Winter Men's Fashion | الأناقة الشتوية للرجال – 10 أزياء أساسية ستجعلك تبدو أنيقاً ووسيماً

God bless you.

Today, I have 10 essential pieces that needs to be found in every man's wardrobe that he can wear them in winter to look cooler and more elegant.

I promise you that we'll start the new year, 2020 with a great plan, different topics, weekly videos, and other things, believe me, you won't want to miss.

And not to make this introduction longer, I just want to mention two important points.

The first one is we need to know that there isn't only one style of fashion that looks good on all the people, and any person that wears it will lookcool and more elegant.

Because if this thing was real, I would go out tomorrow, and see all people in the world wearing the same clothes because they are sure that, “Oh, I'll wear that, and I'll look good.

” But obviously, this is wrong because of our different shapes and tastes.

In the same time, it doesn't mean that we can never talk about fashion and clothes.

Because, for example, the 10 pieces that I'll give to you, today, were agreed upon.

And they found that more than 90% of men, if they added them to their collection, they we look more elegant.

And you'll see that most fashion companies, like ZARA, H&M, Springfield, Topman, and many others, every year, with every winter, they produce more of these pieces, but with slight modifications.

The second point that I want to address, Please, guys.

Don't buy and waste money on an expensive brand or a trade mark just for its name, and show people that, “I know everything.

I wear brands.

I'm elegant.

” Believe me, if you're thinking like that, you're dumb.

And please, don't get me wrong.

If you're financially capable and have money, and you like to treat yourself and buy, it's not wrong.

On the contrary, I have t-shirts that costed me $100, I have others that costed me $5 or even less.

The most important thing is that I must know what suits me and looks good on me with the right size, and shows me in a good simple look.

So, please, “Don't make your clothes the most expensive thing in you.

” The first piece that needs to be in every man's wardrobe for winter is the scarf.

It's a light piece of cloth.

You can get it in different colors, and add a simple elegant touch for those who see you wearing it.

And get that final touch for your look.

In this video, I'll teach you three ways how you can wear a scarf so it looks good on you.

The first way, simply, the standard way, that I'm wearing right now either on top of the jacket or inside it, so it just adds a slight color.

You just need to put it around your neck with the jacket unzipped, just like that.

And the second way that I like is, hold one side and make it shorter than the other, one piece is longer than the other, just like that.

And move the short piece, so that it looks like this, where a part of it can be seen from behind, while the frontal part is extended, just like that.

Simple good-looking style.

The third way is more complicated and different.

Take the scarf, make it like this in 2 halves, after that, you wear it around your neck.

The side that has this opening, bring the other side through it, just like this.

I don't know if the mic is covered or not, but you can see how simple it is.

This is called, 'The French look' or 'The Parisian Look'.

You can pull this side more tightly so it can warm you more.

I've decided that I'll leave the link, in the description box below, to all the pieces that I'll show.

You can open this link and buy the exact same scarf, or any model that you like.

This is from stores that I usually do my shopping from, like ZARA, H&M, Topman, or others.

Believe me, it's not a paid ad, it's just for help if you don't have close shops near your home, or if you can't find like these products and you want to buy it online, you can go on and buy what suits you.

The second piece that every man should have for winter is these elegant-looking leather gloves.

Believe me, I only wait for winter just to wear these gloves.

How many times you've watched a movie, where the main actor wears gloves? Especially action movies.

Thieves and criminals, when they go to steal things, they wear gloves, so they don't leave fingerprints.

And these gloves aren't just normal ones, beside its great leathery look and its ability to be adjusted to fit your size, it has an awesome feature.

It can be used on touchscreen phones.

Most gloves, unfortunately, don't support this feature.

You'd need to take off your gloves to use your phone.

Especially, if you're in cold places, you don't want to take your gloves off, you want to be always wearing the gloves while using your phone freely.

The most luxurious thing that a man can wear, and the manliest style you can achieve with various models and high-quality colors.

The same as the first style that I was wearingat the beginning of the video.

Whatever the style you will get and buy, I can assure you that dozens of people, when they see you, they will comment and compliment your look.

And the reason behind that is that the black leather jacket has been associated throughout the ages with masculinity, roughness, and ambiguity, all at the same time.

Because briefly, black is the color of darkness, the color of mysterious and unknown things, and it has been associated with masculinity.

And they've scientifically proved that it's one of the fabrics can bear rough environment.

It can endure coldness, wind, and reduce traumatic effects.

And you'll always notice, if you see ads of bikers, they always film them wearing black leather jackets, and this, practically, protects them during accidents.

If the biker was riding a bike and he fell off on the ground, the leather jacket would protect him.

Legendary men's style number 2 is jeans jacket.

Whatever the year you're in, if you're living in any time period, jeans jacket will always look good on you.

When people see you wearing it, they will tell you that you have a cool banging style.

These jackets are cool, different, and have a kind of diversity as well.

Some have a wool high collar, some have a normal collar matched with the rest of the jacket.

You can get it in different shades of colors.

There is light colored like this one, it's available also in more darker colors.

The darker the color, the more formal it would be.

The legend of French luxury, ‘The Rain Coat'.

It's impossible to describe the beauty of this coat.

Whenever you wear it, you won't wait for people to tell you, “You look good, and you've cool style.

” You'll feel like the most elegant man yourself.

Believe me, the self-confidence that you'll acquire when you wear that coat is unusual.

It's impossible to watch a French movie that doesn't feature this coat.

It's called 'Rain Jacket' or 'The Rain Coat'.

Let me take a few steps backward to let you see all the details.

A belt is always present at the bottom.

This look has become very famous after one of Alain Delon movie called, 'Le Samouraï'.

Great movie.

It has no relation with the samurai we all know, it's just a name.

I recommend that you watch it, and I'll take this opportunity and recommend one of Alain Delon best movies that made the French cinema popular worldwide.

I can wear the jacket in this way.

Also, I can add this classical hat.

I feel that the look is completed, now.

Just like the mafia boss.

And to break the list's routine and reduce its formality, the best choice for every winter, I wear it all time, even at my home sometimes when I feel cold, it's the hoodie.

It's like jackets with hoods.

It's one of the best things men can wear.

At the same time, to feel warm during winter and feel always relaxed.

Some of them come with a zipper in the front, and some of them with nothing, just wear it like that.

I, personally, prefer the two models, and can wear them in college, when I go out, and while doing sport.

I don't know why.

Whenever I see hoodies, I always remember the movie, 'Rocky' when he was training and going to the gym, I believe he had a light grey hoodie, he would get up at dawn to ride and train while he was wearing it.

I'll show you another model that I have.

This is the other model, as we've said, without a zipper in the front, but it has a cool sports image, design on the side, and also number 49 on the back.

In general, all of them are cool, and you can choose whatever suits you more, either the formal or the sports one.

Turtleneck shirts, or high collar shirts.

The collar comes straightened as double, and you fold it, just like this.

It's so cool.

It's the only one that I can't get bored wearing it.

Whenever I see it in a shop, I'll always buy it and wear it.

Even if I have two colors of the same shirt, I'll always buy it.

It's legendary.

What upsets me is that a minority of people wear this.

Honestly, I wait for winter and temperature to lower a bit, so that I can wear turtleneck shirts every day.

There is a great actor, or a movie, I always mention it, and I think I have said that before, It's called 'Love in The Afternoon'.

The director made the actor not to wear anything other than turtleneck shirts.

Sometimes, he wears a blue colored one, sometimes, brown.

Even there is a scene in which he was looking for a dark blue one, but he couldn't find it and returned home sad.

A legendary thing.

And one of the most famous actors that gained popularity for their elegant style is Mahmoud Yassin.

He's one of the most elegant actors in the old Egyptian cinema.

In many movies, he was wearing turtleneck shirts.

And some other actors, like Adel Emam, I've mentioned that before, in one of his scenes, he was wearing a red turtleneck and a black leather jacket above it, so, he got two birds with one stone.

The eighth piece I would recommend to you is the long sleeve shirts.

It's cool when it has a high collar with a zipper at the top, or even if it was a normal collar one, like this, the same as the black one I was wearing at the beginning of the video.

It's simple, cool, and reflects your elegance to people.

And the ninth piece I recommend you to buy is sweaters.

It's long-sleeved shirts but made of wool.

You can wear it solely, or you can just wear it above one of the formal shirts.

Usually, it has two models.

One with a rounded neck, and the other with a V neck.

Both are cool.

Personally, I prefer to wear it over something, not solely.

Both ways, it's cool, and every man should have one for winter.

The last piece that I can't dispense every winter is leather boots that are long above the heels.

The longer it can be, the more elegant it can be.

And believe me, whenever you were these boots, you will listen to great compliments from others.

I like this model, it has some cool stuff.

I've bought it from a shop close to my home.

I searched online, but I couldn't find it.

But there are other styles that look the same, with zippers, this one you're seeing here, brown leather, and as you can see, the heel is somewhat high.

Usually, normal heels are 2.

5-3 cm high, this one has a classical style, you can notice the heel is higher, this is a classical style from the '70s, but it's so cool.

We've reached the end of today's video.

I hope that you've liked the various styles.

Write down in comments what's the most piece you've liked, and what piece you already have and can't live without it and wear it every winter.

As always, I welcome your suggestions for the upcoming topics that you'd like me to talk about.

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Greetings to you all, and have a good day.