hi everyone and welcome to my channelthank you so much for tuning in today I have for you a whole video I feel like Ihaven't done one of these in ages I've kind of shown you bits and pieces andblogs but I haven't done a proper sit-down whore video for a while I woulddo one with a few pieces which are very affordable from the high street gratefulwinter I'm going to show you how to style them up as well so without furtherado let's get straight into this video but before that don't forget to hit thatsubscribe button I've read a new video every week and I would love to have youagain on my channel and also don't forget to follow me on Instagram becauseI post loads of fashion content in stories and in pictures so do follow meon there I will leave the username on the screen now for you guys to go andcheck me out but it's at Jasmina party okay guys so the pieces I have for youtoday are from a brand called Tolliver I have had stuff from them before I willlink my last haul that I did from this brand they are a very very affordablebrand but I find that in that affordable section which would be like your H&M ifyou want like a physical store or things like Shane and a sauce I find that Talibequality is actually quite nice for the price point they have and to me that'squite important because even when I'm buying something that is budget and thatI know obviously when you when you buy a kind of this fast fashion it's not gonnalast you as long as when you invest in like a real amazing piece but this one Istill wanted to look good I still wanted to fit well and I still want the qualityto feel good just because it feels more comfortable when you're wearing it youwant your fabrics to be soft and luxurious but also because you want itto look nice when you put it together maybe with higher-end pieces for anoutfit to come together so um like I've said before I find these kind of brandsamazing for when you want to buy sort of trend pieces or things that you don'tknow if you want to invest a lot of money in because you don't know you'regonna love them in a few years time so I find it really nice and it also find itreally nice for just like accessories and like you know just like a jump or at-shirt or something that you need to finish off an outfit and I find that ifyou combine these pieces with higher end stuff maybe like higher end accessorieslike handbags or shoes or a nice pair of tailor trousers they can end up lookingreally high-end and if not completely high-end at least something like apremium high street like a Reese or a j.

crew or something like that but I'mgonna stop rambling and I'm gonna start showing you all the pieces that I gotfrom them so after you gonna start off with a piece I am wearing right nowwhich is this chunky knit I absolutely love this one and I think it's probablymy most favourite piece from this haul it is so soft it's a very thick chunkyknit it has sort like a ribbed sort of effect to the fabric it's not a hundredpercent wore I know it has synthetic in there as well but it justfeels so soft I find with a lot of these jumpers sometimes they can feel reallyitchy if there are a hundred percent wall it's actually quite nice that ithas a a little bit more of like a softerfabric mix in there because my skin is super sensitive and I find that you knowif they are itchy visas kind of break me out into a rash and they're just not themost comfortable to wear but this one is super super soft super luxurious butalso it is really nice because it's really warm even though it's not ahundred percent ball and you might think oh it just looks chunky but it's notwarm I've worn it outside here in New York already and it is so warm and it ispretty cold here guys so I'm absolutely in love with this one I've been lookingfor a chunky knit for a while during the winter months I just find that prettymuch all the time I'm wearing knit wear that's probably what I'm most we're justbecause it's so comfortable it's so easy to just throw on and it just keeps youwarm and during winter you just want to be warm but at the same time I wantedsomething that was on trend and quite stylish and I find that chunky knitshave been the thing this year I love to pair it with skirts with trousers withso many different things I really like this kind of forest green colorI never used to wear color actually I was kind of always beige black of youknow gray but recently I ever started experimenting with green and I actuallythink it really suits me I really like how it looks with my olive skin tone Ithink when I've got like a full face of makeup it just makes kind of my bronzersort of pop and I just really like how it looks on me it doesn't kind of washme out and because it's quite a dark color I feel like it's something thatyou can still pair with lots of different things and it's sort of like aneutral because it's not like a really bright green this one I think I'm gonnaget so much more I love it on its own like I've paired it here with some blackdenim and some boots I think it looks quite stylish because the bottom is allblack so you can definitely make this look more dressy I also think would lookamazing with my black culottes and my aquas or boots I think that would giveit a much more sort of formal ish fire because those trousers are more kind ofa suit trouser material and they would just look really good and you coulddefinitely use this to go to work or to go to the office but obviously againit's really nice just to work on the weekend with the outfit I've worn itwould like the black jeans and the boots I think it would also look really niceif you layer a shirt underneath I think with a white oversized shirt just kindof it's showing from the some of the jumper and maybe the cuffsthrough here it would look really really nice I love this sort of huge neck youcan fold it over like this but I just think it looks a lot more stylish to beleave it unfolded and then it just kind of bunches up here I think it looksreally nice and because it stays up it's really nice because it's not one ofthose that it's constantly gonna be falling down and you have to keeppulling up and it's also really nice because it just keeps you really reallywarm and it keeps your throat warm so you don't have to worry about wearingthe scarf and stuff I also wanted to show you another way to style this upand it is with this green a pencil skirt this is the one I have from McCartanpano and I'm wearing it with my aquas or abooth I think again this one is something you can definitely wear ifyou've gone to something a little bit more formal or you can wear it to workand you've immediately kind of made that skirt a little bit more casual a littlebit more trendy a little bit more young because obviously chunky knits andpencil skirts are so on trend this year and I just think it looks really niceand stylish but at the same time it keeps you warm and it's functional forthe winter but the culottes that would kind of look similar but obviously theyhave a little bit more of a flare so I would definitely tuck in a little bit ofthe jumper into the trials is just so that it defines your waist a little bitand you don't get sort of lost in so much fabric the jump is quite oversizedand I love the fact that the sleeves fall quite low here and I think thatjust makes it really nice and kind of slouchy and it gives it a really youngmodern vibe so yeah really loving this one and I think I'm gonna get loads ofwear out of it next up I have another chunky knit and it is this cardigan Iknow you can't really see it very well like this but I am going to be showingyou the cutaway it's in a beautiful sort of rusty orange color it's very warmtoned it's something between orange and brown and I have another blouse in thiscolor and I just find it's such a flattering color again I'm venturinginto these kind of warmer autumn winter colors which I haven't tried before butI think they actually look quite nice with olive skin tones this one I thinkwould also look really nice on someone blonde with blue eyes would really maketheir eyes pop and I just love this one again it's a very similar fabric to thegreen jumper this one is even softer not edgy at all and super super sue/ warm the other day it was freezing and I just popped this one on top and then areally light coat and I was feeling really warm I loved the fact that it hasthese like big cuffs on the sleeves and then it has these sort of bat sleeveswhich I find are very flattering on lots of different body types here I've styledit up with a black Impala jumper with a high neck and then my black tylium andblack ankle boots and I think it's so cool very casual you can definitely wearthis for work and be working a more relaxed kind of office environment butit's also great to just like go to brunch or run errands or do stuff on theweekend really nice I find it's a very flattering shape on the back it sort ofhas like this curved shape because of the bat sleeves and that's really nice Ilike the fact that you have these really thick shawl collar on the front I findit very flattering you can't actually close the jacket but I quite like itjust like open more like a cape style just like a drape over anything I thinkthis would look really good with like a t-shirt underneath as well if it's notthat cold and you don't want to wear a jumper underneath and I also think it'sreally nice to wear this with a belt like I've shown you here these jacketslend themselves to actually sinking them in at the waist and it gives you alittle bit more of a silhouette they look very flattering like thisI've cinched it in with my Ferragamo oversized belt and I think it looksreally cute I think it would look really nice with a camisole underneath as wellif you were gonna cinch it in and you can almost see nothing maybe just like alittle bit off the edge of the camisole H&M do some really good ones I featuredthem in a video of a Christmas haul that I did I will link this on the screen nowI think they probably still happen and I think that would look really nice againwith like trousers you could also do this if you were going to cinch it in atthe waist you want to wear this jacket a little bit more formulation give you abit more shape I think with a pencil skirt and boots like I showed you thejumper it would look really cute as well or even would like a mini dress and likemy app quizar boots the jacket over the top and cinched in at the waist with theFerragamo belt I think it would look really cute as well and again somethingthat I think is very versatile you can even wear it in springtime because youcan just wear it on its own without like a coat over the top and an otterwith the t-shirt Smith very comfy very functional I like the fact that it's alittle bit long a little bit oversized very good for layering stuff underneathand yeah just super soft and really impressed with the quality actually nextup another piece of knitwear as you guys can see I was in desperate need of someknitwear I hadn't actually purchased any jumpers I think this year and like Isaid I think it's what I'm most worried during the winter this one is a littlebit more casual it has this really cute it has this really cute heart print onthe front it's a very light gray color and originally when I place my order Ithought this was my favorite piece but actually it's turned out to be the one Ileast like I don't dislike it I really like the fact that it's super soft andsuper snuggly this one isn't as thick as the other one so it's warm but not askind of suffocatingly warm so if you do you live in a super cold climate thisone might be about it but I really like the print at the front I think thismakes it a little bit more casual for me I would definitely wear this with jeansand trainers like I've styled it up here for you guys I think it looks reallycute with the shot underneath like I was telling you before I think it looksreally nice when you are showing the shots and ethos one is my causeoversized shirt but I think any shirt underneath would look nice I just thinkit gives it like a nice touch but it also looks nice on its own my only onegripe is that it has this crew neck but it's a very open crew neck it'ssomething in-between a crew neck and a boat neck and it's fine it looks alittle bit kind of off when I wear it without a shirt or anything it justlooks kind of to open around here and it looks like it's a little bit big it iskind of an oversized fit so that might be the reason why it is quite slouchyand you know quite good for like when you're just going really casual so Idefinitely like it I just wish the neckline was a little bit tighter aroundthe neck very fun very cute for the weekend or to run errands the otherthing is they also think there's kind of really light gray color I always lovedthis kind of pearly gray but then when I try it on it always washes me out somaybe if I would have taken another color I would have liked it even morebut let me know what you guys think in the comments down below next up at-shirt a real basic but you know you guys know howI love basics and I also got t-shirts from talib ah the last time I placed anorder and I really really liked their t-shirts this one is a little bit lesssoft it actually has more cotton than the one I got last time but I think theone that I got last time had bisko's which is why it felt so smooth and softbut this one still has a really nice ballit has a v-neck line which I find really flattering the one I got last time theneckline was really really low so I like the fact that this one isn't so plungingi won for a size s I would say definitely size up with most thingsbecause I'm an S and all these pieces are normally I am an extra small Ireally like the sleeves it's in between a cap sleeve and a short sleeve and Ialso really like the low detail of the pocket it has an unfinished edge which ithink is that a really nice detail the t-shirt feels quite good quality it'snot see-through at all which I always find is kind of a good giveaway whensomething feels really like cheap so this one actually is quite nice I reallylike the color it's like a blue it's not too bright but it's also not dark whichI find really flatters me this color and I think it's gonna look amazing when itgets warmer and I'm a bit more tanned I just soiled it up with my Levi's jeansand a pair of trainers here I realized this looks more like a summery outfitbut you can definitely throw a jacket or a blazer over this and it's great forlike a casual weekend look I also think these t-shirts are great to kind of pairwith Blazers and if you're wearing more formal trousers and a blazer you canjust give it a really nice kind of casual vibe by putting a t-shirt likethis it has a nice length I would like it like kind of half tucked in and ahalf tucked out as well it's got like a nice length to do that and yeah just areally really good basic for that price point and finally the piece I was mostexcited about when I placed my order and I was skeptical about it but I was alsoreally excited and I really really wanted to love this piece butunfortunately it's not turned out that great it is this jumpsuit and Iabsolutely love the color it's in like an electric blue but a bit darker I findit so flattering I really like the kind of fact that it has no sleeves and thenI love the mesh detail here on the front in the decollete er I think it gives ita very sexy but still stylish and elegant vibethe mesh feels pretty good quality but but there are lots of butts the problemis the neckline is a little bit too open for me and unfortunately there's notenough fabric for me to be able to stitch it and close it up and you cansee a little bit of my bra probably better if you work without a bra butunfortunately I don't like to work without a bra so I feel like it feels abit too boobie around this area it's just a bit too open and again it may beit was a size up I could do like I could just close it here but unfortunatelyit's not the other thing is it feels like the actual fabric of the jumpsuitjust feels like it has too much elastic in it um I was hoping was gonna be likea crap material but unfortunately this one has quite a lot of lycra and itfeels quite synthetic II which I personally don't be like if you'd likecarnival figure hugging clothes this might be something that you like for meI just preferred it to be a little bit less kind of tight and figure huggingbut nevertheless the fabric does feel good quality it is pretty thick notsee-through at all which is quite nice with these things because I find with alot of these kind of jumpsuits you can totally see like your underwear line butthis one is pretty thick so you can't it is in line though however which I don'tlove but for the price point I was sort of expecting that it does have a empirewaist sign but I feel like it falls under my bust as opposed to on my actualwaist so it just looks a bit strange maybe if you have a shorter torso but Idon't actually have a very long torso so I feel like it might be a little bitdifficult to make this one fit and then it has like a belt that you can tie onbut I don't really like it so I was really hoping to style it up with like asilver belt of my own but unfortunately because the waistline just falls in suchan awkward place it just looked really weird also it's not a full lengthtrouser for me it just falls around my ankles and I'm not that tall I'm 5 5 soI feel like if you're taller than me would just look very very short I wasreally hoping was gonna be full length because I was really hoping to style itup with some stilettos like I've done here like some sparkly ones I've got myJimmy Choos on I was hoping to style it like that but I was really hoping thetrouser would kind of fall and you can only see the tip of my shoes butunfortunately it's a little bit too short to do that so overall I just Ilike the piece I really wanted to love it I like the idea but I just think itdoesn't fit that well on my body if however it does fit well on you Ithink this one would look really lovely with a blazer thrown over the topsomething like my theory white blazer would look really nice and the contrastof the colors would look really gorgeous you could also obviously just leave iton its own and put it with some sandals if you wanted to dress it up in some bigearrings that it would look really cute for a night out so very comfortablepretty good quality for the price point but unfortunately the silhouette justdidn't work that well for me okay guys well that was everything for me do letme know what was your favourite piece down below I would definitely recommendthe chunky knits from Talyn burg they were my favourite in this war so manydifferent ways to style it up do you let me know also in the comments down belowif you liked me giving you styling ideas I find it really helpful when I watchother people's styling videos or when I watch their hauls so do let me know ifyou guys enjoy it because I do really think about it so let me know if it'shelpful I also want to say you guys know that every item I have spoken about isgonna be linked down below and there's also a twelve percent discount code I'mgonna leave it on the screen right now but also you'll find all the informationin the info box down below so don't forget to check that out if you want toget a bit of a bargain on these pieces but yeah thank you so so much forwatching and thank you so much for subscribing to my channel if you haven'talready please don't forget to 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