I'm going to show you Business casual outfits for women to inspire you at work on Monday to Friday I've got five different looks in this fall and winter office lookbook We're starting the week off with a cozy and comfortable but very elegant and stylish business casual outfit I love the cream and brown together I think it's a very classy look I've got these High-waisted crop wool pants from a ritzy ah I love the shape of these because they really accentuate your curves but they're not too tight or too form-fitting where it would be inappropriate or just uncomfortable to wear When you're sitting down especially all day they tie in at the waist and they are thicker Material so they are gonna keep you warm during the winter which I love I paired it with this cream top I love the ruffles on this and the fluted sleeves it definitely gives it more of a feminine touch and it's a nice balance With the more structured wool pants I got this top from aliexpress and it was really affordable less than $20 I believe I Did do a whole video and I will link that up above if you guys want more details on the top I'm really loving cropped pants especially paired with a high boot it is such a trendy but sleek look, I think it looks really chic and so well put together you can do so much with these boots and I just love how it looks with these pants for an extra layer of warmth I've added this Cream-colored cardigan I've just got it open here and I love how it shows the ruffles of the top But if you have it zippered up you've definitely got more of a casual look very appropriate still for the office but definitely giving off that Business casual vibe here it's such at the top up it's very similar but this has some purl detailing on the sleeve and in the collar it's a nice feminine touch now I'm adding this cream blazer from Club Monaco This is definitely more of a professional look very classy very elegant and just super appropriate for the office if You're enjoying this video I'm going to be making a lot more styling videos like these I love to have you back so consider subscribing I Really love wearing skirts to the office and I'm trying to incorporate them more in my Monday to Friday office outfit I adore midi skirts especially during the wintertime and this one from a ritzy eye is perfect it's got an Elasticized waist so it's really comfortable to wear and you? can really be sitting in it all day and just you know barely feel the skirt on you Usually in the wintertime I would wear this over a pair of leggings that it honestly feels Like you are wearing just leggings to the office because the skirt is so lightweight I've paired it with another top from a ritzy ax it's made of merino Wool so even though it's a really lightweight fabric it will keep you warm.

I adore the color combinations of these two together For an extra layer of warmth and to elevate this look a little bit more I've added on this Furry vest or juillet from Club Monaco and I absolutely love it I'm trying to wear more of these furry vests because I really do think they can take your look up a few notches and just add an Interesting element to your outfit this is such a feminine look for the office if you are meeting people after work you can feel comfortable Wearing this out and not feel like you have work clothes on, or like you still are wearing the office with you? For our next outfit I'm starting off with the basics so these are some black jeggings and I've got a white Turtleneck from Zara now, we're gonna have fun with this I'm putting on a leopard print Blazer, I love how the Blazer brings a bold look and a lot of personality it's really fun at the office I think to show a bit of attitude and to show some personality while still keeping things professional and having this kind of wild Blazer paired with some basics underneath and simple colors underneath is a perfect way to add that statement the Blazer is long so it's covering your bum and it's a nice balance to the form-fitting Turtleneck and jeggings underneath I find Blazers can be quite boring, sometimes especially if they're dark in color so I Tend to either wear light-colored Blazers, or have something like this that's just really fun and wild It's a really fun look I like it.

I feel a little bit gangster in the best possible way for The boots I've got these studded black boots that are giving me some Siobhan XI vibes they're edgy and that's fitting in perfectly well with this kind of rock-and-roll look I've got going on now I know that the animal print or the Boldness of that look might not be for everybody so if you want Something that's a bit more classic then I would suggest a light color blazer so this Cream-colored one is perfect.

It's still a really classy and elegant look it looks very put together very, business casual but definitely a more subdued look than the the boldness of the animal print This is a really simple black and white checkered print it's an asymmetrical Skirt from Eritrea I love the detail of the buttons going down A regular black turtleneck would look good as well but I love the fluted sleeves on this one it's a more FEM in luck and it does really look good with the asymmetry of the skirt again this is a business casual look that is perfect for the office and If you're meeting people for work afterwards you don't feel like you're in work clothes and that's really the best case scenario Now to elevate this look even further I'm adding this leather vest it is a genuine leather vest I got her from the gap Ages ago I have no idea Where somebody would find something like this now but I'm glad that I've kept it because it's just such a cool thing to add to an outfit and to give it that edgy rock and roll vibe to finish off this fall and winter business casual office lookbook I've got these wide flowy like pants I adore this kind of brown rust color and I've paired it with a wool camel sweater I'm definitely feeling the boho vibes of this whole look the buttons going down the front of These pants are really unique and the whole style of this pads I just feel so high-fashion I love the side slits that go up to almost your knee it makes the patent flow even more and it just really Accentuates your waist and makes you seem like you have super long legs to keep this like casual I've just paired it with this wool camel sweater and tucked it into the pet These boots are these beige gold studded ones from Zara that I absolutely love and they pair really well with this camel sweater if you guys are enjoying this video then let me know in the Comments and give me a thumbs up that way I know to make more videos like these if you like the clothing that I featured here then check out my hauls next I Feature a lot of the same clothing that I've shown in this video and I've got Purchase links to them as well I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will in the next video.