Plus Size Winter Outfits 2018

Jeans have been in fashion ever since theywere discovered.

Jeans are pants made from denim or dungareecloth.

They were invented by Jacob Davis and LeviStrauss in 1873.

From comfort to style, denim gives it all.

They are perfect for every season.

You can wear ripped shorts in summer, or adda layer of denim jacket in the chilling cold weather.

This article covers how my plus-sized womencan rock jeans outfits this winter.

Let the jeans caress every curve as you rockthe street, sis.

Here are 10 outfit ideas on how to look chicin jeans.

Before We begin.


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All Denim OutfitDressing from head to toe in denim to prove how versatile jeans are.

Match your pair of jeans with an oversizeddenim jacket to give an all-denim look.

Unbutton the jacket to give a more rebel look, or shut it all the way up to fight the weather.

All denim outfit can be accessorized witha black leather shoulder bag or some light jewelry.


Classic Blue JeansThe most basic, yet chic outfit.

Blue jeans can go with almost every any topin your closet, which is why even if you keep changing your shirts, you can still trickpeople into believing that it’s a brand new outfit.

Everyone should own at least one pair of bluejeans, that fits perfectly.

Forever21, FashionNova, H&M, and Torrid area few of the brands that have a good collection of plus-sized jeans for you.

There are many different shapes and stylesthat jeans are made in now.

Such as bell bottoms, skinny jeans, boot cut, boyfriend pants etc.

I’m not weighing in on which one is thebest because it is different for everyone.

You need to find what type of jeans do youlike the most.


Black JeansGrinding from Monday to Friday, from that nine to five, you deserve to be comfortable.

You can not wear jeans to your office unlessthey are black.

Black jeans give a formal look.

Just pair them with a smart button up shirt, and there you are – a perfect office chic.


Denim DressYou do not have to limit denim to your legs, only.

Denim dresses are totally a thing and a chicone at that.

Pair it with thigh-high boots to fight thechilly weather.

Do not expect these dresses to be flowy likethe chiffon ones though.

Also, these are not a replacement for a silkdress at a formal event.

They are super cool for sure.


Bell BottomsBell-bottoms are to satisfy your inner hippies’ wishes.

Bell-bottoms are back in fashion like theynever left.

The bell-like shape at the bottom of the trousersis exactly how extra those ‘6os kids were.

Bell bottom jeans work best with off shouldercrop tops in popping colors.

Do not wear long shirts with these.


Boyfriend JeansThese give you a great fit near your waist and hip area and broaden a little bit as theymove down.

People started calling them ‘boyfriend jeans’because they look like they are borrowed from him.

These are super-comfortable so if you havea long day of shopping planned or a long flight, your boyfriend jeans will always be therefor you.

Can’t be so sure about the boyfriend, though.


Long Coats and JeansLong coats are your perfect partner to fight winters.

Wear them with either skinny jeans or jeansthat are fitted from the bottom.

Avoid flared jeans or bell bottoms as coatsthemselves are kind of loose at the end.

You can either close button up your coat orshow off your shirt underneath.

If the coat itself is printed then choosea neutral colored, plain shirt and tuck it inside your jeans.


Denim SkirtsDenim skirts are hard to carry, but they even make jeans look more formal and classy thancasual.

Wear them with a t-shirt if you are goingto a casual outdoor event.

Wearing a button-down shirt is perfect forsemi-casual places like meeting someone over at their place or to school.

These are a fun replacement for the typicalboring skirts, keyword being ‘fun’.

Means they are not appropriate for a meetingor when giving a presentation #9.

Denim Around your WaistHere is how to make your dull, boring outfit into an interesting one by one simple step:wrap your denim jacket around your waist.

You can even wear it on if it get’s colder.

This look is fun and gives out the impressionof a fashion-forward, young girl.

You can wear your jacket around your waiston other outfits like a simple shirt and pants, or a skirt.


Denim JumpsuitJumpsuits are this generation’s weird trends that somehow look good.

Even though it’s a little inconvenient (Imean, imagine going to the bathroom) they look good, nevertheless.

Usually, they are made of cotton, but denim’sversatility does not limit it from shaping it into a jumpsuit.

These look super casual when worn and areperfect for an afternoon, outdoor activity, for example, a picnic.

You can wear a t-shirt underneath to givecolor to your outfit and to stay warm in winters.