EN) 겨울 패션하울, 돈 안써도 옷 잘입는법 Winter Fashion Haul On a Budget 안녕이쁜씨

How To Dress Well On a Budget & My Winter Wardrobe Hello, Pretty! I'm Subin, welcome back It's about my winter wardrobe essentials today Basically, it's going to be my winter fashion haul, but I'd also like to walk you through on how I shop and dress well on a budget Over the years, my taste for fashion has somewhat changed along with my shopping style and things I hope you guys will find it helpful! Kong, Does that mean “Subscribe to Meow?” Right? Don't forget to subscribe! The sweater and jeans are from latest Zara sale, Aren't they so cute? Zara has always been affordable, but I like the brand especially when it's on a huge sale I've always wanted to get mom fit jeans, and I love it! It's super comfortable and soft Also, the fabric is neither too thin nor too thick, making the jeans suitable all year round Also, I love this belt that comes with Isn't it cute with a bit of retro vibe? Then, a little guide to knitwear, especially cheaper ones When I shop for knitwear/sweater from fast fashion, I always avoid too much Acrylic! Always read the care label before you buy a sweater! My skin is quite sensitive, I just can't wear itchy sweaters That's why I'd usually go for thin, soft sweaters with high % of Viscose, Cotton, Wool.



that almost just feel like t-shirts I also love layering my outfits, mixing different textures and patterns just like I'm showing you right now For a rounded neck sweater, I often pair it with a sheer, chiffon turtleneck blouse Let's move onto some outwear haul The jacket is from O'2nd, a Korean fashion brand I know it's a little too thin for harsh winter days, but I bought it at the end of this Autumn anyway It's from an outlet store It's an essential black jacket, boyfriend blazer It's a little boxy, boyish and androgynous, and it goes well with any other clothes I think such boyfriend blazer is really easy to pull off for a stylish look Also from O'2nd, I purchased it on the same day with the jacket It's a cocoon coat, and I'm really loving its fit It's understated, still very flattering on me I think the silhouette is very stylish and elegant, which makes it a perfect everyday winter coat Then, a maxi dress I'm loving.



I've had so many DMs on this dress as I wore this in my latest video on dermatitis Anyway, it's just an unbranded one and I absolutely love it! The floral pattern is so pretty Also, it has little slits underneath and on the sleeves It's actually quite detailed especially for a cheap dress The coat I'm matching with is not a new one actually I bought it last year or so, from Valencia, Korean fashion brand It's a maxi, long coat that goes well with anything including such floral dresses and things It's great for cold winter days, especially for occasions that I still need to look done and can't just go out with down parkas I like how the look goes well with the bag I'm such an old lady for bags and shoes.



I have a soft spot for retro bags and things It's a vintage Louis Vuitton Papillon Let's talk about fur for a second.



I personally wear only vintage furs.



I think it can be a better option if you want fur Such a cute granny look.



Some sunglasses from Balenciaga I bought them a couple of months ago, and I've been wearing them all the time since It was a steal, only $50 for a pair! For designer's sunglasses or any accessories I always buy them at clearance sale They're cheaper than you think, and what I like about such clearance sale is that sometimes I run across something very cool and unique I love finding gems from an overstock, as I somewhat prefer statement for accessories anyway If you like statement items, keep your eyes on clearance sale Jam! Long down coat is an essential for my winter wardrobe No matter how many pretty clothes I possess, nothing can beat padded down parkas.



It's my go-to outfit for harsh winter days in Korea I also love this Bonnet Hat from Diagonal I know it looks better with traditional coats though I love how it adds a touch of sophistication to the look Subscribe to meow! Please like and leave comments if you enjoyed it See you in my upcoming videos! Find me on Instagram @hello.

subin, bye!.

(Eng) WINTER FASHION HAUL 겨울을 위해 구매한 24가지 패션제품 | kinda cool

First video in December! I have a lot of clothes piled up here.

Winter equals jackets and coats, right? I feel like it’s easier to match outfits in the winter if you have good, solid jackets and coats.

When I don’t have a jacket that I like I would take ages to get ready.

Since it has really gotten cold, I picked out some jackets and coats that are suitable for thecold winter season.

HEAVY! First thing first, this coat! This is from a British brand called Warehouse.

I was looking for a jacket to wear in place of down jackets, and came across this.

I got this via overseas shipping on Asos.

I really really like it but it didn’t have my size so Iwas kind of hesitating.

But the length is long and the shoulders are not padded but kind of drooping down, So I feel like if I had gotten a bigger size it would look like I literally have a blanket on me.

So I bought size 6 thinking…will it fit right? But it fit perfectly! If I had bought UK 8 or 10, I feel like it could have been too big actually.

If you’re shorter or thinner than me, I think you could go for a size smaller than 6.

I think a lot of winter clothes are in this kind of material – teddy bear – like! It’s super closely woven with these fur, And it’s really soft.

The material itself is really soft, so since it’s soft on the skin and makes me feelcomfortable, I tend to reach for it often.

I really don’t wear long down jackets, well I actually don’t even have one, so I think I’ll wearthis really well in place of long down jackets.

Really cute one.

I’m really satisfied with this.

Next, if the one before this was brown and really like a teddy bear, this is in white.

It’s pretty big, so it makes the face look smaller.

It’s not completely white, so I feel like I could wear this easily.

It’s much thicker than the one I’ve shown you before.

Since it’s thicker it’s warmer as well.

The length, it goes slightly above my knees.

The size isn’t a large size, but it looks big.

So when you’re getting these coats, of course the shoulder details, the design andeverything is important as well, but I feel like it’s better to buy the right size or even a size smaller than what you normally wear.

It could look very dull so I think it was a wise choice to get this in a smaller size.

I think that was the perfect choice for me.

The buttons are just ordinary buttons.

I think it’ll look really nice with beige sweaters and skirts, So these are the two teddy jackets I got.

Next, this has the best oversized fit ever.

There was one other color to this design but I like this color better.

It’s just very basic.

I actually don’t have a lot of coats in black and white mixed.

I guess you guys would know, but I have a lot of warm colors like brown.

This is super oversized.

It's difficult to express this oversized fit.

If you wear it in the right size, emphasizing this style well, it's a nice coat.

If you wear this by pulling it to the back a little it’s really pretty.

I think you could even wear a down jacket inside and it wouldn’t feel tight at all.

So this is great to wear in the super cold winter season, and it comes with quilted lining, soit’s really warm.

Of course you’ll have to wear a few layers inside when the weather is super freezing.

If you’re not into teddy jackets, I think these wool jackets would be nice.

The checkered pattern is just perfect for the winter season, and you can give a naturalwarm look.

These three coats I’ve just shown you are really warm.

This is a coat from Rouje.

I bought this before going traveling, to wear on my trip to Europe.

If you want to wear it well over the entire trip, it’s important that it matches easily with a lotof different outfits.

It’s very basic, but it has the over-sized fit that I like, and it’s a warm wool coat.

This is a coat that satisfies all three conditions so I bought my first coat from Rouje.

I’ve been keeping this the way it came.

I normally don’t do this, I normally just keep coats without covers.

I think Rouje is more delicate in shipping and other things than Realisation.

And faster delivery from what I've experienced.

It’s slightly grayish as well.

A lot of you asked me about the size.

I bought this in size 38.

I was thinking between 36 and 38.

The model wore 36, I believe.

I wanted a slightly more over-sized fit so I got this in 38.

I normally get 36-38 from Rouje.

As I’ve expected this matches easily with other clothing, so I’ve worn this really wellthroughout the trip.

It looks well with sweatpants like the ones I’m wearing too.

It’s a great wool coat to wear in different styles.

I think, in super cold winter like that in Korea, you would have to wear a lot of layers inside.

What’s actually pretty difficult about finding a good wool jacket like this, is that those in Herringbone material sometimes have narrow shoulder fit, you know what I mean.

But I like to wear clothes that make my shoulders look wider, and the color matched wellwith the clothes I have.

It just very proper and edgy you know, the material.

So I really liked it.

It’s a double coat, so it’s easier to wear in an oversized fit, so it looked great with dressestoo.

The wool feels like very fine high-quality wool, so I feel like I can buy jackets and coatsfrom Andersson Bell knowing they’ll be high-quality.

The details are really pretty and the design is well.

I will then show you guys some fur jackets.

You probably would have seen this so many times if you follow me on Instagram.

I wore this a lot, the most when I go traveling.

I was kind of hesitating whether or not to bring this, thinking, would I be able to wear this in different styles? But I wore this so well.

It’s very easy to match and warm.

It looks thin, but since it covers the neckline as well, so it’s perfect if you wear a turtleneckand this on top.

The buttons look very high-quality so I really like This is really great considering its price.

I’m really happy with all the jackets and coats I got this time.

I got this on my trip to Europe.

It’s not too yellow, and I really liked the material.

It was around 99 Euros.

If you want to get a decent leopard jacket at an online mall you would be paying aroundthat price or even more.

It was much softer and prettier than the leopard jackets I saw at Topshop or H&M.

It looked really pretty when I wore it so I bought this right way.

I think the price is very reasonable! Since it had sizes that were really small or really big.

So I didn’t know if I should get it.

But yeah, I only thought about it for 10 seconds and just got the big size.

I think this is the biggest size, in 44.

It’s really big like those jackets you can get at vintage stores.

I thought it’d be better to have a big jacket than a small one so I bought this.

Next, Adidas!I showed you guys in my video.

It’s just black, like the one you’d see at Uniqlo, if you look at the front.

But the back is special and impressive.

The Adidas logo on the bottom just suits the jacket so well.

I really like the fur, it’s really soft.

It’s thick enough to block off the wind so it’s very warm.

It’s great to wear when you’re hanging out with your friends, going skiing, traveling, or justvery casually.

It’s in size Large, but it’s not that big.

I think this would look great with leggings or light-washed jeans.

I always buy sweatshirts at this time of the year.

This is a hoodie from Andersson Bell.

The material is so great I always get one every year.

It has the brand name on the back too.

I actually don’t like clothes with the brand name in big fonts.

But Andersson Bell, it’s ok.

It’s not super stretchy but has the fit and the edge, so the material looks high-quality.

I like this because it doesn’t look like cheap material.

And the hood is big, so I can wear a cap and wear the hood on top.

In the winter my ears get super cold.

I mean for the bottom you can wear clothes and stuff inside, but my ears would get socold.

I don’t want to wear earmuffs, so I like to wear hoods over.

Another one is a cropped hoodie from H&M.

I was biking and got really cold, so I just bought this to wear inside the fur jacket.

It’s cropped, so I really liked how it wouldn’t stick out when I wear a short fur jacket.

I like the details in the street-look.

It’s slightly different from a basic hoodie.

So it’s great to wear inside a coat or a fur jacket.

Next, i’ll show you guys some stuff I got from Urban Outfitters.

So cute isn’t, it? I had to get this to my closet.

I couldn't help myself.

I was traveling and shopped at Urban Outfitters, that’s where I got this.

They have brands like Fila or Tommy Hilfiger.

It’s lambs-wool material and the bottom is just normal sweatshirt material.

It’s woven nice inside too it blocks off the wind, so it’s warm.

But I’m worried because I feel like this part would get dirty easily.

I hope it doesn’t get dirty easily.

I’ve been looking at this the entire time, and got this when I was coming back.

I bought this because I felt like if I got this I would wear well back in Korea.

It’s in this teddy fur material inside, so it’s very warm.

It’s more for a cute style rather than for the warmness actually.

It’s like a zip-up jacket.

It’s very cute.

It’d be great to wear with a cropped sweatshirt.

I wore this pants so much during my trip.

SO MUCH! This is stripped palazzo pants in velvet.

It’s flared, so it gets wider towards the ends.

It’s banded, and is super comfortable.

It’s like sweatpants, but the material and the color is very special.

So I felt like I could wear this often.

If you wear a pair of leggings and wear this on top it’s super warm.

It’s velvety so it can look slightly fatter, But it’s warm and pretty, that’s all it matters right? It’s slightly long but that’s what makes it prettier.

This, I also hesitated a lot before buying.

There were a lot of colors to choose from.

Mustard, green, and a lot of different colors.

Normally my clothes are brown, and this color looks great with brown, so I got this color.

Honestly there are a lot of winter scarves out online, so it doesn’t have to be Urban Outfitters.

Since they don’t have Urban Outfitters here in Korea you can definitely get somethingsimilar online.

Next, this T-shirt! They had a lot of t-shirts with rock bands prints.

This one looks very vintage, it looks like I’ve worn this for a over a year already.

The t-shirt I’m wearing now is from Bershka, these two are very similar.

I like t-shirts like these.

They’re not completely black, but kind of a faded gray? I got this at Bershka in Hongdae.

The legendary Queen! It’s a t-shirt with the scene from “I want to break free”.

It has the title of the song I like, so I wanted to buy this.

Since it’s short-sleeves, you might go, how can you wear that in the winter? But I personally hate to feel stuffy, so I would wear super thick jackets/coats outside, butwear thin short-sleeves inside.

I would wear multiple layers of short-sleeves for warmth.

The sheer tops! I bought this meshed top from Topshop when I was traveling, and this is from ASOS.

They’re very different but they’re both see-through.

This one is a polka dot pattern skin-colored top.

I’ve filmed a video once wearing this.

I would wear a coat on the outside, and when I’m inside I would take off the coat and wear this only.

I feel like that gives a very neat look.

That's why I like see-through material tops.

You could wear a bra top, but I like to wear black bras.

I think these would look great with cargo pants or track pants.

Or I could wear with high-waisted jeans for a casual look as well.

These tops are great to wear to events, hangouts, or when I’m filming as well, so I bought this.

When I went traveling I went to a lot of famous vintage shops, I feel like I went on a vintage shop tour.

I didn’t buy a lot actually.

Only these two ! This light denim one is like my everyday, go-to item.

The ends are already cut, I think they sewed it at the shop.

I think I’ll be wearing it like this for a while, then cut the ends up later for a naturaldestroyed look.

It’s 505 not 501.

The size was different for each series.

I would wear 32-28 for 501, I wore 34-36 for this and it fit.

The size is perfect for me.

These are not jeans, but more like cotton pants.

It’s slightly grayish, the length is perfect.

The quality.

It’s basically new.

It has no smudges or anything, it’a perfect 501 pants with the particular crisp, stiffness.

So I just just looked at it like this and bought this.

The size fit perfectly as well.

It’s leopard, kind of like cow pattern too.

The color is light pink, it’s a long bustier dress.

I bought this because I felt like since it’s slightly long it would be great to wear inside furjackets as well.

I would wear long boots with this I think.

The length is not perfect so I think it’d be the best to wear with boots.

I got this for Black Friday.

I have around 3 clothing from Realisation Par.

They were all dresses, I got myself a skirt this time.

I was waiting until they had their Black Friday sale and bought this.

The size was a big issue for Realisation clothes.

For some dresses, XS would fit well, for some, S would fit well.

So I had a hard time choosing the right size.

And to be very honest, when I got it, I was like ‘you would buy this for this price…?’ It’s very loose with no lining.

You would wonder, ‘you would buy this fo over 100 dollars?’ There's a very famous leopard pattern skirt from Realisation Par, you see many skirts that have copied the style of this skirt, but original is original.

That's what I realised even though the price and the quality is quite.



I don’t think those can actually follow up to this.

So I feel like even though there are similar products I would buy from Realisation.

To be honest though I did think to myself ‘why would I want to get this.


super thin silk… not even that silky skirt?’ First, it’s probably marketing.

You look at the photos and it comes to you as really pretty, so you're likely to buy it.

I normally wear size 27.

If you wear 26, 25 or below I think you should get XXS.

If you wear 28 or 29, you should get S.

(when it comes to the Korean sizing chart) It’s slightly stretchy.

This is from Adidas Original.

I actually didn’t really like beanies.

Because I felt like I didn’t really look that great in beanies, I feel like my face is kind offloating mid-air when I wear a beanie.

But the orange was so pretty.

And when you go to Berlin, you can see many many shops which sell Adidas products.

Berlin is a basically the perfect place for sneakers and Adidas, so they have a lot ofsneakers that they don’t have in Korea.

So it was really fun walking around and just browsing the shops.

Anyways, I bought this beanie.

Beanies are great to wear when you didn’t wash your hair, you know.

You might think it dirty but when you’re traveling it’s actually pretty hard to wash your haireveryday.

Not sure you guys feel the same what, but at least for ME.

These are gloves.

Even the touch-sensitive gloves, I find them uncomfortable.

So I just bought these fingerless gloves.

I bought this from Merci from Paris.

These are cashmere but they’re not expensive – 29euros.

It’s in two different colors so it’s really cute and soft.

I think I’ll be wearing this for a long time well.

Next year as well.

Since it’s a winter fashion haul, there were a lot of jackets and coats.

Other than down jackets, I’ve shown you all the jackets and coats I wear often, so if we have the same taste, I hope it was a good video to share some great items.

If you have a product that you want to check out more please check out the descriptionbox.

It has gotten so dark I should film the outfit cuts tomorrow.

See you soon, guys.

Bye !.

Let's Talk: How To Style A Hoodie

like hey all my name's RAF this is the thirdtime I'm trying to film this intro but hi I am trying to do a video about howto style hoodies and before I get into that first time having Pinot NoirI'm usually Cabernet Sauvignon type of girl but I'm about three sips in I'mpretty lightweight apparently and I'm feeling a good lovey-dovey buzz so to behonest I filmed this video three months ago or four months ago so what you'llsee in this video is me bald with a different set of pimples I just look alittle bit different that's it.

Hoodies! I wanted you to choose hoodies first formy first video because everyone has a hoodie this is a pullover hoodie one isin grey and when it is in white but if you want to get pretentious in colorsone is like ivory and this one is charcoal grey it's cold and I want toshow you interesting ways to wear it and style it and yeah so first things firstis my makeup I wanted to do something that was simple orangey kindasunny I was gonna say my skin is really bad it's like I have like no fuckmy acne is all out.

I was messing around was like shooting stuff formyself so there are like limitations I won't be able to get like a full outfitlook or I won't be able to get like movement so I have to create with manmyself and that's literally just me and my camera just like so the first look istotally pulling off the button in that jacketit's a white and brown-is button and I just layer a blazer over the hoodieand wear a hat on top and that's pretty much it it just looks like the buttonliterally okay this look so I'm literally wearing head-to-toe Browntrying to split the waist and define my waistline by using a similarly colored belt It's a cool layering look I don't know if I love itit just looks kind of shitty to me thought I was a genius for this shot oflike the shadow of me putting on my pants I was like fuckin' creative directorlike how intimate and then she walks past the camera this is inspired by theidea of like people putting fanny packs across their shoulders I mean they'renow called shoulder bags but I was like okay like yes there's utility behindthat but what about like just an accessory what if you just used the same belt as the last outfit and just wrap around my chest it adds a littletexture work with some high-waisted jeans she curved her back bitch so we're gonna switch into the grayhoodie, the hoodie that I'm wearing now and I thought we should do somethingmore graphic this is a revolution eyeliner it's like seven dollarsJessica Braun said it was really good so I got it the idea behind this look is thatI wanted to take summer pieces and transition them into fall winter so thatyou can maximize your wardrobe use stuff that you already have get into layeringand more interesting ways so this is like a really really summer top it'spretty much you see through, no warmth oh I thought this clip was fucking weirdjust because I'm like so a graphic look graphic t-shirt Space Jam I got thisshirt from Ross actually freaking dope it's like seven dollars and then kind oftoughen it up with leather jacket yeah so that's it! thanks for watching the whole point I was trying to getacross about hoodies is that the hoodie does not have to be the last thing youput on the hoodie you can go underneath a lot of things a graphic tee a regularsweater another shirt summer top Blazers it's more versatile than you thinkI had a lot of fun filming this I probably don't need as much wine beforeI start though so maybe I could like.


If you found this interesting at all or ifyou found it inspiring definitely subscribe because I need it I would loveto make this a full-time job where I can just get drunk and talk about clothesand how I style shit I'll see you in the next one because I have a lot stocked upactually like I'm not lying like I have a lot.

How To Style/Wear Athletic Clothing(Tracksuits, Joggers, Hoodies)|Style Tips For Athletic Wear|

Athletic wear track suits and sweats are one of the hottest casual style items for 2018 when today's video guys I'll be giving you five style tips on how you can start looking great in athletic wear Let's get into it strike suits are in the heart of Atlantic where you need to know how to properly Buy them which brings us to tip number one which is To color coordinate and stick to minimal colors now color coordinating is quite Simple what you want to do is make sure that you have the exact same Shade for the top and the bottom not similar not similar gray similar blues the exact same shape Which will involve you having to buy the top and bottom hat from the same brand and same line This is just ensure that it is properly coordinated, and there's no real mismatch because you can actually notice when you wear Let's say a grey top and it has a darker gray or lighter grey bottom it throws off the aesthetic of the full track suit number two comes to the Idea of what color you should get your athletic wear in and I personally think Blacks navy blues and light Gray's are the best options just because these colors.

They match really well They're not too bright and not too noisy, and they just give a minimal Rugged aesthetic to them trying to go with a lot brighter colors Let's say reds, maybe a lighter blues you want to opt for more of a pastel tone because these are less saturated They're not too bright, and they're gonna match a lot better to a lot of other colors and you won't draw away too much attention on the outfit itself you want the outfit to be a part of you and Not the outfit, and you'd be a separate entity number.

Three is how it should fit and the problem is with a lot of sportswear Athletic wear is that they tend to fit a very baggy and very loose Now if you still want to look stylish in athletic wear you need to opt for a better fit So let's start with the pants joggers are will be your better option rather than going with straight sweats because straight sweats They make you look very baggy bulky if you're a shorter guy It's gonna make you look stumpy and even shorter joggers are a step up from that however joggers tend to get a little too baggy Around the thighs and waist which can make you look a little disproportionate because it's gonna have a drastic taper at And ankles what I recommend doing is looking for tapered joggers yes These are marketed and they were gonna be a little more expensive But they give you the best fit it's like putting on a tailored pair of jeans it just fits great And it's gonna make you look a lot more stylish and athletic wear when it comes to the tops is quite Simply you just want to look for stuff that fits that is fitted That's not too tight you don't want to look like you're trying way too hard and you don't want something big and baggy Because that's not really the best way to optimize the path leather clothing you want to make it look like you're in pretty decent shape You want it to? Compliment your body so what I recommend doing is find something that is fitted in the shoulders and then again has a slight taper in The waist it may take some trial and error to figure it out but Definitely if you want to wear athletic wear you want to look stylish doing it Fit is just as important as color fourth tip is hurry to match your shoes Sneakers to your athletic wear personal pain, there's three colors that you cannot go wrong with that is black light gray and all-white just three amazing colors that go great with almost any Color track so you're gonna worry do they just match Easily, they're minimal and yet they give the same as that a couple of shoes.

I personally like Nike Free 5.

0 Black flying it racers.

I don't have a pair and the Nike Brochures I just think these are just go great with athletic wear in general because the match was almost any other color They're a very minimal design shoe itself, and it just looks great with shoes You don't really want to get too complicated it more functional shoes like fly net racers or Free 5.

0 S really go a lot better with the athletic wear I look rather than the Roshan which make it look more like you're trying to wear athletic wear in a casual saying But the shoe best for your upsetting 5th and final tip is how are we going to expand this? So it's not just a one track suit look And I personally think when you're trying to find other ways to match things to your track suit or athletic wear in general you need to find simple color so if I were to take this often try to match it with something else I would go with very sand either black gray or white and I will personally match this kind of athletic look with a either a White pullover or a white Kunak, and it's very simple to match these because they're very simple colors and if you want to change up and go with let's say like a stripe pattern try to find some ways you can match your stripes To other parts of your maybe it's a local you can match Maybe it's the sole on the sneakers find ways to match Simple things and you can actually get more outfits and more athletic looks out of your athletic wear in General for example if you have two adidas three stripes try to match it to something look like your t-shirt underneath You're wearing a white t-shirt that one match will just be straps nicely or if you have a Black pair of shoes with a white sole that would match great if you're wearing let's say again like an Adidas Crew neck with that white adidas love will find a way to match That way can it can be the shoes it can be just the sole of the shoe being wet it can also be the laces On your joggers being one it's the minimal Aesthetics within matches great, and you can get more out of your athletic wear That's it for me today guys if you found this video helpful Interesting informative drop a like I want to know from you What are your favorite pieces of? Athletic wear if you guys want more contact for me feel free to subscribe to the channel because I am always posting three videos per Week, I hope you guys have an amazing day, and I will see in the next video peace.

50 Beautiful hoodies and sweatshirts for men S9

1 Eagle Style Combination Package 2 Hot Sale Cardigan Men Hoodies Jacket Brand Clothing Fashion Zip Hoodie Man Casual Slim Hoody Sweatshirt Sportswear moletom 3 Tracksuit Men Camouflage Army Casual Hooded Warm Sweatshirt Male Winter Thick Inner Fleece 2PC Jacket+Pant Men Moleton Masculino 4 Brand Male Hoodies Pullover Autumn Men Sweatshirt Clothe Long Sleeve White Warm Winter Sweatshirt outwear Vetements 5 Hoodies Men Thick Clothes Autumn Winter Long Sleeve Patchwork Sweatshirts Mens Women Streetwear Fleece Unisex Hoody Man Clothing 6 LLYGE 2018 New Brand Men Casual Hoodies Streetwear Hip Hop Basic Style Solid Female Hooded Sweatshirts Hoody Autumn Mens Hoodies 7 SMZY Lil Peep Baseball Jackets Men Hoodie Sweatshirt Winter Popular USA RAP Singer Sweatshirts Men Hip Hop Famous Fashion Jacket 8 Grandwish Drop Shipping Hoodies Men Long Sleeve Solid Color Hooded Sweatshirt Male Hoodie Casual Sportswear Plus Size S 5X, DA760 9 Skull Poker Hoodies Sweatshirts Men Women 3D Pullover Funny Rock Tracksuits Hooded Male Hoodie Fashion Casual Outwear Winter 10 YEMEKE Men Gyms Hoodies Gyms Fitness Bodybuilding Sweatshirt Fashion Pullover Sportswear Male Workout Hooded Jacket Clothing 11 Xxxtentacion Hoodies sad men Sweatshirts rap rapper hip hop Hooded Pullover sweatershirts male/Women sudaderas hood hoddie 12 New Male Sweatshirt Outwear Tops Blouse Pullover Casual Sportswear Men's Tracksuits Sweatshirts Autumn Winter Solid Hooded Hoodi 13 2018 Fashion Men's Long Style Hooded Cardigan Cape Coats Casual Male Long Sleeved Jacket Coats Men European Size M 2XL 14 2017 New Arrival Free Shipping Fashion Men Long Black Hoodies Sweatshirts Tee With Side Zip Longline Hip Hop Street wear Shirt 15 2018 Winter Man Hoodie Sweatshirt Slim Fit Hooded Pullover Hip Hop Jacket Hoody Sportswear Sweatshirt Male Tracksuits M 3XL 25 16 Mr.

1991INC New Fashion Men/Women 3d Sweatshirts Print Golden Lightning Lion Hooded Hoodies Thin Hoody Tracksuits Tops 17 new fashion hoodies men sweatshirt monty are print hoodie men cool pullover hoodies men sweatshirts tracksuit men 18 BTS 2018 Lil Peep Spring Hoodies Men/Women Sweatshirt Streetwear Fashion R.


P Tracksuit Loose Hoodie Sweatshirt Unisex clothes 19 2018 Fashion funny Hoodies Long sleeves Hoody men Fashion doodle Print JUST DO IT jacket with hat men casual men 20 Trendy Faces Hooded Fleeces Men's Hoodies and Sweatshirts Oversized for Autumn with Hip Hop Winter Hoodies Men Brand Streetwear 21 STAFF 2018 New Cotton Orange Letter Kanye West Purpose Hip Hop Skateboard Hoodies Men Full High Street Sweatshirts London 22 American Street Style Hoodie Lovers 23 Brand 2018 Cardigan Multi Button Hoodies Men Fashion Tracksuit Male Sweatshirt Mens Purpose Tour 4XL 24 2018 3D Hoodies Men Hoody Sweatshirts Melted Skull 3D Print Fashion Casual Pullovers Streetwear Tops Spring Autumn Hot Hipster 25 HIPFANDI 2018 New Men Brand Hooded Hoodies Streetwear Hip Hop Mens Hoodies And Sweatshirts Solid Red Black Gray Pink Green White 26 Spring Fashion Men Thick Hoodie Sweatshirt Letter Printed Loose Style Male Casual Tracksuit Long Sleeve Yellow Hooded Pullovers 27 TANGNEST Men Hoodies 2018 New Design Male Solid Casual Fleece Sweatshirt Men's Slim Fit Zipper Popular Coat Size MWW883 28 Pennywise 3D Clown Ice Skull Hoodie Sweatshirt Men Women Pullover Hoody Top Sudadera Hombre Casual Sportswear Tracksuit EUR Size 29 HEYGUYS HOT 2018 red camouflage hoodie men fashion sweatshirts brand orignal design casual pullover for me autumn 30 2018 Fashion Cotton Hoodies Men Fitness Hip Hop Mens Brand Solid Hooded Zipper Hoodie Cardigan Sweatshirt Slim Fit Men Hoody 31 Harajuku Cartoon Rick And Morty 3D Print Sweatshirts Pullover Hoodies Colorful Tracksuit Hooded Tops Pants Sportwear Outfit 32 Brand 2018 Hoodie Pure Color Zipper Cardigan Hoodies Men Fashion Tracksuit Male Sweatshirt Hoody Mens Purpose Tour Hoodie 33 Hip hop Hooded Sweatshirts Men Fleece Hoodies Mens clothing Casual Tracksuit Pullover Military Armygreen Khaki Camisa Masculina 34 Aolamegs Men Hoodies Fashion Harajuku Loose Hoody Tops Windbreaker Youth Couple Contrast Color Hip Hop High Street Wear Pullover 35 Hot MARVEL GROOT Hoodies men 2018 Autumn And Winter Brand Sweatshirts Men High Quality mens hoodie letter printing fashion 36 winter sweatshirt raglan print jacket tracksuit Odin Vikings hoodies for men 2018 new fashion wool liner Camouflage sleeve coats 37 Johns 2018 New Fashion Hoodies Brand Men Multi Color Stitching Sweatshirt Male Hoody Hip Hop Autumn Winter Hoodie Mens Pullover 38 New Arrival XXXTentacion Hoodies Men Women Casual Pullover Streetwear Sweatshirt Sudadera Hombre Harajuku Male Hoodie Women Tops 39 2018 spring autumn mans deadpool casual baseball uniform men brand clothing hip hop hoodies tracksuit streetwear sweatshirt male 40 Rapper Xxxtentacion Broken hearted Hoodie HatHoodies and Xxxtentacion Sweatshirts Oversized To Women/Men 41 2017 Autumn Women Men Hoodies Hip Hop Fashion Headwear Sweatshirts Peace Hoodie Black White Us size S XL 42 New strange things hoodies men Autumn/winter Hip Hop street Pullover lil peep groot men/women hoodie justin bieber Sweatshirts 43 HZIJUE New Kanye West Hip hop Plaid Shirt Men High Street Fashion Swag Clothing Loose Hipster Longline HOOD Chemise S XXL 44 PLstar Cosmos 2018 Fashion Brand 3d hoodies cartoon rick and morty print Women/Men Hoody Streetwear casual hooded sweatshirts 45 Hoodies Men 2018 Sudaderas Hombre Hip Hop Mens Brand Solid Zipper Hoodie Sweatshirt Slim Fit Men Hoody Size XXL 46 Harajuku Be Happy Letter Print Mens Patchwork Hoodies Sweatshirts 2018 Autumn Smile Face Long Sleeve Hooded Pullover Jumper 47 EUR Size Space Galaxy Wolf Hoodie Hoodies Men Women 2018 New Fashion Spring Autumn Pullover Sweatshirts Sweat Homme 3D Tracksuit 48 ZOEQO New men hooded fleece zip hoodie men thick solid color sweatshirt mens casual hoodies sportswear hooded sweatshirts 49 Hot 2018 New JORDAN 23 just do it Letter Print Sweatshirt Men Hoodies Fashion Solid Hoody Men Pullover Mens Tracksuits Male Coat 50 Laamei 2018 Autumn Winter Hoodies Men Hombre Hip Hop Brand Hit Color Stitching Hoodeds Mens Hoodies Sweatshirt Slim Fit Clothes.

Winter Style Tips: Fashion And Beauty Must-Haves

winter is just around the corner and here with some fashion finds and beauty essentials is the go-to girl friend Sadie Murray good morning saving hard to believe it's that time of year already oh it really came quickly here we are with some great ideas for us yeah okay let's start with my all-time favorites fashion yeah I love Lulu's calm for all affordable finds when it comes to trending items especially these really cute patterned flats and those are actually 29 bucks so you don't have to really break the bank rake the map to get that great look for the season these are so beautifully and I love the structured purse right now that's so ladylike and cute okay this purse also is amazing this is the sash bag I'm gonna just show you what I am on so this was actually developed by a single mom okay was it need yeah free I love it yeah no but so cute and fashionable it lays flat right and it also has so many pockets yeah and you can buy everything in there and there's neat open over its not gonna swing off the side of your stroller I love this so that's really fun too kids are on break and you need to like run around right right right okay so let's talk about maybe some maybe you have a little bit too much to eat over the holidays and not me it's a timer this is a really cool new procedure okay you Tara it's called true sculpt ID and what it does is it utilizes heat technology to hone in on different fat areas like around your tummy or the flanks on your back and it eliminated that the muffin tops ad I think we're all just trying to not have to pull our jeans up to tie it down right so this is a great non-invasive way to get rid of stubborn fat that can be just you can't get rid of with exercise it is like I said non-invasive there's no downtime which is the best and it is virtually the easiest way to get rid of fat without you know surgery right so okay that out if you can't at cue Tara yeah okay then up next for skincare yeah fury has these brand new two masks the first one is the B or a charcoal whipped purifying detox mask okay so it has the charcoal which naturally lifts up the impurities it gets rid of you know any sort of this is great for oily skin right it gives you that mattified look afterwards so you aren't dealing with any shine okay the second one is the Blue Agave plus baking soda whipped nourishing detox mask okay I love about the Blue Agave is it's a natural nourishing conditioning hydrating I need that one it's so good winter I say yeah here and the baking soda is an essential for getting rid of the impurities okay so stock up on that you can get that a you know like CBS or any major drugstore okay Clarins this is so cool okay this is their double serum it's a Hydra Kandla Pittock system meaning it mimics the body's natural oil and water balance this is great for getting rid of wrinkles fine lines it's great for any sort of skin type k and you can use it all year round morning and night only $89 e it is so amazing for your skin if you need that hydration and it also has over 20 potent plant extracts including tumeric which is great for brightening okay that smells so good Oh yummy I love it I want it all over so also if you have itchy skin this season it's so common this is your go to this is the hydrotherapy itch defense wet skin moisturizer from Curel what's great about it is it's fast activating in the shower you know just put a little water on and all it'll work but what's great about it is it leaves you really moisturized and not greasy feeling it's also if you have eczema it's such it's an amazing product for that okay I love it too because it just it works you're not just masking an issue you're healing your dry skin right treatment exactly so if you've got aches and pains I know I do stressful during but uncle buds has this great topical pain relief really good for those sore muscles joints its hem infuse okay and it works better than any over-the-counter available okay option overtime Chinese say yes oh yeah Body Wash is really great to hemp infuse as well and it smells like coconut amazing yes awesome last but not least her great hair sweet hair is so in this season vibra street pro by beautopia hair so this is the iron for the healthier hair meaning it has this great technology that shuffles and vibrates your hair through the straightener just like fully straightening this dream he exactly I just so bad for frying my hair yeah this is amazing so it's it's just an easy glide you can grab that at beautopia hair calm okay a great gift yeah young ladies alright thank you so much lady great ideas as always and if you missed any of the segment and want to check it out again just go to our website kcal9.

com and click on each beam on TV.

How To Wear A White Hoodie Guys – 5 Ways To Wear A White Hoodie

What's up everybody George here from GP Lifestyle in today's video guys I'll be showing you five different ways to wear a white hoodie And as always gentlemen There is a video summary with timestamps in a description in case you guys like to review certain Outfits and I'll be sure to leave a link to every single piece of clothing used in all the outfits birthers delay Let's get into it outfit number one on this list Where would you start off as basic and as foundational as we can they were starting off very? Basic just by going with a hoodie and jeans Look at my personai think you've got to step it up it up a little bit here Even though this is fairly basic and foundational Go with a distressed pair of blue jeans over a regular wash pair of Blues you they just have a little more character it brings A little more attention to the outfit and overall It's a great easy touch and when it comes to white sneakers basically any Sneaker here that is white is fairly good by personally thing if you ones are a little more attention would have a little bit more Unique even which thing very basic go with something to do there has a gum sole a retro throwback Or maybe let's say like a Nike Air Force One is a great alternative to other Basic and simple so wise is an excellent outfit and a great starting point Which we're going to build on but without fit number two here We're going to dress up our first outfit by throwing on a bomber jacket the first time it was very basic But I think if want to take it up just a little bit is to throw on a olive-green bomber jacket I personally think all ivory mixed with blue jeans and white is just an excellent combination overall it breaks up some of the monotony I'm just having two colors including white and just having blue jeans So I think this is an excellent object now since we are wearing a hoodie and they are heavier and thicker in Material definitely go with a lightweight bomber jacket.

So like this nylon one that I have it's olive green and that's sort of like a quilted or heavy one because it'll just Build up a lot to much bulk and it may be hot that day Or maybe it just doesn't feel her but I personally think this is an excellent look and this is the most that we can get With sticking to a minimum amount of colors.

You're not getting to experimental This is as far as we can go with this current outfit But outfit number three on this is we're gonna have a little bit more fun We're gonna get a little more experimental and you're going to see how far we can take a white hoodie Now with this we are going to started off with a dark wash pair of blue jeans.

These are a darker blue They are non distressed and we're going to throw on a red and white pair of beds now we're actually going to layer the hoody with a red and black plan to give us a good balance and Contrast now be sure that your flannel is either the same size that you're also that your hoodie is not oversized or if you can't squeeze it in a Flannel over a hoodie go with an oversize to find or shirt if you have them but the great thing here is that I was torn between going either with black James or a dark blue Jean, but I personally if you go with dark blue it's going to contrast the read a little more subtly then it would having a harsh contrast with black and I personally think of layering a Hoodie with a flannel is an excellent.

Look it's great It's fun and just having those red and white bands match the red on the flannel and the white on the hoodie It's just an excellent touch It's a simple outfit that I think a lot of younger guys can really Enjoy and it's really fun And like if you have any other color final and a other matching sneakers, like yellow for example You can also throw it on it instead of going with red and black outfit number four is my favorite on this list because it is so Modular you can add and take a waist up and still have an amazing outfit now This outfit is pretty simple because we're just going with two colors black and white and I personally think this is where you can have the most amount of fun we're gonna start off by layering the hoodie with a black bomber jacket or any black leather jacket that you Have let I love biker jackets.

You can layer them nicely there.

They're timeless.

They're classic they're masking dress them up dressing now a Distressed pair of black jeans the ones with the nice cut and a black and white pair event Now what I like about this all outfit is that it's so modular you can swap out the sneakers for it for tan chelsea boots For a black sneaker a white sneaker.

You'd swap out the black jeans for either blue jeans or a black jogger, or any black joggers with a side stripe now also here you can accessorize you can add watches to this up and you can add a necklace if you want or you can add a Snapback or a dad hat for more accessories and everything will match right because bru going with a black and white combo and this outfit is great to use as a foundation that you can build and add add and Substitute things if they're not to your style that day now for the fifth and final outfit on this list I'm pulling out the big guns, and I'm also providing you guys with two different variations of this same outfit Okay, we're going to stick with the stress black pair of jeans, but here is where the Alpha starts to take shape we're going to throw on my legendary my The ten overcoat that I love so much and before our sneakers or our shoes here We have two different options one is about a sneaker.

It is a tan suede pair of chelsea boots to match the 10 Top coat or we can go with black and white vans that have a little bit more of a street wear aesthetic to and I probably think this is an amazing outfit because You'll nos you'll not see a lot of guys try to pull this off because it is just two different worlds of fashion colliding that very structured very I'm charging formal piece of clothing and not so formal piece of kalique coming together and imprisoning makes an amazing outfit now now if you're not a big fan of having the vans with this top coat I personally think of these tan suede paired Chelsea boots have it match and just have fun with this of it This is comfortable.

This is stylish.

This is Express and I personally think if you guys haven't given this a try you'll stand out with this outfit because I Personally think it looks great and not a lot of guys are going to wear this because it's it's not as traditional But personally think you'd want to get a little more style.

You have to experiment a little bit more there You guys have it five different ways to style a white hoodie as well as some tips along the way if you guys enjoyed this Video and you found it heavily drop a like and subscribe to the channel for more Men style content like this as well as style Grooming Danny relationship-wise and overall confidence building videos to help you become the best version of yourself Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video peace.

Top Winter Fashion Trends 2018/2019

hi guys welcome back to my channel todaywe are doing a super exciting fashion video that we'll be talking about allthe trends that you need to know for winter 2000 18/19 there is quite a bitsimplified it for you guys because I've been looking at the runwayhalf of those things

I can wear on a daily basis they lock me up I wanted tosay a huge thank you to marshals for collaborating and sponsoring this videoI don't know if you guys remember but I actually partnered up with Marshalls andI was one of the guest judges on stitched last month

which is reallyexciting if you guys didn't catch that episode I'm gonna link in thedescription box they actually created a dress for me from me it was really cooland the show is really cool concept it's a bunch of different designers andbasically they get a challenge every single day and

they basically have tohave it done but the end of the day which is kind of nerve-wracking but Iwas really excited to be part of it so for today's video showing you the trendsI wanted to actually do a little challengeso stitch had an episode that was based on the

mini me challenge where basicallyyou take your children and you create a mini-me of yourself yay obviouslymini-me so I got inspired and I grabbed Jack and Ben not grabs I didn't grabthem I asked Jack I didn't ask them I told them I told Jack and Ben thatthey're gonna be

my enemies for two trends okay let's get to the trends sothe first trend is the expressionist the expressionist is really all about beinglike tada Here I am it's really all about mixingand matching colors prints textures to create a little more dramatic look to itwhere you can really show

off your personality with this trend and theseare actually the colors that you will see working together really well as youcan see the colors that I incorporated will red played the Hat some Brownand reddish in it and the dark green which I love and actually it's amazingto see how

much of a versatile color it is you'll be seeing that color in a lotof the trends that I'll be talking about today don't be scared to be bold and alittle bit out there even if you don't necessarily want to wear something soloud like an animal print mixing up

those bold colors would really bringthat a trend to life I will be expressing myself a lot this winter alot this is actually a really exciting trend because I feel like we allsometimes fall into this black and white and black patterns in the winter soworking with the colors in

the expressionist will really give you anidea of how to combine all these colors together you also see Jake and Benny Ipick the plate with a bold color for them something that we really bring abit of their funkiness out not that they need it I mean you can see

look atthere's so much concern all of these clothes are from Marshalls where you caneasily find all the trends that I'll be talking about for a really reallyaffordable prices and the second trend you'll be seeing quite a bit this winteris the elevated comfort this is definitely one of my

favorite favoritetrends for the season and it's all about those luxe knitwear neutral tonesbringing those cashmere feels with laid-back fit something that looks likeyou're so cozy and comfortable but you're expensive AF which I absolutelylove and this is a great way to bring that Cygnus and yet feel comfortable Ifeel

like women when they're comfortable they are like confidence level is onanother level and they look sexier so this is a great trend that all of us canincorporate into our wardrobe for me I chose these beautiful flowy pantsthat I found and Marshalls and this cashmere sweater that looks so

cozy init is cozy and I'm gonna be living in it and it's beautifulovercoat that's basically playing with the neutral colors a little bit of earthtones for the boys I took the blues and the beiges and the whites and broughtthose in as well it all feels and looks verylight

yet expensive and for the elevated comfort the colors you can play with forthis season will be these colors you have the blues and the Grace and thebeiges and brown and a lot of calm colors just make you feel Zen the nextone you'll be seeing is classic revival and

this is all about bringing thatroyal you out to the world this is all about feminine textures feminine colorsembroidery lace ruffles really romantic really feminine in this trend this is anexample of a blouse that I found that really incorporates the embroidery thebeautiful textures that feminine vibe that you can

easily mix up with jeans orwith leather pants or anything that can kind of bring a little contrast to it orjust keep that vibe going with white pants or a skirt so this can really workeither way we're basically trying to look like a character from Shakespeareplays for those colors

I mean that's pretty easy you guys can reallyconcentrate on those deep beautiful rich colors that are romantic and feminineand make you feel warm inside and the last but not least and one of myabsolute favorites cuz I've been wearing it forever is menswear this season thisis not a men's

world anymore okay this is a woman's world women who steal men'sclothes yeah that's the world I want to live in so this is all about oversizedfits masculine patterns and textures and suit pants you just go with it step intoyour boyfriend / husband / the guy you hook up

with closet and grab yourfavorite pieces and just run with it and literally run out of the closet becauseif you'll see it you'll be like hey but I want to wear it and then you have todo this like don't you know Valerius said menswear is in trend right now

justtake it and run so in this look I found these beautiful suit fans that have blueand whites and blacks in it so it has a more feminine tone to it and I paired itwith this beautiful cashmere sweater that I also found at Marshall'sthe trick with menswear is to

make sure that the fit is right so even if you'rewearing those big oversized pants you want to make sure that they are tighteron the waist they bring shape to your body that theBlazers that you're wearing you don't drown in them so make sure to noticethose little things that

will really make a huge difference and make it lookchic rather than not chic for me I've been mixing masculine and feminine for along time that's kind of my style so I love pairing those manly and masculinelooking items with the more feminine stuff if it's even a big oversizedsweater

and men's suit pants you can wear it with beautiful heels justsomething that would bring that little like and these are the 4 main maintrends that I really wanted to share with you and simplify it for you becausethere's quite a bit going on on the runways you see a

lot of glossy where alot of neons a lot of metallic colors I'm not a huge fan of it becausepersonally it doesn't work for me but those who definitely will be around forthis season as well so you guys can check that out and honestly my biggesttip for winter to

make sure that you look chic and feel comfortable is layersit's all about the layers you can build such depth into even a simple outfit ifyou weren't a bun down put a turtleneck under it and then a blazer it gives thatlike really cool calculated look overcoats is something that

I am a bigfan of and you don't actually have to buy expensive I found some of these thatI wore to show you at Marshall's for an amazing price so those are always fun toplay around you can bring different colors in even if you're wearing a plainkind of outfit

putting a fun overcoat on top of it or just like a different colorwill really bring something to the outfit scarves hats any accessories willreally jazz up an outfit and make you feel like you're not just wearing blackand Gray's every single day out this is it you guys I

hope you enjoyed it if youare wearing any of trends and you want to like take areally cool outfit up-to-date of yourself and send it to me I love thatyou guys can DM me on Instagram anytime I'm obsessed with your outfit of the daypictures if you want to see

a more of the episode for the mini me challengeI'm linking everything below in the description bar no more coffee for methank you guys so much for watching and I will see you

BTS inspired outfits (winter) | recreating kpop idol outfits with the clothes i have

Hello my friends it's Nina and welcome back to my closet as you can see by the title the series is back we are recreating kpop idol outfits with the clothes I have I'm going to be recreating BTS outfits yet again But this time it is also a winter edition.

You can probably see the outfits right here the whole point of the series is for me to explore my own wardrobe to see if I can create these cute outfits with the clothes i have I'm not gonna go out and buy things just to have the outfit I'm gonna make do with the pieces that I own and hopefully have some cute outfits Where is my phone also if you don't know who BTS is they are a k-pop group, my favorite k-pop group my first one that I started stanning and I also love their fashion taste the outfits that I've chosen are highly inspired They are not recreations.

That's not the point of this even though the title is recreating kpop idol outfits without further ado let's recreate some outfits now we are starting with my bias namjoon, kim namjoon for his outfit I decided to go with this picture It was from a while ago but it is this denim on denim set I thought this was a very wintery outfit and it just seems like a namjoon outfit I've seen other pictures where he's wearing denim on denim or denim on another blue color I guess he likes to match his tops with his bottoms So I found a denim jacket in my closet.

Not too oversized It's kind of fitting because his is fitting I have an oversized jacket, but I didn't want to wear that because on top of this denim jacket, he's wearing- i don't know what this is.

He's wearing like this grey- i don't even know if it's a jacket or coat I kind of struggled to find something that looked similar to this So on top of the denim jacket, I'm wearing a gray cardigan I know this is probably not a cardigan It's probably like some light coat without a collar but this kind of looks similar and also it keeps you warm honestly the sleeves are a little bit longer than my denim jacket so it keeps my hands warm and then under I am wearing a black turtleneck as he is And then I'm pairing the denim jacket with these pants I've never done a denim on denim outfit just because I've always been scared to try it But with this video we're trying new things.

We're trying new styles and I really wanted to try a denim on denim outfit So I thought namjoon's outfit would be the perfect opportunity.

I'm also going to wear my doc martens on the bottom Just some chunky black boots and then I have a beanie on top just to complete the look I feel like my style is kind of a mix of namjoon with maybe taehyung and then a little bit of jungkook but namjoon's style definitely influences me a lot.

But that is what I came up with for namjoon and so I'm going to move on to the next member we are moving along to Jin I think his style is pretty I would say simple and practical I was kind of going more with airport outfits But for him I wanted to do something that reminds me a lot of him So instead we have this fine picture of him in New Zealand He has a pretty simple and comfortable style which I appreciate and so I went with this picture because I do have a Sherpa lined Denim jacket, it's not quite the same wash I got this in high school if I had this jacket in a darker wash it would be perfect But you can't have everything you want.

I have a plain white t-shirt under.

Oh, pardon me.

That's embarrassing I have hair all over my jacket.

Are you telling me this hair is from high school? omg So Jin wears these kind of wine jackets often.

He also has a recent picture where he was wearing this Where is it he was wearing this brown jacket that was also lined So I think that's just a look that he likes to go for and I'm here for it ah yes here's the picture if you want to see it fantastic I didn't have a jacket like that so I went with my denim jacket and then continuing on with this picture he's wearing sweatpants with a white band on the side I have sweatpants with a white band, but they're gray Again, we're trying our best here.

We're not recreating it perfectly we're just finding inspiration from their styles I have this pair of sweat pants with a white band on the side They're actually pretty tight on me, but I got these in Korea and they were the biggest size they had Anyway, they're still comfy but I thought that a gray pair of sweatpants with a lighter washed denim jacket would just kind of look good together.

So that is pretty much the outfit for him It's really simple something that I would wear, but I actually haven't touched that jacket in years so I thought this was a perfect excuse to get it out of my closet and then just to make the outfit a little bit more Jin I have these round black glasses, they're from yesstyle he wears a pair of glasses often as you can see from this beautiful picture I thought it would just make the outfit a little more complete and then I'm also pretty sure he needs glasses like me.

I'm wearing contact lenses right now But that is my simple outfit for jin I think it looks a lot like his style we are now moving on to yoongi, or suga and I decided to go for this flannel look that he has at the airport he wears plaid often He also goes for a comfortable style I know lately he's been going for that all black sleek outfit with that coat but I don't have a black coat so I couldn't recreate it so I'm just going for one of his older looks I'm going with this plaid and stripe ensemble now i know we're combining patterns but sometimes it's fun to mix up some patterns and I really wanted to try this combination out This outfit just reminds me a lot of him anyway so for my yoongi outfit, I got this flannel.

He's wearing like a reddish orange blue flannel this is, I would say, orange blue.

It's definitely like a muted darker version of it And then I also happen to have a striped turtleneck.

The turtle neck is nice and long It's a long sleeve pretty similar to the one that he's wearing.

So I thought this was perfect And then also I'm wearing earring similar to him.

I like these dangly hoop earrings He's wearing a blue beanie on top, like a fun colored beanie.

I don't have a blue beanie but i have a yellow one does it really go with this outfit? i'm not sure.

probably not.

but it's a fun color.

That's my school I graduated from Cal and it's winter you want to keep yourself warm now unfortunately I didn't know what he was wearing on the bottom.

I have three pictures of him but they're all of his top and so I went to other pictures of him and he tends to wear these ripped skinny jeans or just skinny jeans in general and Then he pairs it with some kind of converse like shoes I grabbed my ripped skinny jeans.

These are literally from high school I haven't gotten rid of them yet I actually don't really wear skinny jeans often anymore Just because I like baggy jeans but for yoongi we're gonna bring them back this is quite the angle it has these nice Gentle rips and it's kind of cropped on the bottom and with tops that are kind of loose I think that a pair of skinny jeans just balances it out well and then I'm just wearing a pair of high-top converse I think it puts the outfit together and makes it youthful and fun and that is pretty much it for yoongi's outfit And I think it just represents him kind of well moving down the line we are finally at hoseok or j-hope and for his outfit I am also going for an older look that he had I just thought that I could easily recreate this one So I went with this very wintry style.

It's an airport outfit of his and it just looks really cute.

Obviously it's a very popular style but this is a bts outfits video.

let me have this for hobi i went with this tan coat that I have I got this when I was in Korea It's not too long I'm not really sure of the color that he's wearing It might be a lighter beige, but it's close and then under he's wearing this nice knit turtleneck I have a turtleneck similar to it and for the bottoms I'm wearing those same skinny jeans just with the rips I think with a nice thick coat like this skinny jeans just go well and honestly, this was one my favorite looks on him so I wanted to recreate it He's wearing a cap and you could just wear any cap but I also did happen to have this cap that has this color accent similar to my coat and it also happens to have these little ear flaps You don't need to have a cap with these ear flaps but I just wanted to throw this in you could obviously just throw on whatever baseball cap it doesn't have to be perfect no one's perfect It's just a very simple outfit It was very easy to recreate, perfect for the winter It's a very popular style, but he also looks very dashing in it so that is hoseok's outfit and we are going to move on to jimin now i kind of struggled with jimin's outfit I didn't really have a lot of pieces that were similar to him but I tried going for something inspired by his style I mostly went for this outfit that you see right here jimin likes to wear skinny jeans and boots to make his legs look long but then with his outfit he kind of looks soft and smol so it's kind of a mix of like tol energy but smol energy I did happen to have some kind of cardigan with these bell- what are these called balloon bell bell sleeves? puffy sleeves? balloon sleeves? I don't know what they're called They have these stripes just like his jacket and then under I'm wearing a white long-sleeve I'm wearing a white long-sleeve because in another picture this was from a warmer season but he's wearing a white long sleeve kind of top along with skinny jeans and boots again I definitely went for this kind of simple style So the complete outfit is just a pair of black skinny jeans with some pointy boots I have these pointy heeled boots that also make my legs look a little bit longer and then I'm throwing on the cardigan and he's Also wearing a beanie in this picture that is pretty much it for jimin's outfit we are now going to move- wow my closet got really empty we are now going to move on to probably my favorite outfit which is of taehyung's so this is taehyung or v and I decided to go for a look that he likes to do it's not a specific outfit but he does this outfit or wear this outfit often I went for this striped button-up under a sweater vest look He actually inspired me to wear a sweater vest and then he's also wearing a matching beret and glasses and I just thought this was an outfit that I could recreate well and so here's my attempt in these pictures it's not a collared shirt like this but you get the point I happen to have this striped button-up shirt and then I also have this sweater vest that I got from Korea obviously it's not the same as his sweater vest, but it kind of has a similar vibe It has these nice stripes and it also has a v neck just like his it's just a nice comfortable preppy style and then for under, the pictures don't show his bottoms but based off his other outfits I went for a pair of slacks just these regular slacks they're black He likes wearing comfortable yet stylish bottoms so I thought a pair of slacks would go well and then for shoes I'm wearing slippers because he likes to wear slippers as well you can wear loafers whatever you want Just an overall preppy kind of look and then to complete the outfit I'm wearing these gold round glasses i know it doesn't quite go with my silver jewelry but we're just going to pretend those aren't there So that is what I came up with for taehyung and I actually am very inspired by his style I like his whole comfortable yet stylish vibe And then finally we are finishing off with probably my favorite outfit Did I say that already? I like all these outfits to be honest.

we are finishing off with the youngest member jungkook i went for kind of a mix of his styles again.

I'm going more for inspiration than recreation.

maybe I should change the title of my videos No, no, it's fine.

I went for this one look that he had a while ago But then I'm also combining it with a classic airport outfit that he does so I have this puffy jacket, it's so warm and so soft under it I have a black long-sleeve as he's wearing in this picture that you see right here I really just wanted to do an all-black outfit and it reminds me of jungkook a lot so that's what I did If you're indoors you can easily take this jacket off and just wear a light long-sleeve under but if it's cold you have this nice poofy jacket I literally wear this jacket a lot and then for his outfit, you don't need to have these pants But I happened to have a black pair of cargo pants I got these from yesstyle but a simple pair of sweatpants also does the job I just happen to have these and then just for the shoes I don't have the shoes that he's wearing Let me just see what he's wearing I don't have that and so I'm just wearing my Doc Martens and then to top it all off i have a bucket hat This is just a simple bucket hat and he wears bucket hats a lot so I thought I would throw it in too and this is honestly just one of my favorite looks I actually kind of recreated this look a long time ago on Instagram it was by accident it was inspired by jungkook but i realized it literally looked like one of his outfits so that kind of sparked the idea to bring this outfit into this video it's been a long time coming but I finally filmed this video and I think it's still a good winter look my style was definitely a lot inspired by BTS because they were one of the first kpop groups that I stanned I think they were the first one to be honest so I always enjoy making these videos and I hope you enjoyed watching that is going to be it for the outfits I hope it inspired you to look through closet, look through your options I brought out a bunch of clothes that I haven't worn in years and I think I'm going to wear them more regularly let me know what other kpop artists you want to see me recreate outfits for maybe I'll try a girl group next that's going to be a bit of a challenge, but I'm always up for a challenge thank you for watching this video and I will see you in my next one! let's bring it in.

goodbye my friends 🙂 marco hi.

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