Hi guys, welcome back, thank you so much for joining me Today's video is all about winter transitional outfits with the temperatures starting to drop it's definitely starting to feel a little bit chillier outside I know a lot of us are starting to think about our winter wardrobes and how we can transition our much-loved favorite fall items in it to the winter season to be a little bit more appropriate to match those cooler temperatures if you're new to My channel I make two to three fashion videos every single week.

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Let's just get straight into the video So for this first look I really wanted to keep things light and fresh and neutral.

I love winter neutrals So I started off with this top.

This is a beige a long-sleeve top It has a peplum hem, and it's a really kind of pretty Material I just love the way it sits.

This one's from Zara and I believe it comes in a few different colors It has a similar hem on the sleeve as well Which I think is also really really cute and I paired it with a pair of high-waisted White denim jeans.

These ones are from a Nordstrom I love white jeans in the winter season and I have my white patent food.

Yes their patent They're very shiny.

These ones are from Steve Madden.

I love the contrasted block heel.

These are actually the most comfortable pair of boots I own and white boots can be a little bit tricky to style but because I've gone with a lighter Pant so a white denim jean, it really kind of helps to make my legs look longer and elongate my body on the top I have a Faux fur kind of shearling style jacket.

This one's from Zara.

I finished off the look with my small Love crossbody bag.

This one's from Rebecca Minkoff.

I love the metallic color of it I just think this bag looks so high-end.

It really helps to elevate any outfit.

It's definitely gonna be kind of like my go-to Party bag over the holidays and then I really like the gunmetal Hardware on it as well And I just think it really helps to complete the overall look and this is a really kind of easy look that you can transition From the fall into the winter season.

This next look is really all about the accessories So the right base layer I started with this white fine knit mock neck style top I've actually featured this top in so many different videos.

That's from ASOS But as you can see, it just goes with so many different outfits I tucked it in to the same jeans a hat on in the previous Look, these are a pair of white high-waisted denim jeans from Nordstrom's on the bottom.

I have a pair of Patent military style boots these are from Aldo I love these boots They're really high But they're just really edgy and they're surprisingly comfortable and I just love the way that patent looks in the fall and winter months I threw over top my aviator jacket.

This one is from Topshop This is such a cozy and warm jacket, which is why I don't have my arms through it I was really hot when I put it on the entire jacket is actually lined in the faux fur So it is a very very warm jacket perfect for transitioning from fall into winter on top I have my Baker boy hat.

It's in a velvet material I love the Baker boy trend but this outfit really is all about the statement scarf So this is a really fun way to incorporate some festive colors in to your winter wardrobe.

This scarf is huge It's so warm and what I love so much about it is it's in this beautiful pink and red kind of Burberry vibes But you could very much wear this all the way in to February be really cute for Valentine's Day as well So for this next look I wanted to show you guys something a little bit different So I'm wearing a sweater dress but this one is a MIDI length sweater dress and this one is from Uniqlo It's in this beautiful kind of tobacco a chocolate brown color.

I really love it It's quite oversized so I cinched it in with this belt.

This one is from ASOS And I love how the black leather works really well with the black suede boot So these are a black knee-high suede kind of gathered boot.

These ones are from the brand soul Society I'll link them down below for you guys But what's really interesting about this outfit and definitely makes it a little bit more winter Appropriate is I've layered the MIDI dress over top of a pair of leggings.

So these are from a Uniqlo They're actually quite a thin material.

They almost look like a tight.

It's their heat tech Legging but what I love so much about this is you can wear a pair of leggings and actually a full-length long sleeve top underneath this sweater and nobody knows so you're gonna be nice and toasty and warm and you're pretty much wearing two outfits in one and I just think that's really Great for transitioning into the winter months, especially when we don't want to be freezing to death We want to stay nice and snuggly and warm on top.

I have this leopard print beret.

This one's from H&M I've had it from years and to finish it off.

I've now thrown over my black wool coat This one is from the brand dynamite.

I love the length It's really nice and lined and a really warm coat and it's just a classic and a staple That I think that you need to have in your fall and winter wardrobe this next outfit.

I actually featured over on my Instagram I'll link my handle somewhere on the screen.

I'd love it for you to go.

Follow me over there So I started off the look with this ribbed effect.

It's kind of like a light gray marled neck sweater And then it has a little bit of mock neck at the top and it has balloons loose but it still tucks in really nicely Underneath my aviator jacket This one's from Target and I featured it in my target haul and Tryon so It will be linked down below On the bottom.

I have my kind of like a darker camel colored pair of coated jeans I think coated jeans are an absolute wardrobe essential They're just a really nice alternative to wearing a jeans and you can really take them from date tonight, which is what I love So much about them I have my ASOS chain belt on and then I have my black faux suede over the knee boots These ones are from Steve Madden They have a pointed toe which really helps to elongate your body a nice little block heel which gives you a little bit of height They come in two different colors, and they're currently on sale and they actually stay up Which is what we all want in our over-the-knee boots on top.

I have my Topshop aviator style jacket This is such a warm coat and then I paired it with my Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody bag It's the same size as the metallic one, but it has a beautiful leopard print.

I don't think this one is available However, there are some really some more styles so link them down below for you this next outfit is really casual and cozy It's really good for kind of running out doing any errands.

So I started off with this wait It's kind of a ribbed effect mock neck style long sleeve top this one You can really dress up or down because it has a little thrill hem on the neck here, which think it's really really cute I tucked it into a pair of high-waisted dark denim jeans These ones are from Zara and I love how high they come up and they're just so form-fitted they really just kind of hug you and shape your body and all of the right places and really kind of Accentuate all your curves the way you want them to be accentuated on the bottom of these really cute little booties These ones are from Target.

I love the faux fur on them and these are under $40 on top I have my metallic puffer.

This one is from H&M It is my last season jacket But really kind of any type of puffer will do if you like this outfit and kind of want to recreate this look And then I have this cute little white beanie.

It's kind of an off-white cream color It pairs really nicely with the little faux fur booties and I love the pom pom at the top and then I finish it off with my Metallic love crossbody bag from Rebecca makeup as you can see this one's kind of more of a muted metallic Whereas this one's a lot more shiny and it just kind of like elevates your outfit it makes you look a little bit more kind of like fashionable and stylish even though you're just wearing basically a Turtleneck and half pair of jeans for this next look I've kept on the same top and the same a pair of jeans But I wanted to show you guys how just changing a few different pieces can give you a Completely different look and this is how you can really utilize a lot of your fall pieces in your wardrobe And transition them into the winter as well So I have the same white turtleneck style kind of mock neck ruffled hemp top on as you can See, this is a way you could go and dress it up a little bit more I have the same high-waisted jeans on from Zara and a change it up.

I added my belt I pair this boat with everything It just goes with so many different outfits and I added my black suede kind of slouchy gathered boots on top I have a faux fur coat and it's in this beautiful kind of like really rusty dark caramel color is obviously beautiful I think this jacket looks so luxurious and it's from forever 21 I finished off the look with my Bucket style bag.

This one's from Zara I've had it for a few years now But the bucket bag trend it's really big for this year and it's a really kind of silver color tone it to the jacket with the gold hardware which kind of matches with the belts and I think it just kind of ties the whole look together One of my favorite things with winter fashions all of the fun textures.

So this sweater is from a Zara.

I love it It's so soft.

You feel like you're wearing a little teddy bear.

It's so cozy and warm It's in this beautiful kind of like off-white cream color, and I love kind of like the striped thick paneling I paired it with this black.

Faux leather skirt.

This one's from Zara I really like the button detail on it And I love that leather is just a really nice kinda trend for the fall and that you can carry into the winter Season now to make this outfit a little bit more winter appropriate.

I added a pair of black tights these are from a brand called Calzedonia and Calzedonia hands down has the best tights.

I no joke fell down an escalator I fell down an escalator in Tights very similar to these.

They're the exact same that I wear to work and they didn't rip So they're hundred percent worth the money.

I think they're an Italian brand and you can find them over in Europe I paired it with my black faux suede over the knee boots from Steve Madden with the pointed toe and I just love the suede With the tights and the leather and then the faux fur kind of like creamy top It just really kind of ties the whole look together.

It almost looks kind of festive and it's really perfect for the holiday season Alright, so for this next look I love that.

It's like really warm and chic at the same time It's great for kind of like going out running errands or meeting girl friends or going for lunch So I started off with this white fluffy sweater It's really stretchy and it's really soft and it just has really nice kind of fluffy wintery vibes.

This one's from Target I threw it over top of my faux leather very high waisted leggings and literally come up to here These ones are from the brand Stradivarius I have an entire video about how to style full other leggings in case you guys wanted to check that out It'll be linked down below and then I have my white patent Steve Madden boots I just like the way that the white with the fluffy sweater and the white and the boots go together now on top I throw over my aviator style jacket and typically wouldn't pair leather with leather but I think all of the textures and the neutrals really kind of break it up and just makes the outfit look really cool and very Winter appropriate now on top.

I have my jumbo love crossbody handbag again.

It's a black leather bag Just kind of like ties all the leather that we're going for in this look and then have this really cool scarf This one's last season from H&M and it's actually a reversible scarf.

So on one side It's black and white stars and on the other side.

It's a grey with black stars And I just like it it just kind of bring us a whole look together It's a very kind of neutral look but it's very very cozy and warm It looks like you put a lot of effort into your outfit really you're wearing a sweater and leggings on a jacket So for this next look I've essentially thrown a sweater over top of a sweater So I'm wearing the fine it white mock neck style top They've already seen in the video and then I've thrown over this chenille cardigan.

It's kind of in an oatmeal color This is the last season from Target I love how kind of like flowy and open it is and it's just a really nice kind of versatile color They have some really similar ones in Target right now So the link goes down below for you guys and then I have belted the Cardigan over top of the find it top and I just think it really kind of makes the outfit look a little bit more Chic and a little bit more a dressed up.

So on the bottom I have my faux leather legging Susan's are from the brand a Stradivarius.

I have my suede gathered boots from soul society I chose these ones because I like that they meet me just at the knee I'm five three, but then I can still kind of show off the faux leather legging and then I have my jumbo love cross body from Rebecca Minkoff it just kind of brings all the leather together from the belt and with the leggings and On top.

I have my a velvet Baker boy hat This one is from forever 21 and just to make the outfits that much warmer I now thrown over top my white fluffy coat from forever21 It is a last season piece, but there are some very similar ones out there at the moment So those will be linked down below So this look is for those of you that might be already experiencing those believe chilly temperatures because I'm wearing a down jacket This is a red down coat.

It's actually from Old Navy.

It's a few seasons ago Old Navy usually comes out with jackets like this so I will link one that's very similar it down below for you guys Underneath I have the teddy bear effect top.

It's a long sleeved top It's really snuggly and warm, which is what I love so much about it I have a pair of dark denim high-waisted jeans I already shared with these with you guys in the video as you can see they just work well with a lot of different outfits And I love that they're high at way So they kind of help to elongate your body, especially if you're more on the petite side and on the bottom I have the cute little boots from Target.

I still can't get over the fact that these are only a $40 and I love the faux fur on them Works really well with the top from Zara and then I have this little kind of beige cream toque with the little pom-pom the pom-pom actually matches the faux fur at the back and I just like that this color goes with a lot of different things I have in my wardrobe And yeah, this is a really fun time of year to bring out your festive kind of holiday pieces.

So that's everything from me I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and you got some outfit ideas and some Inspiration on how you can transition your fall wardrobe into the winter season If you like the video, make sure you give it a thumbs up That means so much to me And that's why I know you guys want to see more videos like this.

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