Plus Size Winter Outfits 2018

Jeans have been in fashion ever since theywere discovered.

Jeans are pants made from denim or dungareecloth.

They were invented by Jacob Davis and LeviStrauss in 1873.

From comfort to style, denim gives it all.

They are perfect for every season.

You can wear ripped shorts in summer, or adda layer of denim jacket in the chilling cold weather.

This article covers how my plus-sized womencan rock jeans outfits this winter.

Let the jeans caress every curve as you rockthe street, sis.

Here are 10 outfit ideas on how to look chicin jeans.

Before We begin.


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All Denim OutfitDressing from head to toe in denim to prove how versatile jeans are.

Match your pair of jeans with an oversizeddenim jacket to give an all-denim look.

Unbutton the jacket to give a more rebel look, or shut it all the way up to fight the weather.

All denim outfit can be accessorized witha black leather shoulder bag or some light jewelry.


Classic Blue JeansThe most basic, yet chic outfit.

Blue jeans can go with almost every any topin your closet, which is why even if you keep changing your shirts, you can still trickpeople into believing that it’s a brand new outfit.

Everyone should own at least one pair of bluejeans, that fits perfectly.

Forever21, FashionNova, H&M, and Torrid area few of the brands that have a good collection of plus-sized jeans for you.

There are many different shapes and stylesthat jeans are made in now.

Such as bell bottoms, skinny jeans, boot cut, boyfriend pants etc.

I’m not weighing in on which one is thebest because it is different for everyone.

You need to find what type of jeans do youlike the most.


Black JeansGrinding from Monday to Friday, from that nine to five, you deserve to be comfortable.

You can not wear jeans to your office unlessthey are black.

Black jeans give a formal look.

Just pair them with a smart button up shirt, and there you are – a perfect office chic.


Denim DressYou do not have to limit denim to your legs, only.

Denim dresses are totally a thing and a chicone at that.

Pair it with thigh-high boots to fight thechilly weather.

Do not expect these dresses to be flowy likethe chiffon ones though.

Also, these are not a replacement for a silkdress at a formal event.

They are super cool for sure.


Bell BottomsBell-bottoms are to satisfy your inner hippies’ wishes.

Bell-bottoms are back in fashion like theynever left.

The bell-like shape at the bottom of the trousersis exactly how extra those ‘6os kids were.

Bell bottom jeans work best with off shouldercrop tops in popping colors.

Do not wear long shirts with these.


Boyfriend JeansThese give you a great fit near your waist and hip area and broaden a little bit as theymove down.

People started calling them ‘boyfriend jeans’because they look like they are borrowed from him.

These are super-comfortable so if you havea long day of shopping planned or a long flight, your boyfriend jeans will always be therefor you.

Can’t be so sure about the boyfriend, though.


Long Coats and JeansLong coats are your perfect partner to fight winters.

Wear them with either skinny jeans or jeansthat are fitted from the bottom.

Avoid flared jeans or bell bottoms as coatsthemselves are kind of loose at the end.

You can either close button up your coat orshow off your shirt underneath.

If the coat itself is printed then choosea neutral colored, plain shirt and tuck it inside your jeans.


Denim SkirtsDenim skirts are hard to carry, but they even make jeans look more formal and classy thancasual.

Wear them with a t-shirt if you are goingto a casual outdoor event.

Wearing a button-down shirt is perfect forsemi-casual places like meeting someone over at their place or to school.

These are a fun replacement for the typicalboring skirts, keyword being ‘fun’.

Means they are not appropriate for a meetingor when giving a presentation #9.

Denim Around your WaistHere is how to make your dull, boring outfit into an interesting one by one simple step:wrap your denim jacket around your waist.

You can even wear it on if it get’s colder.

This look is fun and gives out the impressionof a fashion-forward, young girl.

You can wear your jacket around your waiston other outfits like a simple shirt and pants, or a skirt.


Denim JumpsuitJumpsuits are this generation’s weird trends that somehow look good.

Even though it’s a little inconvenient (Imean, imagine going to the bathroom) they look good, nevertheless.

Usually, they are made of cotton, but denim’sversatility does not limit it from shaping it into a jumpsuit.

These look super casual when worn and areperfect for an afternoon, outdoor activity, for example, a picnic.

You can wear a t-shirt underneath to givecolor to your outfit and to stay warm in winters.


Winter Fashion Trends 2018: Coats + Jackets!

Welcome back to another episode of my#stylesession series!so this is a series where I go back to the basics and talkthrough how I put together outfits so in today's episode we're talking all aboutwinter coats and as you guys now winter fashion is notoriously expensive butwith the help of RetailMeNot

it's been super easy to save special thank you toRetailMeNot for sponsoring today's episode RetailMeNot is the ultimatedestination to save money online or in store for the winter time what I've beeneyeing our winter coats I love the tiny coat and so cute so I will go to theRetailMeNot app

and just pull it up and then I like to search up differentstores so let's look up Macy's and see ifthey're having any deals ooh 20% off Black Friday okay let's do thatthat one's a good one oh and it's a coat too so as you can see it's super

simple tosave what we tell me not so be sure to check out the app or website I'll haveit linked down below today we are talking about jackets and coats andguess what these are all under $100 so I will link for you guys my favorites downbelow in Iceland I

experienced my very first winter it was zero degrees Celsiusand below 30 degrees Fahrenheit so I was freezing now I'm looking back to myolder videos and I'm thinking what that was not winter outfits I don'tunderstand the very first jacket I want to talk about is the fleece zip up

Ihave this one from Uniqlo and I scored it for 30 bucks so I have this in abrown color and white color and it has become a wardrobe essential for mebecause of the fact that so lightweight it's really easy to layer up and it's socozy and warm sometimes I

like to hi snacks in theinside pocket just because I can why not the second coat I wanted to talk aboutthe wool blended pea coat so this one I have from Peru and this is a wardrobeessential for me I pretty much wear it at least once or twice a

week because ofhow well fitted it is I have this in a size small this coat is a great way toadd a sophisticated classic look to any outfit quite a challenge to find a quality coatunder $100 but I really love this look it's so cozy makes me feel like

a jammyteddy bear whenever I wear it honestly this coat has no hanger appeal it justlooks like a big blanket I like most about it that caught my eye was that itwas fully lined which I find is very rare for this type of jacket my next essential is a

lot their jacketyou can find a ton of faux leather authentic leather jackets but I thinkthe key to finding the perfect leather jacket is to pay attention to thedetails be sure to look out for the zipper and then check the pockets andthen the lining this is a more affordable

option which I will link foryou down below it is still a very well-made jacket but it definitely doesnot have as much structure or shape to it this coat is giving me retro some ofthese vibes I love just the vintage look but to make it look a lot more

modernParrott with a flowy chiffon dress with some over the knee boots in a true winter climate the pufferjacket is perfect because it's comfortable it's warm and it's just soluscious makes me feel like a giant marshmallow whatever I'm wearing them Iwant you guys to guess which jacket is the

cheaper one and which one is themore high-end coat okay so this jacket was only 15 dollars from H&M such asteal and this one was about 150 from Arc'teryx I got it from REI on saleboth jackets are great because they're water-resistant this one is verylightweight easy to layer I

love the pop of Brad you're into more pastels Ihighly recommend this coat you can probably find a lot of alternatives fromlike Urban Outfitters H&M I asked you guys on Instagram if youguys liked corduroy jackets and about 60% of you said yes always wanted tohave a burgundy moment where

I'm able to match my jacket with my bottoms and myshoes and I think I definitely achieve that with this look I still wanted tointroduce this to you guys because it's a very different style jacket differentfabric for me this jacket also has a very masculine look because of thezipper

detailing as well as a belt buckle around the waist so those were myfall winter coats all under $100 be sure to comment down below and let me knowwhat are some of your winter fashion essentials and let me know what othervideos you want me to make along with this

series be sure to click over hereto vote follow me on instagram at fashion bye Ali for more daily up toinspiration I love you guys all so so much and I will see you in my next onebye

WINTER FASHION STYLE ❄️ Holiday Trends 2018 ||EBC||

hey there welcome to elevate Beautycompany my name is summer and I'm gonna show you how to style the top ends forwinter I'm also going to show you how you can win a $50 gift card to Target togo shop for them yourself the thing that I love most about

thesetrends is that they are super accessible and extremely wearable I found examplesfor all seven trends both in clothes for adults and clothes for kids so I'mreally excited to talk to you guys about how you and your mini-me can be rockingthese trends all winter long and be able to

do it on a really inexpensive budgetI will go ahead and link everything that I found in a blog post which is linkeddown below in the notes so if you want to find any of these pieces for yourselfyou can go ahead and click on that link and be able

to find everything that I amshowing you today so the first trend that I am loving and my little girl isabsolutely obsessed about is faux fur and texture here's an example that Ifound at Target that is so comfortable my son actually stole this sweater andwore it to bed the

other day because he loves comfy clothes and blankets and allof that and what is better and than to be able to actually wear basically asuper fuzzy comfy blanket all day long this is a blush color that actuallymatches the top that I'm wearing right now it's one of my

favorite colors thatmommy blush tone that is so on trend right now it will transition you intowinter just fine and I'm going to show you how to style this one and for mymini me I found this darling sweater from Target as well this has a couple ofdifferent textures mixing

textures is also a really big trend right now so Iwould style this with something like leggings or jeans you can even do like alonger tulle skirt with my daughter feels like everything is itchy so sheloves something like this another way that you can do this phonetrend is to

do a jacket so I found this jacket in the kids section and don'tfeel like you have to stay confined if you can squeeze into an extra-large kidsdo it because this same exact jacket was in the adult section for almost a thirdmore but if you can fit into a

kid's extra-large go ahead and shop in thatsection as well the fun thing about that is that you can't match with your miniso I got an extra small for my daughter this is her Christmas dress and then Igot the extra large for myself and we will both be rocking

these this winter Idecided to partner this sweater with a comfy pair of jeans and tennis shoesthis is a great way to kind of dress down something that's a little bit morebold and a bigger statement dress it down with a pair of jeans and matchingtennis shoes that kind of

coordinate and then you can run errands in this youcould drop off your kids at school you could even go out with girlfriends justthrow on like a necklace or something like that or a bold earring and youcould rock this I mean duh from day until evening we're gonna move

on to thenext trend and this sweater that I just showed you I'm gonna actually partnerwith one of the other trends that I'll talk about later the great thing aboutthese trends is they really partner well together so we're gonna move on to ournext trend next thing on our list

is animal print and more specificallycheetah is a really really on trend for wintertime and there's lots and lots ofdifferent ways that you can wear it you can go super bold with something likethis fur jacket so cute it's got a really darling gold detail on theelastic trim and this

again was from the kids section at Target you can findsimilar pieces in the adult section I love that I can find a less expensiveprice point and be able to match with my little ones so here's the smallerversion of this my daughter loves this jacket she's been begging me

for weeksto be able to wear it and I told her no not until we finishour video but she loves how soft and comfy this is it keeps her nice and warmand cozy and so I love the Balmer style which is a little bit low-key if you'regoing to do

a faux fur jacket the next thing that you can do is wear it in ashoe I got these are these Sam Edelman boots I got these from Nordstrom Rackthese actually are a faux fur as well so again you can partner these trends intogether so fur and cheetah together

work really nicely I'm going to show youguys how to style these ones my tip for this trend is to keep it neutral Ipartnered these cheetah booties with a black moto legging and a plain creamsweater the cream really ties in the lighter Browns in the boot and the blackkeeps

it very neutral and simple so if you're gonna be rocking a super boldprint try to keep everything else pretty neutral you can rock like these boots Iwore these boots with this red skirt over here to church the other day and itwas great but if you're just starting out

you're not sure where to go withleopard you can never go wrong with lastik black and a neutral top the nexttrend on the list is rust-colored earth tones so I got this dress from NordstromRack again I feel like you can get really good deals there and find thingsthat are

still in the season so this is a lush shift dress you could also dosomething like this rust-colored free people booty that I got last year duringChristmas I got this on sale they were like 50% off so you can find things at adiscount that will still work for current

trends and this little jumperthat's from Target I would do for winter with black tights and a darling blackbootie and you can do like a cream sweater with it or a black sweaterit would really transition well into the winter time for your little ones whenit's not too cold we

live here in Arizona so it's almost summer timeyear-round we like it gets wet weather but not really cold weather sofor us this paired with tights and booties would be perfect for winter timethose of you on the East Coast maybe not so much but this is a trend that

I'mreally loving I feel like it's a beautiful color on most people it's agreat kind of neutral color for everyone so I'm going to show you really quickI'm gonna style this shift dress I went ahead and styled of this shift dresswith a pair of over-the-knee black boots now black

over the knee boots in aclassic style will take you through many many seasons and years of wear I gotthese two years ago at the North's tremendo bursary sale they're from SteveMadden and they are still going strong they're really good quality so I will beable to wear these for

many many years and they're not going to go out of stylepartnering to shift dress with over the knee boots it's a way to be classy butstill show a little bit of sexiness I love this rust color with black but Ithink it's so beautiful together it's very low-key but

very pull together if Iwere going somewhere that's cold I could take this darling bomber jacket that hasthe black detail in it which kind of complements the shoes and tieseverything all in together and throw this on for being outside so I'm not toocold cuz I've got those short sleeves

on this is the way that you can sport thisarrest color with either that fur or that cheetah print as wellI am a baseball hat kind of girl so I love to wear a hat and finding one thatI can wear with like a pull together outfit and not necessarily

a sweatshirtand jeans for the winter is really important to me so this next trendreally speaks to me in that way because it is the western wear trend it'ssomething that is you'll see in a lot of different pieces and my favorite way towear that is with hats so this

is a hat from Target it's a felt brimmed hat andit has this really cool studded detail on the front and I love to wear them ondays when my hair is a little bit dirty and I don't necessarily want to pull itup in a ponytail I can still rock

it down as long as I hide those rootsa little bit dirty so these hats are fantastic for fall and winter and if youfind them in lighter colors they'll be great for spring as well so I couldpartner this with this rest dress and these black boots and this would

be agreat outfit totally complete I have this other one that is from let's see Ihave this one from treasure and bond this one's from Nordstrom and it hasthis really beautiful feather detail so these little touches like the feathersthe studded belt on this one are what you're looking for

for western wear it'snot so literal it's more kind of low-key small details in your western wearanother way that you can wear this trend is in boots so we're not talking aboutfull-on cowboy boots although I'm gonna be like how my boots are never gonna goout of style they're so

cute for lots and lots ofscenarios but not necessarily everyday wear all over the place so I found thesereally cute boots from Target these also fit in with the next trendwhich is the mid-calf boots so this isn't necessarily a low bootie and it'snot a knee-high bootie it's right in

between so this is one of those trendsthat everybody can wear as well and this is a fun way to tie in that Westerndetail with the mid calf of booty style I have another bootie that you couldwear as well the sock bootie trend from last year is still going

strong thisyear so I have these ones these are the peep toe bootie this is a knit bootiefrom Target as well like I said target is super on point with their trends theyknow exactly what's happening so if you kind of go through and see what you'rekind of finding throughout

the whole store chances are that's probably one ofthe hot trends for this year so I'm going to show you really quick how tostyle these darling half-caf western but here's how I wouldstyle this cute little western boot I have on another shift dress this isactually target from I think

two years ago I love how it has this black withthe rust detail which again it's something that we're lookingfor in our pieces this year and it just ties in that cream stripe that I have inthe bottom this is not really a western-style dress but when I throwthese little

Western boots on it kind of all works together with this pattern thecolors and these cute little boots I love that they're like just fun and easyto wear they're not super hot I know like when we wear boots all the way upto our knees sometimes they can get really

warm and these are supercomfortable they're very flexible and I love it they're cream which is kind ofdifferent from what you're gonna find in most boots during the winter time soit's like that will winter white in it find a little bootie in a western styleso the next trend that

I want to show you I can actually throw right on top ofhere and that is the mini bag so micro mini bags are very very on trend thisyear this is a really small black darling handled bag and it also has astrap so you could wear it as a

crossbody bag like this you can tuckthis little strap into your purse and just carry it as a handbag I like that Ican just throw in a lipgloss my keys and my phone and be ready to go and have myhands completely free last year was a very big year

for the clutch and thisyear it's all about the mini bag it's very usable practical and it's supercute – everything is cuter when it's small right so the mini bag is somethingyou're gonna want to look at this one again from Target really inexpensive agreat gift for the holidays and

something that you can just throw onbehind you pick up the kids and run out the door this next trend is one of thoseclassic trends that really never goes out of style but it's really moving tothe forefront this winter and that is please so I found this really cute

skirtfrom Target again you guys I got almost everything at Target super easy and thisis a beautiful deep red it's a really fun playful material that moves with youanother really casual way to style those pleats is to do a shirt like this thisis a sweatshirt from Nordstrom it's great

because it has this really cutepleated design attached to the bottom I love to wear this withpair of leggings and boots I also will throw it on with a pair of jeans andtennis shoes so you can dress this one up or down I styled this with a brownsweater and

those leopard boots at church the other day and it looked socute all together so I'm gonna throw thisskirt on and show you another way that you can style this piece now this outfitmay be a little over the top for some people but I love to have fun withfashion

so I've partnered the mid-calf Western bootie pleated skirt I have onjust a plain silk blouse and this little tie it's a little bit of a nod to likethe bolo tie so it ties in those boots on top and then you know what it's coldin the winter so you

need a fabulous coat and layering that winter white ontop of winter white is really beautiful together this is fun this is something Iwould wear with like a really darling pair of earrings and maybe some rings toa fun holiday party with a bold red lip I just think having

fun with fashion andmixing all these trends together if you're doing it in a playful really funway is something that is really great I just think it's fun to mix these in areally playful way and come up with your own style which is what I did with thisoutfit here

our last trend kind of transports me to my childhood in the 80swhere we would gemstone and rhinestone and glitter glue anything we can get ourhands on and that is this gorgeous gem jeweled trend that you'll see both inearrings so this past year your tassels have been super big

and this year it'sall about the gemstone so I have these really cute earrings these are five and10 dollars from Target these are a great way to sport that look and then I alsohave these jeans that I got again from Nordstrom Rack these are true religionand they're super comfortable

I love the detail in them they have that distressedlook that everybody loves to rock right now and then it adds in those jewels andthose fun studs I'll wait for your little one to get in on this is againtarget does a great job at doing this but this one

is from a shop from she inand my daughter loves this it is a really darlingstretchy blush top it has this great scalloped detail and then it has thesefun little pearls all over it she has another sweater from Target that hasthese pearls and it's in a really beautiful grey

color so you'll be ableto find this kind of all over and it's a great way for your little one to get inon this trend but these are my favorite jeans right now I love to roll up thebottom and wear a really fun top or sweatshirt with them and

kind of downplay with my accessories and really play up these jeans so I'm gonna show you howI'm gonna style thee I went for more of a low-key I could pick up my kids fromschool but I still feel like I'm the cool calm and cool pickup with thisoutfit I

got this sweater at Nordstrom Rack from wild fox these jeans againfrom Nordstrom Rack and then I have these cute little slides from SteveMadden they're from Nordstrom I love how the black slide ties in with the blacklips and then the gold studs tie in with the jeans so everything

plays welltogether here you have that classic pull together look with a little bit of edgethank you so much for hanging out with me today I hope that this video gave yousome ideas on how you can incorporate these oils into your wardrobe thiswinter and I would love to help

you do that so if you just subscribe to mychannel and comment below tell me which of these trends you are most excited toshop for I will pick one winner to win a $50 gift card to Target so you can goand find these trends for yourself thanks so much

for watching and I willtalk to you guys next time you

TRY-ON HAUL WINTER 2018 | Fashion Nova

hey guys and welcome back to my channel for today's video I have another fashion OVA try on haul I have the names of the product as well as the price here on the screen along with a clip of me trying it on and I'll have the links to

everything in the description box as you can see I'm on my bed because my room is a mess and we're moving in just a couple of weeks so everything is just everywhere but I'm excited to move because I'm gonna have my own filming room so I'm gonna make

sure that my background is a lot nicer alright so the first thing that I'm gonna show you guys is what I'm wearing which is a hooded jumpsuit in the color burgundy and it's super comfy it's more of a casual outfit I would say it's quite stretchy it hugs

you on the waist so it still gives you a little bit of curves and it doesn't have any pockets on the back next is this sweater mini dress it's in the color mustard with black and white stripes it has the mock neck and it's a long sleeve very

stretchy these would look really nice with the high knee boots it's a bit short on me but I'm kind of tall so next is this mob satin dress which kind of looks like those little sexy pajama dresses I would personally wear it out to like dinner or something

there's little lingerie tops that also look really cool with like jeans so you can wear this out to dinner and then come home take off your shoes and just go to bed basically they also had another one in the color cognac that one I really loved too next

is this burgundy matching set it comes with a cropped mini jacket with the silver strip I was gonna say stripper with the silver zipper and with these bottoms which have pockets but no zipper or buttons or anything they're like a velvety material but there are a hundred percent

polyester the next piece is this nude long sleeve top with the mesh detail it's super cute it kind of has like a turtleneck I really like the lining right here at the bottom which is released and I still haven't gotten my nails done I also ordered another dress

it's this black satin mini dress with the lace trim and spaghetti straps the cups have no padding which I really like but they're really small for me I think if you have maybe a B or even C cup it might fit you better these pretty much just covered

my nipples but I still liked it I think it would be fine if I just wear a jacket on top and it has this really nice detail on the side next I ordered this black long-sleeve jumpsuit with the deep v-neck and it has the little twist detail right

here in the front it's a wide-leg jumpsuit and I love this one but my torso might be a little too long so it kind of just goes up so I have to keep pulling it down but when I wear it I'll probably just get like my purse to

cover my crotch the whole time because I really like it I feel like it looks really classy I also got this ivory long-sleeved top with the v-neck and you can tie it in the back it's super cute and they also sell it in the color lavender the next

thing I got is this red sequined dress with the long sleeve the deep v-neck and the padded shoulders normally sequin dresses aren't very stretchy but this one has a lot of stretch and it's pretty comfortable because it has that it has a double lining so it doesn't poke

you inside of course this dress is perfect for Christmas which is here in literally one week my dad is calling me hello bien si la primera Kamiyama and the last clothing piece that I got is this leopard print dress which is like a satin or silky material this

is one of my favorite dresses that I got it just looks so classy it has a bungee spaghetti straps with the visible zipper on the side it's double layered and it's quite stretchy and the last thing that I got is this black fanny pack with the gold zipper

and it has adjustable straps so that was it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe if you haven't already thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video hello

it's not turning off [Music]

32 WiNter layering ONioN outfits

In this notoriously freezing month Don't you just wanna snuggle up and never leave the bed But we can't be lazy We still got to look nice for winter As I don't want to freeze my ovaries off in winter Here are 30 onion outfits to look like a snowman Or maybe a black snowman? For the base layer, we are staring with some turtle necks and tights To let my head look less floaty Im gonna add some choker First outfit, Im gonna layer a white cropped cardigan And yet in winter still folding up jeans showing my attractive ankles To match the gray color on the turtle neck I went for a gray blazer For shoes, I go to the new love of my life, Dr.

Martins So I'm also in love with this pearl detail on this cardigan Ok, on to the next outfit Layering a crop top This is really the next level of art, Not to get any makeup on my crop top Keeping it all white, I finishing it off with my all season Hollister jacket Time for some stripping for the next outfit So for the next one, I changed some white washed jeans to some blue washed jeans While still jumping around to pull my pants up Here I am going on some denim on denim adventure Finishing it off with stomping on one classic jordon ones Voila, the finished look.

Am I pronouncing that right Any French out there? Please correct me! To make this outfit not so denim I added on a black orange bomber jacket I surely do like a sporty street boy that is gonna fall a sleep at any time On to some good old stripping Youtube don't demonetize me please Ive got my base layer on ok? So next is a milky white collared sweater To tone down this milky white sweater Im going to add on this checkered blazer Shoes are those funky daddy shoes from Balenciaga Ohh and I went with some experimental layering here I folded a square scarf in half as a triangle and put it over my blazer That light poppy khaki color kinda matches with the white on the inside As Iit is in the same color scheme? To change this outfit a little bit, We are going back to the good old Doctor Martins Matching those docs with those hideous red white and black socks It keeps me warm and that's the goal for winter For accessories, I went to the classic golden gucci belt Trying to pretend like a rich bitch for a while Are you guys ready to get this winter party started But the key thing is to stay warm kids I loved how this outfit turned out with those funky socks Moving foward.

Here there's a really cool tip right here.

Layering a solid color over a leather jacket Letting the collar of the leather peak out But the down side is that I have some sausages arms right now You'll have such a hard time bending them But what is fashion without some minimal amount of suffer And staying warm at the same time This trade off is definitely worth it kids Those pieces are pretty basic and solid colors But they create a magic when they are added together Speaking of magic.


Ive changed To avoid seasonal depression, I played with some color stripes and color blocking in this outfit Or should I even call this a costume Because I normally don't wear like this but for this video sake On to the next outfit, folks The color is going brighter and brighter here.

I went for a bright pink for the jacket For even a cozier option, I added on this parka There's also some wings on the back of the jacket I feel like that Im going to roar the world Or I look like a pink kitten disguised as a black panther So just a tip here, black and pink are really great colors to match Because we are all going to kill this love like those black pinks.

Hopping forward For this next outfit, I toned it down with a dark blue, corduroy sweater So to match with the dark blue on the inside I added a freaky bright blue navy wind breaker situation This blue is literally the in your face blue That is so bright and so hard to tone down A takeaway tip here from this mildly monochrome outfit is To match everything in different tones of the same base color Hopefully what you guys know what I meant right there On to the next outfit Here's is pretty much the same thing But I just changed out the jacket for a conservative look If you guys are not into this in your face blue look A simple black and white scarf can also make this outfit even warmer For the next outfit, Im changing out those pants Those pants are really a statement It is so cool on those details To brighten up this outfit, I added this khaki colored trench coat There's less of this sausage arm situation So this is the finished look And I have to put some emphasis on those pants Because it literally looks like that I have corset on my waists It has those details on the pants waist area ? And thank you everyone who has been watching until 4:20 of the video Thank you again, and we are moving on Now I have matched a baseball jacket that is black and white with this sweater Gray, white, and black are just easy colors to fit together So here's once again we are back with some classic color blocking I went for a green sweater For the jacket, I paired a complementary color orange and purple with the green sweater I still got some hope for my color theories Or is red and green another complementary color? Here's another Christmasy option I changed up the jacket to some hard core army green jacket from Hollister Here I tied on a blouse to define my waist in this cozy winter The red and black checker is such a BOLD choice Guess what? We are going back again We are going on to that denim on denim look For the pants, I went for some bell bottoms And they make me a tad bit taller, so that's the great thing And paired it with some floral sneakers For last use of summer pieces, I used a blue crop top The floral pattern and blue matches with the rest of the outfit Guess what I'm doing here next I'm gonna smash on some turtle neck and POOF So next on this exciting experimental laying episode I have layered a off shoulder baby blue blouse So, This is one of the layering results that I have made And I love it! So here's even more experimental laying I changed up some poopy brown boots It keeps my calves as warm as possible So definitely good for the toasty winter So here i'm trying to demonstrate the fact that You can pretty much layer anything over a turtle neck I layered a lacy cami over it And just put on the striped cardigan because I just feel like to Ok the but wiggling here is a bit problematic here You guys are probably tired of seeing this scarf But I'm going to add it here again So now my neck is even toaster because it is covered by two layers By the turtle neck and scarf So here is another option with a different jacket with the same inside base layer So changing up the jacket really changes the whole tone of the outfit So here's another nice tip We're now going back to the black monochromes I really do feel that I am a counterfeit version of the black widow But in a more business casual way Here I just matched my crop top over my white turtle neck And paired is with some knee thigh high black boots So for all those college students out there A bomber jacket, tight, and some platform docs are such a perfect match With my instincts, I definitely feel that they are triplets since the end of the universe On to the next outfit If you are out of laying ideas You can even layer a jeans blouse over a turtle neck, so here'a another option To match the blue on the inside I pretty much just went with the same navy blue in your face jacket I feel like you guy probably been tired of seeing this all purpose doctor martins here but there are just so all purpose So here's another option with the same top and same turtle neck I just changed out the pants and jacket for a more angelic and prestigious option Because that's what a color of white gives us Lmao, does that description even make sense? I don't know you guy can figure that out So moving on, what can you call a winter outfit video with some cozy over sized hoodies Going for something even more casual for a hoodie Nope, I going to juxtapose with this formal blazer Huh.

It looks like a dancing snake to me For the finishing touches, I added on this fancy feather belt I had a hard time cinching in my food baby Here I'm so confident, cozy, and comfy in this outfit Oh Yea and that some nice alliteration right there.

Great one! Even I am ready to dance this night away So here's another option when the weather is colder You just add another jacket of the same color, which is this black fuzzy parka again I love it because it keeps me as toasty as warm as possible On to the next outfit and forgot to do a camera transition SO here I'm putting on a black red hoodie Oh yea! Here's another styling tip for you You can tie a hoodie on your neck as an accessory matching the color of your hoodie that you're wearing For the shoes, we are going to continue this sporty theme I went for some fancy nike off white collab kicks Feww.

Those were a but load of words for those shoes Im not going to let you guys suffer in winter Im adding on this same baseball stripe jacket as you guys have seen before Here's another alternative without adding or changing anything up Just tie the hoodie across the body in the other direction We're still not done with this outfit這套衣服還沒結束呢 We're still not done with this outfit這套衣服還沒結束呢 To change this up once again You can tie up a blouse In this case I have a red and black one on my waist Practically, there'a many ways to spice up the outfit Just tie a shirt or an accessory anywhere We're finally moving on And thank you again for your viewing experience until now What if you have a open crop top and some neck line u want to show off The solution here is to use a scarf to cover your midriff area We dont want to freeze those spleen, liver, and colon off Got to protect those lumbar vertebrae and spinal nerves To match the checker on the scarf I went for my checkered blazer again to match them together So for showing off your neckline, This outfit is more suitable for people who are living in a tropical region On to the next outfit, I'm doing the same thing still protecting my midriff area But in a red and black theme again Black and red is truly the millennial truth of color matching and it never goes wrong So here we're twisting and running our way to the next outfit Next on the agenda we have some comfy sweat pants What's winter without some comfy sweat pants So with so much skin revealing already Im gonna juxtapose on the outside to go on a thick way I matched on this thick blanket parka I actually wore this outfit in November and it wasn't that bad You see the problem with being single here I have to be very flexible to pull the zipper up by myself Here we are going to max out on this body con dress from summer So literally any long jacket will work along with any body con dress And I also layered a turtle neck under here Turtle neck is just the all purpose winter item高領毛衣只是萬能的冬季用品 Turtle neck is just the all purpose winter item高領毛衣只是萬能的冬季用品 For another alternative with the shoes Instead of those chunky docs Im going to change into those girly thigh high boots So on the next outfit, we are back with some hoodie action For the graphic text hoodie, just keeping everything simple Since it is so flattery flowery already I went for the same black boots And I just paired it with a sherpa jacket and Tired of seeing this again Oh my gosh, finally on to the last outfit So the flattery pants has moved to a pants Believe it or not.

This is my first pair of gingham pants And I should buy these more Because I didn't know those trousers existed Just keep everything simple I paired it with a leather jacket and a plain turtle neck Oh hey guys, thank you so much for watching Im going to go clean up this pile of gigantic mess And Im so tired after doing this voice over Hopefully this video is useful Or will I ever say that this video is unuseful, unsubscribe, and unlike So please don't do that and I'll see you guys next week.

CASUAL WINTER OUTFITS | outfit ideas for cold weather

hello you guys welcome back to mychannel if you're new here it's so nice to meet you my name is lyss! we arecreating some cute little winter outfits today it's in that weird spot where it'sstill winter but then you have that random day that's like super sunny so Iwanted

to kind of mix it up so I have going on here is just something supercasual super cozy my pants and my jacket are both from za fall Oh as well as mytop I'm obsessed with it and my boots are from boohoo I love the way thismakes me feel

I feel like you can just wear it for during the daytime you canwear it out when it gets too hot you can take the jacket off and your back iswide open let the Sun touch your back you know what I mean I love that vibealso you guys please

let me know if you like this style of video as well Ithought this was so so much fun to do it where like I'm changing in front of youlike that sounds kind of funny but it just felt more real like this is reallywhat it looks like this is

how you create an outfit and in between theoutfits you can kind of see how things look together like just now with thet-shirt that is from shop redone in the red pants I could wear that together tooso you kind of get a mix of things going on here now

this coat that I'm wearingis all also from za well this is not sponsored by self I would just got a lotof clothes from them but I love this jacket so much I have been dying to getmy hands on a jacket like this and I'm obsessed I love the

colorI also talking in the top again I live in the desert so it's like 5060 degreesright now um so I can do that if you can't leave it down don't show off yourtummy then I'm wearing these mom jeans that are from Mountain bow I love themthey're super super

cozy I typically stick to like a very skinny pant butthese are cozy if you need to layer you can put leggings underneath underneaththem to feel super super warm then my boots I believe from I wouldn't saythey're from boohoo I love this outfit this feels very likeI don't know

like blogger in a coffee shop I love this vibe I love the colorsthe neutral tones and neutral tones are my absolute go to they're my favoriteand they look good on everybody let me know if you would like to see more stylevideos with like jackets or anything like that

cuz I realized when I wascreating outfits for this video that I have a lot of jackets I was like wouldthat be a good idea or people into that let me know now for this next outfitthis is so funny you guys I wasn't really planning on this to be

the lookbut once I realized from my first outfit that that neck was kind of like a miniturtleneck my original top for this outfit was a black turtleneck so I hadto switch it up so he put on this top and said just paired it with some blackjeans which by

the way this top used to be a dress and then I just chopped itinto um a crop top but my black jeans I can't remember they're fun but they'rejust like super basic black jeans you can find those anywhere my chain belt isfrom za fall my boots are from

fashion Nova from like a few years ago but I'msure they have something like that similar on this site I mean they'rebasic black boots you can really find those anywhere as well and then myjackets kind of like this statement item of the outfit this is from boohoo I loveit

it's one of my favorite jackets I own it's so girly and like glam for a wintercoat but I'm absolutely obsessed with this you can dress it up you can dressit down you can wear it in snow you can wear it in the rain you can wear it inthe

Sun you can wear it laying in bed you know what live your dream dowhatever you want I love this outfit it just feels more of like a cool girleffortless vibe and if I wanted to cover my stomach I could but you guys ifyou're from my channel you know

you know me ok this was when I realized that thenext outfit was too similar to that that I just showed you so I got rid of it butnow we're going to the final outfit which is my go to right now and I justwant to be super casual and

comfortable cozy is key I am so obsessed with denimI love denim on denim it's such a vibe it's my favorite thing and that's whatthis next outfit is you're really gonna love itand I am NOT I just chucked that jacket to the ground I said goodbye now thishoodie you

guys I have been so obsessed with it I cannot stop wearing it Ellie'sjust as excited about it it is like one of those teddy kind of materials butit's really soft this is from Safa and the men's section but I feel like if I'mwearing a hoodie I don't know

about you I have to put ah there's a hole in mysleeve oh okay how's the VIX at how do they not notice that til I'm filming andI didn't even notice that I was filming or I mean while I'm editing Wow okayit's good to know but this is from

this immense offal section I'm obsessed withit but like I was saying any time I wear like a hood or anything that's like alot around my neck I have to put my hair up I don't know what it is it just feelsbetter I feel more comfortable that way but

yeah so hoody from softball myjacket is huge and it's from Levi's it's so sturdy this was the moment I realizedI was wearing black socks and I was about to put on white shoes but thoseare my air forces I love them and literally wear them 45 times a week

I'mobsessed and then I'm wearing my good American jeans oh I also paired thisoutfit with some sunglasses these are from za 'fl as well I love them thisoutfit it's just cozy you can run errands in it you can do I mean you cando anything and whatever you wear but

this is definitely an easy go to runningerrands outfit for me personally if I'm gonna go grab a quick lunch if it's toocold outside for me to care to put on a really cute outfit but I still want tofeel like cool girl things you know like take an Instagram

photo with this outfiton and I'm gonna sip a little lavender latte and just be like yeah you knowwhat I mean I love it's cozy you can wear it to school wherever you want Ilove it let me know in the comments below if you liked videos like this andif

you would like to see more like this and I will get going on those for you Ilove you so much and I'll see you soon mwah bye guys

FASHION TRENDS Fall 2018 – Winter 2019 & how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it's Justine.

New season, new fashion trends video! If you are new to my channel, welcome.

I do this kind of video twice a year, everyspring and every fall.

It shows the trends that I see coming forthe season, based on everything that has been shown on all those runways.

It doesn’t mean that the looks are wearablejust as they are, so I also weigh in with tips on how to make the trends more real-lifecompatible, let's say.

I hope that my trend boards will inspire youand that you will find things that you want to try out that fit you and your style.

Let’s go! Every season there is clearly a revival vibesomewhere.

This season it's clearly the eighties.

When I think of the eighties, I see loud colors, padded shoulders, velvet and shiny fabrics at night.

The eighties woman had an inverted triangletorso on super-long legs.

Well this time, I feel the revival is a bitmore nuanced and darker, gloomier.

You can see wide shoulders, which has beena constant thing at Balenciaga in the last seasons.

But now, it’s also at Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, more and more at Saint Laurent.

It seems like the Balenciaga effect is spreadingacross all the different fashion cities.

While Saint Laurent stays true to the styleof their house, with lurex threads and jaquards, Balmain is using combined materials to createsomething that probably wouldn’t have been possible, technically, 30 years ago.

Balenciaga went further: See those hips? There the garment has been molded onto thebody and then covered with fabric.

It’s a very new method.

Very interesting.

The shoulder pads could be lighter, to makethe whole look a bit more office-wearable.

But in fact, a wide-shoulder silhouette likethis can really be executed in different styles: in outerwear, jackets, tops, dresses.



It's really quite versatile.

Now question to you.

When you see this board, do you think it feelsmodern and reinvented, or it just looks eighties? Second trend: shades of brown.

Brown is a neutral.

You can use it just like navy blue or blackto really ground a look.

And when you combine different shades of brownwith some deep reds and yellows, you can get a beautiful color palette! Chanel went muted, with a very earthy brown…but then added some shiny fabric underneath, just because it fits so well in that eightiesvibe.

Chloé picked a collar that could absolutelybe worn in the movie “American Hustle”… Actually, if you're looking for referenceinformation for that trend, the movie American Hustle is filled with earthy scenes, and greatcolor schemes where the clothing is matching the wallpaper, to create a harmony.

It's brilliant.

Back to the trend board.

Fendi went all-in and put the double-F logo, brown on brown, everywhere.

Jacquemus added colorful accents in a moresubtle manner.

My favorite looks are the Tod’s looks, thesetwo.

They stayed in one consistent color paletteand made the textures vary.

The way Tod's did it is A-league because itmeans that you're matching every single piece in the outfit to that mood, so it's not easyto start with.

But an easier way of doing it is the way Jacquemusdid it.

You get one central garment that is brown, and then you add accents of colors with the accessories and the rest around it.

For instance, you take brown pants in a brownthat fits your skin tone, your undertone, and then add a patterned top and matchingaccessories which you already own.

So you only get one new piece, and the restis already in your closet.

Brown is a color that can exist in warm andcool versions, so it can really work for everyone.

The next trend is not layering; it's overlayering.

Layering is something you would naturallydo in winter.

(I know I would, because I’m always cold).

But here, this season, it's more than that.

Accent on “more”.

It feels like we need to protect ourselvesagainst something.

Is it subconscious? What happened to trigger this need for morelayers? It is everywhere, on all runways.

I could have found twenty more examples toput on this board.

I think the Balenciaga look has at least 6layers.



if I am counting this right.

But even at houses like Lemaire or Tory Burch, which are usually more… I’d say more classic… you see these cocoonsof protection.

Notice the detail at Maison Margiela.



These sleeves are knitted into a woven jacket.

This is high craftsmanship.

At Vuitton, you see the most wearable option, I think: this turtleneck with a top or a dress on top of it, which has super thin spaghetti-likestraps.

There are plenty of options to make this combinationwork, and make it more or less lightweight, like the turtleneck underneath could be light-knit, instead of this thicker thing.

It could be a skin-toned.

flowy, silky blouse, closed here with a ribbon, or it could be a transparent shirt, since the top covers you already anyways.

The next trend would be sophisticated knitwear.

I personally love knitwear, and I think it’sa pity when the runways show only cable-knit and jersey, because there are so many moreways to knit a yarn into something creative.

So this season, I am super happy with whatI am seeing.

All the examples on this board are specialdevelopments, designed by the houses and then knitted exactly as they want.

There’s nothing standard here.

Etro is traditionally an expert in this kindof fabric, and this look is so them, but still creative and new.

The Sacai look is new for me.

You can tell that there is some ethnic inspiration, but the result seems modern and unique – which means that it’s good creative work.

It's getting inspiration somewhere, and thenturning it into something new, which is your own interpretation of it.

Dior and Prada are completely wearable.

I do enjoy the way Prada took a classic knitpattern and added a super-contemporary logo to it.

Prada always tends to mix genres and workon the perception that we have of what good taste and bad taste are.

The look by Christopher Kane is probably embellishedby hand, and it also feels very special.

A key accessory this season would be a mid-calfboot.

Originally I called this trend the cowboytrend, but then I changed my mind, and you will see why.

We see some boots that have that center split, like cowboy boots, in materials with top-stitched patterns on top, like on cowboy boots.

Isabel Marant is the queen of that.

She consistently shows designs like that onthe feet of the models in her collections.

So this winter will clearly be hers.

But then the boots are white, or they arein materials that are not meant for the outdoors.

Some are even slouchy and draped around theleg, really.

So they are too delicate to be called cowboyboots.

My favorite one is the Fendi one, which yousee also from the side.

The heel is fabulous.

Statement jewelry, now more than ever.

Massive jewelry, especially when it’s colorful, or when it's using gemstones, can’t help but attract the eye.

It is also great to set bold accents in amore regular, standard outfit, even if you wouldn’t describe your style as bold.

Here are some options.

Imagine these smaller and you’ll get whatthe fantasy jewelry brands will offer this year.

Jewelry is a product category where whatevercomes out in fine jewelry and on runways gets copied by cheaper brands, in more wearableways.

I also feel like gemstones are getting usedmore and more, much more than in previous years, in all sorts of colors.

So that will be fun.

There are also two trends from last fall whichare still very, very present this year.

Red as a dominant color is still broadly used.

I wonder if the movie “The Handmaid’sTale”, with the red cloak, had an impact on the designers' minds.

It did leave a mark in my mind for sure.

Originally it was a book, and a great one, in case you haven't read it.

And then plaid patterns, a classical motiffor winter, keep being reinvented in original ways.

We’re playing with the size, the colors, and the textures.

If you have clothes that fit in to those categories, keep them, wear them again.

Did these trend boards inspire you? If yes, thumbs up! Thank you so much.

If you want to hear and learn more about fashion, subscribe to this channel: I upload new videos every week, and I try to bring a designer’sperspective on YouTube.

I will also link further videos in the descriptionfor you on trends, previous videos that I've done on that, and also fashion history topics.

I will see you next week in a new video, anduntil then, take care.


Winter, Spring, Fall, New Jacket 5 Looks, Leopard & Animal Prints, Fashion & Style , Women over 50

Hey awesome one's Heather here.



well I mustadmit, I'm not one to just jump into the latest fads in fashion but I'm getting a little moreadventurous and I'll show you what I mean in just a few seconds.



So you've heard me say time and time againthat I really don't believe in those age rules and a matter of fact I did a video (and I'mgoing to put a link up there ) on how I defy the age rules and one of the things I trynot to look youngish I'm try to look youthful and there's a big difference with really goinginto an animal print and going into a pair of Daisy Duke cut off shorts and a micro miniskirt so if you're the kind of person who's been looking at maybe some of the animal printslike what I'm wearing here in this scarf you may want to reconsider especially if you'resaying “I'm too old for that” So I just put on this kind of a leopard style scarf , animalprint and what do you think? When you're seeing myself or somebody wearingsomething like this.

Are you thinking hmmmm they're a little bitadventurous in their style or that's in fashion, or maybe you're thinking hmmm she looks prettysexy in that outfit or maybe you're also thinking, well that kind of look makes her look youthful.

I just put up a quote on my Insta gram page.



Awesome over 50 page, and what it said is “if you think you're youthful , you are!” It's really just a state of mind! That also goes for fashion, style withoutthe Daisy Duke kind of thing.

I truly believe that animal prints are nota fad, they're not even a trend I think it's a fashion statement.

So animal prints and leopard prints, thatsort of thing, they've been with us for quite a while and if you haven't kind of venturedinto these types of prints in either dresses, or shoes or scarves or even a jacket likewhat I' going to show.



it might be time for you to take a look at this fund side of style.

So here's the new jacket I bought.

I absolutely love it! It is of course faux leopard fur or materialor whatever you want to call it and it's kind of walking a little bit on the wild side andI really tried to find you some links below that link to exactly the same but I boughtit in a really small boutique and it's a very small manufacturer so it's going to be hardto find online , however, I was able to find some in lighter material, some that are alittle bit shorter, some that are made into coats so hopefully that helps, and if you'restill a little bit , ahhh I'm not to sure if it's for me, hey go out for the day tothe mall and try on a few of these designs and take a little walk on the wild side.

OK, for my 1st look I'm going to call thisthe VaVaVa Voom look, you know what, I feel really, really sexy in this outfit and nobody'sgoing to put any expiry date on me I want to look and feel sexy and wonderful and Iguess the word, vivacious, whatever it is and you know what, when you take a look atwomen like Helen Mirren or Jane Fonda, you know Jane Fonda is 80 years old, oh my gosh, so what are we all worrying about most of us.

I really like this and I'm going to do thishere, do a little turn around and say.


I feel good nananana.

Don't worry |I won't sing it all to you.

So in this look underneath the jacket I'mwearing just a little black dress and I'm also wearing some very nice patterned hose, I also have , they're almost like an animal kind of design , they're gold and black pumpsand I have a statement necklace on and I also have a few bangles, not too much but a fewbangles in gold and black around my wrist .

Now I didn't want to compete with the earringsby making them too bold I did do a video on accessorizing an outfit and I going to putthe video the link up there .

You don't want the jewelry to compete but ahh I think thisreally polishes it up and makes a really look, what do you think? Bill would you take me out on a date in thisoutfit? (Yeah, I love it) Good Answer! So for our 2nd look , let's do something completelydifferent this really is a dressed down look with my, you know how I love them, my stretchyjeans and I also have one of my stretchy belts on that .



and by the way if you're goingthrough this video and you think You know what .



I'm just not sold on the leopard , kindof thing, still watch it til the end because this might entice you to buy maybe a red jacketthat you've had your eye on and you can basically do the same kind of thing as what I'm wearinghere or maybe you saw a mustard yellow jacket to liven , I'm not going to say liven up yourlife , but you know what I mean , It's that little extra something, something to yourwardrobe and I'm not saying you gotta buy this jacke t but what I'm saying is let'slive a little bit and let's change things around a bit and by the way on the point ofthe jeans and I know the stretchy belts are really hard to find in stores and so we dohave them at our storefront at Amazon.

com/shop/awesomeover50 and just go into the fashion section and youdon't pay anything more that what you would usually pay on Amazon but by going that routeand buying things that way , and you can buy books still after and do what ever you wantto do , we make a little bit of commission and everybody that's how we're staying aliveand doing these videos and from the bottom of our heart thank you so , so much for that.

So let's keep going with this outfit.



thiswould be a great outfit to wear if I was going out with my girlfriends or maybe I was goingto the mall or kind of looking through some boutiques or little shops I really, reallylike this, it's very simple I have a crisp V neck white T shirt underneath I also mentionedabout the jeans and the stretchy belt but I also have some casual white sneakers, youcan buy those by Keds or one of those brands and I have a little purse a very small purseto go with it with really everything I need can fit into that purse for these kind ofdays and I really think that this outfit sends I'm going to have some fun! .



and #3 is stricklybusiness now maybe if you're a criminal lawyer you may not want to go so animally but I thinkthat this outfit says I'm current I'm on trend and if you have earned , you know a positionin a top notch company and it's a progressive company, maybe it's time to ditch some ofthose clothes like from the 90s that you still think are good and you're still wearing themand kind of bring yourself up to speed with something a little more current.

So for this look I actually matched a blacktop with a slimming pencil skirt and the whole look is rather lean and slender and tall looking, I also have a black tights and I have paired it with a pair of high heel booties, now yesyou could do a pump with this but I think the high heel booties looked nice with this.

Now if you recall in the jean look I had thesleeves kind of rolled up for a more casual look, I have put them back down straight againhere, I'm also wearing a statement necklace with this look and some bangles and at theside here I've got a little larger purse than what I would usually wear with a lot of myoutfits but this purse could probably hold a tablet or something along those lines andI think this look says.



I mean business.

So we don't always have to wear black withthis outfit, case and point #4 on my look book style list is really the white look underneathI have a nice white shirt and of course the stretchy belt again, this time in white, Ihave some stretchy they're not really capris, they're just a shorter pant look and I putkind of an animal style shoe with it.

You could also change it up a little bit differentlyyou could add (let me just go grab) a maybe a nice white sandal with this or maybe evena riding boot or a black boot or maybe a brown boot would also go nice with this.

Now I'm just going to put on my cowdoy hathere, and this doesn't work, don't start mixing up things .

I'm going out I'm transitioningfrom winter to spring and this is my great outfit I'm going to wear my hat .

Cowgirlsmight work really, really well with animals but this whole look the cowgirl hat and theanimal print it's not a good mix.

And last but not least for my #5 look I thoughtI would do like a Parisian , almost Audrey Hepburn like look and this is really a simplelook, I'm letting the jacket the leopard style jacket do all the talking here I have a verythin material for my turtleneck but when you wear a turtleneck, if it is a little colderoutside it's going to keep your neck warm .

I also have some straight leg pants withthis and also ballet slipper shoes alright they're not ballet slippers they have a reallyrugged sole and also a heel with them.

So this is basically a 3 item outfit plusshoes and a purse of course but you know those times when Oh my gosh I have to go somewhereI got to run out the door and but you want to look sharp and you want to look put together, this would be a good go-to outfit for that.



and hey if you're enjoying these videosand maybe this is the 1st time you've ever seen me, I've got dozens of them out rightnow, and you're not a subscriber, just hit the subscribe button below and don't forgetto click on the bell and you'll be notified when I put these videos out for you.

So there you have it, hey did I convince youto let a little bit more of your animal instinct out? Hey, even if I convinced you to maybe jazzup your wardrobe a little bit buy something, a jacket or a cardigan or a blazer that reallyjust gives you a little bit more fabulousness in your wardrobe then I'm really happy andI'm just hoping that some of these ideas that I showed you in the 5 different looks thatthey really, really help you and you know what I'm aa Mom too and I know what it's liketo kind of get stuck in a rut and be wearing the same old clothes over and over again andthey whole point of Awesome over 50 , even if you're not in your 50s and over but it'sjust to sort of help you have a little more confidence to make you feel a little morefabulous and a little more awesome.

So talking about awesome, let's bring in thecuteness factor our little Hurricane, hey Hurricane, he's kind of blending in with thewhole outfit I'm wearing here and we actually did a video up, I'm going to put the linkthere because a lot of you are just loving it on how we found Hurricane and it's reallya story of fate and serendipity so how we found this wonderful little guy that we havehere and again, I really , really hope that this video helped you to think about beinga little bit more youthful, you know that number on your birth certificate, it's justa number, it does not define you so until next time have some fun walk a little biton the wild side with the animal prints and keep it fabulous and keep it awesome.

Everybody's invited to join us on our videos.


Top Fashion Trends Fall-Winter 2018-2019

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I have my fall trends video for you laminated coats laminated coats wear the coat is it almost looks like it has a vinyl texture or a plastic texture some of them are see-through some have lace Burberry did unbelievable jackets this

year it's lace and plaid checkered you don't want to do super high-end Zara has a ton of laminated coats I personally love this trend I think it's modern wearable and practical it's gonna keep you warm it's gonna keep you dry and my favorite thing in a wardrobe for

fall winter is a coat like even if you wear the same thing every day jeans and a black turtleneck a coat elevates your look we are in a season of this slouchy boot the scrunchie slouchy boot it's hot it's modern it's fresh we first so many seasons it

was all about a very tailored look it looks so good it looks like model off-duty I love that look boot that is a must-have boot this year is the Chloe boot it's so hot comes in black and white has a lot of cutouts we are also seeing a

ton of white boots again you guys know that you have to have a white boot treat your white boot like a neutral don't overthink it put it with your jeans put it with your utility pants put it with your dresses put it with your skirt don't think about

it literally get dressed and then go and put your white boots on another trend we're seeing this year is white on white 8 all winter long all fall and especially white on white white top white pants white booties a clean looks fresh this year yes we've seen it

before but it's super super trendy another hot trend we're gonna see this year is patent leather especially in black usually every fall leather is in that is not a surprise to any of us but a lot of patent leather patent leather jackets patent leather booties patent leather pants

I love this look and if you don't want to do leather of course we know vinyl okay guys we know that but for the last two seasons has been so hot from shoes to pants to booties coats still going strong we still love velvet I am obsessed with

velvet fresh spin on that is that it's a two piece set thank God it's still in thank God it's going nowhere I'm never breaking up with velvet I love it we're definitely staying together it's not a trend let's be honest hots are in every year but it's easy

to wear if you think you're not a hot person just make yourself wear it you are a hat person especially for days you don't want to do your hair it's raining it's windy it's snowing especially retro hats shearling shearling everywhere shearling coats are huge last year we saw

a huge play on the teddy bear coat this was everywhere we're still gonna see the teddy bear coat but it's really all about shearling look at Zara Zara is known to copy high-end designers and you will find shearling at Zara for sure sure legs big ok another trend

we're gonna see a ton of is belts now we know that it's really chic to belt a coat as soon as you put a belt on any coat it looks amazing whether it's a skinny belt a huge wide belt it elevates your look at elevates your style makes

it look like you know what you're doing we all know that but the difference this year is multiple belts so not just one belt two or three belts does look good it does look modern definitely not for everyone is oversized jackets think of the 80s with the big

shoulder pads the jacket almost looks like a cocoon you're inside it you know there's really no tailoring or certain shape it's I like this look I got oversized look especially in the shoulders with the shoulder pads and the volume throw at the bottom just take a belt and

then belt it it'll still be oversized it'll still seem like you're in the trend so every fall we know we have the standard colors it really doesn't change that much Brown okay they're no surprise gray black you know this year it's white on white on white but some

colors that really are standing out to me this year is emerald green great on Blondes looks great on redhead and brunettes it looks really good on all skin tones too whether you're super pale or really really dark till a lot of cropped tops somebody that's really conservative but

you like this look you think it's playful and maybe you think you're too old for or maybe you just think you know your body type doesn't work for this trend layer it trend we're gonna see this fall is matching your accessories to your outfit so matching your coat

and that boots are an exact match to the coat of this look and something new and let's be honest we all want to see something new like give us something new statement pockets pockets everywhere big coats with big pockets on the front I love this look a trend

I want to go away that is going nowhere is the chunky ugly your old dad's nasty sneakers that look like orthopedics going nowhere it's still here people are still rocking it and love it another trend that we are seeing a lot of that I love is the wrap

dress so we saw a lot of slip dressing last year where it was a slip it looked like somebody's nightgown very thin material not a lot of people could do this that's taking its place as a wrap dress I love this trend because it's versatile and every woman

can do it it it suits every body type Poncho's and blankets where it's just really big blankets with the fringe just put it on yourself wrap yourself into a big cocoon hide for the day big glasses no makeup if you're out I think ponchos really work for a

lot of people so the poncho and blanket trend is fun we've seen it before but I'm bad I'm glad it's back and I think it works for a lot of people I think if you were a mom that it's gonna be on the soccer field a lot this

year this is something for you go to Zara get if you go to ZAR they're probably going to be near like the checkout area these giant blankets and don't overthink it put your you know your comfortable jeans on cute little slides your big blanket poncho and you know

a little turtleneck little baseball cap you're good to go sometimes for me I feel like Western and bohemian kind of marry each other it's very very similar to me I like bohemian I know a lot of girls that do it very well their whole wardrobe is bohemian especially

some Vancouver girls and it looks amazing they rock it so well so the difference this year is especially in the footwear if we look at Fendi we know Fendi did a lot of seemingly cowboy boots but they have a wedge on them and they're very modern hey guys

that is what I'm saying for the fall and winter 2018-2019 remember trends aren't for everyone this is trends are fun they're playful you have to decide what works for you what you want to invest your money and I usually don't recommend my clients investing too much money in

trends unless they are absolutely in love with it and makes their heart sing then I'm like okay go for it yes let's let's do this let's enjoy it if you love it enjoy it go for it you so much for watching I hope you saw a trend you

maybe didn't know about and it was entertaining and I'm glad to be back I hope to be making more videos this fall for you I love you guys I'll see you soon bye

Barbie Winter Fashion from Sparkle Girlz and eBay

it is definitely time that we expand theseasonal wardrobe don't you think oh absolutely baby it's cold outsidewhoa wait did somebody say something about expanding the Wardrobe yes we didwell I want to be in on that this is a great time for some more seasonalclothing Oh count me in yeah we can I figured that Monica well where are theywhere's what well the clothes of course silly well toexpand the Barbie wardrobe for the winter temperatures we found these threeoutfits from Sparkle girls we're gonna try on the girls and see how they fit inaddition to that we found three very cute and detailed winter outfits off ofebay so let's start trying some clothes on for our first winter pack that we gotoff of ebay we have it on Meg here as our plus size Barbie and I love all theaccessories they provided however the only the jacket the scarf the hat andthe belt work the shoes as you can see are just plainly too small these littleflats we're just gonna put her white high tops on that she came in but we dothink the other accessories are super cute on her and they go really well withthe camo dress that she came in so here's what did fit and here's what didn'tthe pants the shoes now we didn't even try that it did come with a tank top forthe pants but we didn't try it on since we knew who she was going to needbottoms so as with a curvy Barbie some things work and some things don'tokay here is the outfit on Monica who is more of a regular-sized Barbie howeverthose pants were extremely difficult to get on her she has more of the rubberytexture of her legs and they would not slide on at all and you can even seehere they're still not even centered and that was after having to turn herbasically on her head and try to get those little skinny jeans on but theoutfit is really super cute and even the shoes fit somewhat they will fit on herfeet but you can see if she goes up on her toes her heels pop out of them butif we slide her back into her boots looks really nice so I guess that justshows why it's important to try the clothes on but you know I am going tototally borrow that jacket right yeah we'll see okay eBay outfit number two onour curvy Barbie Meg.

what fits the jacket the scarf the Hat what doesn'tfit the pants, the belt, the top and the shoes that is some of the misfortunefor curvy girls and bottoms but this top outfit with this cute fuzzy hat and thisreally neat scarf and jacket are super cute.


can I try on the pants and the top? fine have at them.

this is cute too.


you're not getting the jacket the hat or the scarf.

okay but I can have thepants? knock yourself out yeah awesome okay so here are the extrapieces on the regular size Barbie and these were even so much easier to get onthen the last set that we tried on her so it has the flared pants and they weremuch much easier to get on over the rubbery texture of her legs and even thetank top was even easier to fasten in the back so you just never know wellhere is the last of the ebay winter wear outfits Wow I think a lot of this isreally cute this is way too short if you can see here she has the littlestockings but but that coat does not cover everything it should and with sowith it being that short we need like a little skirt or something to go over itbut for now we'll go with the pants that were super hard to get on the otherBarbies and even on Kat here, they are very snug in the backside but they arecute and they have the pink stitching that goes with the jacket so those willwork.

so what works with this outfit is this really cute scarf the little yellowtank top the jacket the belt these mittens.

aren't those cute with a littlesparkly in them and then this little cute handbag.

what doesn't work werethese cute little leggings with that short jacket these would be cute withwith a dress or something that was much longer to help cover everything thatneeds to be covered and these arched boots that came with itdon't work because this particular fashionista has the flat foot but theyellow shoes from the previous outfit fit her just fineshe's the first one that they fit so overall I'd say what we got out of thepack is very cute but it is nice to have the opportunity to mix and match to makecertain things work with certain Barbies there they are in the eBay winter wearit was a really good thing that we had the opportunity to mix and match it justshows us sharing a closet isn't all bad yeahI'm still liking that hat or maybe.



it is.




no Monica.

Well, I didn't think it would hurt to try.

sonot only did we shop eBay but we shopped Walmart to try out these three Sparklegirlz outfits and the nice thing about these outfits is they're very affordableat under $3 an outfit so let's try them on and see how they fit and there theyare look at that they all fit really rather well let's take a closer lookokay so Monica has on a the floral long-sleeve top that has some stretch toit and the pretty bell sleeves with the ribbon trim a satin skirt with whatlooks like the pink stitching for pockets it's all one piece and it camewith these cute high heels with crisscross straps.

now Kat is in thisreally cute sparkly which looks like a sweater knit top it has a faux pink beltat the waistline and then a cute gold pleated skirt with a tulle underneathFunville also provided the cute little handbag to go with it as an accessory.

finally perfect for Meg is this sweater knit dress with a crisscross at theneck and what looks like a herringbone print skirt all one-piece and velcro'sin the back and then it has this cute little bag that matches the hot pink inthe stitching and at the neck.

skirts and dresses can be a curvy Barbie's bestfriend that is for sure and it does have the nice stretch in the top now thebottom doesn't have any stretch but that looks really super cute.

finallysomething that fits me! it was definitely a whole lot of mix match and sharing but itall seemed to work out thank you so much for joining us todayas we tried on the different fashions that we got from Sparkle girlz atWalmart and from eBay which one was your favorite? did you have a favorite outfitor a favorite piece? have you found us on Instagram at we imagine workshopthere you can keep track of all the fun things that are going on here at weimagine if you enjoyed today's video we hope that you will like comment shareand subscribe so you don't miss out on any of the fun well that's ourcollection for now until next time thank you for watching subscribe it's free!what can you imagine?.