Zara Men’s Haul | Fall and Winter Fashion Essentials |

I feel like I could just you know go out to a lounge or something with a turtleneck and you know be a turtle just kidding hey guys welcome to another video backhanded again with another haul and I’m gonna show you guys some of the pieces that I picked

up from Zara men so um I went shopping and I’m trying to build up my fall winter wardrobe and there’s some classic pieces that I’m gonna share with you guys in here that I think you guys should own for the fall and winter season because first of all

it’s cold and we need warmer clothing and second of all they look really cool and these are pieces that you can keep on using not only are they current for this season but they’ll be current and timeless pieces so as you guys know the trend right now for

fall in winter is really loose-fitting kind of draping clothes that are tight fitted at the top but kind of loose-fitting and flowing towards the bottom and there’s nothing that uses that silhouette more so than these types of shirts now you’re gonna look at this and be like what

the hell is this so it’s a really heavily draping turtleneck so here’s the turtleneck part of it and it’s in a grey color and you can see here it’s kind of long so let me show you guys what it looks like on so this is what it looks

like on it’s like a turtle it’s not a full turtleneck but it’s kind of loose-fitting draped towards the neck area it’s got the tag out of the way and then it just sits very well towards the bottom so we can see here B you can see here it

kind of sits not as long but it kind of sits like a sweater very slim fit but I really like how the turtleneck part is loose but it gives this kind of dramatic silhouette here and this is just a classic piece you could wear this with some nice

slacks maybe some gray slacks or even some blue slacks out to dinner and you could throw on like a collared shirt underneath it to make it a little bit more formal but there’s nothing like a really well-crafted sweater it was a little touch of modern kind of draping

with it with this you could also kind of like put this back and make it more into a turtleneck if you want but I really like this piece it’s one of those shapeless abstract pieces from Zara that I love kind of European now with this whole thing turtlenecks

are really coming back in and I think they never should have left because there’s such a classic piece and they remind me of the 1960s 1970s just classic style you throw this on with like a suit jacket it looks really great so I picked up one in the

black color but this one is a extended turtleneck so it’s still you can use it as a regular turtleneck tuck it in and just wear it like classic turtlenecks or it could be modern and you can wear it this like over some jeans or something because it gives

you that extended kind of look T so let me show you guys how this looks on so this one is the classic turtleneck shape so you can see here it’s completely restricted at the top but it’s a modern turtleneck because you come down and you see that it

is like an extended tee it’s kind of like asymmetrical so you can just wear that now sorry guys that I wear like my adidas when I’m doing these haul videos but I don’t know it’s just comfortable and you guys don’t really care about my pants unless I’m modeling

pants but anyways I really like this um it kind of sits tight at the arm area so it kind of accentuates your arms a little bit and it’s just got that classic turtleneck thing I can throw on a suit jacket over this like a navy suit jacket a

gray suit jacket I also think I should have gotten one in white but you know I couldn’t afford it and then it has these like modern things do to it I don’t really like these I think these look silly but why not have some if you know I

have the option to just like right now I just feel like I could just you know go out to a lounge or something with a turtleneck and you know be a turtle just kidding so the next piece that I got from Zara was actually something that I really

like and I thought was really different and it was this bomber jacket hybrid sweater so the shirt underneath you guys have already seen so I won’t show that right now but basically this is a half sweater half bomber jacket so it’s in a jacket form and I needed

something I was actually really cold that day when I went out to the mall it was outside mall and I was like I’m really cold because it turned nighttime and I was like I need a jacket but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money Topman had

these really sick black bomber jackets for like a hundred and twenty I’m not gonna pay that so I went into Zara and they had this for $40 it doesn’t give the exact shape of you know a bomber jacket the way that it does but it’s pretty close I’m

for $40 it’s cool and I thought this was nice because I could also wear this if I’m you know going out to dinner somewhere somewhere a little bit fancier since it has the sweater and the slimmer design it could so you know it could function for both so

let me show you guys how this looks with a t-shirt underneath because obviously it’s just a jacket so let’s go look at this it’s not working there we go so as you guys can see it is shiny here so it has the same kind of silhouette as a

bomber jacket I decided to wear an extended tee underneath because I really like the look that it will give this kind of sits short and then you have whatever tee you’re wearing under I love the shininess to it it kind of gives that your outfit that pop but

flash that you’re looking for but then the sweater kind of warms it up keeps it soft and keeps it not so trendy and makes it kind of like a more classic piece that you could always have that you could always have in your wardrobe you could wear anything

underneath this play around with different you know fabrics styles textures and I think it’s a really cool piece for $40 as well and then you could also zip it up and then you have your tee at the bottom completely you know showing out and this like see how

it like breaks the outfit apart breaks your body apart and really gives you like a cool look to whatever you’re wearing you guys are a little bit crooked let me fix you okay so two more pieces that I picked up from Zara actually our t-shirt so I’m just

gonna quickly show you guys what those are and go through them I’ve talked about these before but these are their H t-shirts so I got one again in this gray color and then one in this kind of pistachio olive color and these just sit really great so I

just decided to pick up two more of them and I’ll show you really quickly both of them so here’s the first one so here’s the first one as you can see here just fit just I love this way that it fits I love this Karlis collar the sleeves

are unfinished so these are H because there’s no hems on them so you could just roll them up I like rolling the t-shirts up a little bit and then it’s just a normal one it’s not extended or anything because obviously you can’t have all extended tees in your

closet sometimes you just need a simple nice fitting t-shirt looks aged a little bit to give you that classic American look so let me show you the green one now so here’s the green one and I really love this color it’s like I have a lot of hunter

green but I never have seen this kind of like ally Mishka stash geo green because it’s not really pistachio I don’t know what this color is to be honest but it’s like a really light green color and again I just love how they fit and feel and thank

you Zara now the last item I wanted to talk about was actually a pair of pants that I got from them and I’m not really crazy about Zara’s pants all the time they kind of fit really weird on me I hmm pants are the ones that really like

always fit me like I said 85% of the time hmm pants look great on me Zara’s are a little weird because sometimes they get a little too skinny and a little too slim fitting but they have a pair of nice khakis that I and I needed a nice

dress khakis so I picked up these so these are again from Lazzara man brands you can see the logo right there and these are just really simple khakis that you can wear they’re slim fitting and I like these because they have a tiny bit of shine to them

so it makes them a little bit more formal so I could wear this you know with my turtleneck the black one or the gray one and go out to dinner with a nice pair of fancy shoes and I could also dress it down just wearing with this so

it’s it’s a little bit too dressy though for like making it casual so if you’re looking for that kind of khaki evoke that the look that it’s like a casual broken in khaki pant it’s not like that it’s not broken in it’s more structured and it’s a little

bit more formal and this is from their denim couture line made in Morocco which I thought it was pretty cool and I don’t know why it’s denim couture because this is not denim but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this little haul I had from Zara Zara’s prices

are a little bit higher so you can’t have like they calls the hito from hmm but there’s lots of haul videos coming soon the great thing about Zara is really great quality great fabrics great cuts and great designs so if you only pick up a few pieces you’ll

be wearing those for your pieces lots and lots of times and loving them a lot so I hope you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up subscribe down below if you’re not and I’ll talk to you guys later so peace well until next time

Vlog: Winter Fashion Haul & Making the Perfect Oat Milk Latte ☕️| Antonnette

what’s up everyone and welcome back to my channel today’s little weekend vlog it’s gonna be a fun one I figured I would just pop on the camera I’ve been filming all week for usual all weekend actually so I figured I would just you know kind of put some

vlog footage together and give you guys a new vlog means with me he’s behind the camera by the way but we’re going to go to eat some Mexican food which I’m so excited it’s been a while since I’ve been like out and had good Mexican food at a

restaurant so I’m excited so I figured I would just kind of intro this vlog for you guys also Express is sponsoring a small portion of this video again it’s a huge thank you to them I will make sure I include that footage for you guys as well okay

guys just quickly puffing on the camera to show you my OOTD just a quick that sweater I showed you guys from Express actually I haven’t shown you that maybe I should pop my footage in now I filmed a Express haul and this was one of the sweaters that

was in it yeah I thought I would just show you my outfit such a cozy comfy outfit don’t have my shoes on yet cuz I’m on the carpet but while we’re here why don’t I just go ahead and cute the Express haul I am just doing some bulk

filming I am going to show you guys some of the stuff I got in for this month Express haul I am so so thankful to say again Express is sponsoring at this portion of today’s video partnering with them to show you guys basically some holiday goodies some gifting

ideas cozy layers they’ve got stuff for going out basically a little bit of everything for the holiday season my favorite time of year I get so excited here are the pieces that I chose for my haul this month I got a little bit of everything a little coat

some basics that I love to get every fall and winter from its breast and then a couple of dressy pieces with my favorite slippers I always get these slippers every year so I have to show you those as well first things first a couple of dressy items this

beautiful silvery like halter top it’s a body suit I thought would be perfect for every type of holiday that you have okay guys so here is the first shirt I was showing you it I love it it’s just as pretty as I imagined it would be I love

these kind of body suits because you can literally pair them with anything and it will just dress anything up right now I’m just wearing it with like black leather pants but you can pair it with jeans even if you’re trying to just dress something up just little bit

I love this top so much it’s so pretty but this one same thing is a bodysuit so they have tons of like silver or gold whatever your preference is but this one I thought would be incredible on it’s super low-cut so here’s the next bodysuit it’s super super

loca very very sexy one of my friends is coming to visit this weekend and we’re gonna have a little night outs I think this will be perfect so yeah absolutely love this bodysuit it’s so pretty way more comfortable than I thought it was going to be I didn’t

I wasn’t sure how this kind of like sequency or almost like glittery gold fabric was gonna hold up and be on the skin because you guys know I love to dress comfortable and it’s really nice it’s super stretchy and it feels really comfortable I really like this it’s

gonna be perfect for like night out and then I had to grab this just plain white cropped sweater I could never have enough of these they go with every single thing in your closet they’re cozy comfy easy to put on I just can never have enough like loose-fitting

at nice sweaters like this so here is the next piece I am obsessed with this one I love it I feel like I’ve said that about everyone but this definitely is gonna be a favorite of mine and you’re gonna see this a ton reason number one is it’s

cozy and comfy reason number two is that it’s like the perfect length of crop I love it when I wear high-waisted pants I can just like slip it down in front super easy but you still have a little bit of give in the back then I grabbed my

favorite big thick that they make which is a ribbed turtleneck and I already have this one in black if you guys watch my channel you’ve probably seen it hundreds of times I wore it so much last winter so I was sure to grab one in the tan color

I just think they’re so nice they’re timeless they never go out of style okay so here is the turtleneck I love it so much it’s the perfect basic to have I’m really kicking myself that I didn’t get it in the white because they make them in you know

the best basic colors white black tan I think they might even do it in a grey I don’t know but I wish I would have gotten the white they’re just so perfect for layering under coats and jacket especially in the fall when you want to look cute but

also warm just there’s nothing better than just like a basic turtleneck to me they’re so flattering and classy they never go out of style so yeah so last but not least I had to get my hands on a beautiful teddy coat for Paris if you guys are new

or haven’t caught up I am going to Paris this December so I had to get a really nice teddy coat I thought this would be a really nice travel coat because it’s cozy and comfy and I can take it on the plane and I can use it as

a blanket on the way to Paris and it also doesn’t have to stay in the suitcase taking up tons of room because they’re so big so perfect kind of coat to use and travel with all winter long and then I also thought this beautiful color that it comes

in is perfect as well this is the Teddy Co I love it so much it’s just as big and fluffy and comfy and cozy as I thought it would be pretty I love love love the camel color and this particular color goes with everything and it just screams

fall and then last but not least I have these slippers they are so stinking cute I’m sorry to use the word cute so much are amazing they are so cushy and comfortable and what I love about them is that this part here ho is really tight so your

feet don’t slide everywhere as you’re like walking in them they’re actually really snug and really really incredibly comfortable and then of course my favorite all-time favorite favorite slipper that expressed minx I get the same ones every year you probably have seen these before and the white ones my

white ones got dingy of course cuz I wore them so much so I got a pink pair this time and yeah they are just as cozy and comfortable as they look these make the best gifts if you guys are looking for like a present or something to buy

someone so that is it for my little Express haul I hope you guys really enjoyed it thank you so much to the Express team for sponsoring that portion and definitely check out the links in the description box per usual and yeah [Music] chabela [Music] [Music] so you never

do I’m in Azad back home now and my feet we look crazy look crazy back home now and my comfy-cozy so yeah I think we are going to have a little coffee and during that situation I stopped and got a doughnut because I’ve just been craving sweets lately

oh and then do a little closet clear out like I mentioned earlier one of my best friends jesse is coming tomorrow so I want to make sure that the apartment just looks nice Shane is going out of town actually tomorrow as well they’re literally gonna be like two

ships passing in the night I mean everything do laundry clean out our closet I have not done like a winter slash spring wardrobe switch up yet so I need to do that as well so I figured I would vlog a little bit maybe just do a little bit

of a clean with me kind of I know this vlog has been really really random but I figured you know this is life not every single week is super exciting and all right I will catch you guys in a little bit who knows this movie’s major major throwback

whenever I’m cleaning or doing like closet reorganizing or anything I just love to put a good like rom-com or anything like this on I really want to watch my best friend’s wedding I should just go ahead and buy it but I don’t have it so I’m watching this

this is um what is this First Wives Club major throw action [Music] [Music] sowwy whatever hey I know we all doesn’t want leaving no it’s okay [Music] great so we I think she’s she thinks we’re leaving because we have all the suitcases out Shane’s leaving but I’m not

alright we have been cleaning and organizing and all of these summer stuff has switched out with the winter I know the TV is so loud right now and all of you guys is here but it’s like the louder seen on the television right now but anyway cause it

is clean oh yeah [Applause] here she is everyone she looks gorgeous uh-huh I wanted to keep the coffee kettle out here still or the hot water cut oh because I use it so much hi you can see me in the reflection I got the chrome finish they come

with a couple different handles her tops on it some are black matte black actually where they love the chrome though it looks really really nice and I’m really glad it’s not looking like one of those like hotel coffee ones it’s really worried that it was going to look

kind of like you know how look the hotels have the same machine but it’s just like the small one in the middle I wanted to look like kind of nice and robust but also not take up tons of counter space so hopefully the coffee or the latte tastes

amazing and I’m good to go with this bad boy [Music] [Music] [Applause] okay so I’ve washed down pretty much everything and I’m ready to make my first cup of espresso I changed my cap to the LT so is that how it’s pronounced LT z o LT z o

o kzo of TZ o I don’t know how are these cups so cute they’re from Bed Bath and Beyond and yeah they’re amazing so we’re gonna try this [Music] [Music] [Applause] did a single instead of a double because I just wanted to see like the size of it

all so definitely is a small single shot which is good cuz that’s all I wanted that’s like your typical I’d say and then smoke milk here which does not look all that it looks steamed but it doesn’t look super foamy which is okay wonder if I should try

to do regular milk in here oh well I’ll just do this for now oh man clotting coming right up there we have it ladies and gents oat milk latte it looks delicious I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited