FASHION TRENDS Fall 2018 – Winter 2019 & how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it's Justine.

New season, new fashion trends video! If you are new to my channel, welcome.

I do this kind of video twice a year, everyspring and every fall.

It shows the trends that I see coming forthe season, based on everything that has been shown on all those runways.

It doesn’t mean that the looks are wearablejust as they are, so I also weigh in with tips on how to make the trends more real-lifecompatible, let's say.

I hope that my trend boards will inspire youand that you will find things that you want to try out that fit you and your style.

Let’s go! Every season there is clearly a revival vibesomewhere.

This season it's clearly the eighties.

When I think of the eighties, I see loud colors, padded shoulders, velvet and shiny fabrics at night.

The eighties woman had an inverted triangletorso on super-long legs.

Well this time, I feel the revival is a bitmore nuanced and darker, gloomier.

You can see wide shoulders, which has beena constant thing at Balenciaga in the last seasons.

But now, it’s also at Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, more and more at Saint Laurent.

It seems like the Balenciaga effect is spreadingacross all the different fashion cities.

While Saint Laurent stays true to the styleof their house, with lurex threads and jaquards, Balmain is using combined materials to createsomething that probably wouldn’t have been possible, technically, 30 years ago.

Balenciaga went further: See those hips? There the garment has been molded onto thebody and then covered with fabric.

It’s a very new method.

Very interesting.

The shoulder pads could be lighter, to makethe whole look a bit more office-wearable.

But in fact, a wide-shoulder silhouette likethis can really be executed in different styles: in outerwear, jackets, tops, dresses.



It's really quite versatile.

Now question to you.

When you see this board, do you think it feelsmodern and reinvented, or it just looks eighties? Second trend: shades of brown.

Brown is a neutral.

You can use it just like navy blue or blackto really ground a look.

And when you combine different shades of brownwith some deep reds and yellows, you can get a beautiful color palette! Chanel went muted, with a very earthy brown…but then added some shiny fabric underneath, just because it fits so well in that eightiesvibe.

Chloé picked a collar that could absolutelybe worn in the movie “American Hustle”… Actually, if you're looking for referenceinformation for that trend, the movie American Hustle is filled with earthy scenes, and greatcolor schemes where the clothing is matching the wallpaper, to create a harmony.

It's brilliant.

Back to the trend board.

Fendi went all-in and put the double-F logo, brown on brown, everywhere.

Jacquemus added colorful accents in a moresubtle manner.

My favorite looks are the Tod’s looks, thesetwo.

They stayed in one consistent color paletteand made the textures vary.

The way Tod's did it is A-league because itmeans that you're matching every single piece in the outfit to that mood, so it's not easyto start with.

But an easier way of doing it is the way Jacquemusdid it.

You get one central garment that is brown, and then you add accents of colors with the accessories and the rest around it.

For instance, you take brown pants in a brownthat fits your skin tone, your undertone, and then add a patterned top and matchingaccessories which you already own.

So you only get one new piece, and the restis already in your closet.

Brown is a color that can exist in warm andcool versions, so it can really work for everyone.

The next trend is not layering; it's overlayering.

Layering is something you would naturallydo in winter.

(I know I would, because I’m always cold).

But here, this season, it's more than that.

Accent on “more”.

It feels like we need to protect ourselvesagainst something.

Is it subconscious? What happened to trigger this need for morelayers? It is everywhere, on all runways.

I could have found twenty more examples toput on this board.

I think the Balenciaga look has at least 6layers.



if I am counting this right.

But even at houses like Lemaire or Tory Burch, which are usually more… I’d say more classic… you see these cocoonsof protection.

Notice the detail at Maison Margiela.



These sleeves are knitted into a woven jacket.

This is high craftsmanship.

At Vuitton, you see the most wearable option, I think: this turtleneck with a top or a dress on top of it, which has super thin spaghetti-likestraps.

There are plenty of options to make this combinationwork, and make it more or less lightweight, like the turtleneck underneath could be light-knit, instead of this thicker thing.

It could be a skin-toned.

flowy, silky blouse, closed here with a ribbon, or it could be a transparent shirt, since the top covers you already anyways.

The next trend would be sophisticated knitwear.

I personally love knitwear, and I think it’sa pity when the runways show only cable-knit and jersey, because there are so many moreways to knit a yarn into something creative.

So this season, I am super happy with whatI am seeing.

All the examples on this board are specialdevelopments, designed by the houses and then knitted exactly as they want.

There’s nothing standard here.

Etro is traditionally an expert in this kindof fabric, and this look is so them, but still creative and new.

The Sacai look is new for me.

You can tell that there is some ethnic inspiration, but the result seems modern and unique – which means that it’s good creative work.

It's getting inspiration somewhere, and thenturning it into something new, which is your own interpretation of it.

Dior and Prada are completely wearable.

I do enjoy the way Prada took a classic knitpattern and added a super-contemporary logo to it.

Prada always tends to mix genres and workon the perception that we have of what good taste and bad taste are.

The look by Christopher Kane is probably embellishedby hand, and it also feels very special.

A key accessory this season would be a mid-calfboot.

Originally I called this trend the cowboytrend, but then I changed my mind, and you will see why.

We see some boots that have that center split, like cowboy boots, in materials with top-stitched patterns on top, like on cowboy boots.

Isabel Marant is the queen of that.

She consistently shows designs like that onthe feet of the models in her collections.

So this winter will clearly be hers.

But then the boots are white, or they arein materials that are not meant for the outdoors.

Some are even slouchy and draped around theleg, really.

So they are too delicate to be called cowboyboots.

My favorite one is the Fendi one, which yousee also from the side.

The heel is fabulous.

Statement jewelry, now more than ever.

Massive jewelry, especially when it’s colorful, or when it's using gemstones, can’t help but attract the eye.

It is also great to set bold accents in amore regular, standard outfit, even if you wouldn’t describe your style as bold.

Here are some options.

Imagine these smaller and you’ll get whatthe fantasy jewelry brands will offer this year.

Jewelry is a product category where whatevercomes out in fine jewelry and on runways gets copied by cheaper brands, in more wearableways.

I also feel like gemstones are getting usedmore and more, much more than in previous years, in all sorts of colors.

So that will be fun.

There are also two trends from last fall whichare still very, very present this year.

Red as a dominant color is still broadly used.

I wonder if the movie “The Handmaid’sTale”, with the red cloak, had an impact on the designers' minds.

It did leave a mark in my mind for sure.

Originally it was a book, and a great one, in case you haven't read it.

And then plaid patterns, a classical motiffor winter, keep being reinvented in original ways.

We’re playing with the size, the colors, and the textures.

If you have clothes that fit in to those categories, keep them, wear them again.

Did these trend boards inspire you? If yes, thumbs up! Thank you so much.

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