Barbie Winter Fashion from Sparkle Girlz and eBay

it is definitely time that we expand theseasonal wardrobe don't you think oh absolutely baby it's cold outsidewhoa wait did somebody say something about expanding the Wardrobe yes we didwell I want to be in on that this is a great time for some more seasonalclothing Oh count me in yeah we can I figured that Monica well where are theywhere's what well the clothes of course silly well toexpand the Barbie wardrobe for the winter temperatures we found these threeoutfits from Sparkle girls we're gonna try on the girls and see how they fit inaddition to that we found three very cute and detailed winter outfits off ofebay so let's start trying some clothes on for our first winter pack that we gotoff of ebay we have it on Meg here as our plus size Barbie and I love all theaccessories they provided however the only the jacket the scarf the hat andthe belt work the shoes as you can see are just plainly too small these littleflats we're just gonna put her white high tops on that she came in but we dothink the other accessories are super cute on her and they go really well withthe camo dress that she came in so here's what did fit and here's what didn'tthe pants the shoes now we didn't even try that it did come with a tank top forthe pants but we didn't try it on since we knew who she was going to needbottoms so as with a curvy Barbie some things work and some things don'tokay here is the outfit on Monica who is more of a regular-sized Barbie howeverthose pants were extremely difficult to get on her she has more of the rubberytexture of her legs and they would not slide on at all and you can even seehere they're still not even centered and that was after having to turn herbasically on her head and try to get those little skinny jeans on but theoutfit is really super cute and even the shoes fit somewhat they will fit on herfeet but you can see if she goes up on her toes her heels pop out of them butif we slide her back into her boots looks really nice so I guess that justshows why it's important to try the clothes on but you know I am going tototally borrow that jacket right yeah we'll see okay eBay outfit number two onour curvy Barbie Meg.

what fits the jacket the scarf the Hat what doesn'tfit the pants, the belt, the top and the shoes that is some of the misfortunefor curvy girls and bottoms but this top outfit with this cute fuzzy hat and thisreally neat scarf and jacket are super cute.


can I try on the pants and the top? fine have at them.

this is cute too.


you're not getting the jacket the hat or the scarf.

okay but I can have thepants? knock yourself out yeah awesome okay so here are the extrapieces on the regular size Barbie and these were even so much easier to get onthen the last set that we tried on her so it has the flared pants and they weremuch much easier to get on over the rubbery texture of her legs and even thetank top was even easier to fasten in the back so you just never know wellhere is the last of the ebay winter wear outfits Wow I think a lot of this isreally cute this is way too short if you can see here she has the littlestockings but but that coat does not cover everything it should and with sowith it being that short we need like a little skirt or something to go over itbut for now we'll go with the pants that were super hard to get on the otherBarbies and even on Kat here, they are very snug in the backside but they arecute and they have the pink stitching that goes with the jacket so those willwork.

so what works with this outfit is this really cute scarf the little yellowtank top the jacket the belt these mittens.

aren't those cute with a littlesparkly in them and then this little cute handbag.

what doesn't work werethese cute little leggings with that short jacket these would be cute withwith a dress or something that was much longer to help cover everything thatneeds to be covered and these arched boots that came with itdon't work because this particular fashionista has the flat foot but theyellow shoes from the previous outfit fit her just fineshe's the first one that they fit so overall I'd say what we got out of thepack is very cute but it is nice to have the opportunity to mix and match to makecertain things work with certain Barbies there they are in the eBay winter wearit was a really good thing that we had the opportunity to mix and match it justshows us sharing a closet isn't all bad yeahI'm still liking that hat or maybe.



it is.




no Monica.

Well, I didn't think it would hurt to try.

sonot only did we shop eBay but we shopped Walmart to try out these three Sparklegirlz outfits and the nice thing about these outfits is they're very affordableat under $3 an outfit so let's try them on and see how they fit and there theyare look at that they all fit really rather well let's take a closer lookokay so Monica has on a the floral long-sleeve top that has some stretch toit and the pretty bell sleeves with the ribbon trim a satin skirt with whatlooks like the pink stitching for pockets it's all one piece and it camewith these cute high heels with crisscross straps.

now Kat is in thisreally cute sparkly which looks like a sweater knit top it has a faux pink beltat the waistline and then a cute gold pleated skirt with a tulle underneathFunville also provided the cute little handbag to go with it as an accessory.

finally perfect for Meg is this sweater knit dress with a crisscross at theneck and what looks like a herringbone print skirt all one-piece and velcro'sin the back and then it has this cute little bag that matches the hot pink inthe stitching and at the neck.

skirts and dresses can be a curvy Barbie's bestfriend that is for sure and it does have the nice stretch in the top now thebottom doesn't have any stretch but that looks really super cute.

finallysomething that fits me! it was definitely a whole lot of mix match and sharing but itall seemed to work out thank you so much for joining us todayas we tried on the different fashions that we got from Sparkle girlz atWalmart and from eBay which one was your favorite? did you have a favorite outfitor a favorite piece? have you found us on Instagram at we imagine workshopthere you can keep track of all the fun things that are going on here at weimagine if you enjoyed today's video we hope that you will like comment shareand subscribe so you don't miss out on any of the fun well that's ourcollection for now until next time thank you for watching subscribe it's free!what can you imagine?.