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hey there welcome to elevate Beautycompany my name is summer and I'm gonna show you how to style the top ends forwinter I'm also going to show you how you can win a $50 gift card to Target togo shop for them yourself the thing that I love most about

thesetrends is that they are super accessible and extremely wearable I found examplesfor all seven trends both in clothes for adults and clothes for kids so I'mreally excited to talk to you guys about how you and your mini-me can be rockingthese trends all winter long and be able to

do it on a really inexpensive budgetI will go ahead and link everything that I found in a blog post which is linkeddown below in the notes so if you want to find any of these pieces for yourselfyou can go ahead and click on that link and be able

to find everything that I amshowing you today so the first trend that I am loving and my little girl isabsolutely obsessed about is faux fur and texture here's an example that Ifound at Target that is so comfortable my son actually stole this sweater andwore it to bed the

other day because he loves comfy clothes and blankets and allof that and what is better and than to be able to actually wear basically asuper fuzzy comfy blanket all day long this is a blush color that actuallymatches the top that I'm wearing right now it's one of my

favorite colors thatmommy blush tone that is so on trend right now it will transition you intowinter just fine and I'm going to show you how to style this one and for mymini me I found this darling sweater from Target as well this has a couple ofdifferent textures mixing

textures is also a really big trend right now so Iwould style this with something like leggings or jeans you can even do like alonger tulle skirt with my daughter feels like everything is itchy so sheloves something like this another way that you can do this phonetrend is to

do a jacket so I found this jacket in the kids section and don'tfeel like you have to stay confined if you can squeeze into an extra-large kidsdo it because this same exact jacket was in the adult section for almost a thirdmore but if you can fit into a

kid's extra-large go ahead and shop in thatsection as well the fun thing about that is that you can't match with your miniso I got an extra small for my daughter this is her Christmas dress and then Igot the extra large for myself and we will both be rocking

these this winter Idecided to partner this sweater with a comfy pair of jeans and tennis shoesthis is a great way to kind of dress down something that's a little bit morebold and a bigger statement dress it down with a pair of jeans and matchingtennis shoes that kind of

coordinate and then you can run errands in this youcould drop off your kids at school you could even go out with girlfriends justthrow on like a necklace or something like that or a bold earring and youcould rock this I mean duh from day until evening we're gonna move

on to thenext trend and this sweater that I just showed you I'm gonna actually partnerwith one of the other trends that I'll talk about later the great thing aboutthese trends is they really partner well together so we're gonna move on to ournext trend next thing on our list

is animal print and more specificallycheetah is a really really on trend for wintertime and there's lots and lots ofdifferent ways that you can wear it you can go super bold with something likethis fur jacket so cute it's got a really darling gold detail on theelastic trim and this

again was from the kids section at Target you can findsimilar pieces in the adult section I love that I can find a less expensiveprice point and be able to match with my little ones so here's the smallerversion of this my daughter loves this jacket she's been begging me

for weeksto be able to wear it and I told her no not until we finishour video but she loves how soft and comfy this is it keeps her nice and warmand cozy and so I love the Balmer style which is a little bit low-key if you'regoing to do

a faux fur jacket the next thing that you can do is wear it in ashoe I got these are these Sam Edelman boots I got these from Nordstrom Rackthese actually are a faux fur as well so again you can partner these trends intogether so fur and cheetah together

work really nicely I'm going to show youguys how to style these ones my tip for this trend is to keep it neutral Ipartnered these cheetah booties with a black moto legging and a plain creamsweater the cream really ties in the lighter Browns in the boot and the blackkeeps

it very neutral and simple so if you're gonna be rocking a super boldprint try to keep everything else pretty neutral you can rock like these boots Iwore these boots with this red skirt over here to church the other day and itwas great but if you're just starting out

you're not sure where to go withleopard you can never go wrong with lastik black and a neutral top the nexttrend on the list is rust-colored earth tones so I got this dress from NordstromRack again I feel like you can get really good deals there and find thingsthat are

still in the season so this is a lush shift dress you could also dosomething like this rust-colored free people booty that I got last year duringChristmas I got this on sale they were like 50% off so you can find things at adiscount that will still work for current

trends and this little jumperthat's from Target I would do for winter with black tights and a darling blackbootie and you can do like a cream sweater with it or a black sweaterit would really transition well into the winter time for your little ones whenit's not too cold we

live here in Arizona so it's almost summer timeyear-round we like it gets wet weather but not really cold weather sofor us this paired with tights and booties would be perfect for winter timethose of you on the East Coast maybe not so much but this is a trend that

I'mreally loving I feel like it's a beautiful color on most people it's agreat kind of neutral color for everyone so I'm going to show you really quickI'm gonna style this shift dress I went ahead and styled of this shift dresswith a pair of over-the-knee black boots now black

over the knee boots in aclassic style will take you through many many seasons and years of wear I gotthese two years ago at the North's tremendo bursary sale they're from SteveMadden and they are still going strong they're really good quality so I will beable to wear these for

many many years and they're not going to go out of stylepartnering to shift dress with over the knee boots it's a way to be classy butstill show a little bit of sexiness I love this rust color with black but Ithink it's so beautiful together it's very low-key but

very pull together if Iwere going somewhere that's cold I could take this darling bomber jacket that hasthe black detail in it which kind of complements the shoes and tieseverything all in together and throw this on for being outside so I'm not toocold cuz I've got those short sleeves

on this is the way that you can sport thisarrest color with either that fur or that cheetah print as wellI am a baseball hat kind of girl so I love to wear a hat and finding one thatI can wear with like a pull together outfit and not necessarily

a sweatshirtand jeans for the winter is really important to me so this next trendreally speaks to me in that way because it is the western wear trend it'ssomething that is you'll see in a lot of different pieces and my favorite way towear that is with hats so this

is a hat from Target it's a felt brimmed hat andit has this really cool studded detail on the front and I love to wear them ondays when my hair is a little bit dirty and I don't necessarily want to pull itup in a ponytail I can still rock

it down as long as I hide those rootsa little bit dirty so these hats are fantastic for fall and winter and if youfind them in lighter colors they'll be great for spring as well so I couldpartner this with this rest dress and these black boots and this would

be agreat outfit totally complete I have this other one that is from let's see Ihave this one from treasure and bond this one's from Nordstrom and it hasthis really beautiful feather detail so these little touches like the feathersthe studded belt on this one are what you're looking for

for western wear it'snot so literal it's more kind of low-key small details in your western wearanother way that you can wear this trend is in boots so we're not talking aboutfull-on cowboy boots although I'm gonna be like how my boots are never gonna goout of style they're so

cute for lots and lots ofscenarios but not necessarily everyday wear all over the place so I found thesereally cute boots from Target these also fit in with the next trendwhich is the mid-calf boots so this isn't necessarily a low bootie and it'snot a knee-high bootie it's right in

between so this is one of those trendsthat everybody can wear as well and this is a fun way to tie in that Westerndetail with the mid calf of booty style I have another bootie that you couldwear as well the sock bootie trend from last year is still going

strong thisyear so I have these ones these are the peep toe bootie this is a knit bootiefrom Target as well like I said target is super on point with their trends theyknow exactly what's happening so if you kind of go through and see what you'rekind of finding throughout

the whole store chances are that's probably one ofthe hot trends for this year so I'm going to show you really quick how tostyle these darling half-caf western but here's how I wouldstyle this cute little western boot I have on another shift dress this isactually target from I think

two years ago I love how it has this black withthe rust detail which again it's something that we're lookingfor in our pieces this year and it just ties in that cream stripe that I have inthe bottom this is not really a western-style dress but when I throwthese little

Western boots on it kind of all works together with this pattern thecolors and these cute little boots I love that they're like just fun and easyto wear they're not super hot I know like when we wear boots all the way upto our knees sometimes they can get really

warm and these are supercomfortable they're very flexible and I love it they're cream which is kind ofdifferent from what you're gonna find in most boots during the winter time soit's like that will winter white in it find a little bootie in a western styleso the next trend that

I want to show you I can actually throw right on top ofhere and that is the mini bag so micro mini bags are very very on trend thisyear this is a really small black darling handled bag and it also has astrap so you could wear it as a

crossbody bag like this you can tuckthis little strap into your purse and just carry it as a handbag I like that Ican just throw in a lipgloss my keys and my phone and be ready to go and have myhands completely free last year was a very big year

for the clutch and thisyear it's all about the mini bag it's very usable practical and it's supercute – everything is cuter when it's small right so the mini bag is somethingyou're gonna want to look at this one again from Target really inexpensive agreat gift for the holidays and

something that you can just throw onbehind you pick up the kids and run out the door this next trend is one of thoseclassic trends that really never goes out of style but it's really moving tothe forefront this winter and that is please so I found this really cute

skirtfrom Target again you guys I got almost everything at Target super easy and thisis a beautiful deep red it's a really fun playful material that moves with youanother really casual way to style those pleats is to do a shirt like this thisis a sweatshirt from Nordstrom it's great

because it has this really cutepleated design attached to the bottom I love to wear this withpair of leggings and boots I also will throw it on with a pair of jeans andtennis shoes so you can dress this one up or down I styled this with a brownsweater and

those leopard boots at church the other day and it looked socute all together so I'm gonna throw thisskirt on and show you another way that you can style this piece now this outfitmay be a little over the top for some people but I love to have fun withfashion

so I've partnered the mid-calf Western bootie pleated skirt I have onjust a plain silk blouse and this little tie it's a little bit of a nod to likethe bolo tie so it ties in those boots on top and then you know what it's coldin the winter so you

need a fabulous coat and layering that winter white ontop of winter white is really beautiful together this is fun this is something Iwould wear with like a really darling pair of earrings and maybe some rings toa fun holiday party with a bold red lip I just think having

fun with fashion andmixing all these trends together if you're doing it in a playful really funway is something that is really great I just think it's fun to mix these in areally playful way and come up with your own style which is what I did with thisoutfit here

our last trend kind of transports me to my childhood in the 80swhere we would gemstone and rhinestone and glitter glue anything we can get ourhands on and that is this gorgeous gem jeweled trend that you'll see both inearrings so this past year your tassels have been super big

and this year it'sall about the gemstone so I have these really cute earrings these are five and10 dollars from Target these are a great way to sport that look and then I alsohave these jeans that I got again from Nordstrom Rack these are true religionand they're super comfortable

I love the detail in them they have that distressedlook that everybody loves to rock right now and then it adds in those jewels andthose fun studs I'll wait for your little one to get in on this is againtarget does a great job at doing this but this one

is from a shop from she inand my daughter loves this it is a really darlingstretchy blush top it has this great scalloped detail and then it has thesefun little pearls all over it she has another sweater from Target that hasthese pearls and it's in a really beautiful grey

color so you'll be ableto find this kind of all over and it's a great way for your little one to get inon this trend but these are my favorite jeans right now I love to roll up thebottom and wear a really fun top or sweatshirt with them and

kind of downplay with my accessories and really play up these jeans so I'm gonna show you howI'm gonna style thee I went for more of a low-key I could pick up my kids fromschool but I still feel like I'm the cool calm and cool pickup with thisoutfit I

got this sweater at Nordstrom Rack from wild fox these jeans againfrom Nordstrom Rack and then I have these cute little slides from SteveMadden they're from Nordstrom I love how the black slide ties in with the blacklips and then the gold studs tie in with the jeans so everything

plays welltogether here you have that classic pull together look with a little bit of edgethank you so much for hanging out with me today I hope that this video gave yousome ideas on how you can incorporate these oils into your wardrobe thiswinter and I would love to help

you do that so if you just subscribe to mychannel and comment below tell me which of these trends you are most excited toshop for I will pick one winner to win a $50 gift card to Target so you can goand find these trends for yourself thanks so much

for watching and I willtalk to you guys next time you