WALMART HOLIDAY TRY-ON | 8 Outfit Ideas | Winter Fashion

hi Milus it’s Sam so today I’m gonna be doing my holiday outfit ideas from Walmart Walmart has the most adorable holiday outfits right now holiday pieces a lot of sequins a lot of faux fur their whole entire scoop line is just so cute I’ve got a good mixture of some scoop items some time and true items and then a couple of other brands that I have kind of mixed in and I’ve got 7 outfits for you guys one of the pieces that I was like the most excited about unfortunately was not in my box so it said it was delivered and then when I looked in my box and I looked back at my receipt I was like oh that’s weird it’s not in here so I called customer service was really really good they apologized and said that they would be sending out a new one for me however it’s not supposed to arrive until Monday which is when this video is supposed to go up so if it come this morning or early afternoon I’m good but just I think I’ve got 7 outfits altogether for you guys so there’s 7 or 8 and they’re just kind of like a nice mix I’ve got some really dressy so think like New Year’s Eve Christmas parties I’m kind of more like a little fancier and then I’ve got some kind of more casual so like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day when you’re going to your family’s house to eat or your hosting or just like holiday events where maybe you’re going to like a little Christmas fare or you know taking your kids to go see Santa that kind of stuff just where it’s like kind of more casual but you still want to feel kind of cutesy and like a little bit festive I hope that you guys enjoy I’m gonna link everything down below for you guys let’s go ahead and get started I’m so excited for these pieces I cannot wait and I hope you guys love them just as much as I do don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up if you enjoyed this leave a comment down below which outfit number was your favorite and of course don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell okay let’s get started okay so this first I actually I got to wear with something over the top but I just wanted to show you guys what it looks like where you know what you don’t have anything on top it’s this gorgeous little slip dress from love Sadie and this was $9.

50 which I you cannot beat that I absolutely love the bottom of it with the pretty little lace detailing I think it’s really beautiful the length of it is also really great because it hides the majority of my legs but then it just kind of shows like my favorite part of my which is really cool these shoes are Right Scoop they are the most gorgeous glittery little sandals and they are gold they did have rose but the rose sold out but these are so pretty and you know what’s crazy is that they look so uncomfortable like when you look at them in the mirror you’re like oh dang those cannot be comfortable but they’re actually the most comfortable like sandals like this that I have they have like a really good kind of soft comfortable bottom so when you’re walking it has a lot of support the straps are really comfortable they don’t dig in anywhere they are true to size I got a size 7 and I just think that they look so pretty they kind of just add a little bit of a festive sparkle which I absolutely love and then this is what the top looks like I don’t have a ideal bra to wear with this so I just wore one of my push-ups just so that I have like a little bit of cleavage so it’s not like hanging all the way down but you’d have to get a better bra but this is so pretty with just like that little lace detailing and then it just has the thin little straps so I’ll put on the coat that I got to wear it with but I got this lovely faux leopard coat it does have pockets which I love I think it’s so cute the print is really gorgeous it’s a beautiful color it has this really big collar which I think just looks really grand now this is a little bit more of an expensive coat for Walmart it is by scoop it was ninety nine ninety five so you know you’re going with a really affordable dress and then kind of splurging it up and making it look a little bit extra fancy with a more expensive coat which you know I think that’s kind of nice because a coat I don’t mind splurging on shoes jeans leggings and coats because I feel like those are the pieces that you wear over and over again and that you get the most use out of and you want them to last and be quality so for me I’m like long you know what I’ll spend a hundred bucks on a coat and this is absolutely gorgeous I am wearing a medium it has little snap buttons which is cool so you can just see if I can do it without two hands no I can’t my stomach’s too soft it just flops it but it does snap so you can close it all the way if you want to you’ve got your pockets down low and I just think with the slip dress and the shoes it just looks really cute so for me personally like I would imagine if you’re going out to like go out to an outdoor event if you’re going to be let’s just say Times Square for you know to watch the ball drop for New Year’s Eve this would be perfect because then you’re super cozy you have like your big coat and then I don’t know if the shoes I mean depends on how much you’re walking but you know what it mean like you’ve got a cute little snazzy or if you know you’re going to be like on a rooftop kind of outside event bar or something like that for like a work party this is cute because in your cozy you can stay warm if you get hot you can take it off and you still have a pretty little slip dress I just think it looks very elegant but kind of fun it brings out a little bit more of like something different versus just plain black with the coat but the great thing about this coat is that you can wear this with black pants and a top you can wear it with jeans and a top I get so versatile to wear you could make anything look a little bit extra but especially kind of like long you know more formal dresses I think it’s absolutely gorgeous so that’s my outfit number one love it I’m obsessed Oh with the shoes are 2795 I believe so pretty darn affordable the only thing that’s kind of expensive is the coat okay here is the next outfit again I’ve got that coat so if it is chilly and you’re going somewhere you have like a really cute coat I mean this coat you can like literally throw over anything and it looks adorable and then I still have those same sandals that I had on before this time I have a really cute little metallic rose skirt which is so beautiful it really shimmers and shines I would recommend getting some kind of tummy control if that is something that is like a problem area for you because it does kind of accentuate any little blobbies that you have so like where your hips are or where you have a tummy it does kind of pull attention to that area so just keep that in mind it does have like a little stretch elastic band waist which is really cute and then I’ve just paired it off with this really cute little black turtleneck which my camera doesn’t want to focus on for some reason this is a long-sleeve it’s from thyme and true I can’t remember I think the skirts by scoop and this is super cute so this is how I would wear if I was like actually going out we’re just kind of like keep it over my shoulders and then this is what it looks like without the actual coat on so oh my gosh this skirt actually matches my hair perfectly how cute is that so I’ve just kind of like rolled the sweater kind of under because it is a little bit longer and I think this I tried to tuck it in and then it had this like weird little kind of see what that sides doing so I figured if I just kind of tucked it under that was the most flattering the skirt is very comfortable I would just definitely get some kind of like tummy control little shorts something like that just because this kind of when you walk it just kind of jiggles all your bits like you can see like do you see the butt see what I mean I like my thigh and butt right there is like whoa Nelly so just keep that in mind I would definitely wear some shorts with this you could also wear this with like a cream or a white sweater but because of the little black band I was planning on tucking it in that’s why I got a black sweater also like I keep on wearing black lately just because I still I’m not to my goal weight and quite frankly like black is slimming so and then I would probably end up wearing like a long necklace over this just to add a little bit of something right there but yes there is outfit number two okay here is another option here is that same black turtleneck this time I’ve pulled it all the way down long and I’ve paired it off with this cute little leopard print skirt it kind of like hugs the curves and then flares out a little bit at the bottom same exact sandals which I think it’s just really cute you know it’s a nice little kind of neutral okay so next outfit my my button just popped off right here as I was putting this on so keep that in mind I don’t know that’s kind of a bummer because like I’m not the greatest so we’re in the world it literally I put it on and it just went flying off so just keep that in mind it’s still such a cute blazer so you know if you’re good at sewing then that’s good but this is the next outfit same sandals these are my favorite jeans you guys I wear these all the time I got them in my last I think was my last Walmart Tryon and these are just so delightful they’re super comfortable they’re high-waisted they’re really stretchy so you can like you know move your legs I don’t know sit down there really you’re just super comfortable Jean so I’d say love these jeans and then I’ve just paired it off with this cute little blazer pretend there’s a button right there maybe that’s why they include an extra button a good thing I found this one and then I still have that same turtleneck on it’s a little bit colder where you are you can have the turtleneck underneath and I just feel like it looks really sleek and just kind of like very chic or you can kind of sex it up a little bit and then I’ll take off the turtleneck so you guys can see what I would do if I didn’t have the turtleneck they have some really cute sequined tops from scoop which I will link down below for this outfit which I think would also be really adorable I didn’t get them I don’t know why I should have done that but man what can you do so I’ll just go ahead and show you guys like what I would do since I don’t have the sequin shirt without the turtleneck but that’s what it looks like with the turtleneck on okay so let’s just pretend that we have an extra button here because this is supposed to do up like this you know but my button is missing so we’ll just pretend that that’s that’s fine so this is how I would probably wear if I knew it was going to be like not very like I’m gonna be inside because chances are is probably gonna be pretty warmer there’s lots of people I would just wear it with a cute little black tank top this is from Walmart as well cute little gold necklace show a little cleavage you know you feel a little bit sexier and then same shoes same black pants but then you’re just feeling a little bit more kind of like I don’t know I just feel like more skin just kind of it looks more sexy so this is how I probably wear it if I knew it was going to be an indoor event I think this is really cute it’s just sleek it’s chic and then you have a little bit of sexy with your you know your bit of skin showing in the front and I got to figure out how to put this button on like how irritating is that so yeah that I think it’s probably my favorite outfit so far I would probably find myself wearing this one the most this is definitely like a me outfit when I like want to dress up and feel a little bit kind of cool and snazzy this is usually what I end up going for is just a pair of black jeans and like a cute little blazer or a fun top also I’m just looking up closely at these buttons and they’re actually a lion’s head which is very cool considering that Leo J is pretty good at snowing so he’s gonna he’s gonna pop my little thing back on for me while I film the rest of the studio but yeah the buttons are really really cute like I wonder what that is okay here is my next outfit so this one is more of a kind of casual you know Christmas shopping this looks kind of cozy so I’ve got those same black jeans on this time I put my little scoop boots on I love these boots they’re super cute they’ve got a great heel but they’re comfortable and then I paired it off with this fun little kind of thermal and then it has a little tie focus a little tie right here and then the buttons going all the way down I wanted to get a medium they had none in store because this was just something that I just saw and I was like wow that’s cute and so I got a large which you can tell it’s quite a bit too big on the arms but ideally I would have gotten a medium but it’s still really comfortable and then this little vest I got online everything else I got online it was just this that I found on on in the store but this is by Jason Maxwell super affordable I think it’s like 13 bucks this little vest you can wear it up if you want to like that or you can have it down and then it has that kind of like little tan kind of camel color ribbing along the zip it does have like a little button and then again it does have that little pocket that is more of a casual kind of Thanksgiving II just winter outfit for you guys okay next is this gorgeous green sweater dress it’s like a really dark almost kind of like a tle emerald green and it is a big huge kind of cowl neck which I love and then it has these little kind of lighter bit of it’s almost like a mint or kind of like a seafoam green speckle I paired it off with that scoop black vest again which I absolutely love it’s like that faux fur and then I have put it on with some tights and then these cute little scoop boots and these are also from Walmart I love that this has buttons on the sleeves I think that’s really cute I’m in a medium the medium fits perfectly so I’d highly recommend like I normally wear a medium and it fits true to size and I think the length of it is really nice as well so yes I really love this I think it’s such a cute little outfit I feel like you could you know wear this to go shopping but I also feel like it’s a little bit more dressy and kind of cute so I would you know I would wear this to like a Christmas or some kind of holiday get-together so yes I think this is adorable and I love it I’ve been really liking sweater dresses recently I just think they’re super cute and comfortable and they’re just easy and then you can just put a cute vest or a coat and you are good to go okay last but not least and unless my dress comes which then it will be very exciting this wont to be last but the one as far as what I have right now this is my last outfit it is a little black sweater dress same as the green one I’ve got the same tights same little boots and then I’ve just added my cute little leopard print coat over the top in case it’s a really cold chilly day where you live probably I would die of hotness and this it’s been quite chilly here but not terrible I can see come out your little head just generally liked the green outfit by the way guys he thought it was totes adorbs but yeah so here is what this looks like I think this looks really cute and then I’ll take the jacket off so you can see just the sweater without it you could also put the black vest with this too okay and then here is what the dress looks like without anything so it’s still very flattering alone I don’t think you need something over it to look nice I think it just looks really cute by itself as well so I think you know you could easily just wear this as an outfit with the same exact boots just take the coat off it has a nice shape like it really does because it kind of skims very smoothly over this part and I love the buttons again and I think this is kind of like a gray speckle and that’s what the neck looks like so really cute little sweater dress very comfortable very soft material and then I’ll put that little black vest over just so you guys can see what it looks like like that as well okay and then here it with the vest so you know the best kind of makes it look a little bit fancier but then it does take away from that shape what it is a very nice little shape once it’s on you know it’s kind of like form-fitting so you guys can decide what you like but ER I think this is fun if it is a little bit chillier and you just need a little extra layer but nothing too much then this is really cute and the faux part kind of just makes it look a little bit more like fancy and chic but yeah these sweater dresses are bomb okay guys so we just got home we’ve been out shopping all day for Christmas and I came home and my dress had arrived so this is outfit number I guess it would be eight I think this is the dress that I was the most excited for because you guys know if you watched my fall I think was one of my Walmart fall hauls I got another dress from scoop same exact style the coloring was different and it had this band across here actually still have it and it kind of made me look a little bit bigger in this section just because of the way the pattern was and so when I saw this one I thought number one it was so beautiful for Christmas because it has all of these gorgeous like reds and burgandy’s and like kind of purply like it’s just so pretty with the emerald green there’s so many gorgeous colors that it’s like perfect for either Thanksgiving or for Christmas time to wear around the holidays for Christmas pictures like this would be so beautiful in family pictures you know if you all coordinated it was like like if I wore this and then Lily had a burgundy dress and then Phoenix wore emerald green I’m like we all have like the colors of the dress I think it would be so beautiful and like Jake could wear something kind of like warm I don’t know how I’d be so pretty anyway and then I’ve just paired it off with this hat which is also from Walmart I love this hat this one is by scoop by the way I am in a medium at the medium fits absolutely perfectly it is a little bit long so I did pair it off with those big tall boots by scoop and then it’s like the perfect length for me because it just kind of hits right above my foot so it’s just so beautiful I’m so excited I’m sorry the light’s not great in here because it’s dark now obviously but I just think it’s such a flattering dress it looks really pretty makes you look really long and tall and lean and I love how it has this little elastic waist so it kind of comes in and it’s like nice and you know it like it gives you actual shape versus just hanging there oh it’s you’re so beautiful and then I like the neck length and you can just have your little necklace just like peeking over the top so yes if you are into long dresses with beautiful gorgeous pops of color this is definitely the one for you and then paired off with the boots in the Hat there is outfit number eight okay guys I just like was editing this and realized I never said goodbye I just wanted to say thank you so much for watching I hope you guys all enjoyed my video and got some good ideas for holiday outfits whether it’s casual or a little bit more dressy this is what I’m wearing today I have a date with the kids well we all have a date on Friday nights we always like to like take them out and they get to choose wherever they want to go and let me go out for dessert so I just figured I would just wear this tonight to our little date with the kids if you haven’t tried scooped-out definitely give it a go it’s not in store so this is the only stuff you can find online but then I feel like that’s even more convenient and everything pretty much fits true to size with scoops if you always wear a medium chances are you’re going to fit into a medium perfectly and there’s shoe sizes are usually true to size as well so love you guys thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys very soon bye also can you guys see my dog and then there’s tittles that’s his spot so he likes to sit in the little lump the dip of the ottoman and then she always sits up here usually she’s like on the pillow I think she’s just fallen down the crack this time.