CASUAL WINTER OUTFITS | outfit ideas for cold weather

hello you guys welcome back to mychannel if you're new here it's so nice to meet you my name is lyss! we arecreating some cute little winter outfits today it's in that weird spot where it'sstill winter but then you have that random day that's like super sunny so Iwanted

to kind of mix it up so I have going on here is just something supercasual super cozy my pants and my jacket are both from za fall Oh as well as mytop I'm obsessed with it and my boots are from boohoo I love the way thismakes me feel

I feel like you can just wear it for during the daytime you canwear it out when it gets too hot you can take the jacket off and your back iswide open let the Sun touch your back you know what I mean I love that vibealso you guys please

let me know if you like this style of video as well Ithought this was so so much fun to do it where like I'm changing in front of youlike that sounds kind of funny but it just felt more real like this is reallywhat it looks like this is

how you create an outfit and in between theoutfits you can kind of see how things look together like just now with thet-shirt that is from shop redone in the red pants I could wear that together tooso you kind of get a mix of things going on here now

this coat that I'm wearingis all also from za well this is not sponsored by self I would just got a lotof clothes from them but I love this jacket so much I have been dying to getmy hands on a jacket like this and I'm obsessed I love the

colorI also talking in the top again I live in the desert so it's like 5060 degreesright now um so I can do that if you can't leave it down don't show off yourtummy then I'm wearing these mom jeans that are from Mountain bow I love themthey're super super

cozy I typically stick to like a very skinny pant butthese are cozy if you need to layer you can put leggings underneath underneaththem to feel super super warm then my boots I believe from I wouldn't saythey're from boohoo I love this outfit this feels very likeI don't know

like blogger in a coffee shop I love this vibe I love the colorsthe neutral tones and neutral tones are my absolute go to they're my favoriteand they look good on everybody let me know if you would like to see more stylevideos with like jackets or anything like that

cuz I realized when I wascreating outfits for this video that I have a lot of jackets I was like wouldthat be a good idea or people into that let me know now for this next outfitthis is so funny you guys I wasn't really planning on this to be

the lookbut once I realized from my first outfit that that neck was kind of like a miniturtleneck my original top for this outfit was a black turtleneck so I hadto switch it up so he put on this top and said just paired it with some blackjeans which by

the way this top used to be a dress and then I just chopped itinto um a crop top but my black jeans I can't remember they're fun but they'rejust like super basic black jeans you can find those anywhere my chain belt isfrom za fall my boots are from

fashion Nova from like a few years ago but I'msure they have something like that similar on this site I mean they'rebasic black boots you can really find those anywhere as well and then myjackets kind of like this statement item of the outfit this is from boohoo I loveit

it's one of my favorite jackets I own it's so girly and like glam for a wintercoat but I'm absolutely obsessed with this you can dress it up you can dressit down you can wear it in snow you can wear it in the rain you can wear it inthe

Sun you can wear it laying in bed you know what live your dream dowhatever you want I love this outfit it just feels more of like a cool girleffortless vibe and if I wanted to cover my stomach I could but you guys ifyou're from my channel you know

you know me ok this was when I realized that thenext outfit was too similar to that that I just showed you so I got rid of it butnow we're going to the final outfit which is my go to right now and I justwant to be super casual and

comfortable cozy is key I am so obsessed with denimI love denim on denim it's such a vibe it's my favorite thing and that's whatthis next outfit is you're really gonna love itand I am NOT I just chucked that jacket to the ground I said goodbye now thishoodie you

guys I have been so obsessed with it I cannot stop wearing it Ellie'sjust as excited about it it is like one of those teddy kind of materials butit's really soft this is from Safa and the men's section but I feel like if I'mwearing a hoodie I don't know

about you I have to put ah there's a hole in mysleeve oh okay how's the VIX at how do they not notice that til I'm filming andI didn't even notice that I was filming or I mean while I'm editing Wow okayit's good to know but this is from

this immense offal section I'm obsessed withit but like I was saying any time I wear like a hood or anything that's like alot around my neck I have to put my hair up I don't know what it is it just feelsbetter I feel more comfortable that way but

yeah so hoody from softball myjacket is huge and it's from Levi's it's so sturdy this was the moment I realizedI was wearing black socks and I was about to put on white shoes but thoseare my air forces I love them and literally wear them 45 times a week

I'mobsessed and then I'm wearing my good American jeans oh I also paired thisoutfit with some sunglasses these are from za 'fl as well I love them thisoutfit it's just cozy you can run errands in it you can do I mean you cando anything and whatever you wear but

this is definitely an easy go to runningerrands outfit for me personally if I'm gonna go grab a quick lunch if it's toocold outside for me to care to put on a really cute outfit but I still want tofeel like cool girl things you know like take an Instagram

photo with this outfiton and I'm gonna sip a little lavender latte and just be like yeah you knowwhat I mean I love it's cozy you can wear it to school wherever you want Ilove it let me know in the comments below if you liked videos like this andif

you would like to see more like this and I will get going on those for you Ilove you so much and I'll see you soon mwah bye guys