【 My Jewelry Collection 💎 】Winter Fashion Lookbook x En Pointe in NYC

Hi, everyone! It's Melodee Morita.

In this video I'm going to be getting ready for the holidays in New York City showing you various looks that would be perfect for parties and events plus my personal styling tips and a special surprise! As I hinted, I have something very exciting to reveal which is that I challenged myself to something new and created my first ever jewelry collection! I put a lot of thought into designing each piece so that they will be suitable for all fashion styles and occasions and I also incorporated ballet elements to add my personal touch.

So brief story behind my collection.



When I was younger, I was an extremely shy person who was terrified of public speaking but ballet is what helped me find the courage to put myself out there.

It always reminds me to be strong in times of self doubt and without ballet I would've never had to career I have today.

On important days when I get nervous, I tell myself to enjoy the moment like when I perform on stage which I believe helps lead me towards a successful outcome.

Therefore, I created my limited edition jewelry collection with Motif, inspired my ballet called En Pointe with hope that it'll bring luck and confidence to everyone who wears them.

One of my favorite things about getting ready for the holiday season is festive decor! and there's Lia coming down with her adorable dress.

🙂 I like to make my living room super comfy and cozy and now that my house is all ready, I'm going to pick my outfits and touch up my look to head out! It is currently the most beautiful time of the year in New York City, especially places like Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue with the cutest window displays.

So I'm going to start off my first look which is more on the dressy, feminine side.

Whether you're on the streets or walking into a holiday party, the first thing people will see on you would be your coat and jewelry.

So I wanted to create pieces that would enhance your overall look without overpowering the coat or dress you're wearing underneath.

These earrings from my jewelry collection have a delicate twist to it so I named it Renversé which is this twisting ballet movement.

I also created a matching necklace which was inspired by the ribbons of pointe shoes.

I chose the name chaînés for the necklace because it's like a very dainty chain across the décolleté.

Silver jewelry makes you look fresh and youthful, so it's great for meeting old friends, relatives, and new people.

Rather than an earring that stays still, I created it so that it will have a slight dangling movement with a bling to add some elegance.

Both pieces literally go with anything! If you want to stay warm and stylish, you can wear on top of a turtle neck, like this and you can see the tiniest details make the biggest difference.

Even Lia's dress look a lot prettier with the silver I added onto it! You can get the earrings and necklace individually or together since they are matching.

These are timeless pieces that you can wear for a very, very long time.

The next look is for those who live in warmer climates who want to look casual chic for the holidays.

I've paired some knit shorts and thigh high boots.

As you can see since I'm wearing an off-the-shoulder top, if I don't have any jewelry to go with it and looks quite simple and plain, right? So i created this arabesque black velvet choker which is excellent for instantly amping up any outfit! It's a minimalistic design, but there are tiny stones down the gold bar that sparkle beautifully especially in real life.

Whether you're wearing it with a comfy tee, a casual shirt, or a girly outfit simply adding this velvet choker will make your entire look really put together and polished.

Since we had a feminine and casual chic look, the next one's gonna be on the cool side.

I'm wearing flared laced pants and spiced it up with a floral bomber jacket.

There's a print going on and I want the jewelry to stand out so I kept my shirt inside white and simple.

So this is my statement choker which I named développé meaning to develop because it did take me quite some time for this piece to come together and it's one of my favorite ballet moves.

This also has the twisting ribbon detail at the ends and this stunning stone that creates royal blue, emerald green, and yellow sparkles depending on how the light hits it! Because this is a natural stone, each one will be slightly different, meaning it'll be a one in only choker! You can leave it hanging as is.



Tie it into a bow Or a knot like this.

Quick fashion tip: Sometimes wearing white can make you appear larger but wearing this choker in a V shape will attract peoples' eyes to the center of your body making you appear slimmer.

If you're not a dress or skirt person, you can totally rock some pants, wear a simple top, and put on this choker for a comfy and sophisticated look.

Even if you wear a jacket or coat on top, the gorgeous stone will peak through like this and it'll be very eye-catching! If you liked any of my pieces from my jewelry collection, you can find them online at motif.

me/melodee It is a limited collection though, so please come visit while it's still available.

The link will be right below in the description box along with all the details, so please open and check it out.

It would be absolutely surreal to see you wearing the jewelry that I designed! I hope that wearing my En Pointe jewelry will always remind you of your inner strength and courage, helping to open yourself up to new people and experiences just like it does for me.

Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed it! Thank you for watching until the end, and Happy Holidays!.