32 WiNter layering ONioN outfits

In this notoriously freezing month Don't you just wanna snuggle up and never leave the bed But we can't be lazy We still got to look nice for winter As I don't want to freeze my ovaries off in winter Here are 30 onion outfits to look like a snowman Or maybe a black snowman? For the base layer, we are staring with some turtle necks and tights To let my head look less floaty Im gonna add some choker First outfit, Im gonna layer a white cropped cardigan And yet in winter still folding up jeans showing my attractive ankles To match the gray color on the turtle neck I went for a gray blazer For shoes, I go to the new love of my life, Dr.

Martins So I'm also in love with this pearl detail on this cardigan Ok, on to the next outfit Layering a crop top This is really the next level of art, Not to get any makeup on my crop top Keeping it all white, I finishing it off with my all season Hollister jacket Time for some stripping for the next outfit So for the next one, I changed some white washed jeans to some blue washed jeans While still jumping around to pull my pants up Here I am going on some denim on denim adventure Finishing it off with stomping on one classic jordon ones Voila, the finished look.

Am I pronouncing that right Any French out there? Please correct me! To make this outfit not so denim I added on a black orange bomber jacket I surely do like a sporty street boy that is gonna fall a sleep at any time On to some good old stripping Youtube don't demonetize me please Ive got my base layer on ok? So next is a milky white collared sweater To tone down this milky white sweater Im going to add on this checkered blazer Shoes are those funky daddy shoes from Balenciaga Ohh and I went with some experimental layering here I folded a square scarf in half as a triangle and put it over my blazer That light poppy khaki color kinda matches with the white on the inside As Iit is in the same color scheme? To change this outfit a little bit, We are going back to the good old Doctor Martins Matching those docs with those hideous red white and black socks It keeps me warm and that's the goal for winter For accessories, I went to the classic golden gucci belt Trying to pretend like a rich bitch for a while Are you guys ready to get this winter party started But the key thing is to stay warm kids I loved how this outfit turned out with those funky socks Moving foward.

Here there's a really cool tip right here.

Layering a solid color over a leather jacket Letting the collar of the leather peak out But the down side is that I have some sausages arms right now You'll have such a hard time bending them But what is fashion without some minimal amount of suffer And staying warm at the same time This trade off is definitely worth it kids Those pieces are pretty basic and solid colors But they create a magic when they are added together Speaking of magic.


Ive changed To avoid seasonal depression, I played with some color stripes and color blocking in this outfit Or should I even call this a costume Because I normally don't wear like this but for this video sake On to the next outfit, folks The color is going brighter and brighter here.

I went for a bright pink for the jacket For even a cozier option, I added on this parka There's also some wings on the back of the jacket I feel like that Im going to roar the world Or I look like a pink kitten disguised as a black panther So just a tip here, black and pink are really great colors to match Because we are all going to kill this love like those black pinks.

Hopping forward For this next outfit, I toned it down with a dark blue, corduroy sweater So to match with the dark blue on the inside I added a freaky bright blue navy wind breaker situation This blue is literally the in your face blue That is so bright and so hard to tone down A takeaway tip here from this mildly monochrome outfit is To match everything in different tones of the same base color Hopefully what you guys know what I meant right there On to the next outfit Here's is pretty much the same thing But I just changed out the jacket for a conservative look If you guys are not into this in your face blue look A simple black and white scarf can also make this outfit even warmer For the next outfit, Im changing out those pants Those pants are really a statement It is so cool on those details To brighten up this outfit, I added this khaki colored trench coat There's less of this sausage arm situation So this is the finished look And I have to put some emphasis on those pants Because it literally looks like that I have corset on my waists It has those details on the pants waist area ? And thank you everyone who has been watching until 4:20 of the video Thank you again, and we are moving on Now I have matched a baseball jacket that is black and white with this sweater Gray, white, and black are just easy colors to fit together So here's once again we are back with some classic color blocking I went for a green sweater For the jacket, I paired a complementary color orange and purple with the green sweater I still got some hope for my color theories Or is red and green another complementary color? Here's another Christmasy option I changed up the jacket to some hard core army green jacket from Hollister Here I tied on a blouse to define my waist in this cozy winter The red and black checker is such a BOLD choice Guess what? We are going back again We are going on to that denim on denim look For the pants, I went for some bell bottoms And they make me a tad bit taller, so that's the great thing And paired it with some floral sneakers For last use of summer pieces, I used a blue crop top The floral pattern and blue matches with the rest of the outfit Guess what I'm doing here next I'm gonna smash on some turtle neck and POOF So next on this exciting experimental laying episode I have layered a off shoulder baby blue blouse So, This is one of the layering results that I have made And I love it! So here's even more experimental laying I changed up some poopy brown boots It keeps my calves as warm as possible So definitely good for the toasty winter So here i'm trying to demonstrate the fact that You can pretty much layer anything over a turtle neck I layered a lacy cami over it And just put on the striped cardigan because I just feel like to Ok the but wiggling here is a bit problematic here You guys are probably tired of seeing this scarf But I'm going to add it here again So now my neck is even toaster because it is covered by two layers By the turtle neck and scarf So here is another option with a different jacket with the same inside base layer So changing up the jacket really changes the whole tone of the outfit So here's another nice tip We're now going back to the black monochromes I really do feel that I am a counterfeit version of the black widow But in a more business casual way Here I just matched my crop top over my white turtle neck And paired is with some knee thigh high black boots So for all those college students out there A bomber jacket, tight, and some platform docs are such a perfect match With my instincts, I definitely feel that they are triplets since the end of the universe On to the next outfit If you are out of laying ideas You can even layer a jeans blouse over a turtle neck, so here'a another option To match the blue on the inside I pretty much just went with the same navy blue in your face jacket I feel like you guy probably been tired of seeing this all purpose doctor martins here but there are just so all purpose So here's another option with the same top and same turtle neck I just changed out the pants and jacket for a more angelic and prestigious option Because that's what a color of white gives us Lmao, does that description even make sense? I don't know you guy can figure that out So moving on, what can you call a winter outfit video with some cozy over sized hoodies Going for something even more casual for a hoodie Nope, I going to juxtapose with this formal blazer Huh.

It looks like a dancing snake to me For the finishing touches, I added on this fancy feather belt I had a hard time cinching in my food baby Here I'm so confident, cozy, and comfy in this outfit Oh Yea and that some nice alliteration right there.

Great one! Even I am ready to dance this night away So here's another option when the weather is colder You just add another jacket of the same color, which is this black fuzzy parka again I love it because it keeps me as toasty as warm as possible On to the next outfit and forgot to do a camera transition SO here I'm putting on a black red hoodie Oh yea! Here's another styling tip for you You can tie a hoodie on your neck as an accessory matching the color of your hoodie that you're wearing For the shoes, we are going to continue this sporty theme I went for some fancy nike off white collab kicks Feww.

Those were a but load of words for those shoes Im not going to let you guys suffer in winter Im adding on this same baseball stripe jacket as you guys have seen before Here's another alternative without adding or changing anything up Just tie the hoodie across the body in the other direction We're still not done with this outfit這套衣服還沒結束呢 We're still not done with this outfit這套衣服還沒結束呢 To change this up once again You can tie up a blouse In this case I have a red and black one on my waist Practically, there'a many ways to spice up the outfit Just tie a shirt or an accessory anywhere We're finally moving on And thank you again for your viewing experience until now What if you have a open crop top and some neck line u want to show off The solution here is to use a scarf to cover your midriff area We dont want to freeze those spleen, liver, and colon off Got to protect those lumbar vertebrae and spinal nerves To match the checker on the scarf I went for my checkered blazer again to match them together So for showing off your neckline, This outfit is more suitable for people who are living in a tropical region On to the next outfit, I'm doing the same thing still protecting my midriff area But in a red and black theme again Black and red is truly the millennial truth of color matching and it never goes wrong So here we're twisting and running our way to the next outfit Next on the agenda we have some comfy sweat pants What's winter without some comfy sweat pants So with so much skin revealing already Im gonna juxtapose on the outside to go on a thick way I matched on this thick blanket parka I actually wore this outfit in November and it wasn't that bad You see the problem with being single here I have to be very flexible to pull the zipper up by myself Here we are going to max out on this body con dress from summer So literally any long jacket will work along with any body con dress And I also layered a turtle neck under here Turtle neck is just the all purpose winter item高領毛衣只是萬能的冬季用品 Turtle neck is just the all purpose winter item高領毛衣只是萬能的冬季用品 For another alternative with the shoes Instead of those chunky docs Im going to change into those girly thigh high boots So on the next outfit, we are back with some hoodie action For the graphic text hoodie, just keeping everything simple Since it is so flattery flowery already I went for the same black boots And I just paired it with a sherpa jacket and Tired of seeing this again Oh my gosh, finally on to the last outfit So the flattery pants has moved to a pants Believe it or not.

This is my first pair of gingham pants And I should buy these more Because I didn't know those trousers existed Just keep everything simple I paired it with a leather jacket and a plain turtle neck Oh hey guys, thank you so much for watching Im going to go clean up this pile of gigantic mess And Im so tired after doing this voice over Hopefully this video is useful Or will I ever say that this video is unuseful, unsubscribe, and unlike So please don't do that and I'll see you guys next week.