Winter fashion looks with The Lifestylest

hey everybody Maggie Vespa here fill it in for Cassidy and of course we have to do the fashion segment during the holidays we've got Brandon Gaston here the life stylist that's a wonderful title I love the play on here you know so I was someone the other day

at a party yeah it's someone I was telling what I do when they're like so you're like of life stylist and I'm wife for that person I should hire a higher so explain basically what that is what you love to do I mean I'll go to us everyday

you know I look you know it's just so amazing to do it any day alright so the Mosel look good so that's why I work with professionalism and brands I'm like you know just kind of a big look the party we want to spill the tea a little

bit on my co-workers and say that you were making Dan a little self-conscious he was saying like oh I could use some fashion tips I was sure that I wish I knew how to dress them yeah you look good by I think like my jacket no I think

you look good in my jacket yeah all right we want to talk holiday stuff and you brought like sort of a few different styles different occasions yeah let's start maybe over here a little more casual more cash you know and cozy and cozy and prints right prints are

so big leopard cheetah snake you can't really get anything we're all in print so I just have I want to show that just oh you know great every day this jacket I love that amazing super comfy but again this is a statement right so if you're gonna wear

this this is all you need everything that's gonna be like black solid colors this makes a statement again we keep it with the pants as well yeah and then as we transition to like the fuzzy the warm you know the family get-together gathering I wanna say you know

it's warm you still want to be look good this is amazing that is so cute I love it it's so fun a moto jacket it's like a moto like like a cropped denim jacket and then this is what everyone in the back was loving can I honestly put

that on uShip I really want to know I mean at the Marshall love this our producer you might not want to take it off I'm not well if I have to pay for you yeah things happen in life and right this I mean it's like myself like a

dying you're like is like most comfortable it's like it just hugs you check out that fabric that's amazing yeah so this is you see right Paul those fabrics are super popular rich rich texture it is it is written if you're so soft you know you don't even know

you're wearing it but then got your hair person oh yeah the oversized sweater roll necks I love row necks obviously Phoenix keeps you warm this is just great for like likes it every day weekend family family occasion totally and then if you're going out the parties the parties

you know you're gonna be invited now you're gonna be invited everything about time no so essentially we do have our KGW holiday party next weeks okay tell me what to do this show me what to do you were this 20s parties and you will be like the talk

of the town I'm so fancy oh my goodness so fancy so we have this just like this liquid silver top again this is all you need a good Jean or you have a skirt a heel very you know it implies skinny jeans you are yeah you can't we

go wrong high-waisted and that would highways do something and how does this flight around everybody do you think so I think so I mean yeah general I mean again that's a–that's a bold statement but all my clients are like okay high-waisted your waist look small yeah and it

makes your derriere look good right thing in the eighties yeah and like it was they they knew so it's like that's always a good way man and ship and ever went low-rise I will never know let's not do that again marriage everybody know that's hard and then I

love this I'm a big fan of like jumpsuits rompers I mean this is amazing has like the metallic this is just great right you can go like this even be like a New Year's Eve a cocktail party afterlife you can you you know this is that we're gonna

wear now I think I'm not thinking to wear that yeah I feel glam but I feel comfy at the same time I mean that's the best thing it's like it's like it's not like an adult onesie right you know it's like you can't go wrong I'm gonna end

up rubbing one of these in my face and it's not gonna be weird but that's so I'm gonna show my love you this last one this is the last one this is gotten awkward yeah this last one our producer also loved yeah this is a 2d I mean

again this is amazing yeah have you know the skirt and the top you have it together it actually looks like it's a dress mm but it's two pieces but this is up on this is something you could wear like I said again cocktail party holiday party maybe even

New Year's Eve you understand now because I'd like standing out a little bit right and on New Year's Eve you think about everyone's wearing black totally bring a little back like a little extra you know we're gonna give a shout out to adorn who cares all of these

here oh these are from adorn they have excellent pieces is the Fremont store but they have like four locations downtown cool lake oswego so yeah definitely check them out all right Brandon Gaston life stylist yes thank you so much you reckon us all looks so good for the