockets and tracksuit pants it’s like a must especially one go in exercising anyhow these are a size eight and they’re called the Everlast trek paint gray Mao and they were $25 okay haha look like I work in your onesie these are super soft just like the last pair they feel a little bit more fit they have the fleece inside as well so just super cozy and warm really nice pair of tricky pants to lounge around in they come down to a good length on me as well I don’t have any excess material going on which is good I really like the white Everlast writing down the leg oh it’s kind of at the front oh it’s sort of off to the side of it I thought it was going to be more around the side of the leg but okay yep I really love these they come up nice they’re not too tight for like I need to go for a run right now okay so that is everything I picked up today I really hope you all enjoyed this video and got some inspiration out of it also please remember to Like and subscribe and leave me a comment down below and let me know what your favorite item was that I picked up alright I look forward to seeing you all in my next video love you guys bye [Music].