Urban Winter Fashion 2018/19 | Outfit Ideas | Fashion Trends For Fall / Winter

good afternoon gentlemen I'm Ollie welcometo my channel today we're gonna be looking at men's urban fashion ideas forthis coming winter before I get going be sure to subscribe like and leave us acomment all the support is always appreciatedso gentlemen the winter is coming a little classic here which

works everyyear it's the old beige and black so let's have a look what I'm wearing let's start with these bad boys shoesokay so we've got a pair of shoes here these are cheap as they are by Topmansuede chelsea boots a favorite we often wear Chelsea boots nice beige

suedethere these sent me back about 60 quid right my top man always cheap andcheerful then we've got the skinny jeans the rips in these notes rip in needstill cool ripped in these still cool rips all over jeans not cool okay nicelow-key little ripping the knees they're black skinny

jeans then we're gonna moveup into a plain black hoodie alright and then it's the overcoat which is Rudysort of the major piece of the look this is an old one I have I'm gonna getsomething like this anywhere on the high street fairly cheap you should get onefor about

100 pounds from somewhere like River Island top models or these areEnglish brands guys at your for foreign nationals which are not from England youmight not be a foreign national youtubers in English well the hell am Ion about if you're not English and you don't have these brands just

copy theideas all this stuff you can get cheap from high street shops you know youraverage small shop if you're in America alright so this is the main part of itit's a smart overcoat faded by the businessman we're making it kind ofurban and swagging it up a little bit

and then we're going to whack on thisplain black hoodie this is by H&M just cost fifteen quid on top we've got anEnglish old-school hat no it's not a flat rim you wear a hat it's been thisis by finesse a UK urban streetwear brand other cool ones and stuff

liketraps table you could easily get one by night whatever or is the plain black hatcalled the branding and we've got this kind of overall rather called urbanstreet wear look for the winter and the thing is that the shoes and the jacketmake it a bit smarter than wearing your

average trainer look so you're lookingat the urban a bit cool you don't have to wear the hat if you don't want toit's still gonna work the beige and the black goes very well together as does acasual hoodie with the small overcoat all right let's give you the last

fewbits bang we've got these little rings this is my one you're not going to getthat that was my father's alright but this one and this one about top man theyretail – 15 quid each loving the beige and black stones to set off my beigeblack look call this hand

action going on herealright so that was our first beige and black winter urban combination all rightso now they're gonna whack it one more Jack here right I'm gonna shoot overthere like Speedy Gonzales alright cool so here's our second combination we'vegot the little suede bought my kind of thing

on top this one was 150 quid itwas by I believe Urban Outfitters don't grab one of them again don't worry somuch about the brands guys copy it these are all super available all over thehigh street these are looks which work they're classic they're time missingdirt cheap we're not

high brand high-end brand channel we're just trying to showyou good ideas which you can copy so this is a real suede one don't get afake suede one it looks terrible right this is really nice and it's actuallygonna keep you fairly warm get one of the thick lining like

this put thehoodie underneath and that is our second brown and beige combo and again theshoes smarten up a little bit I'm wearing a hoodie and you have trainerson you kind of lose this kind of sort of making it a bit smarter although it's astreet wear look remember you

don't have to wear the hat as well if you don'tfeel comfortable with it this is gonna work perfectly well with your hair outanyway I'm only wearing it today because my hair looks absolutely horrific so Iwon't be taking it off but the whole look would work really well and

add thesame kind of vibe without in fact they might tone it down a littlebit make it a little less urban and remember you don't need the branding onmy hat as well you go for a plain black cap I like round caps and in the winterespecially it's nice it's

a bit warm you can even put the hoodie up and look abit more badass the last element is the leather man bag all right you walk alongthe street like this like a legend hiking through the streets like afashion Viking don't know where that came fromall right anyway go

really nicely and again the leather bag that's a kind ofhigh in edge to it rather than wearing kind of a backpack or something whichyou might expect with this kind of style the beige nice Jackie at the overcoatthe chelsea boots the bag the jewelry it shows that even though

it's sort of likea casual look and definitely a street wear look you're also a high-end guy andvery rare of fashion the bag also has worth a mention because it's the era ofthe big man bag and you walk around like this looking legendary like that allright so try and

work on that look as well guys okay guys so that's it thatwas our black and brown urban street where fashion combos the winter iscoming gentlemen try these looks look cool stay safe stay away from theLannisters peace