Top Fashion Trends Fall-Winter 2018-2019

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I have my fall trends video for you laminated coats laminated coats wear the coat is it almost looks like it has a vinyl texture or a plastic texture some of them are see-through some have lace Burberry did unbelievable jackets this

year it's lace and plaid checkered you don't want to do super high-end Zara has a ton of laminated coats I personally love this trend I think it's modern wearable and practical it's gonna keep you warm it's gonna keep you dry and my favorite thing in a wardrobe for

fall winter is a coat like even if you wear the same thing every day jeans and a black turtleneck a coat elevates your look we are in a season of this slouchy boot the scrunchie slouchy boot it's hot it's modern it's fresh we first so many seasons it

was all about a very tailored look it looks so good it looks like model off-duty I love that look boot that is a must-have boot this year is the Chloe boot it's so hot comes in black and white has a lot of cutouts we are also seeing a

ton of white boots again you guys know that you have to have a white boot treat your white boot like a neutral don't overthink it put it with your jeans put it with your utility pants put it with your dresses put it with your skirt don't think about

it literally get dressed and then go and put your white boots on another trend we're seeing this year is white on white 8 all winter long all fall and especially white on white white top white pants white booties a clean looks fresh this year yes we've seen it

before but it's super super trendy another hot trend we're gonna see this year is patent leather especially in black usually every fall leather is in that is not a surprise to any of us but a lot of patent leather patent leather jackets patent leather booties patent leather pants

I love this look and if you don't want to do leather of course we know vinyl okay guys we know that but for the last two seasons has been so hot from shoes to pants to booties coats still going strong we still love velvet I am obsessed with

velvet fresh spin on that is that it's a two piece set thank God it's still in thank God it's going nowhere I'm never breaking up with velvet I love it we're definitely staying together it's not a trend let's be honest hots are in every year but it's easy

to wear if you think you're not a hot person just make yourself wear it you are a hat person especially for days you don't want to do your hair it's raining it's windy it's snowing especially retro hats shearling shearling everywhere shearling coats are huge last year we saw

a huge play on the teddy bear coat this was everywhere we're still gonna see the teddy bear coat but it's really all about shearling look at Zara Zara is known to copy high-end designers and you will find shearling at Zara for sure sure legs big ok another trend

we're gonna see a ton of is belts now we know that it's really chic to belt a coat as soon as you put a belt on any coat it looks amazing whether it's a skinny belt a huge wide belt it elevates your look at elevates your style makes

it look like you know what you're doing we all know that but the difference this year is multiple belts so not just one belt two or three belts does look good it does look modern definitely not for everyone is oversized jackets think of the 80s with the big

shoulder pads the jacket almost looks like a cocoon you're inside it you know there's really no tailoring or certain shape it's I like this look I got oversized look especially in the shoulders with the shoulder pads and the volume throw at the bottom just take a belt and

then belt it it'll still be oversized it'll still seem like you're in the trend so every fall we know we have the standard colors it really doesn't change that much Brown okay they're no surprise gray black you know this year it's white on white on white but some

colors that really are standing out to me this year is emerald green great on Blondes looks great on redhead and brunettes it looks really good on all skin tones too whether you're super pale or really really dark till a lot of cropped tops somebody that's really conservative but

you like this look you think it's playful and maybe you think you're too old for or maybe you just think you know your body type doesn't work for this trend layer it trend we're gonna see this fall is matching your accessories to your outfit so matching your coat

and that boots are an exact match to the coat of this look and something new and let's be honest we all want to see something new like give us something new statement pockets pockets everywhere big coats with big pockets on the front I love this look a trend

I want to go away that is going nowhere is the chunky ugly your old dad's nasty sneakers that look like orthopedics going nowhere it's still here people are still rocking it and love it another trend that we are seeing a lot of that I love is the wrap

dress so we saw a lot of slip dressing last year where it was a slip it looked like somebody's nightgown very thin material not a lot of people could do this that's taking its place as a wrap dress I love this trend because it's versatile and every woman

can do it it it suits every body type Poncho's and blankets where it's just really big blankets with the fringe just put it on yourself wrap yourself into a big cocoon hide for the day big glasses no makeup if you're out I think ponchos really work for a

lot of people so the poncho and blanket trend is fun we've seen it before but I'm bad I'm glad it's back and I think it works for a lot of people I think if you were a mom that it's gonna be on the soccer field a lot this

year this is something for you go to Zara get if you go to ZAR they're probably going to be near like the checkout area these giant blankets and don't overthink it put your you know your comfortable jeans on cute little slides your big blanket poncho and you know

a little turtleneck little baseball cap you're good to go sometimes for me I feel like Western and bohemian kind of marry each other it's very very similar to me I like bohemian I know a lot of girls that do it very well their whole wardrobe is bohemian especially

some Vancouver girls and it looks amazing they rock it so well so the difference this year is especially in the footwear if we look at Fendi we know Fendi did a lot of seemingly cowboy boots but they have a wedge on them and they're very modern hey guys

that is what I'm saying for the fall and winter 2018-2019 remember trends aren't for everyone this is trends are fun they're playful you have to decide what works for you what you want to invest your money and I usually don't recommend my clients investing too much money in

trends unless they are absolutely in love with it and makes their heart sing then I'm like okay go for it yes let's let's do this let's enjoy it if you love it enjoy it go for it you so much for watching I hope you saw a trend you

maybe didn't know about and it was entertaining and I'm glad to be back I hope to be making more videos this fall for you I love you guys I'll see you soon bye