TRY-ON HAUL WINTER 2018 | Fashion Nova

hey guys and welcome back to my channel for today's video I have another fashion OVA try on haul I have the names of the product as well as the price here on the screen along with a clip of me trying it on and I'll have the links to

everything in the description box as you can see I'm on my bed because my room is a mess and we're moving in just a couple of weeks so everything is just everywhere but I'm excited to move because I'm gonna have my own filming room so I'm gonna make

sure that my background is a lot nicer alright so the first thing that I'm gonna show you guys is what I'm wearing which is a hooded jumpsuit in the color burgundy and it's super comfy it's more of a casual outfit I would say it's quite stretchy it hugs

you on the waist so it still gives you a little bit of curves and it doesn't have any pockets on the back next is this sweater mini dress it's in the color mustard with black and white stripes it has the mock neck and it's a long sleeve very

stretchy these would look really nice with the high knee boots it's a bit short on me but I'm kind of tall so next is this mob satin dress which kind of looks like those little sexy pajama dresses I would personally wear it out to like dinner or something

there's little lingerie tops that also look really cool with like jeans so you can wear this out to dinner and then come home take off your shoes and just go to bed basically they also had another one in the color cognac that one I really loved too next

is this burgundy matching set it comes with a cropped mini jacket with the silver strip I was gonna say stripper with the silver zipper and with these bottoms which have pockets but no zipper or buttons or anything they're like a velvety material but there are a hundred percent

polyester the next piece is this nude long sleeve top with the mesh detail it's super cute it kind of has like a turtleneck I really like the lining right here at the bottom which is released and I still haven't gotten my nails done I also ordered another dress

it's this black satin mini dress with the lace trim and spaghetti straps the cups have no padding which I really like but they're really small for me I think if you have maybe a B or even C cup it might fit you better these pretty much just covered

my nipples but I still liked it I think it would be fine if I just wear a jacket on top and it has this really nice detail on the side next I ordered this black long-sleeve jumpsuit with the deep v-neck and it has the little twist detail right

here in the front it's a wide-leg jumpsuit and I love this one but my torso might be a little too long so it kind of just goes up so I have to keep pulling it down but when I wear it I'll probably just get like my purse to

cover my crotch the whole time because I really like it I feel like it looks really classy I also got this ivory long-sleeved top with the v-neck and you can tie it in the back it's super cute and they also sell it in the color lavender the next

thing I got is this red sequined dress with the long sleeve the deep v-neck and the padded shoulders normally sequin dresses aren't very stretchy but this one has a lot of stretch and it's pretty comfortable because it has that it has a double lining so it doesn't poke

you inside of course this dress is perfect for Christmas which is here in literally one week my dad is calling me hello bien si la primera Kamiyama and the last clothing piece that I got is this leopard print dress which is like a satin or silky material this

is one of my favorite dresses that I got it just looks so classy it has a bungee spaghetti straps with the visible zipper on the side it's double layered and it's quite stretchy and the last thing that I got is this black fanny pack with the gold zipper

and it has adjustable straps so that was it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe if you haven't already thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video hello

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