Fierce Winter Fashion

– [Christopher] Lookingfierce as always, Bailey.

Why don't you tell us what you're wearing? (intense classical music) Good morning, everyone.

The baby is asleep upstairs, Jessica and the kids areat their school thing, and so I'm gonna try andget all my editing work done before they get home.

Hopefully get to spend a bunchof time with my kids today.

That's my goal.

It's a good goal.

But first, I need tostop off at Starbucks.

(upbeat music) I feel like a lot ofpeople have a misconception about our family, and thatwe're always at Starbucks.

The only times that Igo to Starbucks, really, is when I go visit my parents, because they don't have acoffee maker at their house.

Think I know what I'm gettingMom for Christmas now.

It's a gift for me.

My Mom and my Dad both don't drink coffee, so there's no coffee maker orcoffee at their house, ever.

So we always end up goingout to a coffee shop, usually Starbucks, especiallywhen Joshua's in town.

But when I'm at home, I'malways brewing my own coffee.

I'm in the backyard right now with Jacob.

There he is, right there.

And this is my old magic case.

I've been using thiscase for years.


And look what happened to the bottom, wheel just popped right through.

I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

So, what I did, is I bought this new case.

– And this is the new wheel! I'm screwing it on.

– So we're gonna put new wheels on this, but I want it to last longer, so I'm gonna reinforce it.

So, I'm gonna show Jacobhow to take some wood, and reinforce something else, and put some new wheels on it.

And it's gonna be fun.

You ready to do it, Jake? – Yeah.

(grunts) Too big.

– [Christopher] What do youthink I can cut it with? – Knife.

– [Christopher] No, aknife's not gonna work.

– Tool.

– [Christopher] A saw.

– Saw.

– [Christopher] We just cut our wood.

Let's see the pieces, Jake, how do they fit? So, this is one piece, and this is the other piece.

So it's helpful for me, since there's wheels down at the bottom.

We put these wheels on.

It's helpful for me tohave a handle up top here so Jacob is installing a handle.

So he's screwing it in.

– Is this the way, Dad? – [Christopher] Yeah, that's the right way.

You're doing it right.

Bailey is drinking something new.

What is this, Bailey? – Egg nog.

– [Christopher] And whatdo you think of egg nog? – It's really good.

– [Christopher] It's really good? Can you describe the flavorsthat you're having here? – Ice cream.

– [Christopher] It tastes like ice cream? – Mm-hmm.

– [Christopher] Tonight, we're having fennel with some carrots and a roast.

Uh-oh – Can I please have some- – [Christopher] Uh-oh – sauerkraut? – [Christopher] I've fogged up my lens.

I was looking at my foodand I've fogged up the lens.

– What's the lens? – [Christopher] This part of the camera where it sees everything.

I have never cooked fennel before.

I don't think I've eveneaten fennel before.

Which is one of the cool things about these vegetable boxesthat we get every week, is that we get to try new foods.

So I'm gonna try this for the first time.

Pretty good.

It has a little sweetness to it.

We're also having someof this pink sauerkraut, cooked by.



– Jacob! – Chef Jacob! – [Christopher] Chef Jacob, that's right.

Good job on the sauerkraut, buddy.

– You can click here to watch his video.

– [Christopher] Youthink that's enough time for them to click it? – Yeah.

– [Christopher] Okay, perfect.

Part of our night-time routine lately has been going on a walk and seeing the Christmaslights that are out.

So Bailey's all dressed, ready to go.

Looking fierce as always, Bailey.

Why don't you tell us what you're wearing? – I'm wearing my new shoes, my Miranda pants, my skirt, and my shirt and also my special vest.

– [Christopher] And doa little twirl for us.


Parker's in his stroller, with his blanket.

You wanna go on a walk? – [Bailey] Hi! – [Christopher] What are youwearing to be nice and warm? – There.



– [Bailey] Your robe.

– Robe.

– [Christopher] You're wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bath robe.

– Yeah.

(festive music) ♫ It's time to read ♫ Read the comments from the vlog Yesterday, we asked youguys what you like to do to wind down at the end of the day.

Let's see what you said.

Heather D says, “I liketo watch all the vlogs.

Yours, Colleen's and Rachel's, because they are all so great.

” Ballinger wind-down win! CaraMarinara says, “To unwind, I draw.

I'm an artist, so aftera long, stressful day drawing or painting sendme into that little place of peace for a little while.

PS I think your kids had amuch better Santa laugh.

” I like to draw too, I neverget a chance to do it anymore 'cause I'm so busy chasing children and editing videos.

But I love drawing also, so I can definitely relate to that.

Janni Patel says, “I liketo put on my cozy PJs and make hot chocolate with marshmallows and listen to Christmas songs like Walking in a Winter Wonderland and All I Want for Christmas is You.

” Inspired by that comment, I amgoing to put on pajama pants and drink hot cocoa as Ifinish editing this vlog.

Today was good.

I finally gotcaught up with my editing, which is good, and I'm getting ready for a couple of magic showsthat are coming up.

Got the wheels on my case.

In my messy office.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

And I ate fennel.

So that's, you know.


Right? I wanna know a new foodthat you've tried recently.

Write it in the commentsection down below, and I might feature it in tomorrow's vlog.

Thanks for watching.

(children's laughter) (fart noise) (children's laughter) – So Daddy just made the thing to- (clatter) toot.

And it's so funny.