Winter Coats

(lively dance music) (applause) (audience chanting) All right here to show us the season's hottest coats is our style expert friend, say hello to Preston Conrad.

Welcome back.

Thanks for having me back.

We love it when you're here.

All right so what are the winter trends? Wendy we are seeing so many hot winter outerwear trends.

I've got everything covered today.

We've got metallics, trench coats, old school plaids.

We've got a mini runway show for you and they're all coming up right now.

And these are all my girls? All your girls.

Okay, all the models are my girls from the audience.

Say hello to Sharron.

Sharron is wearing the plaid.

Look at this.

So this is one of my favorite coat trends.

I actually, oh my god everyone is living for Sharron.

Yes, I actually call this the dad plaid.

I like the length.

The length is great, but think of it this way right.

If your dad or your grandfather or your great grandfather or your uncle wore it, it's Preston approved and you can wear it now, right? So we've got her with this really cute crossbody bag, she's very street style ready.

We've layered it with this cute little cream sweater, a button front skirt, a cute pair of tights with some herringbone there.

Do no be afraid to mix pattern guys, you can do a houndstooth overcoat, a herringbone tight like that, and how fun is that little pop of red.

The coat by the way, under 90 dollars from Bershka.

How amazing is that? Perfect.

Thank you Sharron.

Our next model is Mackenzie.

Mackenzie is wearing a metallic puffer that I love.


How fun.

Oh, perfect.

Isn't this so fun? I like that length, too.

This is like my favorite.

So metallics are everywhere right now, we're seeing accessories, shoes, and especially in outerwear.

What's so great about this coat is you could wear it over jeans, you could wear it over a little black dress.

But we're giving you sport Instagram realness here.

By the way, the coat, everybody, $36 from Boohoo.

$36 for that jacket.

I love the length.

It's a really flattering length.

It really divides up the body just perfectly.

We've layered it over this cute little neoprene sweatshirt from Zara, crossbody bag for a pop of color, you could take her phone to the gym.

Cute little pop of color on the leggings, and it would not be a sporty moment without a little sock sneaker.

These are 26 bucks from Amazon, by the way.


$36 for that jacket! Yeah, isn't that amazing? Thank you Mackenzie, you look beautiful.

So fun.

Okay, our next model is Luciana and she's wearing the teddy bear trend Yes So first of all, giving you all of the drama, I am obsessed with this coat.

The teddy bear trend is– I had a coat like this in college Right? And it is back in a big way.

We've been seeing it all over the streets of New York, from crop to floor-length.

This one here, winter white realness, from H&M.

$99 for this gorgeous coat, by the way.

And think about it, if your coat were to give you the coziest, warmest hug ever but to the next level, that would be this coat.

We've layered it over this cute little graphic T-shirt, tucked it into some Tomgirl jeans from American Eagle.

Western boots are all the rage to finish off the look.

She is street style ready.

Yeah, Aliciana.

(applause) Thank you, Aliciana.

Our last model is Yana, and Yana is wearing the trenchcoat trend.

Look at this.

(applause)I know, I know Tell me you're not obsessed with this whole look.

I love the belt.

The belt makes me– No, the belt is straight out of the '80s, straight off the runway, and right back into your closet.

You look beautiful.

So first of all, this gives you all that drama, makes your waist feel super cinched.

This is from H&M, not more than $100.

We've layered it with a cute little mustard sweater, and then of course, leopard is a neutral now, so we've paired to a leopard skirt.

White hot booties, she is winter ready.

You look so good.

All the models come on out, let everybody stare at you.

Thank you Preston for being here.

Thank you.

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